Top 10 Best Motorcycle Trunks | Motorcycle Top Boxes Reviews In 2020

You need an ideal companion for your travel plans always. If you like exploring the world on your own, a bike ride across the length and breadth is a great solution. Even for people who love going out on their motorcycles, having the right set of equipment is very necessary. One of the best accessories of a motorcycle is the motorcycle trunks. It makes your motorcycle capable of storing useful stuff like helmets, accessories, documents etc.

The collection listed in the 10 best motorcycle trunks is surely something that you cannot ignore. Choosing the right one may look challenging but every product is well explained and detailed with the features. Thereby making it easier to choose the best.

Table of the Best Motorcycle Trunks Reviews

10. AUTOINBOX Universal Motorcycle Tail Trunk & Luggage Case with Mounting Hardware

Motorcycle Trunks

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Who doesn’t like taking their bike out for a ride every now and then? The idea of riding is popular among the mass. Therefore, almost everyone who owns a motorcycle wishes to cover the good distance on those two wheels. Willing to go out on a motorcycle journey that you will become memorable? Now, own a universal motorcycle trunk is of utmost importance.

Although it is a fun-filled mode of transport, the primary problem with bikes is the lack of space in it. While carrying important things, utilities or luggage, fitting those on your motorcycle is certainly really challenging. With this trunk, you get 47l of storing space which you can use for multiple purposes.

Measuring at 575mm X 455mm X 305mm, you will have adequate space to store a lot of things. Moreover, the trunk is made using space-grade PP material for unmatched durability. Completely protected against water damage, it will be a perfect companion for your wilderness.

Key features:

  • Roomy enough to keep one full-face helmet or a couple of open face helmet.
  • Universal mounting hardware allows you to install it on your luggage rack with ease.
  • The scratch-proof body is rather safe against damage due to impacts.
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9. EGO BIKE Black Motorcycle Trunks & Luggage Box with Rack, Backrest & TailLight

EGO BIKE Black Motorcycle Trunks & Luggage Box with Rack, Backrest & TailLight

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This large trunk comes finished in a very appealing black colour that will sit perfectly on any given motorcycles. In fact, everybody would love to mount it when they are need of extra space while being on the move. The inner space is roomy enough and measures 21” X 14.5” X 10”. Thereby providing you with adequate space to store a lot.

Along with that, when you need a secure place to keep your helmets, this will come in handy always. It is big enough to properly keep two full-face helmets. No more worrying about keeping your helmet safe as now you can keep them safe along with your motorcycle always.

Furthermore, it is fitted with a premium quality lock that will always keep your inner contents safe and sound. You get a couple of keys to operate the locks and keep intruders always. Finally, the taillight keeps you completely safe during night time rides as well.

Key features:

  • The cushioned motorcycle trunk backrest is indeed extra-large size and contoured shape to make you feel comfortable.
  • Floor mats of the motorcycle trunk are washable and you can keep it clean always.
  • The heavy-duty top rack is safe and durable to use.

8. Comie Motorcycle Trunks –  Top Lock Storage Carrier Case

Comie Motorcycle Trunks -  Top Lock Storage Carrier Case

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Getting your hands on a useful and reliable trunk is very important as that becomes your companion. This beautiful and well-constructed trunk will never disappoint you in any given way. The overall motorcycle trunk design is quite user-friendly, making it extremely easy to install and mount on your bike.

As this comes with a mounting bracket, fixing the trunk will never pose a challenge in any given ways. In addition to that, the smart design looks fascinating to the eyes and rewards you with ample storage space. It is rather spacious enough to store two full-sized helmets without any problem. The two lockable keys will always keep your items safe inside the trunk.

Key features:

  • The huge capacity of 48litres comes in really useful during travelling.
  • Soft backrest certainly ensures the comfort of your pillion rider even during the long journeys.
  • Good weight capacity of 8.8 pounds for adequate storing.
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7. Yescom 30L Motorcycle Tour Scooter Trunk – Luggage Top Lock Storage Carrier Case

Luggage Top Lock Storage Carrier Case

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Delighting riders with a good volume of 30 litres, this trunk has a no brainer but extremely useful design to use it on a daily basis. Also, owing to its spacious design, during the long rides as well, one can use it for carrying nifty items, storing of helmets etc. As a matter of fact, the overall technology used in this trunk is quite stand-out and innovative. It comes blessed with a quick-release feature so that, if needed you can demount it from your bike.

Once opened, this trunk transforms into a suitcase like design, making it extremely easy to carry around in your hands. The trunk is indeed fairly easy to mount on various different kinds of motorcycle racks. Works well with all standard racks, the included mounting hardware makes it convenient for you to set up.

Key features:

  • The motorcycle trunk reflectors help to keep you safe in low lights.
  • Backrest rather makes it comfortable to sit and ride without any issues.
  • Requires no drilling during the set-up process.

6. 7blacksmiths Motorcycle Trunks for Honda Yamaha Cruiser

7blacksmiths Motorcycle Trunks for Honda Yamaha Cruiser

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Designed for various classic motorcycles and chopper bikes, this trunk is retro. The motorcycle trunk size is well-suited for carrying of everyday items. Next, it even rewards you with a dedicated space to keep your helmets when not needed. All you need is an 8X8” of luggage rack for the installation process.

Even if you do not have one such rack, with a flat supportive base, the installation is carried out. Also, the package includes a top rack. However, when you are assembling the trunk, it is certainly completed with just a little bit of drilling.

Key features:

  • Very appealing and stylish gloss black finish attracts the eyes.
  • It indeed has a taillight which can double up as a running or braking light.
  • Backrest design adds more comfort to every ride.

5. Comie Motorcycle Luggage Trunk with backrest & Handle

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Yet another excellent choice of a trunk that is designed by Comie, likewise its other trunks, this also has great quality assurance. With a total capacity of 48 litres, this will store important things easily while you are on the road. It provides you with a dedicated space to keep helmets, riding gears, and even gloves easily.

Above all, the quality of construction is excellent and promises to last and serve for a long time without any problem.

Key features:

  • Soft backrest design is ideal for long and tiring rides.
  • Lockable design with 2 keys to keep everything safe inside.
  • Wide options of colours and designs are available.

4. MMG Large Motorcycle Trunks – Top Box Tail Trunk Luggage Box

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Indeed large-sized trunk that you can rely on for every different ride, this measures at 23” X 17” X 12” and rewards you with great space to organize and safe keep all your belongings. From helmet to utilities, this trunk is rightly sized to keep all without any risks or damages. As it is lockable with a couple of keys, the things you keep inside remains safe and away from any risks of damage or theft.

The ease of installation is a great benefit and you can literally make it up and running effortlessly.

Key features:

  • Heavy-duty polypropylene is used in the construction of the trunk.
  • The base design is given for providing safety support.
  • Huge size and volume of 51litres, as a result, provides full support.
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3. Fortunershop Motorcycle Trunk – Luggage Case Tail Box Rack for Touring Cruiser

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Make your rides all the more fun and enjoyable with this trunk that will sit right on your bike. It looks so modern and appealing than every other rider will want this on their bike as well. The glossy black finish will make your motorcycle stand out from the rest of the bikes on the road.

However, on the inside, you get a good amount of space to keep 2 helmets with ease and comfort. The ABS material used in the overall construction of the trunk is durable, strong, sturdy and long-lasting. As it comes with all the necessary mounting gears, setting it up on your bike will certainly be a breezy affair.

Key features:

  • Cushion backrest is a smart addition to make you and your pillion rider feel more comfortable.
  • The top rack is included in the package.
  • Deluxe wrap-around design rather looks very premium and classic.

2. Comie Motorcycle Scooter Trunk with Soft Backrest

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From the house of Comie, likewise their other options of trunks, this one is equally amazing. This is more of a compact looking shape that has a total capacity of 32litres. However, it is blessed with some easy to use design. The interior is indeed spacious and can store one full-face helmet without any hassles or challenges.

In addition to that, the soft and comfortable backrest is ideal for long rides when you have someone sitting at the pillion seat as well.

Key features:

  • All mounting hardware is included in the package of the trunk.
  • Quick-release system makes it even easier to quickly open and take down the trunk.
  • The lockable trunk features two keys for enhancing security.

1. MMG Motorcycle Touring Top Box Tail Trunk Luggage Box

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For your motorcycle, you can always trust this well-designed and well-crafted motorcycle trunk. This is a hard case that will always keep the contents safe and secure no matter how long you plan on travelling. It is made using really reliable and durable thick plastic.

Complete assurance of strength, sturdiness, and stability is assured on this top-notch trunk. The installation is a breeze of an affair and the package includes all that you need for installation. Every small mounting hardware comes along with the trunk.

Key features:

  • Removable and detachable, you can use it as per your need.
  • Reflective panel on the backside makes your rides safer.
  • Quick-release system makes it effortless to remove.

Saving your essentials requires no extra hassles. Install a motorcycle trunk and keep all your belongings fully organized in it.

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