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Are you injured or do you have flexibility issues? Every time you go inside to enjoy your shower, do you feel pain or uncomfortable? Then there is a solution to rescue from this situation. The shower chairs are designed for the sole purpose of helping you out whenever you are using the toilet. It will help you to sit comfortably and avoid any situation of slipping or tipping off. Many factors contribute to the excellence of the product.

In our buying guide of shower chairs, you get all the necessary details that need to be considered. So, see which one is compatible and which one is not.

Table of the Best Handicap Shower Chairs Reviews

10. Carex Universal Bath Bench Seat and Shower Chairs

Shower Chairs

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Carex has created a brilliant adjustable shower chair that serves multiple purposes. Plus, it gives you excellent features that are hard to get at this price point. This chair will indeed give you a stable platform to soap or rinse yourself with great ease. Made from high-quality plastic material it isn’t affected by water. No rusting and corroding the chair would take quite a few years.

It is also extremely lightweight, moreover, will not give any chance to feel the bulk. Given that, it is so light that you can lift it with just one hand. But strong and stable enough to support you or anyone else as long as they weigh under 400 pounds. Even if you exert a lot more force while you are on the chair, there would be no chance of falling or breaking the product. Plus, it will support you nicely. Overall, it also has holes in the seat to allow drainage of excess water

Key features:

  • Assembling this chair is rather a breeze since it doesn’t involve the need for any tool.
  • Ergonomic handles on both sides so that you can easily transport it.
  • Feet have non-skid rubber material that has a good grip even on a wet surface.

9. Dr. Maya Adjustable Bath & Shower Chairs with Aluminum Legs

Dr. Maya Adjustable Bath & Shower Chairs with Aluminum Legs

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Comfort and safety for those who need to stay seated while bathing is a must. Now you can enjoy the sturdy stability of this adjustable bath and shower chair from Dr. Maya. Firstly, it has a compact longitudinal form factor which saves space and gits inside any bathtub or shower. So irrespective of the size of your bathroom or apartment, you would be able to use this chair.

Next, you can also adjust the height of this chair from one foot to 19.5-inches. This means that the chair can accommodate people of most conditions and age background. Be it the elderly, kids or someone who is suffering from an injury. The chair certainly has a total of 8 drain holes that prevent the accumulation of water on the seat itself. When you sit on this chair you won’t slip either because it has a textured surface that increases grip. Lastly, for added security and ease of portability; you also get two handles at the sides

Key features:

  • The anti-slip shower chair features large legs that include strong wide rubber feet.
  • The anodized aluminium construction of the legs make them resistant to corrosion and keeps the bulk low.
  • Legs are large, stable and can indeed bear till 300 pounds

8. Dr Kay’s Adjustable Top Rated Shower Bench

Dr Kay's Adjustable Top Rated Shower Bench

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Dr Kay brings you a bath chair with angled legs that have their structure further reinforced with two crisscrossing tubes. Since it is made from aluminium, it isn’t as vulnerable to water and other elements as iron or wood. Furthermore, it also keeps your chair lightweight and makes it portable.

It is small enough to fit in most tubs, yet wife enough to seat you comfortably. Besides, it is rather a bit higher than most other generic shower chairs that you can find on the market.

Key features:

  • You can also lift it easily with handles built into the chair.
  • The lightweight shower chair certainly weighs merely 5 pounds, ultra-light.

7. Drive Medical Safety Shower Bench with Back

Drive Medical Safety Shower Bench Chair with Back

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Wet and slippery bathroom surfaces can increase the risk of falling. To improve your security and avoid accidents while bathing Drive Medical has created this amazing bath bench and seat. It indeed provides a perfect solution for the accident-prone slippery bathroom surface. As a matter of fact, it is made from lightweight aluminium and doesn’t suffer from rusting like iron furniture. It gives you all the strength without being too heavy.

Additionally, it can also take the onslaught of water and other elements and wouldn’t get corroded easily. It’s so strong that even if you have someone in your family with a heavy build. That’s why; they wouldn’t have any problems using this chair due to its 400-pound weight capacity. The seat is also curved so that you get more comfort and has handles which have contours. Therefore, making it easier for grabbing them with your hands. Plus, the suction cup feet just work to improve stability over any flat surface.

Key features:

  • The shower chair with back support features drainage holes at the strategic position. So, you don’t have to sit on a wet and sloppy chair.
  • Back, seat and legs snap together without tools.
  • Height of the legs is rather adjusted to your preference.

6. Ez2care Adjustable Lightweight Shower with Bench

Ez2care Adjustable Lightweight Shower with Bench

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5 easy steps are all it takes for assembling this chair. You don’t need tools, hardware or invest in any extra junk. Just a few minutes and you will be ready to use this bath chair. It certainly has winged handles that let you grab the chair with ease. Plus, also provides you with a firm grip if you are suffering from leg injuries.

However, it has features to give you maximum adhesion to the floor with its suction rubber-tipped feet. They have a significant diameter and with the strength from the aluminium legs, you get a sturdy and stable chair.

Key features:

  • Depending on the person, the height of the legs is adjusted from 12.5-inches to 18-inches.
  • Space-saving shower chair design indeed allows you to use this even in smaller bathtubs.

5. Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat with Padded Armrests & Back

Bath Seat with Padded Armrests & Back

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Water constantly pours on you and the bath chair when you are in the tub or under the shower. So to prevent the seat from getting slippery, it has 12 drainage holes to take care of that problem. You would always have the anti-skid surface of the seat free from water puddles and can rather sit comfortably.

The side arms also have a solid build quality. And nevertheless, with the soft padded surface, you won’t feel any hand strain.

Key features:

  • Easy intuitively designed knobs, just twist and forget about tools
  • Rubber feet also have drainage holes to spill out any excess water.
  • 350 lbs of the weight limit, as a result, can fit all sorts of individuals.

4. OasisSpace Medical Bath Stool with Free Assist Grab Bar

OasisSpace Medical Bath Stool with Free Assist Grab Bar

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OasisSpace brings you an irresistible deal where you get a highly functional bath chair along with a grab bar. Both the products are really useful for anyone who has mobility issues. Therefore, can reduce their struggle in the bathroom while increasing safety. Moreover, the seat has all the important features you need.

These include wing handles for added support, multiple drainage holes, contoured ergonomic design and a lot more. Even the humble but high-quality grab bar can rather withstand 250 pounds of weight without any issue.

Key features:

  • Both grab bar and chair legs have strong suction with the surface.
  • Legs allow you to adjust the height within 6 levels.
  • This is certainly a slip-proof product.

3. Vaunn Medical Adjustable Shower Chairs with Arms

Vaunn Medical Adjustable Shower Chairs with Arms

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Vaunn Medical always tries to innovate and deliver you a product that has the latest features and is highly secure. This bath chair from the brand is one of their greatest products that you can get for your bathroom. It would not just aid patients with mobility issues, kids and seniors but also very useful to regular adults. Your bathing experience would get an immense upgrade with this incredible and versatile shower chair. It has a heavy-duty frame made from one-inch anodized aluminium tubing, as a matter of fact, can withstand a lot of weight without any shakes or wobbles.

It can indeed support anyone who weighs up to 300 pounds. While you are using the toilet, you would feel as if the chair is mounted to the floor. Finally, it also has several drainage holes at the seat and arms have coves for a comfortable grip.

Key features:

  • Corrosion-resistant materials like aluminium and high-quality polyethylene increase longevity.
  • You can rather remove the backrest as well as the arms.
  • Several knobs are used to eliminate the need for external hardware or screwdrivers.

2. Essential Medical Shower Bench with Arms

Essential Medical Shower Bench with Arms

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With wide 16-inches textured seat, you get all the room you need for comfortably sitting during a bath. Textured seat makes it non-slippery and also has drainage holes at several positions.

Furthermore, to assemble the product or adjust the height of the legs, you also get a simple push-button system. So just push the button and twist the required component together into place. Product assembly is certainly hassle-free and was never quicker.

Key features:

  • Angled sidearms on both sides give you much better stability and grip than integrated handles.
  • Can indeed withstand 300 pounds of maximum weight.

1. NOVA Lightweight Shower & Bath Chair with Back & Arms for Camping

NOVA Lightweight Shower & Bath Chair with Back & Arms for Camping

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With a push-button design, Nova has removed the need for any assembly tools for this chair. You can just unbox the components and assemble this shower and bath chair within minutes. However, the legs also have extra wide rubber feet. As a result, it has a bit of suction action going on to get the chair a firm position on the ground.

Since both the backrest and arms are removable, you can rather use the chair without them. And enjoy a wider range of free movement

Key features:

  • For better hygiene, you get a U-shaped notch at the front of the seat,
  • Is disassembled quickly for transport during travel or moving to a new home.
  • Along with the seat, rubber feet feature drainage holes as well.

For every needed individual, now you don’t have to suffer while having a relaxing bath. The safety shower chairs are a great support in many ways.

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