Best Metal Swing Sets for Kids and Adults Reviews

Imagine a wonderful swing set for your kid and their friends to play with. Sound fun right? It will be more fun for your child. Hence, get metal swing sets that are sturdy enough to bear the weight of any child. Set-up in your backyard or on any commercial space and the output will be equally good. Having too many options, it is certain for an individual to get perplexed.

So what’s the solution? Well, our metal swing sets guide will rather not deceive you. Transparent information and honest suggestions are provided.

Table of the best Metal Swing Sets Reviews

10. SUPER DEAL Web Tree Swing & Heavy Duty Frame Metal Swing Sets for Kids

Metal Swing Sets

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If you have wanted that swing in your backyard, then this metal saucer swing set is the choice for you. It is a super sturdy swing that can support your child swinging away sitting or standing. With hand braided webbing system to support the swing, chances are indeed slim that it’ll ever come off.

The whole framework of that swing is constructed from heavy-duty steel tubes that are 2” in diameter. This framework is given a powder coated finish that can withstand conditions of weather and rusting. Therefore, enhancing the life of this swing. This set is very easy to set-up and does not take more than a few minutes to do so.

Key features:

  • Appropriate for the use of two kids at the same time.
  • The Super Deal Swing is very sturdy and resilient.
  • It can certainly hold as much as 660 pounds of weight upon it.

9. Flexible Flyer Triple Metal Swing Sets

Flexible Flyer Triple Fun II Metal Swing Set

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Flexible Flyers has constructed just the set to decorate that backyard for your kid. This set is exclusive. It certainly comprises of different setups to play with including a slide, a see-saw and a swing set. Now it is skillfully crafted comprising of 2 regular swings and 1 shoe loop swing.

In this concise package, a lot is given off. All the things that are included in this package are constructed from the most durable material possible. As a result, a mishap may never befall your child. The metal swing set chains are innovatively crafted. As a matter of fact, the height is adjustable as per requirement.

Key features:

  • Rather a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic material constructed which is one of the best of its kind.
  • The swing chains are covered in vinyl. This rather goes on to make it more resistant to corrosive conditions and ensures long life.
  • The wave-slide is of 6’.

8. LEMY Large Heavy Duty All-Steel Swing Frame Stand

LEMY Large Heavy Duty All-Steel Swing Frame Stand

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This metal swing frame from the house of Lemy is a heavy-duty one. Therefore, it rather has the capability to accommodate a variety of swings. Swing chair, saucer swings, net swings, name it, and this frame can hold it!

Nonetheless, the frame has steel tubes construction. Therefore, it is very high in its strength factor. In fact, this frame is so efficient that it can withstand as much as 220 pounds of the load upon it. However, not only is it super strong but this swing is also so easy to put up. The parts certainly come all disassembled but that is no worry as the assembly is as easy as said.

Key features:

  • The swing features a height of 70.87-inches along with length and breadth of 86.61-inches and 64.17-inches respectively.
  • The steel frame is given a powder coated paint treatment. Hence, it is intended to enhance its life and indeed makes it resistant to weather as well as rust.
  • All tools and instructions which are required to assemble this swing frame are included in the package.

7. BestValue Go Metal A-Frame 2- Seat Swing Set with One Seesaw

BestValue Go Metal A-Frame 2- Seat Swing Set with One Seesaw

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Imagine a swing that is set up anywhere, be it in the backyard or in the kindergarten or anywhere else. Such a wonderful swing set does exist and it is created with precision.

The whole frame is constructed out of steel tubes which are known for their resilience. All the tube material, as well as the hardware used for this swing’s construction, is indeed powder coated with paint. Furthermore, this ensures that the vagaries of weather or rust can never affect the swing and hence ensure its longevity. Finally, this swing after assembly covers a dimension of 126.8-inches in length x 59-inches in breadth and 72.8-inches in height.


  • The swing is sturdy that it can support children between 3 to 8 years of age. Plus, the metal swing weight limit is as much as 100 pounds.
  • This swing set rather features four separate swings for your kid and their friends to have a grand time.
  • The ropes that hold the swings are adjustable. And so are the ground pegs that fix the frame to the ground.

6. ZENY Spider Web Tree Net Swing Round Spider Net Swing Set with Hanging Ropes

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A funky and stylish swing to go into the backyard, the Zemy Tree Net Swing is quirky and playful. Everything that is used to create this swing from the frame to the hardware components, carabineers etc. are constructed from industrial grade stainless steel. Hence this is a super sturdy swing. This goes on to verify the durability and sturdiness of this swing.

The frame construction is entwined in 7mm Polyethylene (PE) ropes that enhances the longevity if the swing. Moreover, the net swing itself is rather supportive and can withstand a load of as much as 660 pounds.  Above all, the net swing also has a diameter of 40” which is huge and can even accommodate two kids.

Key features:

  • The swing does not come complete but in parts. Therefore, requires assembly that an adult should do.
  • Comes with Zeny’s one year warranty that covers even the smallest hardware element.

5. FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘The Ultimate’ Sports Series Metal Swing Sets

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A huge set comprising of 8 sports stations, this is the ultimate tool to generate while having a good time. It features swings, slides, basketball hoop, football net, trampoline and so much more. All these utilities are constructed with the use of 2” steel tubes. In addition to that, it is a standard material and sufficiently strong.

Perfect for a child ranging from 3 to 8 years, your child will certainly have the most fun. Finally, the set is so accommodative that it can house an array of children to play games.

Key features:

  • Powder coated paint is employed upon the steel tubes to increase its longevity. This rather keeps it safe from water, rust and so on.
  • All the stations in the set are tested and meet the ASTM standards. All of them surpass the guidelines set.
  • The frame features a 2-year warranty. Whereas every other component of this exuberant set has 6 months warranty.

4. Ironkids Challenge Metal Swing Set with Ladder Climber & UV Protective Sunshade

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This metal swing set with ladder climber is installed in a playground. Therefore, it is not only fun to play with but also has a positive effect on the kid’s body. The Fitness Reality set comprises of a swing along with monkey bars and a ladder. All these components add to a fun time while enhancing blood circulation, muscle development etc. in a child. In other words, this playset is also a useful physical exercise set for your kid.

However, the inclusion of ladder climber rather aids in movements. Having a monkey bar, your kid’s arm strength will be redefined. Above all, it helps in establishing friendship as well as communication.

Key features:

  • The set is covered in a UV protective sunshade. It indeed traps away from the rays of the sun, preventing it to hurt kids.
  • Hamstrings, quadriceps, blood circulation, leg muscles, name the body part and it is developed through this swing set.
  • Can seat as many as 2 individuals.

3. SUPER DEAL Large Heavy Duty All-Steel Frame Swing Frame Set

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This is the key to a fun time with and for your kid. The frame that supports the swing is made from 2” steel tubes which are known for their strength and longevity. Next, the innovations incorporated into this have made it resistant all the effects of weather.

It won’t certainly corrode, bent, rust or any such thing. As a matter of fact, this ensures that the swing set remains maintenance-free for a long time to come. One gets a large space to accommodate every kid.

Key features:

  • The swing set has gone through the ASTM sets and exceeds their regulations, thus oozing a factor of safety.
  • The swing and the frame are indeed built to support the highest load of 220 pounds.

2. NEW Sportspower Ridgewood Me and My Toddler Metal Swing Set

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This set is a 3 in 1 pack comprising of a set of swings, a slide and a trampoline. In fact, the trampoline is already patented and the swing set is also awaiting a patent. With so these patents and their own efficiency, the quality and genuineness of this set come up.

Furthermore, all the younger kids are indeed going to enjoy a nice swing. Above all, both boys, as well as girls, can use it and it will be their dearest companion.

Key features:

  • The two-tone slide that is included in this package is certainly 5’ long.
  • Generic has made exclusive use of foam padding for the legs. Hence, it ensures the safety of the toddlers.
  • Recommended age is from 3 to 7 years.

1. Outing Play and SwingSets with Wave Slide, Swings, Rock Climbing Wall

Outing Play and SwingSets with Wave Slide, Swings, Rock Climbing Wall

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A combination pack that comprises of all the joys of a park in an efficient manner. In fact, the Swing-N-Slide Swingset is a kid’s dream. This whole setup is riddled with various playing options. There are swings, slides, climbing area and a lot more in one simple pack.

This set is constructed solely from the use of wood. Nonetheless, it is very suitable for any children between the ages of 3 years to 11 years. With all the sturdiness of the wooden frame, this set can support a heavy 800 pounds of the load.

Key features:

  • Received certification from ASTM and is a genuine product.
  • The swing chains are UV protected as it uses padded rubber that keeps it from getting too hot in summers. The rubber padding rather ensures a strong grip and no pinching.

Now let your child enjoy outdoor activities. These swing sets will help them to stay engaged in their own way.

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