Top 10 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Backpacks for Men Reviews In 2020

There is no better feeling than getting on your bike and riding so I don’t know where. To be honest, everybody dreams to have that alluring sense of freedom, the thrill of the throttle where nothing obstructs you from exploring the ends of the world. However, let’s get it right here, a bike offers very little to almost none load-hauling capacity. It is for this reason, you need to make up for some more storage space for food and basic accessories such as your laptop and tech tools. Well, if you, by any chance intend to acquire the motorcycle backpacks, should be glad you are reading this.

With several models in the market, we do admit narrowing down to the best few isn’t a straight walk. Fortunately, we have one the research, tested and reviewed the Top 10 Best Motorcycle Backpacks in the market today. Check them and let me know what you think. Here we go:

Table of the Best Motorcycle Backpacks Reviews

10. OGIO Stealth Black Drag Motorcycle Backpack

Motorcycle Backpacks

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If aerodynamics is a priority, consider the OGIO Mach 3 Motorcycle Backpack a great deal. The exterior of this bag is shot moulded to reduce air drag. The shoulder gasket is also designed to conform to the body for unmatched aerodynamics. There is plenty of storage for all your accessories. To start with, there is a large main compartment and other interior storage compartments for smaller accessories. Plus, there is a zippered fleece-lined personal electronic pocket for extra tech gear.

Even more impressive are the shoulder straps that are ergonomically designed with easy-release buckles. The neck shoulders straps are well padded for comfort. Expect excellent air ventilation courtesy of the bolstered back foam profile. Another robust aspect is the waterproof exterior that also resists deformation caused by wind shear. For professional commuting, this backpack works like magic.

Special Features

  • Has shoe storage compartment
  • 360-degree retro-reflective safety piping & logo
  • Water-resistant and streamlined single-shot moulded exterior
  • Ergonomic and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Fully featured organic panel
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9. No Drag Molded Motorsports Riding Motorcycle Backpack

No Drag Molded Motorsports Riding Motorcycle Backpack

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The second in our list is the perfect Motorsports Track Riding Back Pack that holds its shape even when empty. It has a 30-litre cargo capacity with plenty of internal mesh pockets for smaller accessories. The electroplate zippers resist corrosion and are pretty durable. The soft neck shoulder strap, removable no-slip sternum strap, and the high-density weave belt provide the ultimate comfort. When it gets dark, the reflective nighttime piping improves your visibility on the road. Also, the bolstered back foam improves air ventilation and offers adequate cushioning. The rugged Oxford material reinforced with carbon fibre PVC is pretty tough and gives this backpack its streamlined shape.

Special Features

  • Carbon fibre design
  • Streamlined single shot moulded exterior
  • Reflective piping
  • Quality electroplated zippers
  • 30-litre cargo capacity

8. JFG RACING Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack for Travelling Camping Cycling Storage Bag

JFG RACING Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack for Travelling Camping Cycling Storage Bag

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If a tough and durable shell is your priority, look no further than the JFG Motorcycle Backpack. It was designed with a lot of aerodynamics in mind and will maintain its shape regardless of the harsh outdoor elements. If your cruise around with your 14-inch laptop alongside other accessories such as camera, books, gloves and much more, this backpack was designed for you. The most outstanding feature is the PVC/1680D Oxford water-resistant nylon construction that is also reinforced with carbon fibre providing unmatched protection and durability.

When riding through the dark nights, the reflective patch alerts the road users of your presence. You will also appreciate the quality and the convenience of the quick-release buckle, fully padded and the adjustable shoulder straps. Other safety and comfort features include the electroplate zippers, adjustable sternum strap, and the high-density weave belt. Plus, there is also a chest button design that distributes the weight of the bag creating a sense of almost no load at all. Overall, for a decent motorcycle and outdoor camping backpack, nothing beats JFG.

Special Features

  • Belt design keeps the bag still
  • Concealed aerodynamics
  • Reflective patch for night vision
  • Quality PVC rugged and water-resistant material
  • Chest button for a sense of no-weight

7. Bulary Waterproof and Hardshell Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Backpack

Bulary Waterproof and Hardshell Carbon Fiber Backpack 

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This is another dedicated waterproof motorcycle backpack that will take you by surprise. Featuring a waterproof and durable PVC construction, this Kawasaki Turtle Bag makes a great deal. It has a tough shell that is reinforced with carbon fibre providing waterproof protection. Anyone will appreciate the unique and simple design that gives this bag a breathable nature. The inside of the bag is well padded and soft cushioning all your items.

With the large capacity, there isn’t anything that can’t be accommodated here be it a laptop, smartphone, charger among other tech accessories. Most distinctive is the fact that this bag is multipurpose, you can use it for hitting the road, trekking camping or even travelling.

Special Features

  • High-end PVC and Carbon fibre-reinforced fabric
  • Unique design
  • Excellent padding
  • Multipurpose backpack
  • Large capacity
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6. Seibertron Motorbike Backpack Motorcycle Bag Sports Riding Package

Seibertron Motorbike Backpack

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If you are interested in a fancy backpack loaded with extra-special features, this wouldn’t make the best choice. However, for a multipurpose backpack with plenty of storage for carrying normal accessories, look no further than Seibertron Motorbike Backpack. The main construction material is a waterproof 900D fibre that offers some incredible protection. It has a molle design and boasts plenty of compartments for your accessories even though adequate padding is lacking in most areas. With the 37L capacity, you can store almost anything. Unlike other models, this bag has several external straps that will help secure your goods from outside.

Special Features

  • Rugged motorcycle backpack
  • 37L capacity
  • Plenty of compartments
  • Waterproof 900D material

5. Ogio Mach 5 Adult No Drag Motorcycle Bag Pack

Ogio Mach 5 Adult No Drag Motorcycle Bag Pack

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Without adding salt, Ogio Adult Mach 5 is the perfect bag for motorcycle riders. This bag combines some of the best features anyone would love to see in any modern motorbike backpack. It is for this reason, this bag will fit cruisers, adventures and even campers. The backpack has a special removable load divider in the main compartment, a crucial feature when you have high-valued accessories. There are also plenty of multiple internal storage compartments, zippered pockets and stretch mesh dividers for every size of the accessory. Moving on, the off-centre removable hip belt is designed to prevent any scratches on your gas tank.

You will also find soft neck shoulder straps that provide maximum user comfort. Plus, the back of this backpack has excellently bolstered foam providing excellent air ventilation.  The streamlined single-shot moulded exterior holds shape and prevents air drag even when cruising at high speeds. Additionally, there is a removable zippered fleece-lined hip pouch. Overall, Ogio Mach 5 is a high-end motorcycle backpack boasting plenty of expedient features.

Special Features

  • Perfect for motorcycles
  • Plenty of storage options
  • Excellent padding
  • Comfortable and versatile
  • Streamlined single shot moulded exterior design

4. Greencolorful Motorcycle Backpack – Waterproof Large Capacity MC Backpack

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Known for its good shape, the Greencolorful Motorcycle Backpack is an excellent Kawasaki Turtle Bag. It has a great interior and will organize every single item you want to carry along when setting out to explore the outdoors. Most adorable is the notebook computer layer design where you can secure your machine. Plus, it has a reflective strip for visibility and, despite featuring a pretty solid construction, it is breathable and comfortable. The streamlined single-shot design contours to the body for a perfect cruise and reduces air drag.

Additionally, even the shoulder gasket is designed to improve aerodynamics. If you love to ride without wearing the helmet, you find the outdoor straps linked to the exterior net very handy. Other robust features include the concealed aerodynamic handle, quick release exit buckle and the fully adjustable riding specific shoulder straps.

Special Features

  • Designed for improved aerodynamics
  • Has a notebook computer layer design
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Adjustable and removable no slip sternum strap
  • Multifunctional motorcycle backpack
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3. MotoCentric Leather Waterproof Backpack Riding Laptop Helmet Shoulder Bag Package

MotoCentric Leather Waterproof Backpack Riding Laptop Helmet Shoulder Bag Package

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When you want to get it all together in an organized manner, the MotoCentric Motorcycle Backpack got you covered. It is an excellent option that can be used for a bike ride and in any other outdoor adventure. With the internal and external dual backpack design, you can use this bag to store your valued items in the interior space and still carry along your helmet or basketball. There are a special notebook computer layer design and other internal compartments for hassle-free storage of all items.

Moving on, the Oxford fabric is wear-resistant and has water splashing nylon. Plus, this bag is breathable and doesn’t get hot easily. It is a great option for those who love to participate in sports, hiking, camping, and motocross.

Special Features

  • Large capacity of 3.5L
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Ultra-wear resistant Oxford Cloth
  • Notebook computer layer design
  • Multipurpose backpack

2. Seibertron Roving Riding Street Dirt Bike Waterproof Rucksack Backpack

Seibertron Roving Riding Street Dirt Bike Waterproof Rucksack Backpack

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This is another roomy backpack from the Popular Seibertron Brand. It may lack the streamlined single-shot design but it boasts several expedient features. With two large interior compartments, several external pockets and a versatile strapping system, this bag got all your storage needs are handled. You can store your laptop hassle-free, store other high-valued items in the secondary man pocket and still have some space for your shoes and other smaller accessories.

The waterproof 900D fabric keeps everything within dry even when there is a sudden weather change. Unlike other models, Seibertron Roving Backpack has an extra raincoat bonus.

Special Features

  • Mole design
  • Waterproof 900D fabric
  • Spacious
  • Includes a bonus rain cover
  • Measures 20″(H) x 16″(W) x7″(D)

1. Nelson Rigg Liter Gear Waterproof Backpack – SE-3040

Nelson Rigg Liter Gear Waterproof Backpack – SE-3040

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If you are after a strong backpack that will withstand any form of wear, the Nelson Rigg 40Liter Gear Hurricane Backpack makes the best deal. It boasts a durable OV coated 24oz Tarpaulin PVC construction designed to last long. Even better is the fact that this bag has electronically heat-welded seams for durability. Plus, you can close this bag with two closure methods courtesy of the extra-large buckle that keeps the roll closed.

You can store your laptops, tablets, and notebooks or any other tech device up to 15” hassle-free. Additionally, there are two side mesh pockets that can hold 30oz fuel bottles. Moving on, there is a removable MOLLE panel integrated with waterproof map pocket. Overall, this is a pretty solid choice for those who prioritize quality material.

Special Features

  • Has electronically heat welded seams
  • Durable UV coated 24ooz Tarpaulin PVC
  • Two external mesh pockets
  • One-way waterproof purge valve for effortless compression

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