Top 10 Best Portable Folding Sewing Machine Tables Reviews In 2020

The love some people bear for creating beautiful art in a piece of cloth is unpredictable. Have the limitation of equipment or machine to let your creativity out? The sewing machine tables are made to help others design and create art in a piece of cloth or many. Some even use it for doing simple stitching whenever shirts or any clothing item gets torn. Having multiple usages, the sewing table will help you in a lot of way.

So, which products have earned the trust of the users? The top 10 sewing tables are listed based on its performance and overall satisfaction of the costumers.

Table of the Best Sewing Machine Tables Reviews

10. SewingRite 101 Sewing Craft Table

Sewing Machine Tables

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The SewStation 101 lets you do all your sewing, crafting or cutting at one place. Therefore, without having to go around the room and switching tables. It is a stable and portable sewing craft table which would suit all and especially help beginner quilters and sewers.

In the beginning, you might be passionate about the craft but might lack a permanent setup. However, this table can help a lot to bridge the gap. It has a melamine top which means that you not only get an attractive finish but also high resistance to scratches. So if you run the scissor on the tabletop, don’t worry and just continue with your work. It rather has super sturdy legs made from high-quality steel.

Besides, it is strong enough to give you immense stability. That’s why won’t be knocked or tipped if you accidentally bump into it. You can also adjust the platform in order to accommodate sewing machines of various heights. Lastly, the high range of compatibility lets you save a lot of money when you want to switch or upgrade.

Key features:

  • One can fold it flat for compact storage under the bed or inside the closet.
  • Can certainly support around 50 pounds of weight.
  • You get the surface area of 5 and a half square feet.
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9. Mainstay Folding Sewing Table & Craft Center Table

Mainstay Folding Sewing Table & Craft Center Table

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Moving this folding sewing table around from one room to another is easy due to the wheels at the bottom. Just push it with minimal force, that’s all. You can fold it down or open it up for an instant table. And use it as a storage for all your supplies and the sewing machine itself.

In addition to that, you indeed get two bins which can store small items like bobbins, thread rolls and more. When you aren’t using it for sewing, you can also use the tabletop. Now you use it as a small work station or for decoration with lamps and books.

Key features:

  • Wooden construction is super strong and stable with lockable wheels.
  • Three small shelves and a door with a rather decent handle.

8. Costway Home Adjustable Sewing Machine Tables with Drawer & Shelves

Machine Tables with Drawer & Shelves

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Costway has brought to you a versatile table. As a result, is used not just for sewing but can become a good workstation or a gaming station. It certainly has a platform which is adjusted according to your requirements. So you can set up any sewing machine with its 6 different height adjustments. You can also place your mechanical keyboard here. Furthermore, the frame is made from heavy-duty steel which makes the table incredibly stable and bumps resistant.

To protect the adjustable sewing table from corrosion and rusting, it is powder coated as well for a black finish. It also has all the components you need for keeping your sewing setup well organised. Besides, it has a pull drawer which can be used for storing away your fabrics. Overall, the tabletop is also large enough for various accessories. If you use it as a computer desk, you can keep your monitor and some books or gaming discs.

Key features:

  • The side shelf is rather foldable if not in use.
  • 3 shelves for supply storage or PC case.
  • Table tip is made with MDF and waterproofed with PVC.

7. Sullivans Portable Sewing Table

Sullivans Portable Sewing Table

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Mobility and portability would be of no concern anymore with this table from Sullivans. It has 6 wheels that are durable and strong enough to support the table even with a heavy sewing machine. Move it to any room of your house without help with the help or disassembly.

You can also fold it to the size of a dresser drawer, as a matter of fact, it doesn’t hog up excessive space. The sewing table with wheels also features a locking system of the caster. Therefore, you can certainly keep it stable in one place.

Key features:

  • Crafted from premium quality and organic walnut wood for its strength.
  • Drawers are indeed assembled in either right or left side of the table.
  • You get a total of four drawers for arranging your supply.
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6. Sew Ready STDN-38017  White Venus Sewing Table

Sew Ready STDN-38017  White Venus Sewing Table

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Manage the space available to you in the most efficient way with this table. First of fall, the tabletop is large enough to give you satisfactory workspace. Next, it has a hinged foldable side. For that reason, makes more of the room available to you when you aren’t sewing or quilting. It doesn’t have a fixed platform. Moreover, you can adjust it so that the base of your sewing machine is aligned with the tabletop.

This way when you are gliding fabric across the sewing needles nothing gets stuck and you have a smooth operation. You can also use this as a computer table or for die-cutting. For your storage needs, you also get a large shelf at the bottom. Therefore, it is rather used for keeping your supplies like bobbins, threads, buttons, fabric and more.

Key features:

  • Legs have plastic caps to protect your floor from stains or scratches.
  • 6 positions platform adjustment certainly for aligning your sewing machine.
  • The sturdy metal sewing table frame is white powder coated for protection against dust and moisture.

5. Costway Sewing Machine Tables with Folding Side Shelf

Costway Sewing Machine Tables with Folding Side Shelf

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Castaway always tries to provide the best quality products at a reasonable price and this table doesn’t disappoint either. It has a large work surface so that even with a pile of fabric, you don’t feel any lack of space. You can indeed lower or raise the platform to align the sewing machine properly with the tabletop.

Finally, the top is thick enough at a ⅘ inch. Thus, it can bear a significant amount of weight for you to use this for crafting or your computer.

Key features:

  • The platform is moved within 6 positions.
  • Made from top-quality steel, MDF board and PVC material.
  • The product rather offers as many as 6 positions to work on.

4. Southern Enterprises Eaton Rolling Craft Sewing Table

Southern Enterprises Eaton Rolling Craft Sewing Table

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Southern Enterprises has brought to you a beautiful table made from the best quality materials and doesn’t lack in mobility. The wheeled table is certainly moved around in the house anytime you want. Moreover, it has open easy to access shelves for your supplies and accessories.

You can also lack the caster wheels to prevent the machine from rolling off while you are sewing. The table has a medium-density fiberboard construction and is laminated with melamine for scratch resistance.

Key features:

  • Comes with a 12 month warranty period.
  • You indeed get a total of 4 shelves.
  • Weighs only 50 pounds that is pretty lightweight when compared to other tables.
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3. Giantex White Folding Sewing Craft Table with Wheels

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You will benefit greatly with this foldable table from Giantex. This table is folded laterally into a very small size. Hence, it fits right into the tight corner beside your bed. So when you don’t need it you can save some precious real estate. Thus, useful for small apartments and set it up within seconds when you want to do your stitching or quilting. Next, it has wheels on all the legs which let you move this around in your home effortlessly. So if you want to renovate a room you can easily do so by rolling this out to another room.

For fixing the table at a stationary position you can also lock the wheels to prevent unintentional rolling. Furthermore, the table is manufactured from natural solid wood for durability and stable design. For that reason, a few accidental bumps won’t bring it down. Nevertheless, since it is made from wood and has a protective coating, it is immune to rusting and resistant to water damage. Lastly, you can use the table for a prolonged period of time.

Key features:

  • Hinge and handle are made from high-quality metal.
  • All white design certainly looks absolutely stunning and blends in with any kind of decor.
  • 3 bins for storing and organising your supplies.

2. Craft & Hobby Essentials Machine Platform Table with Drawers, Shelf and Drop Leaf Top

Craft & Hobby Essentials Machine Platform Table with Drawers

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When you buy this table from Craft & Hobby, you don’t have to invest one more dollar for things like tools or extra accessories in the assembly. It comes in one complete package that has all the tools and hardware you require for assembly. As a matter of fact, one of the major components is the adjustable platform that can withstand 20 pounds. As a result, it is enough for most sewing machines from popular manufacturers.

Given that, you also get a lower shelf for storing all the essentials. Lastly, it is indeed fully made of iron.

Key features:

  • The space-saving folding shelf at the side can hold 10 pounds.
  • Round ergonomic handles for rather pulling out the drawers.
  • 50 pounds of capacity for the tabletop.

1. Studio Designs Eclipse Sewing Machine Tables

Studio Designs Eclipse Sewing Machine Tables

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Studio Designs has created a brilliant sewing table with the best quality steel construction. Thus, makes it super stable and gives it a good weight-bearing capacity. A portion of the tabletop is hinged and you can fold it to save space when you aren’t using it. You can also adjust the platform to accommodate sewing machines of various height profiles for better alignment.

However, the best part is its multi-functionality. If you want to buy a bigger table in the future, this table rather wouldn’t collect dust in the corner. Finally, you can pass it on to your kids for use as a computer table

Key features:

  • Laminated and powder-coated certainly for an attractive finish and rust resistance.
  • Meshed shelf for keeping tools and other supplies.

Let your creativity out and make beautiful art pieces. The top-rated sewing tables will help you to create even the most intricate designs.

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