Top 5 Best Lighted Vanity Mirrors & Makeup Mirrors In 2019

Using a standard mirror in a poorly lit room is quite impractical. And even if the lighting is right, you’ll still have some aspects of glare to deal with. Lighted vanity mirrors give you a chance to say goodbye to such issues. These mirrors make use of LED lighting, a feature that eliminates the need to purchase a standard mirror and then install a separate lighting system. This valuable option simulates natural lighting and has different lighting settings that adjust to the lighting condition of your room. Getting the best vanity lighted mirror takes more than just a consideration of the price or a well-known brand.

You’ll need to consider the available space, energy efficiency, lifespan, durability, and the decor of the surrounding. Those that need a mirror to use on might consider a portable rechargeable mirror or one with a long-lasting battery. Magnification also plays a crucial role in case you want a more detailed view. Most often, a magnification of 5x to 10x is most preferred though you can get vanity mirrors with up to 15x magnification. We did some tests on different vanity lighted mirrors and the following are some of the best you might want to check out.

Table of the Best Lighted Vanity Mirrors

5. Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

Lighted Vanity Mirrors

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This is a versatile mirror that can be used for bathroom and makeup purposes. It makes use of fluorescent lighting powered by an AC outlet. The magnification of the mirror is adjustable from 1x to 5x so you can get a crispier detail of the target part. There’s an adjustable stand designed to provide multiple viewing angles. The mirror is two-sided and sports a tri-fold design for that perfect panoramic view. The illumination is versatile, glare-free and can be adjusted to 4 different settings to match the type of lighting in your home. This standalone vanity mirror sits easily on your vanity or dresser.

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4. Simplehuman Sensor-Activated Lighted Makeup Mirror

Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror, 5x Magnification

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The unique oval shape of this mirror provides distortion-free optics. This is a mirror that simulates natural sunlight to provide brighter and more colour-correct images. The mirror has a high reflective glass that’s backed with an aluminium coating for optimized reflectivity and clarity. It sports a sensor that automatically lights up once a face is detected. The mirror tilts back fully and has a 5x magnification to ensure you have a comfortable and clear view. It’s a more portable option, thanks to a rechargeable function. A single charge lasts up to 5 weeks, making it a more energy efficient option.

3. Hamilton Hills Trifold Vanity Mirror on Wall and Table

Hamilton Hills Trifold Vanity Mirror

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Want a sophisticated vanity mirror that won’t compromise your space? This plain tri-mirror will surely serve the purpose. It’s a beautifully crafted mirror sporting a bevelled frame; a design that looks great in any setting. There’s a centre section with two door-like sections that can be adjusted to display the back of your head. A solid core made of wood comes in handy to provide reinforcement and stability. The mirror hangs straight and comes with the necessary hardware to give you an easy time during installation.

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2. Hamilton Hills 3X Magnified Premium Modern Rectangle Vanity Makeup Mirror

3X Magnified Premium Modern Rectangle Vanity Makeup Mirror

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This is a frameless vanity mirror crafted of polished stainless steel. It sports a sleek, contemporary style that will upgrade your home decor. The mirror comes in a standalone design sporting a wider base for maximum stability. It’s slightly curved to create a concave display surface magnified to 3 times so you can capture every detail. There are a ball and socket joint that lets the mirror swivel and tilt to provide a perfect viewing angle. The mirror is finished in polished chrome for added protection against scratches, fingerprints, and rust.

1. Aqua Elegante Double-Sided Lighted LED Makeup Mirror

Aqua Elegante 6 Inch LED Makeup Mirror - Double-Sided, Lighted

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This portable vanity mirror can be used just about anywhere, thanks to long-lasting batteries that eliminate the need to plug into AC outlet. It provides a distortion-free reflection and can be fully adjusted to provide a perfect viewing angle. The mirror is double-sided sporting 1x and 10x magnification. The lighting is gentle and mimics natural lighting so that it doesn’t blind your eyes. This mirror has a lightweight, travel-friendly construction. It sports a non-slip bottom designed to protect your countertop from scratches.

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