Best Modern LED Desk Lamps for Home & Office Reviews

Many of us know the struggles involved in getting sufficient light when we have work or study at night. If you are into late night studies or have the urgency of completing office works in the darkest hours, then the LED desk lamps are your true friend. These are designed to shed light not only on the focused areas but also assure a wide coverage of your desk. Plus, the flickering issues have been minimized for giving a glaring-free light. Even the lifespan is pretty long and sometimes up to 50000 hours or more.

There are several other points that cannot be ignored when one is planning to bring home these LED table lamps. The LED desk lamp buying guide will lead the users to the correct path so that you do have the right information.

Table of the Best LED Desk Lamps Reviews

10. TaoTronics Modern LED Desk Lamp with USB Port for Office

LED Desk Lamps

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Specifically known for it is seven brightness levels, this rechargeable LED desk lamp from TaoTronics is bright enough for your desks but never exceeds the glare limit to harm your eyes. Its unassuming slim shape with intuitive control panels helps to sustain the focus points and customise this lightning process. Comes with a touch-sensitive curved slider to maintain the LED brightness level, it has a stable and non-flickering design to ensure minimum pressure on your eyes.

Also, its 5-colour modes come attached to its adjustable positioning with a movement allowed up to 150-degrees. Made from a combination of metal and plastic, this lamp weighs up to 1.8 pounds and has a voltage of 110 V. Further, its dimmable LED lamp has a warranty period of 1 year and another 18 months free guarantee making it indispensable in this domain. In fact, the head angle can swivel from 90-degrees (left and right) to 180-degrees (top and bottom).

Key features

  • Customised mood settings: white, cool white, warm yellow, yellow, natural light.
  • Comes with adjustable brightness quality and manages to retain the settings level.
  • Has a full range CCT level of 2700K-6000K.
  • Pack includes- a desk lamp, power adapter, user-guide.

9. Phive LK-1 Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp – LED Table Lamp

Phive LK-1 Metal LED Desk Lamp - Table Lamp with Clamp

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Giving other architect lamps quite a run for their money, this metal table lamp from Phive has 50,000 hours of life span and up to 6 brightness levels. The adjustable LED desk lamp’s arm is known for its head to swivel up to 360-degrees, while the arm twists up to 170-degrees. With a 24-month warranty period and Ra85 CRI LED format, this is perfectly contemporary and saves up to 20% energy in comparison to bulbs.

Coming with a customised personal setting, this is enabled by 4 lightning modes and patented diffusion panels reflect light protecting your eyes. And its 4-lightning mode ranges from work, reading, relaxing and bedtime. Tested multiple times over a span of 3 years, this lamp is notable for its high-grade aluminium alloy thereby saving desk space. Plus, the rectangle head is fireproof with a light guiding plate that ensures no glaring, flickering or ghosting.

Key features

  • Enabled by clamp support of 2.36-inches.
  • LED bulbs used are of HD quality 144 pcs.
  • Notable for matching the standards of dimmable eye-care technology.

8. TaoTronics Fully Rotatable LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

TaoTronics Fully Rotatable LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

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Another gem from the domain of TaoTronics, this rotatable LED desk lamp is not just adjustable but also eye-friendly ensuring the perfect angle for the light. LED’s lining the edge of the lamp helps to soften the light and its heavy base maintains the stability level. With a USB charging port of 5V/1A USB and 4 distinct light modes, this lamp ensures a perfect 7.87-inches of head shine.

To adhere to its eye-friendly strategy, it has 4 layers: from diffusion block and light guide panel to heat sink and LED beads. With 450 lumens and power voltage ranging between 100V-240V, this lamp weighs a minimum of 3.06 pounds and consumes a power of 12W.

Key features

  • Has a CCT range of 3000K-6000K.
  • Enabled with a 1-hour auto-off timer.
  • Plastic material with a matte finish and dimmable fixture features.

7. Fugetek FT-L798 Adjustable LED Desk Lamp – 5V/1A USB

Fugetek FT-L798 Touch Control Panel LED Desk Lamp - 5V/1A USB

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With the only company claiming to offer patented recessed LED’s (27 in numbers) it is time to check out details associated with this product! Having 5 levels of brightness and 4 lightning mode levels, this is enabled with 530 Lumens and a specific touch-sensitive dimmer.

Furthermore, its LED lights have a capacity of 50,000 usage and its stimulated natural lights are quite easy on the eyes. Also, its best aspect is the minimal power consumption of 14W and colour temperature varies within 2500K-7000K. With its key point being the 1-hour auto-off timer, this uses AC adapter for power and suitable for charging devices ranging 5V to 1-1.5A.

Key features

  • Known for its 180-degrees multi-angle adjustability feature.
  • Enabled with a LED desk lamp USB port for charging your smartphone.
  • Indeed a sleek designing to save space- 15-inches is the perfect spot.
  • Have 4 formats: reading/study/relaxing/sleep modes.

6. TaoTronics 5-Color Mode Metal LED Desk Lamp with 5V/2A USB Port

TaoTronics 5-Color Mode Metal LED Desk Lamp with 5V/2A USB Port

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Another metal desk lamp from TaoTronics, this is enabled with a 1-hour timer, 5V/2A iSmart USB port and a specific light guide panel to avoid the glare as well as transmit light sideways. Firstly, it has 6 brightness levels up to 1200 Lux with 5-colour mode that can determine the settings level of this lamp.

Courtesy to the above-mentioned factors, its scratch-free surface with advanced memory for setting the light levels works perfectly well for maintaining the versatility. So, at 15.8-inches and CCT of 2700-6500K, this lamp has the perfect light to offer! Above all, it has a rotatable neck, base and head ranging from 90-degrees to 180-degrees to be set-up as per your demands

Key features

  • Comes with a brightness of 600 Lumens with a power consumption of 12W.
  • Operating voltage – 100V-240V as per full range.

5. Lampat Touch-Sensitive Control Panel Small LED Table Lamp

Lampat Touch-Sensitive Control Panel LED Table Lamp

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Are you looking for a desk lamp with natural light to ease the pressure on your eyes? Well, Lampat brings it to you with multiple features as 5 brightness levels and 4 lighting modes. Being versatile in nature, it allows you to choose the ideal light set-up for reading, relaxing and bedtime among others. For making it more convenient, it is eco-friendly in nature with specialised advanced optical material for protection of the eyes.

Its sleek design is perfect to save much space and the sensitive control buttons surely allow ease in terms of operation. With an LED lamp with 25 years of lifespan and 70,000 light hours, this comes with a non-glare screen marking it the best in the current slot. Furthermore, the LED desk lamp touch control aids to operate it easily. Plus, it has an auto-timer with 30 minutes and 60 minutes window each. In conclusion, it has an adjustable arm with 40-degrees to 180-degrees variability.

Key features

  • Comes integrated with a 1.5A/5V USB charging port.
  • Consumes close to 85% less energy with a record 20 times longer capacity.
  • Enabled with CRI90 format with a touch dimmer available.

4. Ambertronix 5-Level Brightness Ultribrite LED Desk Lamp

Ambertronix 5-Level Brightness Ultribrite LED Desk Lamp

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With a low power consumption of 14W and the bulb lasting for 50,000 hours, this table lamp from Ambertronix features 4 varieties of lightning mode. Apart from it, this lamp has 5 levels of brightness with touch-sensitive dimmer and 1-hour auto-timer off format. Thus, here comes a lamp that surely offers a stimulated natural light to ensure that your eyes are not affected by extensive usage.

Known for its super-bright light, this has an inbuilt timer which not only acts to auto-time but also acts as a USB port for charging your smartphone. Its compact design, customised illumination and optimal brightness levels make it a must buy for most!

Key features

  • Sleek and space-saving design combined with energy-efficient strategy.
  • Uses latest LED technology in the format of AT-258-B.
  • Comes with a hassle-free warranty period of 1 year.

3. Etekcity Modern Desk Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck for Office & Bedroom

Etekcity Modern Desk Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck for Office & Bedroom

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Enabled specifically with an adjustable gooseneck format, this desk lamp includes features as lighting available within a range of 2.5-6 hours and a rechargeable battery of 1000mAh. Its energy-efficient LED bulb provides flicker-free light for all your personal activities. Presenting with colour changing night light (256) and 16 LED bulbs.

Being a brand that is known for its astonishing lamps, this has a touch-sensitive panel and adjustable limits extend from 55-degrees to 180-degrees at all levels. Also, its multiple adjustment formats excel its lightning feature. Besides assuring extremely focused lighting, the LED desk lamp’s angle is subjected to adjustments. In fact, to save your bills, each bulb consumes only 0.2W every hour.

Key features

  • Wireless format, in-built battery, focussed lighting with 3 levels of brightness.
  • Allows illumination customisation as per requirements.
  • Has 24-month warranty period with money back guarantee of 90 days.

2. BBOUNDER Architect Metal Desk Lamp – Clamp on Desk Lamp

BBOUNDER Architect Metal Desk Lamp - Clamp on Desk Lamp

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Living up to the code – ‘brighter than before’ this desk lamp from, BBounder comes enabled with adjustable swing, rotating base and foldable extended arm. Its memory functions include 4 levels while one can continue with the personal setting level and 4 modes of lighting. Noted for saving 20% energy levels and having a lifespan of 50,000 hours, this desk lamp provides a no-changing facility for 25 years at normal usage.

Moreover, the 180-degrees up as well as down and 360-degrees left plus right rotation will not cause any hindrances. However, the rotating LED panel allows you to have full control and the clip-on clamp is made of metal.

Key features

  • Strong metal clamp with a 5-year warranty period.
  • With a CCT range of 5700-6000K, this can reach up to 1200Lux level.
  • Known specifically for its advanced memory, touch controls and 4-level dimmer format.

1. Phive CL-1 Architect Adjustable Desk Lamp LED for Office & Workplace

Phive CL-1 Architect Adjustable Desk Lamp LED for Office & Workplace

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Noted for 50,000-hour span and a diffusion panel minus the glow, flicker and glare, this desk lamp is a perfect energy saver (20% savings). With a strong clamp and lamp head swivel of 180-degrees, one can adjust brightness level accordingly. Though it is an energy-saver, it guarantees a consistent lifespan of 50000 hours. Thus, you are free of the hassles of changing the bulb at least for the next 25 years. Made of aluminium alloy of the highest grade, this has 90pcs of LED lamps and consumes a power of 8W.

Plus, the incandescent lamp is 20% more energy-saving.

Key features

  • Enabled with CRI LED of Ra85 standard.
  • Has a 12-month warranty period.

So, complete your office works or late night studies by using the led desk lamp kit for office and home use.

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