Best Portable Camping Toilets for Travel Reviews

Whenever you are out on a camping trail or for an adventurous trip, we need to make many arrangements before setting for the journey. And portable camping toilets are amongst the essential. It eradicates the problems of using a toilet and as it is portable, you can just put it on the trunk. Intelligently designed to smartly manage waste, the camping toilets will rescue you at the times of needs.

Need one for personal use? To confidently buy one, refer to the detailed portable camping toilet review. It will usher you with all the valuable information.

Table of the Best Portable Camping Toilets Reviews

10. Camco Portable Travel Toilet for Camping, RV & Boating

Portable Camping Toilets

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Camping with friends, family or just by yourself is fun and if you are hunting it’s almost always necessary. But it’s time to upgrade to compact toilets that have a portable design and saves you from embarrassing situations. This portable camping travel toilet is made from polyethylene material. That’s why makes it certainly highly durable without making it too bulky.

Since it has minimal use of iron, you won’t have to deal with problems like rusting or corrosion that often. Just take it with you on your next camping trip or keep it as a backup option in your car.

Key features:

  • It can indeed bear around 330 pounds of weight without any problems.
  • Has a comfortable seat and lid like the toilet at your home.
  • The flush tank at the top half can contain two and a half gallons of water.

9. SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet – Travel Toilet for Camping

SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet - Travel Toilet for Camping

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Keep yourself equipped with the perfect solution for maintaining your hygiene on every adventure. This portable camping toilet for outdoors doesn’t take up too much space, yet provides you with all the functionality. It has fresh water storing capacity of 3.2 gallons. Furthermore, it is combined with the ingeniously designed flushing technique is more than enough for taking care of any waste.

Now you don’t need to worry if you don’t come across waste disposal immediately. Lastly, it rather has a tank for storing the waste with over 5 gallons of capacity.

Key features:

  • The waste tank also has a level indicator which informs you about the filled capacity.
  • Doesn’t require any electricity, completely mechanical and gravity-based design.
  • Drain valve is certainly double sealed to shield you from the onslaught of foul odours and leaks.

8. VINGLI Upgraded Portable Camping Toilets – Waste Tank for RV, Boat & Truck

VINGLI Upgraded Portable Camping Toilets - Waste Tank for RV, Boat & Truck

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Vingli has designed this portable toilet to be as user-friendly and high quality as possible. Competitors usually cut costs by equipping their toilets with a bellows pump. But this one has a piston pump system. As a result, it utilizes the water more efficiently for providing you with a more clean bowl every time. The bowl adds to the magic with its super smooth surface, as a matter of fact, prevents waste from sticking. So you don’t have to get your hands dirty for cleaning the toilet.

The lower tank that holds all the waste is detached when it has reached full capacity. Now you can quickly dump the waste without any splashes die to the pour spout. You don’t have to guess or even worse shake the tank either to know if the tank has reached peak capacity. Above all, it indeed has a convenient level indicator for that purpose.

Key features:

  • You get carrying bags with handles for both the tanks for easy transportation.
  • Tight water cap that rather keeps the seal on freshwater and keeps it contaminant-free.
  • The portable camping toilet’s flush tank has a capacity of 3 gallons.

7. Zimmer Portable Toilet Camping

Zimmer Portable Toilet

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Zimmer’s portable toilet has two major components that increase the convenience of use and solves transportation problems. Moreover, the upper seat and the lower water tank are completely detached for dumping. Therefore, reduces the weight that needs to be carried on one hand or by a single person. So it allows you to divide labour without putting too much stress on any individual in your group.

Finally, the flush pump used in this toilet is certainly extra powerful and keeps your bowl clean and hygienic.

Key features:

  • Waste tank has a valve to keep doors locked inside and indeed prevents leaks.
  • The waste cap is easy to remove or attach for dumping waste.
  • Strong portable camping toilet handles for carrying the toilet with ease.

6. Camco Premium Portable Camping Toilets with Detachable Tank

Toilets with Detachable Tank

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The Camco premium travel toilet is compact where it needs to be without bringing you any discomfort. While others have toilet seats which are small and are rather uncomfortable for most, this one can seat you properly. The lower waste tank is also removed from the seat very easily. However, it doesn’t have unreliable latches like products from other manufacturers.

The latches in this toilet are well built and in combination with slots make the tanks fit into each other for a perfect and snug attachment. Besides, the upper tank can store freshwater which can flush all the waste from the bowl and clean it effectively.

Even the material used for the interior surface is made from durable ABS plastic. Above all, it doesn’t pick up foul odours and will let you clean up your toilet with minimal effort.

Key features:

  • The convenient swivelling spout that is certainly rotated to any direction for mess-free waste dumping.
  • The flush tank is removed with just one hand.
  • The portable camp toilet lid is removed entirely for cleaning or latched closed for transport.

5. LANGRIA Portable Travel Toilet with Anti-leak Seal Ring

Travel Toilet with Anti-leak Seal Ring

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Langria outdoor toilet is designed with everyone in mind. It has a suitable height of 17.25-inches and is 13.75-inches wide. For that reason, it can come close to the dimensions of a real toilet. This makes it convenient and easy to use for both kids and elderly people. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on portability.

Both of its tanks are detached quickly and carrying them is a breeze due to the integrated handles. In addition to that, it indeed looks good as well with a matte finished surface that is resistant to scratches. So you don’t have to worry a lot about maintenance. With the bellows pump and two outlets into the bowl, fresh clean water is pumped with sufficient force for rinsing the bowl clean.

Key features:

  • No leaking and discomfort due to odour with the drain valve are double sealed.
  • Tanks attached to each other with the help of latches on either side that come off within seconds.
  • Rather made from strong and high-quality HDPE.

4. Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal Toilet for Camping

Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal Portable Toilet for Camping

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Are you on the road for days, fishing on your boat for a long duration or on an adventure in the backwoods? This compact toilet from Palm Springs Outdoor will always be of great use. It doesn’t require any complicated tools for assembly. Next, it has two components that have been moulded from top quality polyethylene material of high density. That’s why; you can practically use it as soon as you unbox the product.

It is also very strong and wouldn’t be easily damaged. Moreover, anyone in your family can certainly carry it since it weighs less than 10 pounds when it is empty

Key features:

  • Waste tank has a higher capacity of 5 gallons while the upper tank can hold 3 gallons of freshwater.
  • Highly-resistant to corrosion and indeed has negligible chances of leakage.
  • A regular-sized seat that feels no different than the toilet at your home.

3. Dometic 970 Series Portable Camping Toilets – 5.0 Gallon

Dometic 970 Series Portable Toilets

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Dometic has designed its portable for maximum use of minimum space. Due to its unique design, it has a very small footprint that is suitable for smaller vehicles and single sized tents. So anyone and everyone would be able to carry it with them on their camping or road trips.

To make it durable and resilient it is made from Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic. As a result, it has high tensile strength and isn’t affected by shocks. Rain, dust or even chemicals wouldn’t be able to corrode the plastic. So it will rather accompany you on a lot of adventures and memorable trips.

Key features:

  • One push is all it takes to clean the bowl with a powerful flush; however, it also reduces wastage of water.
  • Indicator for showing the waste level in the waste tank.

2. Giantex Portable Camping Toilets

Giantex Toilets

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For locking the tanks into a single unit you get latches on both sides that make a secure connection. It also allows you to detach the tanks with equal ease. Within seconds, the units are certainly separated for easier transportation. Due to high-quality construction, it can also withstand a lot of weight. Therefore, it gives you a generously sized toilet seat that can easily accommodate most adults.

Furthermore, you don’t need to invest in a battery, portable generator or search for a power outlet. It used gravitational force and brilliant design to work anywhere flawlessly.

Key features:

  • Doesn’t require any tools since the toilet comes pre-assembled to your door.
  • Large capacity of 20 litres for the wastewater tank. Thus, you can rather dump the waste at your convenience
  • Can store up to 8 litres of water in the freshwater tank.

1. Porta Potti White Thetford Corp

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Porta Potti has brought to you a portable toilet that is feature-rich and has high build quality. It features a flush system that is powered by a battery for more reliability. Next, also has a familiar sleek look that you get from most modern toilets in use today.

It comes with a hold down kit, as a matter of fact, helps to keep the toilet stable when you are travelling even on a bumpy road. Finally, no shaking and wobbling that can indeed lead to a mess.

Key features:

  • Features a pour spout that certainly rotates for dumping waste without splashes.
  • Has a place for holding toilet roll.

Have ultimate fun in your camping journey and think less about the hassles that might come ahead. Buy a portable camping toilet and eradicate the hassles of dumping waste.

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