Top 10 Best Desktop Printing Calculators for Office Reviews In 2020

For doing your calculations you need a calculator which is easy to use and has a lot of useful features. But what most usual calculators often fail to improve is the fine yet crucial details that really improve user experience. As a result, printing calculators are specially designed for a more advanced purpose. These are expert in dealing with tax calculations as well and take off a lot of pressure in the work field.

Our list of printing calculators helps you to attain clear insights on what to buy and what not. Give it a thorough read to come to a conclusion.

Table of the Best Printing Calculators Reviews

10. Casio HR-100TM Mini Desktop Printing Calculator

Printing Calculators

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Casio is an industry leader when it comes to calculators and is providing reliable products across the globe for decades. This calculator is much faster than products of other brands since it can produce two lines each second. So even entry is much faster than other calculators. The sufficiently large printing calculator display can display 12 digits so that you can see everything clearly. Now, you won’t have to press wrong keys since this calculator has large keys that provide ease of use.

Moreover, calculations are really convenient on this device because of useful features like grand total functions and sign change. Next, tax calculations were never easy for anyone in any country. Complicated tax brackets, expenses, income and other factors make it a nightmare that everyone has to go through each year. Unlike other manufacturers, Casio gives you a useful feature that eases your tax calculations. Instead of using complex functions that lead to the confusion you just need the touch of a button for calculating your taxes without error.

Key features:

  • Produces paper that is of 2 ¼ widths.
  • Rather, comes with an AC adaptor.
  • Can smoothly count items.
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9. Sharp EL-1197PIII Color Printing Calculator with Clock & Calendar

Sharp EL-1197PIII Color Printing Calculator with Clock & Calendar

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Want a heavy-duty printing calculator which is made out of premium materials? Then this would last you for a significant duration and is one of the best options for you. It can print in two colours with the ribbon printing technology and features a professional keyboard. Hence, it helps you get the job done.

Now you can also keep track of time with the clock and calendar function. However, the most important feature is the antimicrobial protection that is already inbuilt. It rather aids in keep the damaging bacteria at bay and cause no harm to your prints.

Key features:

  • Item counts are certainly inserted.
  • Includes two conversion key options.
  • Large fluorescent display.

8. Canon P23-DHV-3 Printing Calculator with Double Check Function, Tax Calculation & Currency Conversion

Canon P23-DHV-3 Printing Calculator with Double Check Function

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Canon is a reliable brand that is manufacturing reliable electronics and gadgets for decades. The Japanese brand is improving lives and helped people do their job with more efficiency with their ingenious technology. Like their cameras, this calculator is an equally amazing product that would help you in your tasks every day.  It has common and important business and tax functions pre-programmed inside it. As a result, you don’t have to go through the hassle and direct your efforts in smooth business operation. With calendar and clock functions built-in, you can easily be aware of days of the month and time.

Furthermore, it also has the double check function which will save you money in the long run. You can certainly compare two different input calculation results with the help of this function. And if there is a difference it gets printed out in red colour. So, you can easily track your errors so that you can save money.

Key features:

  • No more hassles in loading the paper. Now you can load it easily.
  • The printing calculator weighs around a pound.
  • Indeed runs on battery power.

7. Sharp EL-2196BL 12 Digit Printing Calculator

Sharp EL-2196BL 12 Digit Printing Calculator

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With a stylish sleek black body, you get a printing business calculator from Sharp that accentuates your desk nicely. It provides you ultra-fast printing speed of 3.7 lines every second. Plus, it has got tax keys which are used to input rates and currencies for automatic and basic tax calculations.

With the rounding switch, you can easily round off the number and get done with your job. Finally, the fluorescent display is pretty large and you would face no problems in seeing it.

Key features:

  • Gains its power a common 120V power source.
  • Indeed have batteries to store time, date and values for tax rates.
  • Print in 2 colours and you have got the right to choose.
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6. Casio HR-150TMPlus Business Calculator

Casio HR-150TMPlus Business Calculator

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It is a premium calculator that in spite of having a compact form factor features a larger display than other models. Plus, it is powered by 4 AA printing calculator batteries. Hence, you can run this calculator for a very long time and results in impressive usage time.

Nonetheless, you won’t even get confused with large number outputs. It certainly uses black ink to print positive numbers while red is used for negative

Key features:

  • Offers both black as well as red colour for printing.
  • Wide enough LCD display to accommodate 12 digits at a time.
  • High-quality plastic key construction adds to the sturdiness.

5. Sharp EL-1801V Two-Color Printing Calculator

Sharp EL-1801V Two-Color Printing Calculator

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Sharp with fine craftsmanship and attention to detail takes care of that and gives the ultimate calculator for printing. Under the calculator, there are a few rubber pads which increase traction. In fact, it prevents the calculator from wobbling or sliding on tour work desk. Next, it has got a metal prong which holds the paper roll for printing all your tax calculations. And with the calculator, it prints out two and a half lines each second.

Furthermore, the half inch display is another advantageous feature which shows you at most 12 digits on the fluorescent screen. So even if you have to do large calculations with big numbers you won’t face any problem. Unlike other printing batteries, you don’t need batteries to run this device. It runs on a 120V power source which is common for American households and you don’t have to constantly replace batteries.

Key features:

  • Has a grand total and average key.
  • Certainly, change calculations with the press of a button.

4. Canon MP11DX-2 Desktop Printing Calculator

Canon MP11DX-2 Desktop Calculator

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Canon brings to you a new and improved model of printing calculators that makes tax calculations a breeze. Firstly, it has a compact size which is perfect for a busy professional like you. You can carry it wherever you want due to its lightweight and compact design.

With its extensive features and keys that are dedicated for calculation of profit margins, you would always stay ahead. It is inclusive of clock and calendar that will keep one updated. Lastly, the currency conversion will aid in gaining accurate results.

Key features:

  • Double check feature makes your calculations accurate every time.
  • Superfast printing speed with the help of ink ribbon.
  • Light in weight as it has a weight of 3.3-pounds.
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3. Sharp EL-1901 12-Digit LCD Paperless Printing Calculator

Sharp EL-1901 12-Digit LCD Paperless Calculator

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A calculator is really great for doing your taxes, crunching numbers and more. But it comes with a lot of baggage, due to their lack of purpose. Sharp has done just that to provide you with a hassle-free experience. As a result, doesn’t produce paper waste and is good for the environment. It has got a big digital display which shows you as much as 300 lines and that too without paper. So you don’t need to restock the paper and it works as much green and environment-friendly method.

Moreover, most calculators certainly make a lot of noise when it prints each line. This calculator doesn’t do that. Hence, you can use it even in public places like libraries where peace and quiet are appreciated. You can even tilt the LCD display to an angle which gives you a better and clear view. When you aren’t using the calculator you can tilt back the display into the calculator body for a compact size. Thus, makes storage in tight spaces possible.

Key features:

  • Safely operated on AC power.
  • Has a 12 digit display which shows numbers in bright blue colour.

2. Victor Technology PL8000 Thermal Printing Calculator

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The fully loaded PL8000 is perfect for anyone from the number cruncher to the tax professional. It boasts a blazing fast 8 line per second thermal printer. It means you have one of the quickest and quietest machine the market today. Ink cartridges can lead to spills and getting them isn’t that easy all the time. So Victor has used thermal printing in this calculator to give you a mess-free experience. It has a large backlit display that is capable of showing you 14 digits at a time.

As a matter of fact, it t also displays positive numbers in green and negative numbers in red. Hence, it helps in reducing mistakes and errors. The PLA 8000 also features the exclusive technology from Victor, Prompt Logic. It’s an intuitive way to help you through the most complex calculations. The innovative alphanumeric display allows the calculator to prompt you for the necessary inputs. Finally, you get a program key which lets you set desired values in different categories like tax rates, currency, time etc.

Key features:

  • Unique help key which provides instant descriptions and instructions for using each key.
  • You can certainly customise up to six messages.
  • Also, have instalment loan keys.

1. Canon MP11DX Printing Calculator

Canon MP11DX

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Keys of this calculator have an ergonomic shape which is finger-friendly and makes long stressful hours of calculation easier. You also get a classy and dazzling look due to the nickel brushed finish. It makes the calculator blend into any sort of office setup and makes your desk look more professional.

However, you can also input and calculate decimals with this calculator, a feature that is missing in most other alternatives. Even values get printed in different colours, positives in black while negative gets printed in red.

Key features:

  • Durable and long lasting.
  • The keypad is user-friendly and one faces no hassles in its operation.

Maintain the record, get accurate results, get the taxes done and a lot more. Using a printing calculator can indeed reduce your work pressure and do the job neatly.

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