Best Solar Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools Reviews

Diving in the swimming pool is undoubtedly the best place to retreat to during summer. It helps to keep you fresh and allows you to enjoy a good swim. But the cold water of the swimming pool can put a hurdle in your enjoyment. So, you need to set the right temperature for it. While there are several heaters available in the market, they can put a strain on your pocket due to the havoc amount of energy that they consume. Well, there is a way to heat the water of your pool in a natural way. Yes, you need to opt for the solar pool covers to set the correct temperature for the water. These covers are efficiently designed to harness the solar energy to heat the water of your swimming pool.

Furthermore, it is an environmental-friendly option. Interested in getting one for yourself? Refer to our solar covers for swimming pool buying guide to make the right choice.

Table of the Best Solar Pool Covers Reviews

10. Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Cover for Inground & Above-Ground Pools

Solar Pool Covers

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Hued in blue, this multiple bubble solar blanket is the one to drape your pool with. Apart from its appealing shade, this also has the capacity to absorb the heat rays quite fast and conserve it for heating the pool. Just make sure that you do not completely fill the pool. In fact, its 16×32 inches dimension is suitable for a pool of every size. Further, you can keep your pool safe against the unwanted debris or dirt thus enabling a hygienic situation.

Key features

  • Prevents water evaporation rate of a pool by 95%.
  • Solar blanket made of durable resin material.
  • Has a 2-year limited coverage against manufacture’s defect.

9. Harris 18 ft x 36 ft Rectangle Clear Solar Cover for Pool

Harris 18 ft x 36 ft Rectangle Solar Cover

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Collectively working to conserve the absorbed heat from sunlight, a thousand bubbles compact solar blanket from Harris is a must buy. Its clear colour helps to absorb sunlight easily and helps in elevating the temperature of the pool by huge 15-degrees. Plus, it will also facilitate hassle-free installation and will avoid the formation of debris or the entrance of dirt.

Key features

  • The chemicals of the pool will not vanish.
  • The surface of the solar pool cover clear must allow sunshine to penetrate for a quick warming of water.

8. SSR SSRA-100 Solar SwimmingPool Water Heater

SSR SSRA-100 Solar Sun Rings Pool Water Heater

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With dual layers made of UV resistant vinyl, this pool water heater is one that you cannot miss choosing a solar pool cover like this. Given that it is a passive form of heating the pool water, this works in a dual step manner. The upper layer which is clear which helps to pass the sun rays down to the lower layer. Then, being blue, it absorbs the same almost 50% of the sunlight and helps to transfer it to heat.

That’s not all! The sunlight that is left out is filtered via the ring into the pool to maintain the heat level. Cost and eco-friendly that they are, they are extremely durable and can be connected to each other via magnets on the outer perimeter of the concerned rings.

Key features

  • Lightweight in terms of design and compatible with all pool sizes.
  • With 60-inches diameter, the rings are inflatable.
  • A warranty period of 2 years.
  • Specifically helps to avoid the development of mustard algae.

7.  The Swim 16 x 32 ft. Rectangle Pool Solar Blanket Cover

Rectangle Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Cover

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For saving your time, money and efforts on a regular basis, In The Swim brings its unique 12-mil solar pool blanket. Suitable for fitting any pool size, from oval to irregular, this solar blanket helps to reduce amount spend on chemical as well as rebalancing in the pools. From minimizing evaporation rates to decreasing chemical loss, this transport sun’s heat to the particular pool and keeps it warm via eco-friendly manner.

Key features

  • UV stabilized resin has been used to craft the cover.
  • Easy to use, strong and durable, suits every season.
  • There are specifically designed air-pockets that can both absorb the heat from the external source and keep it contained.

6. MidWest Canvas Solar Cover & Heating Blanket for Above-Ground Pools

MidWest Canvas Solar Cover & Heating Blanket for Above-Ground Pools

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This 20×40-inches pool cover from Midwest Canvas works as per promise as it provides warmth to the pool along with minimizing the evaporation level. Created of the resin material which assures durability, this solar blanket is a great cover given that its heat generating bubbles not only maintains the water temperature but also the shade doesn’t make your pool look any less glamorous.

For heated pools, this is the thermal blanket to check out. Also, its rectangle shape can be altered to fit in pools of any size.

Key features

  • Thousands of small air bubbles are used.
  • Amazing heat retention power.
  • Guarantees securing evaporation of water up to 95% and even promises the minimal loss of heat during cloudy days or night time.
  • Keeps the pool free from any dirt or debris.
  • Maintains an increase in temperature by 10-15 degrees.

5. Thermo-Tex Round Swimming Pool Solar Cover

Round Swimming Pool Solar Cover

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Thermo-Tex brings forth a pool cover for every size and season with its 18×18 inches sheet. By increasing the swimming season by 2-months and being lighter in terms of weight, installing a solar pool cover like this minimizes both evaporation rates and costs that are involved in pool heating. The consistent chances of deterioration fostered by pool chemical and even the sunlight are withstood by the UV stabilized polymers present in this cover.

Key features:

  • Has a 3-year warranty period.
  • Suitable for around sized swimming pool.

4. Premier Solar Heater Blanket & Blue Solar Cover for Inground Pool

Premier Solar Heater Blanket & Blue Solar Cover for Inground Pool

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From the house of Down Under comes this 80-grade premium pool cover which has the capacity to increase the pool temperature by 8-15 degrees. Its intense thickness and double blue layer technology make it suitable for capturing the sun’s heat and storing it in the best manner.

Key features

  • Has a rectangle shape.
  • Comes with 3-year warranty.

3. Sun2Solar Inground and Above-Ground Swimming Pool Solar Cover 

Sun2Solar Inground and Above-Ground Swimming Pool Solar Cover 

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Made from thousands of minute bubbles, this solar blanket absorbs heat by the day and retains it by the night. Its appealing look and the option to trim it according to every pool size are the additional positives associated with this cover. Also, an individual need to invest less energy for putting it or removing it as per requirement.

Key features

  • With evaporation, the threats of losing water have now been decreased by 95%.
  • Built of durable resin substance.
  • No risks of formation of debris.

2. Thermo-Tex 2831224 Blue Solar Cover Swimming Pool

Thermo-Tex 2831224 Blue Solar Cover Swimming Pool

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Looking to cut down your pool operating cost? Covers from Thermo-Tex are the best option. With a light-weight design and minimal chemical consumption, this is made of polymers which is UV stabilised. Given that it results in less water evaporation by a huge percentage, this not only heats water to a great degree but also extends the pool session by 2 months!

Key features

  • Has a 3-year warranty period with it.
  • Patented by the Thermo-Tex technology and maximises thermal absorption.

1.  The Swim 16 Mil 16 x 32 ft. Rectangle Swimming Pool Solar Cover

The Swim 16 Mil 16 x 32 ft. Ultra Clear Rectangle Swimming Pool Solar Cover

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This cover measures its unique 16-mil format which seems to be pretty thick, this solar cover for the pool is made of resin for UV stabilised and help to control the level of chemical loss that happens cause of evaporation. The bottom layer being aluminized of silver, this is a perfect time-saver and can be fitted in uneven, oval as well as kidney-shaped pools.

Key features

  • 8-year Warranty.
  • Helps in attaining solar heat in this very process.
  • Environmental and economical way to cover the pool.

To obtain the solar pool cover benefits and keep your pool warm as well as cozy, you need to buy only the best.