Top 10 Best Oil Extractor Pumps | Fluid Evacuators Reviews In 2020

For any kinds of machines and tools, it is very important that you do the right kind of maintenance work on it. We use our cars and vehicles on a regular basis for transport but if we do not know how to take care of it, we can have serious issues. Regular change of engine oil, brake fluid, and other lubricants is a necessity that you need to take care of. Although it sounds like the work of a professional mechanic, you can do it yourself with oil extractor pumps.

After thoroughly studying the features, we shortlisted reliable pumps that can help you with the cause. High quality is a mandate and hence here you will find only the finest options of oil extractor pumps.

Table of the Best Oil Extractor Pumps Reviews

10. EWK Pneumatic/Manual 6.5 Liter Oil Vacuum Fluid Extractor Pump Tank Remover

Oil Extractor Pumps

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Maintaining the various verticals of an automobile is a challenging task to handle. It can often put you in situations where you need to be really knowledgeable to handle and mend the issues. One of the most regular challenges for any car owner is when he/she needs to change the engine oil. The tank in most cars is fitted in such a place that it becomes really difficult to change the oil. With this manual oil extractor pump now, you just need reach under the hood and insert the tube.

It has an advanced 2-way usage, the pump has pneumatic and manual mode. As a result, it can work easily in every condition. In addition to that, the pump is powerful enough to do the extraction at a commendable speed. It extracts 1.6l of oil per minute. For any 4-cylinder car, the pneumatic mode will extract all the oil in just 5 minutes maximum.

Key features:

  • It is used in all places regardless of the time or working condition.
  • Various diameter tubes allow the tubes to reach the bottom of the pan.
  • A couple of extension hoses so that it can extract every drop of oil from the reservoir.
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9. Hydro-turf 6-Liter OIL01 Oil Extractor Pumps

Hydro-turf 6-Liter OIL01 Oil Extractor

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Changing the engine oil never felt easier and more convenient. This pump has the most effortless performance. Change the oil even from the hard to reach parts of your car in a jiffy with this pump. Equipped with several strokes, the pump innovatively creates a vacuum. Therefore, lets you take in as much as 1.57gals of oil.

Along with that, there is a pour spout at the mouth. Thereby assuring easy emptying of the engine oil you collected.

Key features:

  • The oil extractor pump weighs just 6.45 pounds, making it easier to carry around places of your choice.
  • Removable pump makes it easy to store and safe-keep the device when not in use.
  • Wide range of adaptability as it suits almost any kinds of automobiles and vehicles.

8. OEMTOOLS 24389 Manual Fluid Extractor

OEMTOOLS 24389 Manual Fluid Extractor

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Designed for multi-purpose applications, this pump is quite a modern and innovative solution for altering engine oil. With the wide compatibility, you can literally use this same pump for extracting engine oil out of cars, motorcycles, marine engines and even machinery.

Also, it is just not engine oil that is extracted but one can even use it for power steering fluid. In fact, it certainly works well with low-viscosity fluids that are used in automobiles. The oil extractor pump hose is 5-feet long and very well suited for use at any place.

Key features:

  • Equipped with a couple of specialized dipstick adapters for extraction of fluid out of dipstick tube.
  • Very useful single-piece construction guarantees a faster and easier cleaning job.
  • Will never over-flow and cause you trouble as there is a shut-off valve designed on it.

7. Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator

Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator

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Indeed a large capacity pump that can come in handy both for domestic and commercial needs. This one is amazing in terms of design and functionality. The huge capacity of 2.3 gallons can hold a great amount of fluid and account for faster extraction. Along with that, it is a bi-functional unit that can extract and dispense almost all kinds of fluids. The no-brainer easy design assures a very fast, clean, and hassle-free procedure for evacuation of the oil.

Efficiently take out the old oil and put in the new one without having to struggle and sweat while doing so. The 1.5m long dipstick tube performs makes evacuation out the dipstick easy.

Key features:

  • Rusting and corrosion protected durable polyethylene reservoir assure long years of service.
  • The commercial oil extractor pump has an automatic flow control valve restricts the issues of overfilling,
  • As soon as 8 litres is full, the valve shuts down the flow and assures zero overflows.
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6. Horusdy Fluid Syringe Pump Manual Suction Vacuum Fuel Car Transfer

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Removing and filling brake fluid and engine oil never felt easier and more effortless before. This extractor pump has the latest innovation and highest quality construction to make sure you can do the job perfectly. The heavy-duty construction of the pump offers a superior level of durability and strength that you cannot find regular products. Also, it works conveniently with all kinds of machinery and vehicles.

From cars to RVs and bikes also, if you have this pump, you will not have to visit the garage for changing of lubricants.

Key features:

  • The plunger assembly is a top-notch design for best performance guarantee.
  • Double seals offer good workability with brakes and also keep the fluid safe from freezing.
  • Lock buckle assembly makes working with it safer and hassle-free.

5. EWK 15L Pneumatic Manual Engine Oil Change Pump Vacuum Fluid Extractor Tank

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Yet another pneumatic oil extractor pump, this one is known for its huge capacity coupled with the advanced features. It comes with an impressive 15litres of capacity so that you can work with 2 vehicles in a row. No need to interrupt the extraction process just cause your pump is not big enough for much oil. Also, it has the added benefits of the dual-mode operation.

With pneumatic mode, the rate of extraction is escalated. Whereas with the manual mode, you can do the extraction without any extra tools or equipment. Furthermore, you will get an extra bleeding hose with the package and the pump doubles up as a brake bleeder.

Key features:

  • The impressive extraction rate of 1.6l a minute and can also extract 4 cylinder reservoirs in 5 minutes.
  • Versatile diameter tubes for reaching up to the base of the pan.
  • Comes along with 2 extension hoses for dry and complete extraction from the bottom of the reservoir.

4. Lumax LX-1314 Manual/Pneumatic Fluid Extractor

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An industrial-grade oil extractor pump that you can depend on when it comes to changing of engine oil. It is safe for using with various oils that are used in ATV’s, boats, farm vehicles and everyday cars. Even better, the pump is safe for coolants in hydraulic systems and cars.

Owing to the chemical-resistant polypropylene construction, you can stay sure that no matter what lubricant you are dealing with, the pump will remain safe. The non-power fluid extractor will make sure the pump works fine and never arises sparks.

Key features:

  • Has automatic protection against the hassles of getting overflowed.
  • The huge capacity of 10 litres for working with all types of vehicles.
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3. Mityvac 7300 PneumatiVac Air-Operated Fluid Evacuator

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How do you change the engine oil when you have big-sized vehicles to deal with? It is almost impossible for anyone to get the job done until and unless they have the right tools. With the 8.8-litres of capacity, you can get on with the oil extraction process without any holds up or interruptions. Furthermore, there is an air-operated fluid evacuated that makes the job easier and less struggling.

You can trust on the shut-off valve completely if you wish to make sure that your pump is never overfilled. The dipstick tube and universal brake bleeding adapter make it even more convenient for different kinds of applications.

Key features:

  • Wide range of compatibility with different kinds of fluid types ranging from transmission fluid to engine oil.
  • Durable polyethylene construction of the reservoir keeps it safe against damages from rusting and corrosion.
  • You will get 5 feet flexible hose for better arrangement and setup.

2. 8MILELAKE Manual Oil Changer Pump

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A manual fluid evacuator that can make your life better and easier, this oil extractor pump from 8milelake is very reliable and dependable. It has a very wide working range of 35°F to 200°F so that you can deal with all kinds of fluids and oils.

The 1-meter probe length with different sized probe cups aids in a better attachment to various vehicles and machines. Finally, the composite material used in construction ensures the superior service life of the pump.

Key features:

  • The impressive capacity of 9 litres of unrestricted usage.
  • Can work with all kinds of fluids and different types of oils.

1. EWK Oil Changer Vacuum Fluid Extractor Pump

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One of the most advanced and innovative options, this EWK model is fine for an effortless oil changing experience. It has a well-placed storage unit that can collect and safe-keep all the tubes together in a place. The sealing cap provided restricts any sorts of spillage issues from the pump.

In addition to that, there is a safety lock design. Therefore, it securely seals the spout and assures a safe working experience. You will also get the benefit of an eagle mount spout that helps in fluent pouring and least spillage.

Key features:

  • Easily extract the oil irrespective of the size.
  • Brake bleeder hose assures easy attachment with ABS and standard brake systems as well.
  • Speed of extraction is controllable owing to the smart valve on the tube.

Now swiftly change the oil of any vehicle and maintain the health of your car. The oil changer pump will accomplish this troublesome job in just a few minutes.

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