Best Snowboard Bags Reviews

If you love snowboarding, then a boarding bag is a must. You cannot go hiking without proper storage gear for your snowboard unless you want extra expenses and damage to your board. The market has varieties of snowboard bags which come in different shapes and sizes. You have plenty to pick from, and therefore, your precious snowboard won’t damage due to poor storage or handling. Luckily, we have your needs in mind. Therefore, take a look at the following 10 Best Snowboard Bags Reviews.

Table of the Best Snowboard Bags Reviews

10. Athletico 2-Piece Snowboard Bag and Boot Bag Combo

Snowboard Bags

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Get this two-piece set for your 165 cm snowboard and size 13 boots. It comes with a comfortable, handy carrying handle with an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort. This will see you experience a stress-free carrying. The high-quality materials used make it rip-resistant, water resistant and durable. There is also a zipper for easy loading and protection of your equipment. Additional items that you can carry along in the same bag include goggles, sweaters, and gloves.


  • Wide compartment to fit 165 cm snowboard
  • The boot bag fits size 13 boots
  • Waterproof and rip-resistant
  • Carry handle and shoulder straps available for easy movement
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9. Burton Space Sack Snowboard Travel Bag

Burton Space Sack Snowboard Travel Bag

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Burton Space comes from quality polyester hence durable. It’s spacious and can take double snowboards at ago with measurements of 129 cm to 181 cm. The removable shoulder strap and the carry handle make your transportation a breeze. This unit is also lightweight and easy to clean. When you have an outdoor event, then this is the right bag for you.


  • Durable construction
  • Double snowboards stored at ago
  • Has a carry handle and shoulder strap for carrying
  • Lightweight and easy to clean

8. DAKINE Tour Padded Snowboard Bag

DAKINE Tour Padded Snowboard Bag

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Dakine is a lovely bag with black and grey colours. It has side pockets where you can keep small items. The polyester used in its construction is tough hence rip-stop making it durable and great value for your money. Its 7 inches high and 19 inches wide and able to accommodate a snowboard of length 157cm. You will find it easy to carry as there are two double end handles and a removable passed shoulder strap.


  • Durable construction
  • Hard padded shoulder strap and carry handles
  • Measures 7 inch high and 19 inches wide
  • Accommodates a 157 cm snowboard

7. Burton Gig Snowboard Bag with Wheeled

Burton Gig Snowboard Bag with Wheeled

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The Burton Wheelie comes with amazing features for you. It has skate wheels for easy transportation. Furthermore, the type has carry handles and a shoulder strap for carrying around. This is a fully padded bag with a lockable zipper to keep your items safe. Your board is protected under a webbing strap inside the bag. There is also a removable shoulder strap to make transportation a breeze.


  • Comes from quality materials hence durable
  • Has internal webbing straps to keep the board in place
  • Internal padding also available
  • Skate wheels present for easy pulling
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6. High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve & Boot Bag Combo

High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve & Boot Bag Combo

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Just in! is the High Sierra Snowboard. It comes with a boot bag combo designed for your size 13 snowboarding boots. The snowboard bag is spacious to carry 165 cm snowboard. It has a water-resistant fabric hence a great deal for all weather use. The zippers keep everything intact, and they add up as self-repairing types. The carry handle makes it easy for you to move from place to place just stress-free.


  • 2 set of bags for the board and boots
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Zipper present for secure storage
  • Carry handle and removable shoulder straps

5. Athletico Freestyle Padded Snowboard Travel Bag

Athletico Freestyle Padded Snowboard Travel Bag

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A stylish carry bag is here for you. It’s an amazing snowboard bag fully padded to ensure comfort when carrying. The Athletico Freestyle crafts from high-quality materials hence weather resistant making it durable. Carrying handles are padded, and you will feel comfortable when going anywhere for your snowboarding events. Lastly, there is a zipper that makes the bag fully secure and easy to access the board when you need it.


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to access the snowboard due to the zippers
  • Padded handles for comfortable carrying
  • Fully padded

4. Burton Board Sack Snowboard Bag

Burton Board Sack Snowboard Bag

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A nicely patterned bag comes in to secure your snowboard. This Burton Board Sack is large and spacious to fit your large snowboard. It’s a unique type that comes with zippers and padded interior for secure storage. There are also external zippered pockets where you can store small items. The fact that this bag is a lightweight type with a carry handle and removable shoulder strap makes it the best on the market.


  • Extra-large and spacious
  • Lightweight and handle for carrying
  • Has external zippers and the small pocket
  • Nicely patterned
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3. Burton Gig Back Snowboard Bag

Burton Gig Back Snowboard Bag

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Are you planning to purchase a bag that fits as expected? Well, this Burton Gig Bag is your real deal. It has one exterior pocket for storing your small items. The other compartment is fully padded to offer maximum protection to your board. As well, this model comes from high-quality polyester hence durable. The handle and removable shoulder strap make it easy for you to move around with your board.


  • Has zippered section to keep the board well secured
  • The model is a quality one hence durable
  • Has exterior zippered pocket for small items
  • Fully padded

2. Winterial Waterproof Snowboard Bag with Wheels for Trips & Air Travel

Winterial Waterproof Snowboard Bag with Wheels for Trips & Air Travel

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The Winterial 2018 Snowboard Bag is a heavy-duty bag designed to keep your snowboard secure. It’s also durable as it comes from quality materials. This means that you will get a unit that is waterproof, scratchproof as well as tear proof. The bag is padded and has handles that are comfortable in case you are carrying it over a long distance. Due to its large compliment, it can hold multiple boards at ago. The model also has wheels for rolling all the way to your destination.


  • Durable and heavy duty model
  • Has a comfortable handle and removable shoulder strap
  • Spacious for multiple snowboards
  • Has wheels for rolling

1. Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboard Bag

Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboard Bag

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The Burton Wheelie is a lovely case that comes with wheels for easy transposition. It comes from high-quality polyester hence durable. This also makes it scratch resistant, water resistant and ripstop. Its full zip and hence easy to remove and fix the snowboard. The internal webbing strap ensures that the board remains intact hence well secured. The bag has side and end hauls for easy carrying.


  • Fully padded for board protection
  • Well zippered to secure the board
  • Webbing internal strap
  • Durable type


If you are ready to extend the lifespan of your snowboard, then get a bag. We have many on the market, but if you picked one from these reviewed options, then your work will be simple; to buy and experience the best outcome. We ensured that this review captured the best snowboard bags for your festive season. The types are affordable and a great value for your money.

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