Top 10 Best Lighted Vanity Mirrors & Makeup Mirrors with Lights In 2020

Whenever you need to do makeup or get ready for the day, you need a proper dressing station. It must be properly lighted and should have space to neatly organize things. And lighted vanity mirrors are totally suitable for getting flawless. It has a high-quality mirror that helps you to see your reflection clearly. Plus, the lights surrounding it will further aid in the process of getting ready.

You might have many options to choose from, however, do you know if it’s a counterfeit or original product? So, we here, present you a list of lighted makeup vanity mirrors that are trustworthy and of high-quality.

Table of the Best LED Lighted Vanity Mirrors Reviews

10. Chende Hollywood Wall Mounted Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

Lighted Vanity Mirrors

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Chende provides you with high-quality, yet affordable lighted makeup vanity mirror that has all the features for both personal and studio use. It is made from premium materials and has a simple all-white look that reflects the lights more than absorbing them for better visibility. Therefore, you use less power for more brightness saving a lot on your energy bill.

Besides, it has a lot of bulb slots. As a result, it lets you easily replace the bulbs in case one is damaged or for any other reason. Moreover, these aren’t traditional power-hungry, incandescent, but LED bulbs. So they can provide you with a lot more brightness at half or even lower power consumption. You also get a standard power outlet which is common throughout American households.

Given that, you can simply plug in other handheld beauty devices like hair dryers to this outlet instead of going through the mess of extension cords. Finally, for adjusting the brightness you also get a rotary dial

Key features:

  • LED bulbs emit soft 400K light which isn’t uncomfortable to your eyes.
  • The base is made from organic wood which gives it strength without any added bulk and is completely detached.
  • You get a complimentary set of 12 LED bulbs with this product, no need for any extra investment.

9. Rebel Poppy LED Lighted Vanity Mirrors – Tabletop Lighted Cosmetic Mirror

Rebel Poppy LED Lighted Vanity Mirrors - Tabletop Lighted Cosmetic Mirror 

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Revel Poppy offers you a vanity mirror with top quality construction that can last you for a prolonged period of time. It has a base and frame made from metal that makes it super sturdy and for protection against rusting or corrosion, it is certainly powder coated as well.

At the base, you also get an integrated patent-pending metal bracket. It is indeed strong enough to not just hold your phone, but your tablets as well. Therefore, you can easily track and interact with your social media feed while doing your makeup at the same time.

Key features:

  • Touch-sensitive controls let you switch it on or off and adjust the brightness.
  • The aluminium lighted vanity mirror frame keeps the overall product lightweight.
  • Have LED that are indeed dimmed at any given time.

8. Waneway Hollywood Style Makeup Mirrors with Lights

Waneway Hollywood Style Makeup Mirrors with Lights

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Waneway lighted vanity mirror provides you with the important makeup assistance that you have been missing this whole time. It has a sleek and modern design and doesn’t have that traditional bulky style element which takes up a lot of space in your room. This mirror will provide you with an efficient lighting solution for applying your makeup flawlessly. It doesn’t have any mechanical controls.

Instead, you get soft and stealthy touch keys right on the mirror that lets you adjust brightness as well as change the colour temperature of the lights between warm glow and white daylight. You get versatility without any compromise in style. Furthermore, unlike other mirrors, it has a smart memory feature that remembers the light settings that you prefer. So even if you leave in a hurry, you will find all your pre-configured setup when you return.

Key features:

  • The mirror is freely rotated to full 360-degrees so that you can get the perfect viewing angle.
  • Lighted LED vanity mirror bulbs are rated to last for around 50000 hours, so replacements are a thing of the past.
  • The metal frame is indeed sturdy and durable.

7. AirExpect Portable Tri-fold Vanity Mirror with Lights

AirExpect Portable Tri-fold Vanity Mirror with Lights

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AurExpect brings to you a new and improved model of its foldable lighted vanity mirror that brings a lot of features and increases the price to performance ratio. With 72 LED lights, this model has more than twice the count of LEDs that you got in the previous one. And even provides you with three modes of lighting.

Even in the folded position, it has an amazing patter that looks brilliant with your home decor. The curved out the base, as a matter of fact, gets rid of sharp edges. Therefore, provides adequate space for brushes, wands and more

Key features:

  • The mirror can swivel up or down within the range of 90-degrees and fixed at your preferred position.
  • Indeed has a step-less dimming technology and the memory function remembers the last setting. Hence, saves you from extra work.

6. Nitin Tabletop/Wall Mounted  Lighted Vanity Mirrors

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The frame of this vanity mirror is made from aviation-grade aluminium that makes it super light without compromise in strength and durability. It also has easy to use touch sensors integrated into the mirror. As a result, makes controlling the lights a breeze.

However, you can turn it on with a single tap and press it for a while to increase or decrease brightness. Above all, it includes an optic mirror that gives a clear vision.

Key features:

  • Doesn’t require you to invest any more money, time or labour in tools or assembly.
  • High definition optical mirror rather has a large surface area of 300000mm2.
  • Has a total of 14 pieces of long-lasting LED bulbs.

5. KOOLORBS White Trifold Makeup LED Vanity Mirror with Lights

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While most other manufacturers provide you chunky wall mounted vanity mirrors, Koolorbs brings to you a portable lighted vanity mirror solution. It indeed lets you take this product anywhere you want. Next, it has high-quality construction and sturdy design. Also, it is folded into a compact shape for convenient storage or easy portability. Plus, has smart features which you don’t get with most other brands.

One can rotate it from top to bottom to 180-degrees and is easily moved from side to side. So you can get multiple viewing angles throughout your makeup without having any issues. Moreover, unlike other vanity mirrors, it also provides you magnification via the side mirrors.

The main piece offers real scale high definition reflection while the side mirrors offer you two times and three times magnification for a clearer and crisp view of tricky areas like eyebrows. With other mirrors, you might get 9, 12 or 14 LEDs, but this one has a total of 21 LED lights for the best illumination possible

Key features:

  • Is certainly powered by 4AAA batteries or via any generic USB cable.
  • Has certification from various trusted organisations like RoHS, FC. And CE.
  • Weighs just around 2 pounds.

4. MoonMoon Hollywood Professional Vanity Makeup Mirror with LED Lights

MoonMoon Hollywood Professional Vanity Makeup Mirror with LED Lights

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If you want a large vanity mirror that can serve multiple purposes and bring unrivalled convenience then MoonMoon’s vanity mirror is the best choice for you. It has a total of 15 LED bulbs that each consumes 3 watts of power and has a small size so that you get more viewing area on the mirror.

In addition to that, the LED lights are adjusted to different modes as required. And it rather happens cause of the Smart Touch. Lastly, it has the highest-quality construction.

Key features:

  • The mirror is extremely easy to clean and maintain, a few wipes are all it takes.
  • You can place it on a table or hang it on the wall.
  • Has several USB ports for charging your smartphone or laptop.

3. FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup Mirrors

FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup Mirrors

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You might have tried various vanity mirrors in the past, but most either leave you dissatisfied or cost an arm and a leg for purchase. This vanity mirror from Febchilin is feature-loaded to satisfy all your makeup needs. It has a total of 12 low power consuming, highly efficient LED bulbs which have a unique look.

They also have a durable plastic cover which isn’t brittle like glass and protects the LEDs while reducing glare. Plus, it doesn’t have any sharp edges, so even if you accidentally brush your hand against them, you wouldn’t be injured.

You can also adjust the colour temperature of your lights within the range of 4000k to 6000k from warm yellow to cold white. Bulbs are furthermore super reliable and won’t require any replacement since they can work for up to 50000 hours.

Key features:

  • Memory mode remembers the configuration you set up the lights at. As a result, you can get it back upon return.
  • Comes with a reliable 12V power adaptor that is certified by Underwriters Laboratories.
  • With a simple touch of a button on the mirror surface, you can dim or brighten up the LEad lights,

2. GeekHouse Large Lighted Makeup Tabletops Cosmetic Mirror

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GeekHouse’s vanity mirror doesn’t just help you look good but has an awesome look for it as well. It has a beautiful sleek base and a metal frame that extends out of it for housing the glass mirror.

Furthermore, you can also tilt the mirror up or down till 360-degrees for the best viewing angle. Even the power adapter that comes with this mirror has a length of 5ft. Therefore, it can connect to power outlets without an extension cord.

Key features:

  • For better surface cohesion you get a mat under the base that prevents slipping.
  • Has a detachable magnification mirror that magnifies the reflection 10 times compared to its actual size.
  • The power adaptor is rather well made and has UL certification.

1. BEAUTME Hollywood Wall-mounted Beauty Vanity Mirror with LED Bulbs

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Beautme provides you with one of the most interesting lighted vanity mirrors in the market that sets itself apart by its great features. The high definition mirror has a circular spot on it which has different focal length and shape that rest of the surface. It is able to provide you ten times magnification that lets you focus on delicate parts like eyelashes and eyebrows.

With a diagonal length of over 30 inches and that magnification, you get more than enough visibility for your makeup.

Key features:

  • Magnification spot on the mirror can be easily detached for separate use.
  • Made from high-quality materials like ABS, aluminium alloy, glass, firewood and more.

Your perfectly lighted vanity mirror set is ready to provide you clear viewing and best angles. A beautiful product to make you look beautiful!

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