Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks Reviews In 2019

Your motorcycle helmet is by far the most important gear when riding a motorcycle. It keeps your head safe in case of accidents. However, we all know the problem of keeping the helmet safe when the motorcycle is parked in public places. This is where the motorcycle helmet locks come into place to safeguard your gear from any criminal activities. There are several locks out there to keep your helmet safe when you’re away. However, choosing the best motorcycle helmet lock is not an easy task with several options available on the market.

There are locks opened by a key while others open using a pin. In this post, we are going to review the leading motorcycle helmet locks on the market for you. Make sure you read our reviews before buying one that best secures your helmet.

Table of the Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks Reviews

10. Cable Lock – Security PIN Locking Chain Secures for Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle Helmet Locks

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This is a lightweight and highly portable pin lock cable to secure your helmet. It is pretty strong and versatile. Apart from securing your helmet, this cable can also secure your jacket. It immobilizes the brake disks on the bike and also locks the bike’s saddle. It is a quality lock made of 100 percent stainless steel for guaranteed security. The lock is also waterproof and will not be affected by water. It is quite easy to operate with the 3-digit combination easy to use.


  • Weatherproof and anti-cut resistance
  • Easy to use with a three pin digit combination locking mechanism
  • 100 percent stainless steel
  • Versatile and can secure your jacket, saddle, suitcases, bags and ladders
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9. Big Pantha Motorcycle Helmet Lock and Cable

BigPantha Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

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The BigPantha is another sleek pin locking carabiner that will secure your helmet to the bike when away. It is a very friendly lock with a rubberized D-ring that will not scratch your helmet at all times.  The lock is also coated with tough weather resistant outer casing to make it resistant to weather elements.  The construction of the lock features the highest quality braided steel. You can leave your helmet on the bike and have confidence that it is safe. Overall, this is a versatile helmet lock that works with half face and full face helmets.


  • The rubber coating on the D-ring to prevent helmet scratches
  • Works with full and half face helmets
  • Durable braided steel construction
  • Weather resistant outer casing

8. Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock by Racing 1-6 Feet of Steel Cable

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock By Racing

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This is another keyless helmet lock with a convenient 3-digit combination for easy locking and unlocking. The lock is highly portable and features a self-recoiling feature. You can always travel with it everywhere. The construction of the lock cable is the ultra-strong braided steel for maximum security. The able is further coated with PVC lining for scratch protection and weather resistant. You can easily reset your pin with over 999 possible combinations. Overall, this is a high-performance helmet lock ideal for multiple uses.


  • Resettable personalized combination
  • Durable steel construction
  • Weatherproof PVC lining
  • Self-recoiling for easy transportation

7. Helmet Lock Heavy Duty Universal Combination Lock Cable

Heavy Duty Universal Combination Lock Cable Motorcycle Security

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This is a high-quality metal carabiner lock with safe PIN lock to keep your helmet safe at all times. It is a tough and secure lock with a long 6 feet flexible steel cable. The cable features the tough braided steel and PVC coating making it weather resistant. This is a durable and scratch-resistant lock that will offer maximum security to your helmet. It is also a versatile lock that works with all types of helmets. You can also use it to lock suitcases, bags, baby strollers and ladders.


  • 6 feet long braided steel cable
  • PVC coating to protect against scratch
  • Weather resistant
  • Small and lightweight
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6. Eco-Home Helmet Lock Cable Combination PIN

Eco-Home Helmet Lock Cable

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This is a 5 feet long locking strap that helps secure your helmet and jacket. It is a quality lock with a three-digit PIN combination. You can choose from over 1000 combinations to keep your helmet secure. It is also self-recoiling allowing for easy transportation. The lock features two locking mechanism of the cable and D-lock. Overall, it is a sturdy lock made of the durable zinc alloy material. The lock is weather resistance, anti-scratch and anti-cut for maximum security. It also comes with 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and 24 months warranty.


  • Features two ways to lock using strap and D-ring
  • Made of the zinc alloy metal
  • Self-recoiling chain
  • Three-digit PIN combination

5. Helmetlok Rubberized Universal Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Helmetlok Rubberized Universal Motorcycle Helmet Lock 

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This is a new design helmet lock to consider buying. It is a quality choice made of the durable zinc-alloy composition. The lock is durable, anti-scratch and non-rusting.  The design of the lock is small and portable allowing for easy transportation everywhere. This design is a perfect fit helmet with a quick release buckle. The helmet extension easily slips into the quick release buckle and into your bike. Overall, it is a great selection that opens with a combination PIN for easy use. You can create any 4-digit combination and always leave you helmet secured.


  • Small and compact
  • 4-digit combination PIN
  • Durable zinc-alloy composition
  • Comes with a T bar extension

4. Burning Candle Creations Helmet Combination Carabiner Lock and Cable

Burning Candle Creations Helmet Combination Carabiner Lock & Cable

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This is a small size locking carabiner and cable that will help you secure your helmet and other gears. It is a highly portable design that fits in bags and transports easily. The lock is versatile and can be used to secure gloves, jackets and bags. It features a durable braided stainless steel construction and a further nylon coating. This also makes it waterproof for easy use even when it’s raining. The carabiner lock will fit through the D-ring on the helmet giving you multiple attachment options. Overall, this is a safe and secure lock with a convenient 3-digit PIN combination.


  • Stainless steel braided steel cable
  • Nylon and rubber coating
  • Three-digit lock combination
  • Multiple attachment methods
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3. Helmetlok Carabiner Style Helmet Lock & Extension

Helmetlok Carabiner Style Helmet Lock and Extension

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This is a carabiner-style helmet lock with a 4-digit PIN combination. The lock is designed to secure your helmet by attaching it to the helmet shackle and to your bike. You can easily attach it anywhere on the bike and remove it as you want.  The design of the lock is compact and small allowing for easy storage in the pocket. You can attach the locking arm pivot most handlebars as it opens outwards to fit even those large diameter handlebars. Overall, this is a sturdy lock made of the durable zinc alloy materials. It is also coated with plastic to prevent scratches and be waterproof.


  • 4 digit locking mechanism
  • Durable zinc alloy construction
  • Locking arm pivot that opens outwards to fit large handlebars
  • Small and compact for portability

2. Auto Parts Prodigy Motorcycle Helmet Lock and Cable

Auto Parts Prodigy Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

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The Auto Parts motorcycle helmet is another pretty versatile choice that works with all helmet types. It is small and highly portable to carry in your pocket or under the seat.  The lock features a three-digit set combination that can easily be reset with several available combinations. The construction of the lock is the high-quality metallic guaranteeing you security at all times. It is also coated to prevent scratches to your helmet and rust.


  • Durable metallic construction
  • Coating to prevent scratches
  • Versatile and works with most helmet types
  • Small and portable design

1. HELMETLOK Gen II 4-Digit Combination Lock

HELMETLOK Gen II 4-Digit Combination Lock

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This is our final best motorcycle helmet lock with a small and compact design. The lock easily fits under the seat and in pockets for easy storage and transportation. You can always have it everywhere you ride. It features a 4-digit PIN combination to keep your helmet safe and secure.  It is also sturdy and durable with high-quality metallic construction. A further rubberized coating helps prevent scratches to your helmet.


  • Waterproof
  • Rubberized coating
  • 4-digit PIN combination
  • Small and compact


These are the best motorcycle helmet locks to help keep your helmet safe and secure at all times. The locks are highly rated and best placed to secure your helmet. Most of them are small and highly portable for easy transportation. Make sure you choose one lock after reading our reviews to secure your helmet and other gears.

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