Top 10 Best Portable Photo Studios Reviews In 2020

Photography might be a profession to you but for some its passion. This passion has made many individuals achieve success and shaped a prosperous career. However, for executing professional-level photography, many types of equipment are needed. And portable photo studios are one among those necessary gears that help in the creation of remarkable photos. Besides having a perfect backdrop, the background must not be reflective and should also tolerate the heat of the lights. It comes with a LED light set-up that will illuminate the surroundings and even the brightness can be adjusted. Usually compatible with most of the cameras, smartphones and tablets, it also includes tripods as well as holders to provide support. To produce quality pictures, the photo studio sets offer with a complete package.

But you may not know that what inclusions are made in this studio. So, the portable photo studios reviews will reveal all the necessary details that you need to know about these studios.

 Table of the Best Portable Photo Studios Reviews

picture title
AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box with LED Light - 25 x 30 x 25 Inches
LimoStudio 16
Amzdeal Light Box for Photography 20inch Upgraded Photography Tent with LED Light 4 Backdrops (White Black Orange Grey)
Emart Photography 24 x 24 Inches Table Top Photo Studio Continous Lighting LED Light Shooting Tent Box Kit, Camera Tripod & Cell Phone Holder
amzdeal Photography Light Box 32in Upgraded Photo Studio Professional Photography Tent with LED Light 3 Backdrops (White Black Orange)
HAVOX - Photo Studio HPB-80XD - Dimension 32
ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box 20
Photo Studio Box, FOSITAN 24x24 inches Table Top Photo Light Box Continous Lighting Kit with 5 Tripods, 4 LED Ring Lights, 4 Color Backdrops & a Cell Phone Holder for Photography
HAVOX - Photo Studio HPB-80D - Dimension 32
Foldio3 (25

10. Amazon Basics Portable Lightbox Photo Studio

Portable Photo Studios

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Coming from the house of Amazon, this no-assembly portable photo studio set-up is a clear winner! Its specific output inbuilt LED lights allow handheld photography and it is backed by a 1-year warranty period. The 3-door system minimizes outdoor reflections and also enhances image angles while the top hole allows imaging right from the tip. For all those product advertisers looking for a foldable photo studio, this is your pick.

Key features

  • Integrated LED lights to ensure the best captured by smartphones.
  • The lights are balanced by available daylight with Colour Rendering Index at 5600K.
  • Has a power adapter, a pouch to hold business cards and a user manual.

9. LimoStudio Photo Photography Studio Lighting Light Tent Kit

Photography Studio Lighting Light Tent Kit

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Whether it is the 16-inch type or the 20-inch LED format, this pure polyester photography studio tent spells sheer class. Packed with LED lights of 5500K and Beaming Angle of 120-degrees, the photo box has backdrop fabrics in multiple hues as red, blue, white and black. The steady tripod and the universal phone holder add to the charm of this portable studio.

Key features:

  • The fabric helps to soften down and reflect the lights. Along with it, this also helps to eradicate shadows and camera spots.
  • Its height can be adjusted at 9.5-inches while the tripod stand can be adjusted at 8-inches.
  • LED lamps help to maintain colour clarity and temperature

8. Amzdeal LightBox Photo Studio/Professional Photography Tent

Amzdeal Light Box Photo Studio 20 x 20 inch Professional Photography Tent with LED Ligh

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If you an artist looking for some smashing photos, this 3-way lightbox is your catch. Coming with a set of LED lights that have 5500K temperature balanced with Colour Rendering Index, it has a diffuser that helps to picturise reflective objects. Above the lightbox is an electric cord that helps to set it up and makes installation easier.

Key features:

  • Has the option for 4-coloured backdrop suitable for clicking pictures from smartphones and iPhone
  • Its interior has a silver coating that is reflective and reduces the creation of shadows.
  • The installation process does not require any tool.

7. Emart Photography Table Top Photo Studio Kit

Emart Photography 24 x 24 Inches Table Top Photo Studio Continous Lighting LED Light Shooting Tent Box

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Those who are interested in still photography; this tabletop portable photo studio booth from the Emart with high output LED light stand is an ideal set-up. Having a portable tripod for accommodating either the camera or camcorder, it allows daylight temperature for your photos. Besides promoting a hassle-free installation, the background cloth is wrinkle-free.

Key features:

  • Folded pockets specifically to fit lamps.
  • The lights stay cool even after an activity-filled day.
  • Can take out the legs of the lamps easily.
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6. Amzdeal Professional Photo Lightbox Photo Studio Tent

Amzdeal Photo Light Box 32 x 32in Photo Studio Professional Photography Tent with LED Light

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A product from Amzdeal, it provides the upgraded light box that has the 3-door system to provide shadow-free photographs. Whether it is a small-sized photo or a large one, the frame of this lightbox can be set-up in particular places and its zippers are quite self-sufficient. Plus, with a tent body and 6584K colour temperature, you also obtain three different shooting angles.

Key features:

  • Have heat-proof silver reflector in the box.
  • Equipped with 2 LED light bands to support the picturesque backdrop.
  • Minimizes light on shiny objects and reduces harsh shadows to give a crisp backdrop.

5. HAVOX – HPB-80XD Photo Studio – Dimmable LED Lighting”Daylight” 

HAVOX - Photo Studio HPB-80XD - Dimension 32'x32'x32' - Dimmable LED Lighting"Daylight"

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When HAVOX brings something to the floor, rest assured it is the best that one can have. This dimmable SMD LED photo studio with a colour temperature of 5500K and multiple openings are specifically designed for adaptability. Its background shade is constructed of soft plastic and has the capacity to nullify reflections to make it more suitable for commercial purpose.

Key features:

  • Have premium lights for better quality pictures and ready to set-up camera.
  • Boasts of 240 LED lights with Colour Rendering Index of 93+.
  • Comes with the light diffusing quality of fabric for shiny objects with simultaneous openings at top and front.
  • Package includes carrying bag and also a user manual.

4. ESDDI Adjustable Portable Folding Hook & Loop Photo Studio Kit

ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box

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The studio light box features a host of positives as 120 LED lamps whose brightness can be adjusted, 5500K colour temperature for flexible shooting angles and simple usage. Its no-flicker shooting light helps to ensure that there is no distortion in picture quality. Also, the silver film present inside helps to spread light in an even manner and avoid any type of vignette in the process. Also, the lamp emitting angle being at 180-degrees and power input of 32V, it gets all better.

Key features:

  • The Hook and Loop design without the presence of connectors and rods make installation easy.
  • There are multiple options for closing and opening which makes picking the desired shooting position flexible.
  • 4 PVC backdrops and a rotary knob for adjusting brightness to the desired level.
  • ESDDI ensures a 12-month warranty with this photo box.
  • This package includes – LED power adapter, diffuser cloth, user manual, safety voltage adapter, 4 light bars.

3. FOSITAN Foldable Portable Photography Box Photo Studio Light Tent

Photo Light Box, FOSITAN K60 24x24 Inch LED Foldable Table Top Portable Photography Box Photo Studio Light Tent

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Perfectly suitable for shooting small products like jewellery, watches and toys, the portable photo studio and lighting kit with colour backdrop prove to be a great option. With the production of neutral light with a soft tinge, this portable photo studio box has a flexible LED light head making this box close to 1.5 times brighter. Further, you get ring lamps as well as a tripod; it can be folded for carrying it around.

Key features:

  • Features 3 colour temperature format (3200K – 5500K – 9000K).
  • The cloth fabric is soft.
  • Both tent, as well as background cloth, is washable.
  • Has a 12-month warranty and customer service facility.

2. HAVOX – Dimmable LED Lighting Photo Studio

HAVOX - Photo Studio HPB-80D - Dimension 32'x32'x32' - Dimmable LED Lighting "Daylight"

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Another gem of a photo box from HAVOX, this has SMD LED lights for clicking professional photos with a colour temperature of 5500K and multiple openings for a flexible photoshoot. The fabric that disperses light evenly by negating reflections and soft plastic background shades add on to the quality of photos.

Key features:

  • Installed with 168 dimmable LED photo lights.
  • Is easy to install with a maximum time limit of 15 minutes.
  • Click professional photos and has 13,000 lumens of luminous flux.

1. ORANGEMONKIE foldio3 25″ All-in-one Photo Shooting Studio

ORANGEMONKIE foldio3 25" All-in-one Photo Shooting Studio

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In the world of portable photo studios, Foldio3 adds a new dimension by allowing the studio to be folded down in a span of 10 seconds as it is blessed with a magnetic structure. With its folding thickness of 1-inch and studio backdrop coming in jet black, there’s no option for a reflection.

Its inbuilt triple LED diffuser enhances the reduction of shadows comparatively and has an adjustable halo bar.

Key features:

  • The studio has a sturdy handle for convenience purpose.
  • Can be used with compact cameras, tablets, DSLR and smartphones.
  • Has a dimming controller to manage the flickering lights.
  • To obtain top-notch lighting conditions, attach the Halo bar accordingly.

Have a rich professional experience with the folding portable photo studios and explore the world of photography.

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