Top 10 Best Motorcycle Rain Gears for Men & Women Reviews In 2020

Motorcycle rain gears are essential for an enjoyable motorcycle ride. There are moments when you need to deliver items urgently or get to your workplace for a meeting, but the weather is wet and soggy. That is the time you realize the value of a rain gear. An effective rain gear is one that is waterproof, warm and reflective for safety. Realistically, it is not easy to decide which gear to wear. Do not worry though! Here we reveal to you the best motorcycle rain gears that you ought to consider when shopping around.

Table of the Best Motorcycle Rain Gears Reviews

10. Frogg Toggs All Sports Rain Suit

Motorcycle Rain Gears

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Frogg Toggs gear is a warm type of gear suitable for all the harsh weather. It features a warm hood, flexible cuffs, strong zippers supported by five buttons that go all the way to the neckline. For a proper fit, the waist is made of a tight elastic band that holds the trousers in position even on a windy day.


  • Warm hood
  • Flexible cuffs
  • Strong zipper and5 buttons
  • Tight elastic band to hold trouser in position
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9. Nelson Rigg Stormrider Large Motorcycle Rain Suit

Nelson Rigg Stormrider Motorcycle Rain Suit

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If you are sensitive about safety, this type of gear got you covered. Its reflective yellow top blended with black makes you visible in a dark night. You get in all sizes to fit any user whether young or old; there small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. A 2-year warranty is offered when you buy this incredible gear. Additionally, it has apertures below the arms of the jacket for breathing.


  • Reflective jacket visible at night
  • Available in small, medium, large and extra large
  • 2-year warranty offered
  • Apertures below arms for breathing

8. Frogg Toggs All Purpose Rain Suit for Women

Frogg Toggs All Purpose Rain Suit for Women

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Ladies out there, this is for you, you should grab this for yourself. The cherry top matches perfectly well with the black colour. On heavy rains, this gear guarantees zero penetration of water molecules. The back side is intentionally longer to drain water fast flowing water. The tight cuffs ensure you are warm throughout your journey while the hood section is detachable if you do not want to use it while riding.


  • Colourful cherry top for a feminine touch
  • Zero water penetration
  • Longer back side for effective water draining
  • Tight cuffs for warmth
  • Detachable hood

7. Nelson Rigg WeatherPro Black X-Large Rain Gear

Nelson Rigg WeatherPro 2 Piece Rainsut WP-8000 Black X-Large

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This is a waterproof gear that gives you flexibility when using it. The jacket has a front pocket to keep gloves or other essentials during your ride. Its zipper is strong to ensure that you are protected from biting cold during the rains. You also get it in all sizes to suit your body size. The outer PVC layer drains water effectively.


  • Front pocket to keep essentials
  • Strong zipper for protection
  • Available in all sizes
  • PVC outer to drain water
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6. Joe Rocket RS2 Womens’ Motorcycle Rain Suit

oe Rocket RS2 Womens 2-Piece Motorcycle Rain Suit

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Another colourful jacket suited for women is the Joe Rocket RS2.  It is stylish and colourful to make you stand out from other riders. For visibility, it has a highly reflective outer section and shell.  You also benefit from proper sizing that ranges from a medium, large and extra-large. With sufficient vents, you do not chock in heat from its warm liners.


  • Stylish and colourful
  • Reflective shell
  • Available in medium, large and extra-large for proper sizing
  • Vents for better aeration

5. SWISSWELL Rain Suit for Men Waterproof Hooded Rainwear 

SWISSWELL Rain Suit for Men Waterproof Hooded Rainwear

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For a masculine outlook, try out this Swisswell gear, you will not regret it. It comes in a proper fit size for maximum comfort. You barely get wet even when riding on heavy rain since the manufacturer has carefully looked at the permeability of the outer layer. It is economical with space and fits well with a small backpack.


  • Masculine outlook
  • Very comfortable
  • Zero water penetration
  • Economical with space, carry it wherever you go

4. Result Heavyweight Waterproof Rain Suit – Jacket & Trouser Suit

Result Mens Heavyweight Waterproof Rain Suit

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Honestly, this is a heavy duty rain gear that you must consider. It is made of strong material to withstand rigorous usage. In fact, as a full-time rider, you will realize the benefit of this rain suit. Deep pockets on the coat and trouser enable you to carry some stuff with you during the ride. The front zip projects outwards to ease fastening when in competition with friends or other racers. With this suit, you get in 7 different sizes to meet your body fit.


  • Made of strong material
  • Deep pockets to carry stuff
  • Outward projected front zips for easy fastening
  • Available in 7 sizes for best fit
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3. Tenn Unisex Active Cycling Waterproof Jacket & Trouser Set

Tenn Unisex Active Cycling Waterproof Jacket & Trouser Set

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This a gender-sensitive gear that works well for everyone. It comes with a career bag just in case you need to take it along with you for a long trip. It is well fitting and stylish, bearing Tenn’s logo in front and at the back side. Polyester makes the gear waterproof to beat the harsh rain weather. Its seams also promote dryness despite use in the rain.


  • Gender-sensitive gear
  • Comes with branded career bag
  • Stylish type with Tenn’s log in front and at the back
  • Made of waterproof polyester

2. Nex Gen Men’s Water Resistant XL Motorcycle Rain Suit

Water Resistant XL Motorcycle Rain Suit

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For the night rider, this is a perfect choice of a rain suit. It is highly reflective that promotes visibility during you dark night ride. 4 pounds weight makes it lightweight, reducing unnecessary pressure on your body. It is available in 9 sizes starting from x-small to XX-large for the best fit experience. The neckline is extended to keeps you warm on freezing days.


  • Highly reflective
  • Lightweight for an easy ride
  • Available in 9 sizes from x-small to xx-large
  • Extended neckline to fight cold

1. Scoyco RC01 XL Motorcycle Rain Coat Pants Set Protective Gear

Scoyco RC01 Motorcycle Rain Coat Pants Set Protective Gear

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To the professional rider, this rain suit helps you project your seriousness. A blend of yellow and black makes the whole gear stylish. The jacket has adjusters to keep hold it in position on windy days. Deep pockets enable you to carry essentials with ease. Its extended Velcro allows you to protect the shoes from getting wet too.


  • Stylish yellow/black suit
  • Has adjusters to hold suit on windy days
  • Deep pockets to carry essentials
  • Velcro allows you to protect the shoes
  • Comes from quality materials hence durable


Now you have a clear understanding of these fantastic rain suits. Surely there are many gears out there, but the ones in this review assure you of top quality, waterproof, best fitting and style to project your status in society. The uniqueness of these motorcycle gears helps you beat the rainy season like a guru. The challenge is on you when it comes to making the final decision, but for us, we vouch for any of the above; we believe it will serve you well.

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