Best Sliding Shower Transfer Benches Reviews

Getting in or out of the shower is a very daunting task especially for the elderly or physically challenged people. This is one of the prime reasons why you need to opt for shower transfer benches. These transfer benches for shower come with an arm as well as the backrest and a wide seat. As a result, it allows you to clean your body with the utmost ease. Plus, it eliminates the risk of meeting with any unwanted accident.

In the list below, we have selected and reviewed the top 10 shower transfer benches. It will come as the best gift people in need.

Best Shower Transfer Benches Reviews

10. Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench for Shower and Tube

Shower Transfer Benches

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Platinum Health brings you a product that will let you enjoy bathing again. Safely accessing the shower or tub is a daunting task for individuals with mobility or cognitive challenges. This transfer bench is designed by a team of experts so that you can bathe with safety, pleasure and dignity. The shower transfer bench design that allows easy integration with most types of bathtubs and showers.

Furthermore, you can easily adjust the height of the legs. So the seat is indeed brought to a customised level that is best suited to you. You can access the seat from both the left and the right side since it features a reversible design. Finally, it also gets armrests. Therefore, you have soft padding act as a great leverage point for assisting you to and from the seat.

Key features:

  • Set up will cost you just 5 minutes of your precious time due to the simple tool-less assembly.
  • Armrests are certainly raised for easy access and locked back into place.
  • Safety belt with buckle is adjusted to fit most individuals and prevent sliding to the front.

9. Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench and Sliding Shower Chair with Adjustable Seat

Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench and Sliding Shower Chair with Adjustable Seat

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When you buy long benches from other manufacturers you have to do most of the effort. You rather have to grab your thighs and swing them across the bath. That’s why might get dangerous if there is a bit of misjudgement of direction. This bench has a design that lets you sit on the seat outside and slide yourself into the bathtub.

With the strong tubular frame and highly dense plastic seat, you get all the strength and stability you need. Overall, it is rather safe to use as long as they weigh under 400 pounds.

Key features:

  • Adjustable legs of the heavy-duty shower transfer bench let you easily raise the height of your seat.
  • The seat indeed has a cutout for holding the shower wand.
  • U-shaped cutout helps for better cleaning and hygiene.

8. Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest

Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench

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Drive Medical always brings innovation and great quality with its products at an affordable price. The furniture has assisted thousands of people and this shower bench is one of them. It certainly has a strong frame that gives you high weight-bearing capacity without itself being significantly heavy. Moreover, the aluminium frame is also highly resistant to corrosion while having complete immunity to rusting. So you can use it for a long time without much maintenance.

Besides, you get three large seats made from moulded plastic that makes up the bench. These seats are tough and have a surface that prevents you from slipping off. To avoid the accumulation of water over the bench each of the seats also has drainage holes located all over. Above all, this directs water back into the tub or to the floor. Since the bench is long and wide you also get a lot of space for carefully getting yourself into the tub

Key features:

  • Even though it weighs around 12 pounds, it can bear 400 pounds of weight.
  • Install the arm handle on any side of the plastic shower transfer bench depending on your requirements.
  • Suction cup feet rather give you a sturdy and stable transfer bench.

7. Medline Knockdown Transfer Bath Bench for Shower with Back

Medline Knockdown Transfer Bath Bench for Shower with Back

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Assembling this shower bench from Medline is one of the easiest assemblies you would ever do. However, it doesn’t require tools like screwdrivers or investment on any external hardware. The intuitive design lets you lock all the components into each other. That’s why one can finish the assembly within a few minutes with minimum effort.

Nevertheless, it also features wide suction feet. As a result, gets a good grip on the surface of your tub and your bathroom floor. You indeed won’t experience any wobbling or shaking while using this bench

Key features:

  • You get special Microban protection for inhibiting the growth of bacteria and prevent bad odours.
  • Adjustable shower transfer bench backrest is certainly removable easily.
  • The backrest also has a handle cutout that gives you another great position for grabbing.

6. Medline Microban Medical Transfer Bench for Bath Safety, Shower Use, and Bacterial Protection

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Medline creates some of the best bathroom safety products for assisting the elderly and people with mobility issues. With this transfer bench from the brand, you get Microban® technology. Water, when exposed to nature for a prolonged period of time it can also become a breeding ground for bacteria that can spread all kinds of diseases.

In the humid environment of your bathroom and with a constant splash of water, Microban® is especially useful. It prevents your bench from stains and foul odours by preventing the growth of bacteria, mildew and mould. Microban never wears off since it is directly infused into the product during the manufacturing procedure.

The bench has legs and frame made from high-quality lightweight aluminium. As a matter of fact, it is a much better alternative to iron in your moist bathroom. It doesn’t rust or corrode easily and rather makes the product highly portable due to its lightweight

Key features:

  • With the push of a button, you can indeed adjust the height of the legs with increments of half an inch.
  • Backrest has a reversible design for adapting to bathtubs of different configurations.
  • Holes on the seat for allowing excess water to drain out.

5. Platinum Health Shower Transfer Benches with Adjustable Legs and Safety Belt

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This shower bench from Platinum Health has all the features to maximize safety and minimise unnecessary movement. You don’t have to bend or move your hips too much due to the shower hand holder. It certainly gives you easy access. In fact, it also has a U shaped cutout for you. Therefore, helping to effectively clean the crotch area without having to stand or bend the knees.

Moreover, it can bear over 400 pounds of weight due to the strong aluminium construction and sturdy geometric design.

Key features:

  • Due to the contrasting blue colour of the seat and backrest, it is rather easily spotted inside the bathroom.
  • You would experience smooth sliding on the tubular frame.

4. Medmobile Bathtub Transfer Bench and Bath Chair with Back

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If you are looking for a super durable and feature-rich shower bench, then MeeMobioe has the perfect product for you. It indeed has an aluminium frame with a thick plastic seat. Furthermore, it can both take the onslaught of water splashes and don’t rust or corrode.

With legs, you get a superior grip over wet floors. Plus, the grab rail is strong enough for acting as a pivoting position; few competitors have anything that can rival its usefulness.

Key features:

  • Backrest lets you maintain an upright position.
  • The shower transfer bench cleaning is certainly easy since it doesn’t attract stains or odours.
  • Seat height is changed up to 5 levels.

3. HEALTHLINE Bathtub Transfer Bench for Elderly Disabled

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In this shower bench legs that are inside the tub, it has suction feet. It comes with a larger diameter than the ones that are outside. Due to this design water can’t get under the feet. In order to keep you safe, you have a shower bench that has high skid resistance.

You also get a grab base that has a tremendous suction force. Above all, one would easily get itself stuck to your bathroom wall. So you get an easy access bar to grab and prevent falling.

Key features:

  • Several drainage holes on the seat help to maintain the non-slippery nature if the textured seat.
  • Seat height is indeed changed from 15.5-inches to 19.5-inches.

2. Gateway Premium Sliding Shower Transfer Benches

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Even while you are recovering from a surgery, you can now slide yourself into the bathtub along with the seat. Now bathe independently with this great shower bench from Platinum Health.

Since it is a swivelling seat, you don’t have to stress your legs at all. Both the seat and backrest are as a matter of fact padded for ultimate comfort while bathing. You can also certainly customise the height of the legs.

Key features:

  • Safety belt stops you from sliding off during bathing.
  • Aluminium construction makes it rustproof and less prone to corrosion.
  • Has a heavy-duty design, as a result, it can tolerate 330 pounds of weight.

1. Platinum Health Deluxe All-Access for Tub and Shower Transfers

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Another incredible product from Platinum Health that is marvellous and brings you independence and comfort for bathing. It has a design that works with less space. Therefore, it can even fit into a narrow bathroom with small bathtubs. Legs on this bench have drilled holes with a metal push button that fits into the holes.

So for adjusting the height you simply need you to push the button in and slide it into the hole. For that reason, it indeed gives you your desired height. However, you can also assemble it according to your needs. So it does matter if you are right-handed or left-handed, you can access it from both sides. With mobility challenges due to hip or leg surgery, getting up or down is a struggle. Thus, for easy cleaning without much effort, the seat has a cutout that can be easily removed. And one can lock it in place when needed.

Key features:

  • Integrated hand holes are included. It rather lets you grab the seats for superior grip while you are sliding in the bench into the tub.
  • Push-button and knob design makes for easy tool-free assembly.
  • Risky movements like bending down are eliminated with the shower wand holder.

It’s good to follow by some rules for avoiding further injuries or pain. And the shower transfer bench for safety goes up and beyond for providing protection.