Top 10 Best Leather Backpack Purses for Women Reviews In 2020

Every woman is a bag hoarder. There might be countless bags but a woman can never stop craving to own another one. However, if you want a bag that acts as a backpack as well as a purse, then the leather backpack purses are here. Its use changes with your mood and outfit and adds to their wide selection. Coming from various high-end brands, these bags will be the apple of your eyes.

Wide variety, great selection and various sizes, you will also get many colour options. Here is our pick of the top leather backpack purses that will impress all the individuals out there.

Table of the Best Leather Backpack Purses Reviews

10. L Michael Kors Rhea Small Black Leather Backpack

Leather Backpack Purses

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Being one of the most reputed brands at a global level, this imported leather backpack from Michael Kors. It is not just a treat to the eyes but also one of the best in town! Made of pebbled leather, this is imported and is available in multiple hues ranging from bright red to the subtle beige. Moreover, the hardware used in the bag has a golden tone.

For keeping it chic, the inner lining is full polyester-made. It certainly has multiple pockets to store essentials. Hence, will never go out of space.

Key features:

  • Comes with pure polyester lining for rather the best layer of internal protection.
  • Features combination of Venus leather and hardware of high-shine format.
  • Have ideal leather backpack purse shoulder straps for ease of its users.
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9. YALUXE Convertible Real Leather Backpack Purse

YALUXE Convertible Real Leather Backpack Purse

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Having classic and elegant style and available in hues both small and large sizes, this will be your go-to bag. Indeed a purse that is touted as a shoulder bag, handbag as well as a backpack.

With the premium quality cowhide leather construction, this has a removable shoulder strap. As a result, one can adjust it up to 11-inches. Its heavy-duty zippers, as well as the lining of brown fabric with reinforced stitching points, are some of the top features. Above all, whether it is your books, wallet or umbrella, this has the capacity to hold it all!

Key features:

  • Enabled double zippered big compartment, a singular open pocket, back-zippered pocket and double side pockets.
  • The convertible leather backpack purse assures durability and anti-scratch format.
  • Has the capacity to hold a laptop of 13-inches.
  • There is rather a special canvas added to the strap to ensure its compact feature.

8. Heshe Ladies Leather Backpack Purse

Heshe Ladies Leather Backpack Purse

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Coming from the well-known backpack manufacturer Heshe, this genuine leather backpack purse with a flap style is attractive. It is indeed one of the best pieces carved out of the finest cowhide. With the option of hues, this doubles up as a handbag which is both functional inclusive of the style factor!

As a matter of fact, it is of the premium categories and this backpack contains numerous pockets. To be precise, it features singular inner zipped pockets, single invisible pockets as well as a large compartment. Next, polyester lining laid in the interior ensures the stylish design. In fact, the hand-sewn stitched leather with magnet allows flap for safety measures. Plus, it allows interchangeable straps with a singular nylon coating for maximum durability

Also, the rear pocket of this backpack is an added advantage for the security purpose! So, whether it is your iPad or your dear umbrella.

Key features:

  • Includes specific metal zipper that is self-repairing and leather zippers that are of the highest quality.
  • Has the option of towing between shoulder bag, backpack as well as a purse.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps to ensure maximum comfort for its users too.
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7. S-Zone Medium Leather Backpack Casual Shoulder Purse

S-Zone Medium Leather Backpack Casual Shoulder Purse

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Are you looking for a backpack that you can use for regular work as well as add a dash of style? In that case – S-Zone is the one to choose! This is fashionable of the highest quality and can be well-treated as a purse of the sleek nature.

Apart from the base cowhide, this also has an interior lining. Therefore helps to better its internal framework ensuring better durability. Furthermore, the soft and anti-scratch leather backpack purse material enhances durability in every way. The sturdy zippers are a real winner.

Key features:

  • Features dual zipper pockets at the front, singular zipper pocket at the rear, a primary zipper, 2 dual side pockets. Apart from it, singular zipped pocket within and dual open pockets are sure winners!
  • Adjustable canvas leather strap that is certainly changed accordingly.
  • Comes with a sleek design with room to hold a laptop of 14-inches along with other things.

6. UTO PU Washed Convertible Ladies Backpack Purse

UTO PU Washed Convertible Ladies Backpack Purse

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A leather backpack, this singular shoulder bag with dual adjustable back straps is a real winner. Its specifics rest in a magnetic closure. Hence, it secures its contents while PU washed leather makes this bag all the more durable and anti-scratch.

However, the streamlined format of stitching with one loop handle at the top has three open pockets. This even has dual zipper pockets. Also, for its double zippered design – this has a double fabric lining within

Also notable is the metal hardware of tungsten steel that is an important segment of this bag. Its anti-freeze material is durable even in the coldest of weather. Now, in this classy backpack, you can hold your 14-inches laptop apart from the host of other things.

Key features:

  • Well-constructed bag with high storage capacity. Includes three slots for holding documents, private rear zippered pocket, small front zippered pockets and magnet pockets. And finally dual side pockets for an additional purpose
  • Double-stitched construction adds on to the durability and consistency factor.
  • The shoulder strap is rather adjustable up to a length of 43-inches.

5. BOYATU Genuine Black Leather Backpack for Women

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Starting from birthdays to anniversaries, this leather backpack from BOYATU is a real treasure for one and all. Firstly, it is imported. And this has an internal polyester lining (weave fibre) as well as its original and unique design with handcrafted quality.

Having the capacity to tow as a backpack and the mini-travel bag, this leather holder contains adjustable shoulder straps. These are sturdy as well as non-slip. Nonetheless, the drawstring opening as well as specifically designed side-pocket.  Finally, the bucket-shaped waterproof leather backpack purse with covered closure and magnetic buckle system keeps it secured.

Key features:

  • Made of cowhide with metal hardware ensuring its durability feature.
  • Indeed features an anti-theft pocket for enabling better safety measures.
  • Comes with singular major pocket and zipper pocket along with a cell pocket and compartment.
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4. EGOKEE PU Leather Waterproof Rucksack Travel Bookbag & Handbags for girls

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Framed out of real leather and has a polyester soft lining, this specifically noted anti-theft backpack purse is safe. Lightweight and yet durable in nature, this is waterproof and with the hardware being of the gold tone variety.

Having the storage capacity of phone, books and daily products, this backpack purse will give enough space to store everything. As a matter of fact, it is designed keeping in mind the practicality of current times and its multi-purpose requirements.

Key features:

  • Enabled with primary outer pockets, singular interior and back side zipper pocket. Overall, it comes with – dual rear and front pockets as well as exterior side pockets.
  • Dual shoulder straps, one longer and another shorter as per requirement.
  • External material made of nylon while internal one made of polyester.

3. Coolcy Hot Genuine Black Leather Backpack Fashion Bag for Women

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Where some backpacks concentrate simply on practicality, there are others which specifically concentrate on the ‘style statement’. How about looking for both and ditching the synthetic cheap backpacks? With cool being the keyword, this leather backpack from COOLCY is a treat to one and all.

With a rectangular size, this backpack is known for its storage capacity whether it is your make-up, books or wallet. Moreover, with a plethora of shades, this is extremely soft as well as durable.

Key features:

  • Includes adjustable shoulder straps to indeed ensure the ease factor.
  • Covered with interior polyester while the exterior is carved out of cowhide of finest quality.
  • The number of compartments? Pockets on both rear and front side slip and a zip pocket on the interior. Also, features a specific card and phone slots!

2. Mynos Women Leather Handbag – Travel Tote Shoulder Bag

Mynos Women Leather Handbag - Travel Tote Shoulder Bag

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Mynos – the creator of some of the best backpack purse range brings forth this product in hues. Created out of PU leather with a nylon lining, this has an interior that is made of polyester. With the solid hardware ensuring practicality, this is high-end and anti-theft in nature not negating the softness of the product.

However, the long straps that are removable with an adjustable back strap will certainly ensure complete versatility

Key features:

  • Designed as a simple clutch with many pockets. It has a dual zipper and open pockets, singular rear anti-theft pocket, primary compartment, zipper pockets and main pockets.
  • Waterproof in nature with fade resistance capacity.
  • Convertible bag with usages of a shoulder bag, backpack and handbag purse.

1. PINCNEL Waterproof Nylon Anti-theft Backpack Purse for Women

PINCNEL Waterproof Nylon Anti-theft Backpack Purse for Women

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This backpack purse is a beautiful combination of modernity as well as elegance. It is made of a combination of nylon and PU leather ensuring its durability standards. Added to it is the dual shoulder strap. As a result, it makes for practical usage and storage capacity. It holds up to a host of things – books to cell phone to daily essentials.

Having an anti-theft design, it is a very practical bag that will meet all your requirements.

Key features:

  • Has dual front and rear pockets with singular main pocket and back zipper pocket.
  • Waterproof in nature with hardware of the best quality for maximum stability.

Walk out of your home in style. Carry an authentic leather backpack purse and match with your outfit.

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