Top 10 Best Shower Curtains with Hooks for Bathroom Reviews In 2019

Shower curtains are essential in every bathroom offering privacy when taking a shower. We all need some form of privacy, especially when taking a shower. Even if alone in the house, it still makes sense getting some cover in your bathroom. These curtains also help prevent the splash of water to your bedroom or other rooms near the bathroom. Choosing the best shower curtain will also enhance the aesthetic looks of your home and make it more appealing.

In this post, we look to help you choose some of the best-ranked shower curtains in the market. Read through our reviews below and choose a shower curtain that best suits your needs and desires.

Table of the Best Shower Curtains Reviews

picture title price
AmazonBasics Shower Curtain with Hooks (Treated to Resist Deterioration by Mildew) - 72 x 72 inches, Grey Stripe
LiBa Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial PEVA 8G Shower Curtain Liner, 72x72 Clear - Non Toxic, Eco-Friendly, No Chemical Odor, Rust Proof Grommets
Aimjerry Hotel Quality White Striped Fabric Shower Curtain for Bathroom, 72 X 72 Inch
$17.99$21.90 (18% off)
mDesign Waterproof, Mold/Mildew Resistant, Heavy Duty PEVA Curtain Liner for Bathroom Showers and Bathtubs, Clear
Ambesonne Sail Boat Waves and Octopus Old Look Home Textile European Style Bathroom Decoration Cozy Lovely Decor Pleasing Peculiar Design Hand Drawing Effect Fabric Shower Curtain, Blue
$11.90$35.99 (67% off)
Creative Home Ideas Ombre Textured Shower Curtain with Beaded Rings, Dark Grey
$15.40 (1% off)
Epica Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner on the Market-100% Anti-Bacterial 10 Gauge Heavy Duty Liner-Waterproof-72x72 Inches-Clear
$13.95$18.95 (26% off)
Ambesonne National Parks Home Decor Shower Curtain by, Canadian Smokey Mountain Cliff Outdoor Idyllic Photo Art, Fabric Bathroom Decor Set with Hooks, 70 Inches, Black and White
$17.90$35.95 (50% off)
InterDesign Thistle Fabric Shower Curtain, Modern Mildew-Resistant Bath Liner for Master Bathroom, Kid's Bathroom, Guest Bathroom, 72 x 72 Inches, Gray and Blue
$15.91$21.99 (28% off)
Volens White Shower Curtain Fabric/Ruffle for Bathroom,72in Long
$25.00$35.99 (31% off)

10. AmazonBasics 72 x 72 Inch Long Shower Curtain with Hooks

Shower Curtains

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This is 100 percent polyester shower curtain to consider buying this year. It is a durable and water-resistant curtain that will offer long-lasting use. The curtain features a grey stripe pattern for appealing looks in your bathroom. The polyester fabric is also mildew and mould resistant. It also included weighted hems that help keep it in place. Further reinforced rust-resistant metal grommets on the top bar allow for easy opening and closing of the curtain. Overall, this is a quality shower curtain to offer full-coverage in your bathroom.


  • Water-repellent printed fabric
  • Weighted hems to keep the curtain in place
  • Decorative appeal
  • 12 plastic curtain hooks
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9. LiBa Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial PEVA Clear Shower Curtain

Clear Shower Curtain

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The PEVA shower curtain is another trusted brand and one of the best-rated shower curtains in the USA. It is a top-quality curtain resistant to mildew and bacteria. The curtain goes through an excellent treatment process for long-lasting durability. It is a safe curtain made of non-toxic materials. This curtain will not expose your family to any harmful chemicals. It is a versatile choice that fits most standard bathrooms. Overall, this is a clean and germ-free shower curtain with 12 months warranty and 90 days money back guarantee.


  • Germ-free and clean
  • Durable and convenient
  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • Mildew and mould resistant

8. Aimjerry Hotel Resistant Fabric White Shower Curtain Liner for Bathroom

Aimjerry Hotel Resistant Fabric White Shower Curtain for Bathroom

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The Aimjerry is another highly rated shower curtain with durable and sturdy construction. The curtain is water-repellant ensuring water does not splash to other rooms. It is a pretty large curtain that offers full bathroom coverage. The curtain features 12 reinforced holes for hooks and rust-resistant grommets for easy moving from side to side. Weighted hems help keep in place. Overall, this is a quality curtain that is easy to clean and cleanse with a simple wipe or rinse.


  • Weighted hems to keep in place
  • 12 reinforced holes for hooks
  • Rust-resistant metal grommets
  • Water-repellant

7. mDesign Waterproof Bathroom Shower Curtain Liner

mDesign Waterproof Bathroom Shower Curtain Liner

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This is a waterproof shower curtain to keep water off your floors. It is an excellent choice at preventing slippery floors. The curtain features a water-repellent construction and can resist damage from water. This is a generous size shower curtain coming in a set of two to offer full coverage. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic for safe use around your family. It features quality construction and weighted hems to keep the curtain in place. There are also 12 reinforced metal grommets for easy installation. The top hem and grommets ensure the curtain stays in place and will not be torn apart easily.


  • Easy care with a simple wipe
  • 12 metal grommets for easy installation
  • Weighted hems to keep it in place
  • Water-repellant
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6. Ambesonne Octopus Blue Fabric Shower Curtain

Ambesonne Octopus Blue Fabric Shower Curtain

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If you love artwork, then this is your ideal bathroom curtain. It is an old look design curtain with the European Sail and Boat Waves. The curtain brings some sense of nature to your bathroom. It is a great way to improve your home décor and appeal. This is a sturdy 100 percent polyester fabric curtain without any liners. It is waterproof, mildew and mould resistant for long-lasting use.  The curtain is also resistant to soap making it a perfect choice for the shower. It comes with plastic hooks and is easy to wash and maintain.


  • Durable plastic hooks for easy installation
  • Beautiful European style Sail Boat Waves decoration
  • 100 percent polyester
  • Waterproof and mildew and mould resistant

5. Natural Home Ombre Textured Dark Grey Shower Curtain with Rings

Natural Home Ombre Textured Dark Grey Shower Curtain with Rings

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The Natural Home shower curtain is another beautiful design with beaded rings. It is one of the best-selling shower curtains with a sturdy polyester construction. The curtain features rust-resistant metal rings for easy installation. There are also reinforced button holes that make this curtain a functional piece. The 12 metal hooks coordinate well with the beaded rings for excellent looks. Overall, this is a quality pick curtain to consider buying. It is machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • 12 metal hooks and coloured plastic beads
  • Machine washable
  • 100 percent polyester
  • Rust-resistant metal rings

4. Epica Market Strongest Mildew Resistant Clear Shower Curtain Liner

Epica Market Strongest Mildew Resistant Clear Shower Curtain Liner

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This is a vinyl heavy-gauge quality shower curtain to consider buying this year. The cover wipes easy and cleans with a simple rinse. It features specially treated liners that prevent mildew or mould growth for a period of up to 24 months. This is a sturdy curtain with a reinforced nylon mesh header. There are also rust-resistant metal grommets for easy installation. Weighted magnets help keep the curtain in place. Overall, this is a risk-free purchase curtain with two years warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.


  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Weighted magnets
  • Rust-resistant metal grommets
  • Durable and heavy-gauge vinyl curtain
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3. Ambesonne National Park Black and White Bathroom Shower Curtain

Black and White Bathroom Shower Curtain

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This is another lovely shower curtain with printed Canadian Smokey Mountain cliff to look stunning in your shower. The curtain brings the natural looks in your bathroom leaving your bathroom look beautiful and appealing. It is a sturdy polyester curtain measuring 70 by 69 inches. The high Turkish fabric does not have any liners. It included some free hooks for easy installation. It is machine washable and will not dye or fade. The fabric material is water resistant and soap resistant lasting you for long.


  • Bold nature graphics
  • Large measuring 70 by 69 inches
  • Includes hooks for easy installation
  • Machine washable

2. InterDesign Thistle Grey and Blue Shower Curtain

 InterDesign Thistle Grey and Blue Shower Curtain

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This is a contemporary design shower curtain coming in a standard size to fit most standard bathrooms. It is a beautiful floral design pattern curtain with a fast and quick-drying fabric. The curtain is 100 percent polyester and measures 72 by 72 inches. It is easy to hang with 12 metal grommets that are rust-proof. Overall, this is quality mildew and mould resistant shower curtain to buy with confidence this year. It features blunt sides and a weighted hem bottom to keep in firmly in place.


  • Easy to hang with 12 rust-proof metal grommets
  • Large and measures 72 by 72 inches
  • Beautiful floral patterns
  • 100 percent polyester

1. Volens Fabric/Ruffle White Shower Curtain for Bathroom – 72 in Long

Volens Fabric/Ruffle White Shower Curtain for Bathroom

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The Volens ruffle for the bathroom is our final choice for the best shower curtains. It is a beautiful design curtain with a tiered design. This is a 100 percent polyester fabric for maximum privacy. It is a long and wide curtain measuring 71 by 71 inches for full coverage. It covers from top to bottom and prevents water splashing off to the floors. The unique straight and precise sewing ensure the fabric is torn resistance and long-lasting. Overall, this is a lightweight bathroom curtain but with a weighted bottom to prevent it from been blown away by the wind.


  • Weighted bottom to keep it in place
  • Unique tiered design
  • 100 percent polyester
  • Quick drying


These are the best shower curtains on the market to not only offer you privacy but also last you for long. Most of them are creatively designed to look beautiful and attractive in your room. Go right ahead and choose one from the list that best suits your needs and desires.

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