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If you need to gain more attention with a beautiful creative outside your storefront, resorting to good posters is a great option. Other occasions like presentation or brand awareness are also hugely benefited with the use of a good poster. Setting up of the poster requires you to have an equally good quality of poster stands for floor. It nicely fits in all the poster and keeps it secured in one place.

Do not know which one will actually come to your use? You can go through the descriptions and help yourself choose the right product of your requirement. These are certainly the best poster board stands which are used without a doubt for different needs of yours.

Table of the Best Poster Stands for Floor Reviews

10. Quartet Easel Portable Instant Tripod Base 63″ Max. Height, Supports 5 lbs

Poster Stands

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So all informative and important posters are ready to be displayed? All the right images and writings are squeezed in the right manner? The next thing you need for setting up of the poster is a portable poster stand. No matter how brilliant your poster looks, if it is not catching the right attention it is of no use. This stand is certainly designed to be set up with ease and at an instant. Also, you can collapse the same stand in a jiffy and move on for your next presentation.

As the weight of the stand is very less, moving it from one place to another is never a challenge. Furthermore, the picture stands tall at 63-inches. And everyone who is supposed to see is going to have a clear view of it.

Key features:

  • Display height is indeed adjustable with a simple unclipping and sliding of the holders.
  • Can support posters of 5 pounds in maximum.
  • Folded size of the stand is just 15-inches which is pretty compact.

9. HUAZI Floor Poster Stands – Pedestal Sign Holder for Board and Foam

HUAZI Floor Poster Stand - Pedestal Sign Holder for Board and Foam

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Installing the poster in the right manner is extremely important. However, keeping it at the right place for the designated time is a challenge. But on this floor poster stand, there is a base of 9.4-inches by 11.8-inches. Therefore, stability is never compromised on. During harsh winds or any other force as well, the stand will keep the poster in the very right manner.

As it can hold up to 5 pounds of weight, you can practically use it with all kinds of posters. One of the best features of this stand is the dual-sided card design. Owing to this, now you can set up two posters side-by-side. Apart from that, it rather gains the right attention from your customers from all sides. Along with that, the height on this stand is adjustable to 75-inches. Thereby making it ideal for different sizes of posters to be set up.

Key features:

  • Extremely easy and hassle-free assembly is guaranteed with this poster stand.
  • Two stands are certainly coupled together for wide size posters.
  • Ideal for using with board and foam posters as well.

8. US Art Supply” Easy-Folding Easel” Black Steel 63-Inch Tall Display Easel

US Art Supply" Easy-Folding Easel" Black Steel 63-Inch Tall Display Easel

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This is an adjustable poster stand you need for your storefront if you are willing for more engagement and awareness. Designing a poster is only the first part, whereas setting it up in the right manner has some huge importance. With this brilliant option, you can always set up your poster conveniently. The stand is constructed using high-quality tubular steel metal and is extremely durable.

In addition to that, there is a glossy black powder-coated finish which effectively prevents rusting and corrosion damages. On the bottom, the non-slip rubber feet offer high-end stability and make the poster stay in the right way. Also, the stand is very easy to set up, as a result, even easier to takedown. In just a matter of seconds, you can collapse it and move it from one place to another. Finally, the height is indeed adjustable, delivering more convenience of working with bigger sized posters.

Key features:

  • Can support up to 5 pounds of maximum weight.
  • After folding the stand is just 15-inches, thereby making it easier to carry around.
  • Weighs just about 3 pounds and is rather carried with ease.

7. T-SIGN Adjustable Pedestal Poster Display Stand

T-SIGN Adjustable Pedestal Poster Display Stand

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A completely different designed and shaped pedestal poster stand for placing of your posters, this one is quite a choice. It offers you the fun of any angle viewing as the frame is capable of revolving both horizontally and vertically. Also, the height of the frame is adjustable between 31.5” and 48” for better viewing of the content. There is a non-glare lens included in the package, as a result, you can use over the poster.

This lens is resisted against UV and provides PVC protection to ensure the quality of the poster remains as it is even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.  Moreover, it certainly has an aluminium snap open frame. It is not only very durable but also offers great ease of usage. The black round base at the bottom is above all stable and stays sturdy always.

Key features:

  • It indeed appropriate for both indoor as well as outdoor instalment.
  • You can water flood the base to enhance the overall stability.
  • The rubber band included in the package aids in maintaining a good condition of the floor.

6. Magicfly Easel Lightweight Aluminum Telescoping Easels for Display

Magicfly Easel Lightweight Aluminum Telescoping Easels for Display

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The modern solution to your modern problems, this foldable poster stand is what you can use in multiple places. From the presentation in a conference to attract attention in the crowd, with this stand your poster will always get the right attention it deserves. The overall construction is top-notch and is made using tubular steel metal. This construction rather adds great durability but ensures the stand does not get heavy or bulky.

There is even a glossy black electrophoretic finish, as a matter of fact, adds great glamour to the stand. Next, it even saves it from rusting and damage. Plus, it has spring-loaded joints which aid in easy setup and tear down. Without any challenges or difficulties, you can collapse the stand and move it once your job is done.

Key features:

  • Requires no tool for setting up or collapsing of the stand.
  • Have non-slip rubber feet for high-end stability and sturdiness.
  • Once folded, the maximum size is certainly 15-inches, hence, making it easy to store and transport.

5. Lightweight Aluminum Telescoping Poster Display Stand

Lightweight Aluminum Telescoping Poster Display Stand

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Coming from the house of Audio-Visual Direct, this is a brilliant choice which is used for versatile purposes. From hanging of posters to displaying artworks, this stand can do it all without any complains whatsoever. The aluminium construction of the frame makes it very durable and strong for worry-free use in daily scenarios.

Also, there is a stain anodized finish or added protection against moisture and corrosion. The whole stand is indeed very lightweight also and used in almost all places. As it is set up and collapsed in seconds, the comfort of using it is outstanding. Moreover, this stand is folded so that you can use signs or artworks as per your need on it.

Key features:

  • Height is meant adjustable anywhere between 37-inches and 70-inches.
  • Rubberized grips are rather provided to make sure the sign remains at the right place always.
  • Rubber feet on the bottom that will prevent slipping and tipping at any cost.

4. Ohuhu Artist Easels for Display – Aluminum Metal Tripod Field Easel with Bag 

Ohuhu Artist Easels for Display - Aluminum Metal Tripod Field Easel with Bag 

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The height-adjustable stand is going to be of great help if you are willing to set up a poster for your customers or other people. As the height is adjustable between 25-inches and 73-inches, a lot of different sizes of posters can go on this. One of the most fascinating things about this stand is its flexibility.

Nonetheless, the 3 legs are independent of each other and are adjustable. So, now if you have an uneven surface also, you can very easily set up the stand evenly. The simple spring clamp and lock lever assembly make it easy to adjust as per your needs. Furthermore, this extraordinary stand can certainly keep all and never complain about anything.

Key features:

  • Outstanding construction using high-quality aluminium alloy.
  • It is indeed collapsed down to just 25-inches of size for ease of portability.
  • Non-slip base offers great protection against sudden slipping or overturning.

3. Floor Standing Poster Stands & Sign Holder

Floor Standing Poster Stands & Sign Holder

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For your posters, you should have a good quality of a stand. This is designed to fit a poster of 22” X 28” that has a thickness of maximum ¼”. Most of the posters that are available in the market come in this dimension. Therefore, you can always rely on this stand to effectively engage and aware more people with a creative.

As it has a top slot-loading design, your posters will rather have great double-sided visibility. Thereby promising more effectiveness always. The overall weight of the stand is very light, as a result, less effort and energy is need while assembling.

Key features:

  • Strong and durable steel construction has a glossy black finish.
  • A wide bottom base offers good stability.
  • 59-inches of height certainly grab attention at eye level.

2. HAITIAN Sign Holder Poster Stands for Poster Frame

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From the brand Haitan, this stand is a good choice for multiple reasons. The aluminium and steel combination used in the construction makes it extremely durable and strong. There is a 10-inches diameter of the base that enhances the overall stability you can ask out of it.

It offers great flexibility when it comes to viewing, as a matter of fact, a complete viewing experience. You can indeed use the stand both in landscape and horizontal viewing. Finally, the display angle is adjusted for more commendable results.

Key features:

  • The rubber band aims to rather protect the floor from any scratches or harm.
  • Superior protection against dirt and fingerprint with the PVC lens cover.

1. Klvied Heavy Duty Poster Sign Stand

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This stand is undoubtedly one of the very best in the business. The base is itself the very stable and heavy-duty to offer great protection against winds. Also, you can water flood the base when you are keeping it in the outdoors to prevent risks of overturning. The viewing angle and the direction of viewing are adjusted as per your need always.

However, it works both horizontally and vertically to perfectly match the poster’s needs. Along with that, the height of the frame is certainly adjustable between 31.5-inches and 48-inches for more convenience.

Key features:

  • PVC lens cover for extraordinary protection against rain, dust, and fingerprint.
  • The front-loading snap frame is indeed more convenient to use.

Need a place to put up your posters? The poster display stands will neatly showcase the art pieces.