Best Electric Mini Belt Sanders Reviews

After designing and manufacturing a product, the most important thing that needs to be taken care of is its finish. Depending on the finish, the market value of any product increases or decreases effectively. Sanding is a popular finishing method for numerous years and almost everything is sanded before it is available for sale. From wooden equipment to welded materials, if not sanded correctly, the aesthetics are never impressive. Thus, mini belt sanders should be a ‘must-inclusion’ in your home or for professional purposes. It will help to obtain the desired finish in just no time.

In this mini belt sanders review, we have written down the best sander for small scale industries and workshops without any worries. There’s no need to check every other product on the market, as this list contains the very best and most reliable ones you can find.

Table of the Best Mini Belt Sanders Reviews

10. EX ELECTRONIX EXPRESS  3400 RPM Mini Belt Sander

Mini Belt Sanders

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Constructed out of aluminium body, this mini belt sander machine can really transform ordinary looking materials into a timeless finish. Powered by a 3.0 amps motor, it has 360 watts of raw power.  All your belt sanding needs will be certainly well taken care of easily. Along with that, it can make your lumber look as coarse as you want or as fine as you like.

Furthermore, various types of sizes can go to the sander. In fact, the vacuum diameter measures at 1-3/4″ and the size of the sander is 1″ X 30″.

Key features:

  • Offers you a flexible table tilt ranging from to 0-45°.
  • Maximum 3500rpm of sanding speed can be achieved.
  • Has a powerful 1/3 hp motor to do the job.

9. WEN 6515T Belt Sander with Sanding Disc

WEN 6515T Belt Sander with Sanding Disc

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Indeed a belt sander that gets the added benefit of a 5″ sanding disc to do various kinds of sanding jobs. This innovative option is perfect for people who love to finish their product after a good sanding. Any construction of wood or lumber has rough and jagged edges and to smoothen them perfectly, use this ideal option. The machine is equipped with 2.3 amps of a motor. It can reward you with an impressive sanding rate of 3160 ft per minute.

On the other hand, the disc can also rotate at a maximum speed of 3450 rpm for better results. Furthermore, the assembly of the 100 grit sanding belt and 80 grit sanding disc can take care of the roughest of the materials. And transform them into pure beauty. The sander has a mitre gauge for more precision during sanding using the disc.

Key features:

  • Has a heavy-duty mini belt sander base with mounting options for best of stability.
  • Designed with two beveling tables for both the disc and belt.
  • Features two dust ports to keep your work station clean and tidy always.

8. Astro Pneumatic Tool Air Belt Sander with Belts

Astro Pneumatic Tool Air Belt Sander with Belts

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Designed with advanced technology to serve users in a fascinating way, this top-notch product is undoubtedly a wise choice. It understands that users need thicker belts for sanding of tough materials. Hence has an increased pulley space to accommodate those well.

Moreover, there is a protective guard that takes care of the user. It also guarantees the tool is not subjected to any damages. In addition to that, the industry leading 0.5 HP powerful mini belt sander motor. It can really do the work at a faster rate and very efficiently. With variable speed control option, you can smooth it out easily. When you are dealing with different materials, you can choose the desired speed for that particular job.

Key features:

  • Non-slip handle grip offers great comfort and convenience of using it for long hours.
  • A very user-friendly belt tension lever adds comfort while working.
  • The unmatched free running speed of 16,000 rpm.

7. Makita 9032 4.4-Amp 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander

Makita 9032 4.4-Amp 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander

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If you are looking for a sander, this is certainly the one that will work in various types of places. This compact mini belt sander is one of the very best in the business. It is designed with a power cord that measures 8.2 ft, meaning you can move around with it.

Furthermore, when you are doing different kinds of sanding, the speed control dial allows you to switch speeds. And it operated between 980 to 5600 ft per minute. Thus, you have complete control over your work. Finally, the low self-weight of just 3.2 pounds causes you less trouble when carrying it around for more flexibility.

Key features:

  • Available in three different sizes of belts and arms for increased productivity.
  • Hard to reach areas are sanded as the arm pivots up to 100°.
  • Belt tracking is easily adjusted with just a turn of a knob.

6. Makita 9031 5 Amp 1-3/16-Inch by Variable Speed Belt Sander

Makita 9031 5 Amp 1-3/16-Inch by Variable Speed Belt Sander

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Yet another exciting belt sander, this one gives you the peace of mind when working in close quarters. The ball and needle bearing construction promise to deliver super smooth performances in any given situation. Plus, when you are sanding for long hours, you can simply switch to the lock on button. This lets your machine work relentlessly.

In terms of design, there is a combination of a narrow belt and exposed front pulley. It makes it usable even on irregularly shaped objects. Also, have a cleaner and debris-free working experience, the machine is easily connected to a dust collector when needed.

Key features:

  • Side handle has multi-position flexibility for more comfort during use.
  • Has a speed control dial to work with various materials.
  • Lightweight mini belt sander and compact design let you easily move the machine around.

5. 3M 33575-case File Belt Sander

3M 33575-case File Belt Sander

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Why settle for low-quality and doubtful products when you have the option of choosing the finest and most effective ones. This belt sander is a lightweight option that readily helps you in various finishing and repair works with ease. As it is designed with a powerful 0.65 hp of a motor, even collision repair applications are taken care of.

Moreover, the narrow profile of the sander gives you peace of mind. When you are working in tight areas or doing complicated jobs like the refining of spot welds, it provides relief.

Key features:

  • Only 2 pounds of self-weight rewards you with high order manoeuvrability.
  • Designed with a rotatable housing to allow you to work in tightest of spaces.
  • Compact frame is easy to handle and not cause fatigue even after long hours of use.

4. 3M 33573 Mini File Belt Sander

3M 33573 Mini File Belt Sander

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The 33573 model from 3M rewards you with performance, precision and great power as well. As it is powered by a 0.65 horsepower motor, there are zero grounds of compromise when it comes to performance.

Moreover, the machine in itself is very light in weight and weighs just about 2 pounds. This lightweight design takes out the fatigue when working on it for prolonged hours. Also, the same feature offers greater portability options in and around your workshop, thereby increasing your overall productivity always.

Key features:

  • Has a unique rotatable housing for better usage in tight areas.
  • Impressive narrow profile design is flexible and user-friendly.
  • Capable of treating welding spots and collision repair applications.

3. WEN 6502T 4 x 36 in. Belt and 6 in. Disc Sander with Cast Iron Base

WEN 6502T 4 x 36 in. Belt and 6 in. Disc Sander with Cast Iron Base

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One of the finest choices of belt sanders in the market. When you use this for your removing of jagged edges and splinters, the results will surely impress you. As it features an assembly of 80 grit sanding belt and 80 grit sanding disc, perfect smoothening is always guaranteed. As a matter of fact, even for the roughest materials.

Plus, on the inside, there are 4.3 amps of a motor that has 1/2 HP of power. It means no matter how much your workload is, the sander will always deliver. There is the added advantage of dust collection port for people who love to work in a clean environment. Finally, it has a supporting table for the sanding disc which can be bevelled up to 45° for more flexibility.

Key features:

  • Has a mitre gauge which is removable if needed.
  • The belt is adjustable and tilted in various kinds of positions for enhanced flexibility.
  • The base is heavy-duty and made of cast iron to deliver unparallel stability during working.

2. BLACK and DECKER BR318 Low Profile Belt Sander

 BLACK and DECKER BR318 Low Profile Belt Sander

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Certainly, one of the very best choices of sanders to choose from. This one has all the innovative technologies equipped on it for unrestricted performance in every given situation. This machine understands the need for comfort during sanding, thus the ergonomic front handle design is a blessing.

Moreover, it has an easy to empty dust bag to help you keep the debris away. In fact, even when sanding is running with full force. The innovative design is 13% narrower than most sanders, letting you work with even in the tightest of places.

Key features:

  • Smart auto-tracking belt design gives you more comfort of using.
  • The machine has 6.0 amps of power for better performance.
  • Has a smaller front roller lets you reach closer to the edges.

1. RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt with 5-Inch Disc Sander

RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt with 5-Inch Disc Sander

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Set as the winner, the Rikon is powerful, very user-friendly, guarantees results and works effortlessly. It has an advanced sanding disc and sanding belt design for more productivity in every situation. Further, when working you can also keep the entire table top clean. For added convenience, the sander has a 2″ dust port included in the body.

Also, you need not worry about the performance as the belt table tilts up to 45-degrees to meet your needs well. A great choice in every sense!

Key features:

  • Has a belt tracking knob for added convenience.
  • Features an on/off switch to ensure the safety of working.

Having a mini belt and disc sander and obtain a flawless finish in any wooden or welded products. The coarse and rough surfaces will not be a problem anymore.