Top 10 Best Solar Pool Cover Reels for Swimming Pool Reviews In 2020

Swimming pools are a fun space of any household and keeping it functional throughout the year is extremely important. Open air pools suffer from a few major problems. These include uncontrollable debris and leaves falling over it, unfortunate weather conditions and risks of water getting contaminated. The best way to prevent all of these is by using the pool cover reels. These effectively safeguard your pool and keep the pool clean.

To reduce that effort, we have listed the 10 best pool cover reel you can find in the market. These products are from the best brands and each comes with the assurance of quality. As there are detailed descriptions of each product, you can choose easily the best one for your pool.

Table of the Best Pool Cover Reels Reviews

10. VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Inground Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Roller Reel

Pool Cover Reels

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No matter how cold the weather gets or how warm it feels, a quick and refreshing dive in the pool can re-energize your body from within. Keeping the pool covered is the best way to make your pool suitable for all kinds of weathers. Although covering the pool is a challenging task. With the help of an in-ground pool cover reel, the job gets really easy. Designed with an embedded strap link, as you get bigger pulling force, getting it done is fairly easy.

Moreover, it has an innovative telescopic tube with a lockable feature to prevent shakes during the process. Along with that, the smart elevated design delivers an overwhelming performance in every situation.

Key features:

  • Full solid tire wheels are extremely durable and long lasting.
  • Reel tube has a grooved pattern that prevents falling off the strap.
  • Drooping is restricted with the 3 section aluminium pipe.
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9. Nova Microdermabrasion Swimming Solar Pool Cover Reel

Nova Microdermabrasion Swimming Solar Pool Cover Reel

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Choosing a flexible and adjustable pool cover reel for your swimming pool is certainly one of the best decisions. The adjustable size this reel offers is between 17.5-ft to 21-ft. As a matter of fact, the solar cover is further rolled-up to fit the 3 ¼” diameter tubing.

Furthermore, the 3 poles it packs also allow users to accommodate pools ranging up to 24-ft in width. The smart and innovative design of it makes it workable with pools of various shapes and designs as well. No more suffering with a pool full of debris or hot water.

Key features:

  • Have a couple of wheels for enhanced manoeuvrability.
  • Hand crank makes the rolling and unrolling a much easier task.
  • Designed with 7 sections thick aluminium pipe for ultimate strength and sturdiness.

8. Aqua Splash In Ground Swimming Solar Cover Blanket Reel

Aqua Splash In Ground Swimming Solar Cover Blanket Reel

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Coming firm Aqua splash, this one has an extremely minimal design. However, it offers a wide range of workability to make pool covering an easier process. Now you can keep your entire pool covered yourself without demanding much help and assistance from others. The solar cover reel for pool has a 3-way end design which is flexible.

As a result, it allows for fence mounting, stationary placement and also offers mobility benefit. If you have a blanket that falls within 8mil to 12mil, this will work quite well. Sagging is completely restricted with the rib lock design of the telescopic tube. Finally, the package includes a complete kit needed for attachment of the blanket.

Key features:

  • Rolling and turning are extremely easy with the wide track bearings.
  • Designed with handles at both ends for added convenience.
  • Components are durable and protected against rusting.

7. Aqua Ez Solar Cover Reel for Inground Pools

Aqua Ez Solar Cover Reel for Inground Pools

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The swimming pool demands for good care. And if left open for a long time, debris, leaves and other things makes it bad to look at and non-functioning. Putting a cover may look challenging but with this large pool cover reel, the job can get really effortless. It has a high strength construction made out of durable resin for unmatched longevity.

Along with that, no matter the shape of the pool, the reel can store the cover with ease. Moreover, the ease of assembly is top notch and does not require many efforts from your end either. Also, if needed, the reel can be mounted on wheels or even attach to the pool deck for great functionality.

Key features:

  • Hexagonal tubes are easy to use and made out of aluminium.
  • Have wide track bearings for a user-friendly experience.
  • Easy handling is ensured by a couple of carrying handles at both ends.
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6. Sun2Solar 16ft Stainless Steel Solar Cover Reel System for In-Ground or Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Sun2Solar 16ft Stainless Steel Solar Cover Reel System for In-Ground or Above-Ground Swimming Pools

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We know the benefits of keeping a covered pool covered. Everyone acknowledges the fact that a covered and clean pool is much more refreshing. If a solar cover is used, the water even stays at the right temperature. But all of this comes with hassles of putting the cover on. No matter how beneficial the covers are, putting them on and removing them is very tiring. Using this aboveground pool cover reel provides you with more time to enjoy in the water and less time to struggle.

The inclusion of two wheels gives supreme manoeuvrability. Also, the handle on the opposite side of the wheel helps you in carrying it effortlessly to your storage place. The reel will fit various different shapes of pools.

Key features:

  • Designed with an easy to use crank handle backed with an easy gear system.
  • Sturdy and durable stainless steel frame.
  • Certainly has a total of 5 reel tubes made out of aluminium.

5. Kokido Solaris Above-Ground Pool Cover Reel

Kokido Solaris Above-Ground Pool Cover Reel

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Take the hassles of handling a large size pool cover out of the equation. Now focus just on the benefits of the same with this above ground pool cover reel. It is designed specifically for above ground swimming pools and packs a very reliable construction for long-lasting serviceability.

Furthermore, managing and storing large solar cover will pose less difficulty. This is a seven-piece hexagonal tube set so that up to 18.6’ width of pools are accommodated with ease. In addition to that, the very reliable and sturdy construction makes it long lasting and efficient to work with.

Key features:

  • Designed with a crank arm for fast and easy rolling and unrolling.
  • Works for pools with or without railings.

4. Aqua Splash 18 Ft. In-Ground Pool Solar Cover Blanket Reel

Aqua Splash 18 Ft. In-Ground Pool Solar Cover Blanket Reel

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Yet another fine and hugely workable pool cover, this one is their easy to use 18-ft version. Like other pool covers, this is also dedicated to reducing the hassles of using a large-sized solar cover. No matter what type of pool you own, the three-way end design comes in handy for all. From stationary placement to fence mounting and even mobility, the reel can function in every possible way.

As a matter of fact, the use of wide track bearings helps you turning and rolling effortlessly. In terms of construction, it has an excellent telescopic tube with a rib-locking design which restricts sagging effectively.

Key features:

  • Equipped with dual carry handles on both ends of the reel.
  • The durable components restrict rusting.
  • Comes along with all kit and hardware required for set up.
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3. Sun2Solar 20ft Above-Ground Solar Cover Reel with Heating Blankets 

Sun2Solar 20ft Above-Ground Solar Cover Reel with Heating Blankets 

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Have a pool and you love to keep it beautiful with the use of a cover over it? Then you might also know the problems related to the process of covering it. Owning this cover reel can turn out to be the best solution to that problem. It indeed minimizes the effort required to put covers on a pool.

Featuring an assembly of 5 tubes having aluminium construction combined with stainless steel frame, the durability is top-notch. Moreover, the package that you will get contains all the necessary hardware and attachments you will need to set-up. Also, there are a couple of large sized wheels made out of treaded tire for utmost convenience.

Key features:

  • Has an easy gear system to reduce the efforts.
  • Crank handle set up for easy rolling of the reel.
  • Includes handle on another side of the wheels for wheelbarrow style used.

2. Swimline Hydrotools Solar Blanket Reel System

Swimline Hydrotools Solar Blanket Reel System

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Make your regular open pool immune to bad weather conditions or the scorching heat of the sun. The struggles of using a pool cover every now and then are quite a much. Hence if the cover has a reel, the job gets extremely less time-consuming.

However, the ease of installation is another factor to look out for and this reel has got you covered on that. Finally, a complete package means everything you need for installation is present at your closest reach.

Key features:

  • Comes with an all aluminium tube kit for unparallel service life.
  • Includes straps you will need for attachment of the cover.
  • Designed for above ground pools.

1. Rocky’s 5A In-Ground Pool Solar Reel

Rocky's 5A In-Ground Pool Solar Reel

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This is one of the most well-designed and functional pool reels you can find. From Rocky’s reel system, you get a reel that is capable of working with pools measuring 24’ in width. The build quality is something every user likes in this product. Sturdy die-cast aluminium makes up for the most part of the reel. Plus, the baked enamel finish on top is extremely appealing to eyes and very long lasting.

Furthermore, the solar blanket attachment kit is an added benefit of the cover reel. In addition to that, when you buy this pool cover reel, you also get a castor set of 4” each. Certainly, a total package to serve all your needs.

Key features:

  • Offers 13” of ground clearance.
  • 12 sided anodized tubing delivers unquestionable lateral strength and restricts sagging.
  • Has an extra large sized crank handle for less effort and more productivity.

Less spend time and money on the maintenance of your pool. Spread pool cover reel with pools or without pools and invest minimal effort in setting it up.

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