Best Waterproof Metal Detectors for Gold and Coin Reviews

Did you lose your ring underwater? Or want to have some fun with finding treasures? You can always find the lost metal items in the most amazing way. Metal detectors are always fun. Whether you are searching for old coins or some hidden treasure, a metal detector will always meet all your hunting needs. Being adjustable in nature, waterproof, and light in weight, you can keep detecting new things in the hard-to-reach places.

However, while buying a metal detector online, you must study the features and properties well. You need to be careful about the depth of detection and convenience of operation above everything else. In this list, find everything you need to know about the products and then place the order.

Best Metal Detectors for Sale Reviews

10. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Metal Detectors

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Bounty Hunter always justifies its name with some of the best tools to help you dig out lost treasures. Tracker 4 from the brand is no different. It’s a premium quality battery-powered metal detector that comes at an entry-level price. It doesn’t matter if you are a man, woman, kid, or adult. This metal detector is designed to be comfortable and easy to use. Anyone in your family can grab it and go on a treasure hunt. You never know where you may stumble upon buried precious. These things are like coins, jewelry, or metal artifacts and this metal detector helps you narrow down your search.

With its large 8-inch search cloak you can cover more ground in less time. Moreover, the cloak is waterproof and that means you don’t worry about the sudden downpour.

Key features:

  • With discrimination control, you can filter out unwanted targets like iron objects.
  • To change your target from small to large objects you can tweak the sensitivity control.
  • The powerful detector can find small objects like coins buried as deep as 8-inches.

9. TACKLIFE Waterproof Metal Detectors for Kids and Adults

TACKLIFE Waterproof Metal Detectors for Kids and Adults

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Tacklife always creates some of the best outdoor exploration products and this adjustable metal detector certainly makes the list. The detector is designed so that you can use it with minimal effort. The ergonomic handle is wide and gives a solid yet relaxed grip while you hover the coil over the ground. It also features an adjustable stem that can be extended from 2-feet to almost 4-feet. Thus, gives you easy reach at inaccessible spots.

Depending on your height, you can change the stem to fit your needs. There is also the armrest that supports your wrist. Thus, it also allows you to spread the weight of the detector evenly for better control and less fatigue.

Key features:

  • Since the coil is waterproof you can search in shallow waters or wetlands.
  • With a 3.5 mm headphone jack you can listen to the detector even in noisy environments.
  • A large LCD screen shows you a lot of relevant information and change in settings.

8. RM RICOMAX Professional Pinpoint Metal Detector for Beginners

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Even if you are as tall as a tree you won’t have any trouble using this waterproof metal detector. This is because it has telescopic steam that can be extended generously. The machine is also designed ergonomically for maximum comfort. You put your hand through a hard plastic cuff that has a belt and loop to secure your arm. This allows you to use the detector with more strength and you get less tired. The part that is in contact with your hand also features a soft cushion grip so that you don’t get blisters.

To tune the settings on this machine, you get a large control panel with an LCD screen. From here you can turn up the volume, change the notch settings, browse through the extensive menu, and do a lot more. There is also a headphone port so that you can hear for signs of valuable objects and block out the surrounding chaos.

Key features:

  • You can adjust the search coil depending on the gradient.
  • With an advanced smart chip, you won’t have to worry about the detector malfunctioning due to interference.
  • Comes with a portable shovel to dig out valuable objects.

7. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Junior Metal Detector for Treasure Hunting Beginners

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The Junior lightweight metal detector from National geographic is a great way to discover buried treasure anywhere at any time. It has special features like an arm shaft that lets you use the detector with greater ease and also customize the fit. You can further customize the detector by extending its telescopic stem to adjust to your height. Even after hours of search, you won’t feel any significant hand fatigue due to the comfortable grip handle on this product.

Moreover, the 7.5-inch dual coil detector is powerful and can search for deep. When it finds something it will alert you with a beep and flashing LEd light.

Key features:

  • Even the smallest valuables like keys, coins, and gold nuggets won’t go unnoticed.
  • To search for large objects and cover more ground you can adjust the sensitivity of the coil by turning the dial.
  • Comes with a free learning guide that has a history of metal detecting and the science behind it documented.

6. Sailnovo Professional Metal Detector for Adults & Kids

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Sailnovo presents to you one of the finest digital metal detectors money can buy. It is a highly capable device that can search for the most obscure treasures with a side to side motion of the coil. The coil is powerful and it allows you to detect all kinds of metals under the ground. However, you can also choose to deselect metals like iron that doesn’t fetch a high price.

For greater accuracy, the coil has a diameter of 8.7-inches and can find something buried as deep as 8-inches. Moreover, both the steam and the coil are waterproof and that means you can even search under shallow waters.

Key features:

  • Comes with a free carrying bag and shovel for convenience.
  • It is highly efficient and gets powered by two regular 9V batteries.
  • The bright display shows your real-time search progress and operation status.

5. INTEY Kids’ Metal Detector with Waterproof Search Coil and Sound Prompt

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Intey detector has some of the best components and that makes it one of the top-quality products. This stands out from the rest of the competition. It draws power from regular batteries that can be installed and removed with ease. Since it is highly efficient you don’t have to worry about going out of power within minutes.

You can also adjust the sound level of the device depending on your surroundings. Set it to a low level when you are in a quiet environment. Plus, turn it up when you are at noisy beaches or parks.

Key features:

  • With its DISC mode, you would be able to deselect unwanted metals from your scan.
  • To search for smaller or larger objects you can turn the sensitivity dial.
  • Since it uses analog dial maintenance and repair are easier than LCD screens.

4. SUNPOW High Accuracy Metal Detector with Pinpoint Function and DISC Mode

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Despite its large size and use of electromagnetism, the Sunpow detector isn’t a power-hungry device. It draws enough juice from a pair of 9V batteries and can last you for hours. If you are a tall person or buying this device as a Christmas gift for someone with generous height, the adjustable stem will come in handy. Twist and push out to increase the length of the telescopic rod. That also allows you access to hard to reach places with ease.

You will also be very comfortable while using the device. It has a sponge at the handle for reducing hand fatigue.

Key features:

  • The high accuracy metal detector lets you pinpoint the location of valuables.
  • With the all-metal mode, you can find anything from iron and aluminum to gold and silver.
  • You can turn up the brightness of the LCD screen for a better view after dark.

3. DR.ÖTEK Lightweight Waterproof Metal Detector for Adults and Kids

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Losing a small yet invaluable item like a wedding ring can be devastating. With this detector, you can find most of your precious lost items and treasures. However, it’s frustrating when you stumble upon coins, nails, screws, and everything else except what you are looking for. This detector from DR.ÖTEK fixes that problem with its intelligent memory function. This feature lets you search for a specific type of metal and accurately locate it.

Interestingly, it comes with a backlit display that will provide you with all the information. With the 5 upgraded modes, you will get accurate results. Moreover, the search coil is 9.8-inches wide and you can find a coin that is even 10-inches underground.

Key features:

  • It is lightweight enough for children to use it with ease.
  • Makes hikes, camping trips, and outdoor adventures more fun with treasure hunts.
  • You will also be able to adjust the depth of detection easily.

2. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

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Another amazing metal detector from Bounty Hunter gives a positive reboot to the term Gold Digger. It helps you find money instead of losing it. The detector offers you all the quality without the high price tag. It is easy to use for both you and your kids since it is lightweight. As a matter of fact, it has ergonomic handles and arm wraps for your comfort.

It has specialized features like trash elimination control that eliminates the detection of unwanted targets. When you want to search deeper, you can increase the power level by turning up the dial.

Key features:

  • Coins and small objects can be detected 6-inches deep and large objects have a greater depth range.
  • Comes with headphones so that you can use the device in noisy areas.
  • Moreover, it runs on 2 to 9-volt alkaline batteries.

1. Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector with Waterproof Coil

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Garrett offers you an all-in-one package of metal detectors and accessories to get you hunting for treasure as soon as possible. It has a curved handle and arms wrap that is padded and reinforced in the right places. Since it weighs just around 5 pounds even your kids can get a taste of treasure hunting adventure.

Moreover, there are 8 different sensitivity levels so that you can increase the depth of your search in equal increments. The display can show you detailed information like the location of coins at specific depth levels

Key features:

  • Comes with free accessories like headphones for the complete experience.
  • The depth of detection is very easy to adjust apart from getting a digital ID for the target.

Find the nifty treasures or getting back the lost items will become more interesting when you have the metal detector machine. Just move it around and find the items easily.

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