Top 10 Best Money Counter Machines for Counterfeit Bill Detection In 2020

Every organization that deals with money and involves handling of transactions requires either human labour or equipment to count the money precisely. With the rising demand, more and more companies are resorting to money counter machines. It ensures that every note they handle is well calculated, is free of counterfeits and also not damaged in any way. However, just like fake money, there are fake machines for counting money. So how to choose?

To help you choose the best of these machines, the top money counter machine list comes in handy. Only the best products in the market are shortlisted. This list will help you decide without any second thoughts.

Table of the Best Money Counter Machines Reviews

10.G-Star Technology Money Counter Machine with UV/MG Counterfeit Bill Detection

Money Counter Machines

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Money counting is involved in every step of life. Everywhere you go and everything you do, the need for counting money is never less. But when the money to be counted is of significant quantity, it becomes really challenging and time-consuming. With this money counter, counting bills are extremely easy and hassle-free. It is capable of running 2 hours of non-stop with a huge capacity of 1000 bills in one minute.

Along with that, the machine is equipped with ultra-violet. Furthermore, the money counter machine’s sound is minimum as the magnetic sensors bring down the noise to less than 60dB. Also, the machine is quite an energy saving itself so that you can save some money while counting the money. When it runs, it consumes less than 90W of power and less than 3W of power when it is idle. Even there is an automatic self-testing ability for better operation.

Key features:

  • High-end efficiency with a 1/100000 miss counterfeit detection rate.
  • Certainly has an intuitive LED display for enhanced convenience.
  • Comes along with a cleaning brush and replaceable rubber parts.
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9. Cassida 6600 UV/MG Business Grade Currency Counter Machine

Cassida 6600 UV/MG Business Grade Currency Counter Machine

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Indeed a money counting machine that packs high-speed ability to count bills. This will reward you with technology that can count as much as 1400 bills in one single minute. Moreover, it has the added benefit of ValuCount technology that easily calculates the total value of the counted bills.

In terms of functionality, it is designed with a large top loading hopper that is capable of holding up to 400 bills. It does all of these whiles consuming less than 80W of power, thus saving you from added expenses. As a matter of fact, the smart 6600 UV and MG sensors authenticate the bills. So, it makes sure that no counterfeit is passed on.

Key features:

  • Features a money counter machine display of 2.8” of TFT.
  • Have multiple operating modes for better user experience too.
  • Features a retractable handle for the ease of transport.

8. Money Counter with UV/MG/IR Detection, Bill Counting Machine with Counterfeit Detection

Money Counter with UV/MG/IR Detection, Bill Counting Machine with Counterfeit Detection

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An extremely advanced money counter machine with counterfeit detection designed and manufactured by Tacklife. When you count your money on this, there are literally zero chances of accepting counterfeit notes. Making the use of regular UV and MG sensors, it also has infrared for the precise detection of fake notes.

On the upper side, there is a user-friendly LED screen which allows for easy changing of modes or knowing the count. However, there is also an external display that offers a double view to you and even your customer. The hopper can stack up to 200 bills so that the ease and rate of operation are always maintained.

Key features:

  • Capable of counting up to 1000 bills in one minute.
  • Rather have low 1 in 1000000 chances of missing fake notes.
  • Users get the convenience of count, batch and added modes.

7. Ready Counter Money Counting Machine for Mixed Bills – Bill Counter Machine with 150 Bill Straps

Ready Counter Money Counting Machine for Mixed Bills - Bill Counter Machine with 150 Bill Straps

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State of the art technology coupled with advanced level innovation, this machine aids and accelerates your money counting needs. Now you can save huge hours by putting bills in this machine as it can count up to 1000 bills in one minute. Further, it assures that one will never have risks of damaging the notes.

Plus, the machine is equipped with the latest MG, UV and IR sensor. As a matter of fact, it not only detects fake bills but also ensures damaged, soiled, torn and chain bills do not pass through. One solution to your entire money handling, if you own this, the risks of losing out on money is extremely low. Also, the machine comes with an adjustable display and an external display for added benefits.

Key features:

  • This heavy-duty money counter machine has a robust metal construction that is not only durable but easy to maintain.
  • Automatic error clearing function along with start/stop.
  • Hopper is top loading and holds up to 100 notes.
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6. Carnation Fast & User-Friendly Money Counting Machine with Counterfeit Detection Functions

Carnation Fast & User-Friendly Money Counting Machine with Counterfeit Detection Functions

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Certainly a machine for money counting that is perfect for commercial purposes and places where huge transactions happen. This compact yet powerful device comes in really handy. It is very easy to ensure that all the money the machine is counting is free of counterfeits. The trust of multiple detection technologies like IR, MG, UV, and Dimension Conformity provides you with confidence.

Furthermore, if the money ever gets jammed, the start/stop feature allows you to clear the queue. Thus, you get rid of the jam anytime. Although the machine packs a lot of power and feature, it is always extremely energy saving, In fact, it does all the work without creating much noise.

Key features:

  • Impressive money counting speed of 1000 bills in 1 minute.
  • Has front loading hopper that can store a maximum of 500 notes.
  • Comes with count and add mode for accuracy even when counting.

5. Cassida 5520 UV/MG Money Counter with Counterfeit Bill Detection

Cassida 5520 UV/MG Money Counter with Counterfeit Bill Detection

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Yet another amazing machine from the house of Cassida, this one is extremely powerful and durable in its operation. The machine guarantees error-free money counting in any given situation and even assures that all the money is totally authentic. With the use of 5520 UV and 5520 MG sensor, no fraud or the counterfeit bill will be counted. Thus making sure there zero loss to your organization.

Moreover, there is added the convenience of infrared detectors to always detect problems of the chain, double notes, and half notes. Also, the counting rate of 1300 bills per minute is quite impressive and fast.

Key features:

  • Fitted with bearings that are self-lubricating and even has a self-diagnostic system.
  • Front cover has snap open functionality.
  • Hopper and stacker each have 250 notes capacity.

4. HFS Bill Money Counter Worldwide Currency Cash Counting Machine UV & MG Counterfeit

HFS Bill Money Counter Worldwide Currency Cash Counting Machine UV & MG Counterfeit

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Money counting made easy with this smart and intelligent counter machine. It is fast and guarantees effective counting of bills. In fact, it always keeps out the risks of fake notes. The machine can handle almost all types of currencies from around the globe. For more convenience, it is even equipped with technology that is capable of detecting half notes and double notes.

Furthermore, the automatic start, stop and clearing feature aids in many ways while counting notes. In addition to that, the machine comes along with an external display. Thus your customers will always have the right knowledge of the money you are counting. While the hopper can hold up to 300 notes, the stacker, on the other hand, can stack up to 200 notes with ease.

Key features:

  • Have MG and UV detection technologies to handle counterfeit notes.
  • Batching, adding and self-examination operation modes offer great diversity.
  • Counts over 900 bills in one minute.
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3. Teraputics Professional Cash Counting Machine with Fast Count & Counterfeit Alarm

Teraputics Professional Cash Counting Machine with Fast Count & Counterfeit Alarm

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Want a money counter and detector machine that can effortlessly count all the notes and never make you a part of the struggle? Here is one of the finest choices to make in this field. It is powerful and capable of handling heavy-duty needs with ease. The machine runs relentlessly for at most 6 hours non-stop and counts as many as 1200 notes in 60 seconds.

Moreover, the whole working is carried out quietly and does not produce more than 60dB of sound. Also, there is an energy saving mode for better user experience. As a matter of fact, the LED display is user-friendly as well as shows you all the important information always.

Key features:

  • Has a UV, IR, and MG sensor for reliable results.
  • 1/800000 impressive counterfeit detection rate.
  • Indeed offers an alarm that rings on detection of fake notes.

2. Kolibri Fast Money Counter Machine with UV Detection

Kolibri Fast Money Counter Machine with UV Detection

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Designed and manufactured by reliable brand Kolibri, the machine has a very durable and strong metal construction. You can expect long years of service and is extremely easy to clean as well as maintain.

Furthermore, the smart straight bill path is a unique feature which eliminates hassles of jams while counting the bills. Also, it packs amazing features like automatic start, stops and error clearing functionality to enhance easy use in every situation. All the sensors and motors of the device are of the highest quality and always assure impressive results.

Key features:

  • 200 bills hopper capacity helps in handling money with ease.
  • Comes with no continuous run time limit.
  • UV sensors detect chain, double and half notes efficiently.

1. CARNATION Mixed Denomination Bill Money Value Counter and Sorter 

CARNATION Mixed Denomination Bill Money Value Counter and Sorter 

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Yet another amazing money counter machine from Carnation. Designed with all the right features, the machine has a reject pocket that stores all the suspected notes. Thus, it becomes easier for you to sort them out. The outstanding mixed denomination counter counts bills at different speeds of 800, 900 as well as 1100 notes per minute.

Moreover, along with the important MG, UV, and IR detection the machine also has image recognition detection functionality. So, all counterfeits are detected in a full spectrum. Finally, the feeder capacity is 500 notes while the stacker can hold as many as 200 notes for faster operation.

Key features:

  • Money counting machine can be connected directly to a PC and printer.
  • Jammed notes can be removed without any difficulties.
  • Capable of recognizing serial numbered notes.

Get accurate results and detect fake notes. The money counter and detector machine will eliminate manual effort and make the job easy.

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