Best Rolling Microwave Carts | Microwave Stands Reviews

Microwave is undoubtedly one of the most important things in our kitchen. This amazing invention has made life easier for house-owners as a lot of cooking and heating is done. Although, the utility factor is high, when it comes to storing it, one always faces a challenge. As microwaves are big-sized and heavy finding the perfect place is quite challenging. Choosing microwave carts, however, can make it much easier and more convenient.

If you are considering buying one, here you can find the best microwave carts buying guide. Give it a quick read, you will be able to understand the features and functionality of each of these carts.

Table of the Best Microwave Carts Reviews

10. Ameriwood Landry Kitchen Microwave Cabinet

Microwave Carts

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This cart is designed to solve the accommodating issue of your microwave at your home or work. We know how important a microwave is in our daily lives. Hence buying an equally good cart can really add to the benefits. Buying this cart means you will have a space dedicated to the microwave. Plus, also get some extra storage space for other things. The cart is designed in a manner so that you can have more room for storage at your kitchen. Moreover, now you always have the utilities at your closest reach.

In terms of looks, this is quite brilliant and certainly has a white stipple finish all over it. In addition to that, the brushed nickel knobs complement the overall beauty. Therefore, making it suitable for various kinds of interior décor. Lastly, the kitchen microwave cart capacity of 40-pounds on the shelf allows you to conveniently use it with different microwave types.

Key features:

  • Has easy to roll casters so that you can move the cart from here to there.
  • Two lower doors indeed provide great storage space plus safety.
  • Is assembled using basic household tools.
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9. AmazonBasics Rolling Microwave Carts with Storage Rack on Wheels

AmazonBasics Rolling Microwave Carts with Storage Rack on Wheels

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Want to professional-like place to easily keep your microwave and also improve the overall workability of the same? You need a good cart for that. This rolling microwave cart is a great choice to look at considering the features and great built quality. The entire cart is rather made using premium quality materials like chrome-plated steel which is very sturdy and strong. Next, the chrome plating ensures complete safety against rusting and corrosion damage.

On the top, you get a wooden top, as a matter of fact; it is about 1.5-inches thick. This wooden top is also removable, in case you need it to use it for other purposes. Below the top, there are a couple of shelves made out of the same chrome-plated steel. Each of the two shelves has a huge 50 pounds of weight carrying capacity. Therefore, allowing you to store everyday items with ease.

Key features:

  • Shelf height is certainly adjustable and increases by 1-inches increments for storing larger sized items.
  • If you want to hang something, the 4 chrome hooks come in really handy.
  • Have 4 wheels on the bottom with 2 lockable wheels for both movement and static use.

8. Mr IRONSTONE 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Microwave Stand with Selves

Mr IRONSTONE 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Microwave Stand with Selves

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One of the most convenient and great options of a microwave storage cart, this one will ideally meet your needs. It promises a great quality coupled with good functionality. The 3-tier structure is helpful in storing everyday items with ease. Thus, also allows you to use it for multiple purposes.

On the bottom side, it has 4 wheels through which you can move the cart swiftly. The same 4 wheel assembly packs a couple of lockable wheels. As a result, the cart remains securely stationary when you need it to be. With a weight capacity of 55 pounds on the top shelf, you indeed can easily store different types of microwaves.

Key features:

  • Shelves are constructed using P2 MDF board which looks appealing and is extremely sturdy as well.
  • Frame constructed using white metal, very sturdy and reliable to use.
  • Is rather easily cleaned with just a wet cloth when needed.

7. Mr IRONSTONE 3 Microwave Storage Cart with Workstation Shelf

Mr IRONSTONE 3 Stand with Workstation Shelf

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Certainly, a beautiful looking cart that can readily elevate the overall beauty of your kitchen space. Outstanding in terms of fashion, this cart is also very workable and has a great quality of construction. The thickened laminated wood panel is durable to work with and will always function the way you want it to. Along with that, the high-glossy finish looks stunning to the eyes and protects the surface from various elements.

If you are worried about water damage or scratches, the cart is well-protected from both. Furthermore, it adopts an innovative X frame design that readily enhances the overall stability and durability of the cart. Finally, it is a big sized cart with good storage solutions. Now, you can use it as a cart for microwave or any other way you want.

Key features:

  • The microwave cart frame is made of heavy-duty metal and finished with powder-coating for more durability and safety.
  • Has an extra basket for storage of different things.
  • Assembly of five hooks where you can indeed hang various utensils and kitchenware.
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6. Hodedah Microwave Carts with Storage

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A compact and space-saving styling of this cart makes it more suitable for houses with a space crunch. Want a cart that will give you ample storage solution without eating up a huge amount of space? Well, this is a good choice to consider. On the top, you can place your microwave and use it whenever you need.

In addition to that, there is a top-shelf which you can use for setting off small appliances and equipment alike. However, as the smart design of the microwave cabinet is in an enclosed space, it protects your machine from dust and dirt coming in from various directions. Also, it certainly has cabinet space with a shelf within the cabinet for more convenience in terms of storage.

Key features:

  • The microwave cart with drawer is used for storing various utensils.
  • Uses metal drawer glides to certainly ensure no falling-out of the drawers.
  • Have 4 wheels on the bottom for easy mobility and portability.

5. Whitmor Supreme Microwave Carts with Locking Wheels

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This classic microwave cart is one of the finest options available to buy. Firstly, it is made to serve well even in your heavy-duty needs in the perfect manner. Next, the commercial-grade wheels at the bottom let you move it with ease and without any issues. As there are a couple of lockable wheels, when you are keeping it stationary, it will indeed stay the same way.

For adjusting the shelf heights, you can easily increase or decrease each shelf height at 1-inches increments. In terms of assembly, it is very easy, as a result, requires no help of tools to do the job.

Key features:

  • Chromed steel frame construction is extraordinarily durable and long-lasting.
  • The wooden board is made of food-safe wood so that you can also use the shelf as a chopping board.
  • Side hooks rather provide space to hang towels or utensils.

4. Mr IRONSTONE 3-Tier Kitchen Microwave Stand with Storage

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Yet another amazing choice from the makers at Mr.Ironstone, this one is amazing both in terms of looks and workability. The three-tier design rewards you with ample storage space, allowing you to use it as a cart and space to other items also. In addition to that, the E1 MDF wooden board is extremely durable and promises to serve long whatsoever.

Moreover, it is extremely easy to install and equally easy to clean. This is certainly a perfect solution for modern needs when dealing with microwaves.

Key features:

  • Has 4-wheel assembly with 2 lockable wheels for both static and dynamic applications.
  • The black metal frame is indeed strong and sturdy for reliable performance.
  • The top shelf has a huge weight capacity of 55 pounds.
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3. Yaheetech 35.5’’ Kitchen Microwave Carts with Storage

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An everyday cart that can do much more than holding your microwave, this is a brilliant storage solution for multiple things. The massive space and the smart design allow you to keep a microwave, utensils, equipment and much more.

It is made using environment-friendly wood. As a result, ensuring you are never contributing to the damage of the environment in any manner. Furthermore, it rather has an innovative 3 tiers + 3 tier shelving pattern for more storage space.

Key features:

  • Iron frame construction is certainly reliable and strong.
  • Has an “X” style pattern for better distribution of weight.
  • Designed with 6 hooks to hang cooking tools.

2. VASAGLE Industrial Kitchen Utility Microwave Oven Stand

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A luxurious looking cart that will add great looks to your interior décor and ambience; this is the best-looking choice. Also, it scores high when it comes to utility and reliability. The entire cart is made using a very strong and sturdy iron frame. Therefore, you can indeed use its versatile purposes and make full utilization of it.

However, the huge weight capacity of 176 pounds means that you can store much more than just a microwave.

Key features:

  • Pull-out wire basket allows you to store cutlery and recipes conveniently.
  • 6 hooks are rather provided so that when you are cooking the tools are at your closest reach always.

1. Tribesigns Microwave Oven Stand with Storage – Kitchen Utility Storage Cart Organizer with Cabinet

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This is a perfect microwave cart cum organizer which will help you manage the cooking and kitchenware perfectly. Coming from Tribesigns, the quality of the cart is top-notch and the storage space is quite appealing. Constructed using good quality of 0.98” sturdy metal, the frame is significantly strong to hold many things.

As a matter of fact, the shelves are certainly constructed using 0.6” thickness of high-grade particleboard. Thereby making it quite reliable to keep a lot of items.

Key features:

  • Combination of storage cabinet and 3-tier shelving rewards you with great storing space.
  • Removable shelves indeed allow you to work with tall items as well.
  • The top shelf is spacious to keep other things as well.

Even your kitchen space will be neatly organized. Now the microwave utility cart will aid in displaying as well as storing your essentials.