Best Ski Jackets | Rain Jackets for Men & Women Reviews

Skiing is always fun when you are completely protected from the cold weather. It helps you to make the most out of the ice-covered terrain and have the utmost fun. Thus, you need to have proper waterproof ski jackets as they keep you comfortable and cosy even in the freezing temperatures. Plus, these jackets are mostly water-resistant to make sure that your jacket doesn’t get wet. Most importantly, it makes you look stylish and smart too.

Interested in buying one? Have a look at the list below and you will be able to make an intelligent buying decision.

Table of the Best Ski Jackets Reviews

10. Wantdo Women’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket & Windproof Rain Jacket

Ski Jackets

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You will feel very comfortable and cosy while you are skiing down the slope with this incredible jacket from Wantdo. It has been lined with a soft material that feels nice on touch and helps to keep the vulnerable and exposed parts of your body warm. It also has abundant padding made from cotton that has numerous tiny air pockets. This makes a good layer of insulation that uses your body heat to your advantage.

Skiing is a fun sport that is full of adventures. So tight turns, falling on the snow and even some intense body movements for adjusting your centre of gravity can stress the fabric of your skiing jacket. So this jacket comes with a special coating that doesn’t soak up water and also resistant to rough use. Lastly, the windproof ski jacket won’t wear off easily and even in misty or rainy weather, you are dry.

Key features:

  • The hood can be detached and you can adjust the hem by pulling or loosening your drawstrings.
  • To prevent your sleeves from curling back due to the wind, you get elastic cuffs.
  • Hand pockets can keep your hands warm or act as perfect compact space for your keys.

9. OutdoorMaster Women’s Ski Jackets – Winter Jacket Set with Fleece Liner 

OutdoorMaster Women's Ski Jackets

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If you need a multi-use ski jacket that is packed with features and doesn’t burn a hole through your pocket, then look no further than OutdoorMasters’ ski winter jacket. Firstly, it has a hooded shell which is breathable and waterproof and has a Teflon coated surface. Next, it is thin and light so that you can do all sorts of sports and activities without any extra bulk. It also has an inner fleece liner which is soft and can be easily removed due to its rugged zipper design.

You can wear it indoors without the extra weight of the jacket during the winter. It also has adjustable cuffs to keep snow out and easily accessible chest pockets. While you are snowboarding or doing a winter sport which demands helmet safety you can remove the hood easily.

Key features:

  • Requires very little maintenance and doesn’t pick up any stains.
  • Made from polyester fabric that can take a lot of abuse.
  • Weighs just around 2.5 pounds.

8. Columbia Women’s Mountain Hooded Heated Ski Jackets

Columbia Women's Mountain Hooded Heated Ski Jacket

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Columbia provides you with a marvellous product with this jacket. It has their special Omni Heat technology which reflects heat way better than most alternatives from other brands. It keeps most of your body heat from going outside and keeps your body at an optimal and comfortable temperature.

At the front, you get a rugged zipper which is covered by the outer shell so that nothing gets in.

Key features:

  • Buttons at the top for a comprehensive seal from weather elements
  • Fabric is made from a blend of nylon and polyester for water and wind resistance.
  • The waterproof ski jacket is breathable in every way.

7. Andorra Men’s Insulated Ski Jackets with Zip-Off Hood

 Andorra Men's Insulated Ski Jackets with Zip-Off Hood

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Andorra brings to you an amazing skiing jacket that would allow you to better performance since you won’t be shivering due to the cold. It has been loaded with features that give you functionality and warmth at an affordable price point. It has a hood which can be easily removed via the zipper. The hood has also been linked with microfleece material that is plush and soft.

All the critical seams not only provides great reinforcement for the fabric but also have been sealed so that water can’t enter through even the smallest gaps. Inside the insulated ski jacket, you also get a thermal liner. As a result, it reflects most of your body heat to you and keeps circulating it inside the jacket. Now you are never cold, no matter the outside condition. But best of all, it looks fabulous on you and fits you ergonomically.

Key features:

  • Waist hem can be adjusted to your preference for a better fit.
  • The outer shell has a poly-twill coating that keeps out water and improves the toughness of the fabric.
  • With mesh pockets on either side, you get convenient storage.

6. CAMEL CROWN Women’s Winter Waterproof Ski Jackets

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While most other brands can offer you waterproof features on their jackets, Camel goes the extra mile and set themselves apart from the rest. This jacket from the brand can give you incredible waterproof performance even with a heavy downpour and a pressure head of 7500mm.

You get straps for tightening your sleeve cuffs and drawcord for tightening the hood. So even windy conditions wouldn’t affect you

Key features:

  • The ski jacket fabric has superior breathability that has water vapour transmission rate of 6720 g/m2/24Hr.
  • Gives you 360-degree protection for your upper body.

5. Wantdo Women’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

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Another excellent product from Wantdo that has multiple functions and provides versatile usability. Wantdo has made this jacket from Taslan material which creates less noise while you are moving and wouldn’t get torn easily due to its high resistance to abrasion. It is also very waterproof due to the Teflon coating and lets snow or rain just slide off of the fabric. You would always be dry in every condition. When you are skiing and want to protect your ears, snowfall is another such situation where you need head protection.

With this jacket, you get a thick hood which serves that purpose and when you don’t need to, you can just detach it and enjoy a good time with your friends. You also get sufficient storage space with several pockets of this jacket. One pocket on the inside is always away from outside elements and a great place for keeping your phone out of harm’s way. It also features a small hole that lets you slide your earphones

Key features:

  • Fabric and the advanced waterproof coating are tough enough to endure even a pressure head of 5000mm.
  • Liner is light and you can even wear it separately.
  • Features high-quality SBS zippers that are very durable.

4. Columbia Men’s Alpine Action Jacket

Ski Jackets

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Another great jacket from Columbia with their exclusive Omni Heat technology. It gives you ultimate body heat management for great performance on the snow. The reflective insert has a metallic dot pattern.

It certainly makes up a significant portion of the heat retaining lining while a highly breathable fabric makes up the rest. So it can wick away sweat and moisture and any excess heat. So you have just the right temperature and don’t feel grimy.

Key features:

  • Sealed waterproof zipper chest pocket gives easy access.
  • For cleaning just throw it in the washing machine like the rest of your garments.

3. Camel Outdoor Winter Ski Jacket – Lightweight Rain Coat for Traveling, Climbing & Hiking

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This jacket from Camel has been designed with a lot of thought by the brand on its usability. You get high bang for the buck when you buy this jacket. The jacket has two layers with an outer shell and warm inner protection. During the fall or season, you can use this jacket for protection against all the elements that might cause sickness with extreme cold.

Be it wind, water, snow or mist, everything is kept outside so that you are warm and cosy on the inside. It is also very tough and the fabric has a significant thickness so that it can last you for quite a long time.

You get such impressive waterproof performance from this jacket that you can even use it in places where there is heavy rain or snow. The inner liber is also marvellous since it is not just warm, but also anti-static

Key features:

  • Tapered designed that looks good on you and has a comfy fit.
  • Pockets have YKK zippers which can be used to seal the pockets both ways.
  • You can adjust the cuffs around tour gloves to keep out snow.

2. RIUIYELE Women’s  Waterproof Snowboard Colorful Ski Jacket and Pants Set

RIUIYELE Women's  Waterproof Snowboard Colorful Ski Jackets and Pants Set

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Riuiyele brings you an irresistible deal with this combination of jacket and pants at a very reasonable price. With waterproof or warm fuzzy lining from other manufacturers, you get a mild shock problem due to less ionization caused by those fabrics.

But this jacket has a coating that prevents that and can neutralise the conductivity. You can use this fabric for not just skiing, but a lot of different activities including, snowboarding, hiking or camping in humid and cold areas and more.

Key features:

  • Pants have a great body-hugging fit along with the elastic cord that goes over your shoulders.
  • The colourful pattern on the jacket looks beautiful and trendy.

1. Trailside Supply Men’s Weatherproof Fleece-Lined Hooded Ski Jackets

Trailside Supply Men's Weatherproof Fleece-Lined Hooded Ski Jackets

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With a polyester shell, you get superb waterproof capabilities with this jacket from Trailside Supply Co. It has all the features you need to keep put natural elements in cold and harsh conditions.

The sleeve has adjustable cuffs which maintain a tight fit around your hands and doesn’t let the sleeve go up on windy conditions while preventing snow from entering. You also get two pockets at the side that lets you keep your hands warm or acts as tiny storage spaces

Key features:

  • Safe storage with an inner pocket for precious items like your phone or wallet.
  • The hood can be expanded or closed around your head with the drawcord.
  • It certainly features a fleece lining to keep you warm.

The ski jackets for outdoor are indeed an excellent choice for keeping you warm even in the coldest temperatures. Put on your jacket and start skiing.

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