Top 10 Best Portable Electric Mini Circular Saws Reviews In 2019

In today’s contemporary world, we are spoilt for choices when it comes to buying tools that simplify our day to day DIY projects. A perfect example of such a tool is a circular saw for wood lovers. Well, if you handle small DIY jobs now and then, you definitely wouldn’t require a full-sized circular saw considering its bulkiness and cumbersomeness. What you need is a versatile, lightweight and easily manoeuvrable compact mini-circular saw. With so many manufacturers of mini circular saws out there, with each boasting of its own prominence, laying your hands on the best circular saw can truly be such a bewildering and overwhelming task.

Fortunately, this being our unending task, we have done our research, physically tested several models and finally put together a comprehensive list of Top Products that deserve your very last penny. Here are the Top 10 Best Mini-Circular Saws you can find in the market today. Check them out:

Table of the Best Portable Mini Circular Saws Reviews

10. Compact Circular Saw – WORX WORXSAW WX429L

Mini Circular Saws

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In our opinion, the WORX WORXSAW Compact Circular Saw is one of the best portable, compact and lightweight model that will simplify all your wood DIY projects and save you time. Built with great style, this unit makes a 2×4’s cut in a single pass and features a left-blade design to allow users to have a greater cut-line visibility. Weighing less than 50% compared to traditional 7-1/4” circular saws, you won’t feel the burden of manoeuvring this machine.

The 4.5 inches blade allows you to make a nominal 2Inch lumber cut with excellent precision. Most impressive are the easy-to-set gauge lever and the 0-45 degree bevel setting that allows for versatility and quick adjustments when working. Safety trigger is ergonomically positioned to allow for effortless control and balancing.

Special Features

  • Easy to use depth adjustment gauge
  • Left-side blade design
  • Thin blade for less strain
  • Ergonomic safety trigger
  • Versatile compact DIY Tool
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9. Wood and Metal Cutting Circular Saw with Handle – Tacklife TCS115A

Wood and Metal Cutting Circular Saw with Handle

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Tacklife TCS115A Mini Circular Saw is another impressive model that will inspire you in your day to day tasks. One-handed operation design allows for easy control of your cutting, not to mention the 3500RPm capability that will see you make a quick cut. Laser guide ensures you will always make your cut in a straight line. You can adjust the cutting angle between 90 to 45 degrees at a maximum cut depth of 47.5mm.

Bevel capacity is 1-3/10” at 45 degree which is quite impressive for most DIY tasks. Plus, the metal guard design prevents injury that can be caused by sparks. The double switch is another robust feature that prevents any accidental hurts. With a full-size performance of 3500RPM, this model will cut through anything be it wood, tile, plastic, floor, etc.

Special Features

  • Maximum performance at 3500RPM
  • Metal guard protection
  • Double safety switch controlling
  • Laser guide

8. Ultra-Small Circular Saw with Blads– Rockwell RK3440K

Ultra-Small Circular Saw with Blads– Rockwell RK3440K

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Rockwell is perhaps one of the most popular mini circular saw among woodworkers. It is known for putting precision on hands of its users and will make your work easier than before. It is ultra-compact yet very powerful 4.0 Amp Circular Saw. For enhanced control and manoeuvrability, this model features an ergonomic design and a slim grip handle. With the integrated laser-guide, you can be sure to achieve a smooth perfectly-aligned cut.

Dust extraction adapter ensures your work area is clean and clear for enhanced visibility. Plus, this model has a unique Versacut’s ergonomically balanced design that will allow you to reach where others can’t reach without causing fatigue.

Special Features

  • Cuts a variety of material
  • Dust extraction adapter for clean and clear working area
  • Ultra-compact powerful saw
  • Ergonomic design
  • Built-in laser guide

7. Dremel Ultra-Saw Tool Kit with Accessories – Model US40-03

Dremel Ultra-Saw Tool Kit with Accessories - Model US40-03

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Hands down, Dremel US40-03 is a high-end tool perfect for handling the toughest applications. Plus, it is the best mini-circular saw for flush cutting and will rip through a variety of materials. You can use it to tear down through drywall, hardwood, plywood, plastic and much more. With a speed of 13000RPM and excellent precision, you can always achieve your desired cut without much strain. It also has a more durable drive-train that lasts 3 times much longer compared to other models.

Metal foot and guard handle are specifically designed to handle pretty tough jobs. With the 7.5 Amp Capacity, you will make the fastest and most precise cut. Not to forget, Dremel also gives a clear line of sight and allows for easy depth adjustment even when handling very tough hardwood.

Special Features

  • Powerful 7.5 Amp Motor
  • Cuts through a variety of material
  • A maximum speed of 13000RPM
  • Faster cutting speed
  • Durable ultra-compact saw
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6. Makita SH02R1 Cordless Circular Saw Kit – 12V Max CXT

Makita SH02R1 Cordless Circular Saw Kit - 12V Max CXT

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With a maximum cutting depth of 1”, Makita SH02R1 is another top-favourite model that will enable you to handle a wide range of applications. Built-in motor delivers 1500RPM which is powerful enough for fast cuts. For bevel cuts, you can adjust from 0-45 degrees without much strain. Ergonomically designed handle enhances safety and comfort. Blade wrench is also attached to this machine to aid in changing the blade. Dust blower keeps your line of cut clean and clear. For a compact 3.5lbs mini circular saw, the Makita SH02R1 is another great choice worth the consideration.

Special Features

  • Includes battery protection circuit
  • Compact cordless design
  • Fast-cutting speed
  • Durable 3-3/8” blade with a cutting depth of 1”
  • Speed of 1500RPM

5. Compact 5.8 Amp 120Volt Electric Circular Saw – Genesis GCS545C

Compact 5.8 Amp 120Volt Electric Circular Saw – Genesis GCS545C

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Another exciting option that delivers a powerful punch through drywall, sub-floor and other materials is the Genesis GCS545C Compact Circular Saw. This monster will provide you with everything you need to handle the toughest jobs. Engineered with a powerful 5.8 Amp plus the triple reduction gearbox, expect an effortless cut. In a single pass, this machine will cut 2× material compared to other models.

Ergonomically designed grip handles enhance easy of control for reduced strain and fatigue. When you want to make awkward cuts and reach for tight spots, this machine got your needs covered. Vacuum adapter plus the built-in dust port keeps the working area greatly enhancing visibility. Expect the 4-1/2” blade to handle most small tasks with much ease.

Special Features

  • Ergonomically designed controls
  • Tungsten carbide-tipped blade
  • Powerful, compact and lightweight saw
  • 5-8 Amp Motor, 3500RPM
  • Clean work area

4. Dremel Small Saw for Cutting Metal, Wood & Plastic  -Max Tool Kit

Dremel Small Saw for Cutting Metal, Wood & Plastic  -Max Tool Kit

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For unparalleled versatility and flush cutting, nothing beats the Dremel SM20-02 Mini Circular Saw. It is designed to handle tough jobs and will cut through any material. Equipped with a powerful 6 Amp motor, this beast will rip through any material in the shortest time possible. Dust extraction port ensures your work area is clear for better visibility.

The second-wheel position makes it possible to make precise cuts and achieve flush cuttings without much strain. To enhance durability and power, this model has worm-drive gearing.  It is lightweight and features a compact handheld design to allow for unmatched versatility. For plunge, straight and flush cuts, look no further than Dremel SM20-02 Saw-Max.

Special Features

  • Highly versatile
  • Perfect for a plunge, straight and flush cuts
  • Compact, lightweight and powerful
  • A speed of 17, 000RPM
  • Worm-drive gearing enhances durability
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3. VonHaus Compact Circular Saw with Laser Guide – 5.8 Amp

VonHaus Compact Circular Saw with Laser Guide - 5.8 Amp

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If you are after more power and excellent cutting precision, considering the VonHaus 5.8 Amp Compact Circular Saw wouldn’t be a bad idea. With the built-in 5.8 Amp motor running at 4500RPM at maximum, nothing will prevent you from achieving a clear and quick cut through the floor, ceramic tiles, wood, and metals. Laser-light guider sets precision and accuracy at a higher level.

Slim grip handle and the one-handed ergonomic design enhances comfort and reduces fatigue. Longer 83.46” cable implies you will have more freedom. Spare blades are also available. Easy-to-set precision depth control plus the plunge capacity cutting of up to 1-1/8” improves both efficiency and accuracy. Overall, VonHaus makes a great choice for those interested in professional results.

Special Features

  • Professional cutting results
  • Powerful 5.8 Amp Motor
  • Ergonomic design
  • Longer cable for more movement freedom
  • Compact design

2. Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw with Dust Port & Accessory Kit

Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw with Dust Port & Accessory Kit

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Whether you are upgrading or acquiring a brand new compact circular saw, the Rockwell RK3441K is one all-rounder model that will catch you by surprise. Being among the top-favourite models tell it all. It is compact yet ultra-powerful to rip through anything, thanks to the 5 Amp Motor that achieves a speed of up to 3500RPM. It is also lightweight compared to traditional 7-1/4” models and will cut through 2×4s in a single pass.

One adorable aspect of this model is the slim inner grip design that allows for effortless manoeuvrability, balancing and greater comfort. Left-handed design enhances safety and a remarkable cut-line visibility. At 45 degrees, the 1-1/8” bevel capacity and a maximum cutting depth of 90 degrees, this saw is so good on wood.

Special Features

  • Remarkable cut-line visibility
  • Slim inner grip design for greater comfort
  • Lightweight and compact design (5lbs)
  • Powerful 5 Amp Motor

1. Compact Circular Saw for DIY Projects – Rotorazer

Compact Circular Saw for DIY Projects – Rotorazer

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Do not let simple DIY tasks give you a headache when a compact mini-circular saw such as Rotorazer exists. It is lightweight and portable for hassle-free cutting of wood, floors, tiles, herb gardens, doll houses and much more. Equipped with a powerful 400W motor, this machine will rip through ½” material per pass. Most impressive, you can make a cut in any direction, thanks to the 7-in-1 saws.

Tungsten carbide tipped blade makes cutting easier and quick. Unique and brilliantly-designed dust removal system clears the mess for a clean and precise cut. Whether you want a deep, medium or shallow cut, the easy-to-use adjustable cut depth lever lets you set your preference anytime anywhere.

Special Features

  • High-speed steel blade
  • Tungsten carbide-tipped blade
  • Powerful 400-watt motor
  • Versatile, lightweight and easy to use the mini-circular saw

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