Best Pet Water Fountains for Cats & Dogs Reviews

Ensuring that your pet always remains hydrated is one of the most important aspects of being a pet owner. Keeping the water in a bowl or similar utensils can result in contamination which can cause diseases in your pet. That is why water fountains have been developed. The pet water fountains offer clean and germ-free water for your pet. So, they make sure that your pet remains hydrated and completely healthy.

In the list below, we have identified and reviewed the top best cat and dog water fountains available in the market. Feel secure as now you have got the best selection.

Table of the Best Pet Water Fountains Reviews

10. Veken Automatic Cat Water Fountain & Dog Water Dispenser

Pet Water Fountains

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A bowl of water that is kept in the open can always attract germs while knowing when your pet is thirsty is quite a challenging task. This pet fountain from Velen takes the guesswork out of the equation and provides your dog or cat with a place where they can always get healthy, purified water for drinking. The compact pet water fountain doesn’t take up a lot of space. So even if you live in a small apartment you can easily set it up in any room.

It has a three-layered filtration system that uses various materials for improving the quality of water. The first layer is made from cotton that blocks out pet hair or other forms of small residue. Next, you get activated carbon which removes heavy metals and chlorine, while the final layer of Ion Exchange Resin makes the water taste better. So your pet always gets healthy and tasty water from this fountain

Key features:

  • The motor powering the fountain just consumes 2 watts of power.
  • The motor also has suction cups at four corners to prevent floor damage.
  • Constructed from BPA free PP resin for durability.

9. PetSafe Drinkwell Plastic Drinking Fountains

PetSafe Drinkwell Plastic Drinking Fountains

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PetSafe provides you with a two-level filter that is helpful if you have more than one pet at your home. Smaller pets can drink from the lower level without having to stress themselves while the bigger pets would have unhindered access at the upper level. This fountain always takes care of the hydration of your pets by providing 100 ounces of healthy and freshwater.

The pump powering the fountain also has an intelligent and quiet design. You won’t even know its running.

Key features:

  • Cleaning the pump is hassle-free since it can be easily disassembled.
  • For filtration, the multilevel pet water fountain uses more activated carbon than competitor brands.

8. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Automatic Water Fountain for Pets

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Automatic Pet Water Fountains

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Another amazing pet fountain from PetSafe that gives severe competition to other brands. The relatively large pet water fountain tank has a capacity of 168 ounces but still compact enough to not clog up too much space. The water is well oxygenated since it has free-flow design while the high-quality filtration system does an amazing job of removing impurities with the help of activated carbon.

Like humans, your pets also need a lot of water, about an ounce for each pound of their body weight. This fountain provides them with fresh drinking water that is much safer than still water in a bowl. Still, water can easily become a breeding ground for microbes. This fountain always keeps circulating the water through its filtration system to prevent that. Moreover, there’s no need for constant refills since 168 ounces is more than enough for even your big pets.

Key features:

  • Eliminates development of foul odour or a bad taste in the water.
  • Safe for use in the dishwasher, the pump needs to be cleaned manually for maintaining its high longevity.
  • Long cord length that goes as far as 5.5-ft.

7. Pioneer Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountains

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Unlike most other pet fountains, this one would last you for years due to the choice of materials and incredible craftsmanship. It has been made from stainless steel which has high resistance to rust, corrosion and wouldn’t be bent or broken even if your pet decides to have a mischievous time.

Taking the fountain apart is easy as well, which makes clean-ups and maintenance a hassle-free task. But for more peace of mind, you also get a one year warranty period with this fountain.

Key features:

  • The filter would last you for a month and replacement can be easily purchased from the brand.
  • Can hold a large amount of water, which means your pet stays hydrated without you having to do frequent refills.
  • The stainless steel pet water fountain has a maximum capacity of 60 oz.

6. Drinkwell Cat Drinking Water Fountain

Drinkwell Cat Drinking Water Fountain

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Drinkwell introduces to you a pump with an intelligent design that encourages and allows your pet for drinking water while leaves less of a mess for you. Since the waterfalls from an elevation, your pet can easily extend and retract their tongue for better and easier consumption. When the water comes down it flows to the tank via an inclined surface. So water doesn’t splash in every direction to surprise your pet or leave a wet floor.

Moreover, since the waterfall from an elevation, it dissolves in more oxygen from the air to keep it fresh while the wide form factor of the base allows more than one pet to drink from the fountain simultaneously. Any harmful substances or impurities that might enter the water are also constantly filtered. The filter has activated carbon which traps all of the impurities and leaves the water free from bad odour and bad taste. So your pet will always enjoy coming back to the fountain for fresh and clean water.

Key features:

  • The motor doesn’t need any tools for disassembly.
  • Doesn’t need an external connection to the water supply line.
  • Small and lightweight pet water fountain design allows you to transfer it to any room.

5. Drinkwell Stainless Steel Pet Water Fountains

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360 fountain is one of the flagship products of Drinkwell that is clearly shown by the build quality of this product. With other brands, you don’t get the luxury of choice that Drinkwell offers. This fountain allows you to control the water flow by rotating the top cap. However, water flows in every direction on a slanted ramp to the bowl.

This means no splashes that might require you to clean a wet floor. Compared to acrylic models, this one lasts longer as well since it has a stainless steel construction.

Key features:

  • 128 ounces of water is constantly being circulated by the fountain.
  • For trapping hair and dirt you get a foam filter.

4. Beacon Automatic Stainless Steel Pet Cat Water Fountain

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Beacon Pet lets you use three separate settings for water flow with the help of the detachable flower attachment. It works well in grabbing the attention of your pets so that they develop the habit of hydration.

You also get ion exchange resin and activated carbon inside a cotton shell that does a thorough filtration for removing contaminants and bad odour from the water.  Finally, it makes close to no noise as it is pretty quiet.

Key features:

  • Water level indicator will light up red if you exceed the range.
  • See-through window informs you of the amount of water in the tank for refills.
  • With flower, fountain water flows from six points.

3. NPET Cat & Doggie Water Fountain

NPET Cat & Doggie Pet Water Fountains

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NPET’S water fountain is made from a few simple components that make cleaning the fountain a lot easier than complicated models from other brands. It is made from AS plastic which is transparent and lets you see the water level in the tank.

So if the water level is low before you go out or about to sleep, then you can refill it so that your pet isn’t thirsty while you are unavailable. For maintaining the product in top condition you can clean it at the end of every week

Key features:

  • Impurities like food residue or hair are trapped by the filter.
  • The tank can hold 1.6 litres of water.

2. MOSPRO Healthy & Hygienic Drinking Fountain Quiet Automatic Electric Water Bowl

Automatic Electric Water Bowl

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Mospro provides you with a brilliant water fountain that has safe and risks free high-quality materials for construction. The food-grade resin material is free from BPA and not just safe for your pets, but the environment as well. It doesn’t have a detached huge motor either that produces a lot of sounds or clogs up plenty of space. The fountain has a rounded square body with a flower-shaped design that creates a beautiful waterfall.

It lets the waterfall from six different positions that add convenience for your dog or cat and looks good as well. You can also operate the fountain in three different settings, with the flower waterfall, as a gentle fountain or as a flower bubble. It brings you versatility like no other model in the market. Finally with the warranty period of 12 months just makes this an irresistible deal

Key features:

  • Submerged motor masks sound and all parts are highly water-resistant with a rating of IP68.
  • Has certification from CE and other trusted institutions.
  • The fountain wouldn’t have any significant impact on your energy bill since it consumes just 2 watts of power.

1. DELOMO Automatic Electronic Pet Fountain – Water Dispenser for Cats

Water Dispenser for Cats

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A water fountain without a water supply is a great innovation that Delomo has brought to you. It doesn’t require any permanent installations or plumbing changes. It has a large tank that stores the water and circulates it through the fountain system via a compact and noiseless motor.

Since the water is circulated your pets don’t face the risk of consuming water that has bacterial growth. You can also take the motor apart for quick cleaning between few weeks to maintain the rate of water flow and longevity of your motor

Key features:

  • You get three different settings for the water flow that will appeal to even moody pets.
  • Can store 2.5 litres of water so that even when you aren’t home, your pet is hydrated.

Your pets will never stay thirsty whenever you will install a pet water fountain. The continuous supply of water will surely keep them engaged.