Top 10 Best Postpartum Belly Wraps for Women Reviews In 2020

Although human beings like everything extra, however, no one likes to have more than it is needed. Especially new mothers who had a fit figure pre-pregnancy often feel dejected for their overgrowing post operation. It is an unavoidable situation and the majority of the women who have given birth encountered this unfavourable condition. Going back to the shape is a challenge and needs some dedication in the gym. For people who dislike gym but desire the slim trim body, these postpartum belly wraps will come in handy.

Featuring the best postpartum belly wraps to buy online, every product is top-notch and very effective to use. Regular use of these belts will certainly provide you with results that you would appreciate.

Table of the Best Postpartum Belly Wraps Reviews

10. UpSpring Baby Charcoal Postpartum Belly Band and Waist Trainer for Postpartum Support & Weight Loss

Postpartum Belly Wraps

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Life post pregnancy is joyous but when it comes to your body and health, there are multiple complications. A new mother following a C section often is at risk of swelling from the belly portion. Getting hold of a good postpartum belly wrap will help you flatten out on that. The belly fat is hugely reduced and regular use of it even helps you get back to your ideal shape.

Designed with bamboo charcoal fibre technology, the belly wrap effectively increases blood circulation without any artificial ingredients. For increasing your body’s rate of metabolism, you can indeed use the wrap in day to day basis. Along with the reduction in belly swelling, this wrap works on speeding up the recovery process.

Key features:

  • Supports even the lower back as there is a built-in boning.
  • Core abdominal muscle is rather well-supported with this wrap.
  • An adjustable wrap made with moisture wick material.
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9. ChongErfei Postpartum Recovery Belly Wrap & Waist/Pelvis Belt Body Shaper Postnatal Shapewear

ChongErfei Postpartum Recovery Belly Wrap

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This is a postpartum belly wrap belt that has 3-in-1 benefit in day to day scenario. From becoming a belly belt to reduce postpartum sagging to transforming into a pelvis strap to correct the pelvis structure, this can do all. When using this on a regular basis, the whole middle body is greatly benefitted both at the back and front. It has an innovative fish bone design that will effectively bring down your pelvis and back pains.

Moreover, the lower back also gets the much-needed support and you can naturally hold your correct posture always. The overall belt is quite lightweight in nature. And it certainly does not feel uncomfortable when you are wearing it even for longer hours.

Key features:

  • Extremely adjustable as it has high-elastic material.
  • Breathable material delivers great comfort for long hours.
  • Easy to clean design indeed helps in keeping the wrap new always.

8. Gepoetry Recovery Belly Wrap – Recovery Belly Wrap Girdle Support Band Belt Body Shaper

Recovery Belly Wrap Girdle Support Band Belt Body Shaper

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With this postpartum belly wrap for C-section, new mothers will get extra benefits of a waist belt and pelvis belt. Often post a C-section, mothers lose out on their body shape and the skin tends to become looser. For restoring that and getting back to the ideal shape, this belly wrap will come in really handy. Next, it comes in a choice of two sizes for different people with different body shape and body weight.

Built on the wrap there is a memory of cartilage that delight user with some added benefits. Furthermore, the already adjustable and customizable wrap has a premium quality Velcro attachment. Therefore, this allows you to keep wearing it throughout the day. And not end up the opening or falling out every now and then.

Key features:

  • Elastic is rather woven on the belt for easy size adjustment.
  • Made using close skin fabrics for supreme comfort.
  • Extremely useful fishbone support for enhanced benefits and flexibility.

7. TiRain Postpartum Support Wrap for Recovery Belly, Waist & Pelvis Belt Shapewear

TiRain Postpartum Support Wrap for Recovery Belly, Waist & Pelvis Belt Shapewear

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When you are buying a postpartum belly wrap, the primary most concern after effectiveness is the comfort. Firstly, the belly wrap is designed to stick to your skin for a significant amount of time. As a result, compromising with the quality is going to cause you trouble. This one is designed using the finest quality and supremely comfortable lightweight fabric for all-day wear.

As a matter of fact, it has passed the air permeable test which makes it even more suited for wearing. The whole belt is ultra-breathable in nature and allows you to wear it in all seasons around the year. Along with that, the package includes a belly belt, a waist belt and even a pelvis belt for more benefits.

Key features:

  • Does not roll up or deform when used for long.
  • Comes with an anti-dust bag for ease of storing.
  • Highly advantageous fishbone postpartum belly wrap design for back support.
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6. Geoge Waist Trimmer Belt- Breathable Postnatal Maternity Support Belt 

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Postpartum recovery is an important thing so that the skin that has encountered damage comes back to its real state. Equally, it is very important that your belly wrap is made out of the best quality materials. Plus guarantees zero side effects and skin issues.

The adjustable and stretchy postpartum belly wrap fabric used in the construction is of premium quality in nature. This same fabric is very comfortable to touch and feels nice to wear it for longer times. Above all, no matter how your body shape is, there is an option for everyone.

Key features:

  • The Velcro attachment ensures a secure and snug fit.
  • Designed with 4 flexible bones to prevent hassles of rolling and down.
  • Certainly, comes with an abdominal binder for the tummy.

5. ChongErfei Postpartum Belly Wrap Support Recovery Belts 

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Designed to perfection, this amazing belly wrap is supremely helpful and efficiently serves the purpose it is meant to. Along with the extremely useful design, the overall build quality is top notch as well. It is made entirely out of cotton. And no matter how long you wear it every day, you will not feel uncomfortable. The soft and lightweight material does not hinder your day to day movement or when you are sitting or lying.

Also, as it has a stretchy material, outstanding compression is always guaranteed. Moreover, the innovative shape offers enhanced adjustability benefit. Finally, the long belt with 3 closures covers maximum part and allows for easy adjustments.

Key features:

  • The innovative curved design allows you to move freely always.
  • Rolling up is completely eliminated with the 5 pieces of steel ribs.
  • Deformation protected Velcro that is indeed offered is super-viscous.

4. Postpartum Belly Wrap C Section Recovery Belt Belly Band Binder 

Postpartum Belly Wrap C Section Recovery Belt Belly Band Binder 

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Carefully designed using the finest quality of materials to make it well suited for all skin types. The wrap is made out entirely of medical grade skin-friendly cotton. It feels extremely comfortable to the skin and the lightweight construction allows it for all day applications as well. Even while you are wearing it going about your day to day chores, the wrap will not roll or get deformed.

However, this same belt is used for many other purposes primarily dealing with fitness. Women can wear it for slimming and body shaping also. Along with that, the user-friendly curved design on the back gives more flexibility and posture correction.

Key features:

  • Mesh fabric feels really comfortable and breathable to the skin.
  • Secure attachment with double-adjusting Velcro.
  • Rather have a couple of steel ribs on the back for relief of back pain.
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3. UpSpring Baby Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap

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Yet another brilliantly designed belly wrap from the house of Upspring Baby, now losing some belly inches is extremely ease. Recommended by OB/GYN, this wrap will ideally fit on your waist and never make you feel at discomfort. Many new mothers around the globe are suffering from the unwanted addition of fat on their belly and waist region.

As a matter of fact, this customizable wrap is designed with triple compression shrinks for faster and more reliable results. Also, it is shaped in such a manner that anyone would look slimmer instantaneously by just wearing it.

Key features:

  • Breathable mesh fabric feels light and comfortable to touch.
  • Latex-free construction helps eliminate skin irritation.
  • The built-in boning helps to obtain superb lower back support.

2. ODOBOU Post Belly Band Postpartum Recovery Belt Girdle Belly Binder

ODOBOU Post Belly Band Postpartum Recovery Belt Girdle Belly Binder

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One of the best choices of belly wraps, this will ideally transform your post-C-section life back to normal. If you are already hating the extra fat and weight you are gaining, then this can-do wonder for you. Next, the same belt you can use on a regular basis for your general fitness, posture correction and back support. Owing to the boning that is built into the belly, one can always hold on posture without any extra efforts.

Furthermore, the choice of sizes like small, medium, and large allows anyone to use it with confidence. The lightweight design allows you to comfortably wear it all day long and do all the needed works also.

Key features:

  • Closures are certainly adjustable and have in total 3 closures.
  • Long and stretchy elastic delivers the perfect amount of compression to the waist.
  • Uses 100% medical grade cotton which is breathable and comfortable.

1. Hip Mall 3 in 1 Girdle Support Recovery Belly Band

Hip Mall 3 in 1 Girdle Support Recovery Belly Band

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Topping the list, this belly wrap will be your everyday companion and help you to lose all the unwanted inches. Made out of high-end quality mesh fabric, it feels beautiful on the skin and ensures you do not feel agitated. Also, it is very breathable in nature and is completely free of latex.

Even when you are wearing it the entire day and doing movements in all directions. Nonetheless, the belt will not roll up and cause you trouble. The choice of sizes based on weights is more suited for people who wish to buy one at the earliest.

Key features:

  • The closure is completely adjustable and allows you to have the snuggest fit.
  • Lightweight construction aids in posture correction.
  • Pack of 3 includes belly belt, pelvis belt and waist belt.

Shed some extra weight, stay fit after pregnancy and obtain a lot more benefits. The most effective postpartum belly wrap will help you in many ways.

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