Best Portable Solar Power Banks for Smartphone Reviews

Our passion for travelling and camping will remain undaunted. But we have entered into such an era where we cannot escape the luring aspects of smartphones, social media and other benefits of the modern world. So we need to carry a backup charger to have access to all the facilities. Hence, solar power banks come packed with enough charge to support you throughout the trip. It doesn’t need an external charger to charge the solar panels and is fully environment-friendly.

However, how can you decide the best amongst the ocean of products? The solar power banks’ brands suggested below are trustworthy and will exceed all your expectations.

Table of the Best Solar Power Banks Reviews

10. Renogy Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Solar Power Banks

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Renogy makes top-quality products and is constantly innovating to deliver great solar products that you can rely on. This panel can power a lot of your equipment and gadgets while you are on the road, camping etc. Next, you can use it for powering all the gadgets in your RV, yacht or your family sized camping tents. It brings the extra power that you need to run electronics for keeping you comfortable no matter where you are.

Moreover, this panel indeed has a monocrystalline substance and can output a maximum power of 100 watts. Due to the monocrystalline panel, you can get more power from a small space. Now, it can use sunlight more efficiently to bring more performance even for your off-grid life. You even get MC4 connectors which give you forward compatibility in case you need more power in the future. With these connectors, you can connect to more panels from the same brand and increase the overall output.

Key features:

  • The frame doesn’t rust due to lightweight aluminium construction.
  • The anti-reflective solar power bank surface helps to pack in more power.
  • Certainly, doesn’t heat up at a particular spot.

9. RAVPower Foldable Solar Power Bank Charger for iPhone, Samsung & iPad

RAVPower Foldable Solar Power Bank Charger for iPhone, Samsung & iPad

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Unlike the usual 11-per cent conversion rate that you get from generic solar panel generators, this gives you twice performance. Firstly, it is portable in nature and can convert around 21 to 23-percent of solar power to usable electrical energy. It can juice up your device through the USB ports at around 16 Watt with a maximum of 3.2 Amps. So even if you have the latest smartphones which need faster charging you won’t have any problems.

However, it features the Smart IC Frequency technology facilitates in easy detection of all the devices. Plus, the solar power bank charger even features iSmart Technology. It reduces the time needed to charge your devices and will automatically connect itself.

Key features:

  • Comes with 4 hooks.
  • Indeed a compact product.
  • It can charge as many as 2 USB devices at the same time.

8. ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel & Aluminum Battery Clips & 3A Charge Controller

ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel & Aluminum Battery Clips & 3A Charge Controller

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The solar panel in this package has a robust and high-quality aluminium frame construction. So you don’t need to invest in protection for shielding your panel from moisture or other elements. Next, it wouldn’t rust and is highly resistant to corrosion. Even if you are in a windy area, you won’t have problems since it endures 2400 pascals of wind pressure. Snowy days shouldn’t be an issue either since it can handle 5400 pascals of snow load.

As a matter of fact, the panel uses polycrystalline material to convert sunlight into electrical energy. And it can rather provide you with an output of 20 watts. So next time when you go camping you don’t need heavy inverters and batteries for running your electronic devices. You can get your power directly from the Sun and run all kinds of devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops. Finally, for connecting the panel to batteries you get along a 2m extension cord.

Key features:

  • The waterproof solar power bank has a rating of IP65 which gives a high-resistance to water and dust.
  • Will rather experience a very less drop in efficiency as the years go by.
  • Comes with a single 3A solar charge controller.

7. SUAOKI Portable Foldable Solar Panel Charger for Laptop, iPhone, Camera & More

SUAOKI Portable Foldable Solar Panel Charger for Laptop, iPhone, Camera & More

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Suaoki delivers you this solar panel powered charger in an innovative and space-saving design. It is rather folded up and has a strap at the end. As a result, you can store it in tight spaces and carry it wherever you want. When you unfold it you get 9 small solar panels.

Furthermore, it can provide you with a massive power output of 60 watts. Therefore, it is more than enough to power most laptops used for productivity. Instead of just USB output you also get an 18V DC output. With the TIR-C technology, the process of charging will indeed speed-up.

Key features:

  • The USB port can certainly charge up your phone at 2.1 Amps.
  • Supports overload protection, hence, full security.
  • The portable solar power bank features a 10-in-1 connector.

6. Foxelli Portable Dual USB Solar Power Charger for Camping & Outdoors

Foxelli Portable Dual USB Solar Power Charger for Camping & Outdoors

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Foxelli provides you with one of the most innovative and foldable solar panel bank chargers that you can get. It is ultra light, compact and doesn’t even require a car or vehicle to carry around. Next, it has a foldable design and you can attach it at the back of your backpack. Thus, it can collect Sun all day long; recharge the internal battery for powering your devices at night. When you fold open this gadget you get three small solar panels. Surprisingly, these are adequately sized pocket to hold the USB outlet for charging your device.

In addition to that, the pocket has a secured Velcro closure and has a strong metal hook at the end. Now, you can hang the solar panel when you aren’t mobile. This portable panel allows you to have freedom of being an independent traveller. Lastly, it keeps your costs low since you don’t even need to maintain a car for using the panels

Key features:

  • Both the USB ports give you an output of 1.5 Amps each at 5V. So you can rather get a decent charging speed on most of the electronics.
  • Completely repels water and dirt. Hence, it rather has fewer chances of getting it damaged.
  • Comes with 2 carabineers.

5. Waterproof 300000mAh Portable Dual USB Solar Battery Power Bank

Waterproof 300000mAh Portable Dual USB Solar Battery Power Bank

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This power bank has a huge battery and is capable to be powered by its efficient solar panel. It has a rugged casing. Hence, gets charged from both the integrated solar panel and from a PC or regular power outlet. You get two USB ports so that you can charge both your and your friend’s phone at the same time.

Nonetheless, this device is of great use for you when you go outside or if there is a power cut at home. Indeed, an environmental-friendly product that has promising craftsmanship along with high capacity.

Key features:

  • Compatible with most Android smartphones and iPhone models.
  • Has an in-built flashlight.
  • The lightweight contributes to its easy portability.

4. Wildtek Source 21W Waterproof Solar Charger Panel with Dual USB Ports

Wildtek Source 21W Waterproof Solar Charger Panel with Dual USB Ports

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While other manufacturers are equipping solar panels with materials that barely meet the standard, Wildtek gives you supreme quality materials. Hence, it raises efficiency to a whole new level. You get as high as 24-percent efficiency in solar conversion which makes the charging process much faster and quicker. Due to this, you aren’t stuck with just one phone plugged in for several hours. You can charge up your multiple devices that support USB charging due to the incredible speed bump.

However, modern smartphones are a sensitive device. It indeed needs proper charging so that you don’t damage the batteries or in the worst case blow them up. Wildtek has equipped its solar panel charger with their SmartCharge Technology.

With this technology, it easily detects which device you have plugged in. And so it delivers electric current at the appropriate voltage and ampere. Next, you also get two kickstands at the back which lets you get the panel set-up in an inclined position. Finally, you can position them to directly face the Sun for reaping maximum benefits out of your investment.

Key features:

  • Delivers 21 watts of power.
  • Ships with two carabiners for attaching to your backpack.

3. TAVLAR Waterproof 500000mAh USB Solar Battery Charger Power Bank

TAVLAR Waterproof 500000mAh USB Solar Battery Charger Power Bank

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While you have to cash out for expensive solar panels with other manufacturers, Tavlar offers you an impressive sized battery. It has enough battery capacity to charge your phone around 3 or 4 times with full capacity. Shockingly, the 500000 mAh battery capacity will never keep you short of charge in any devices. The casing is also made of high-quality ABS silicone which is highly resistant to corrosion.

As a matter of fact, it features a 1.2 panel and fully water-resistant in nature. Having an ABS silicone shell construction, the product will rather last you for ages.

Key features:

  • A mere of 250 g is easy to carry around.
  • Can power your device at 5V and 2.1 Amps.

2. Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel Recharger

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel Recharger

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With the all new Nomad 7 Plus solar panel, you get significant improvements and a bunch of added useful features. You get two super thin and rugged monocrystalline panels when you open up the product. And features a zippered pouch at the back. You can easily store your phone in this pouch and this is where most of the magic happens. Plus, you get carabineers to attach to your backpack or solar ready products with the help of loops on the panels.

Inside the pouch, you get 1 Amp intelligent USB charging. Also, you can connect your phone to this outlet and let it draw power from the solar panels. Attached to the USB outlet you also get a solar intensity indicator. It certainly informs you of the amount of power you are getting from the panels. Moreover, the indicator lights also flash at speeds in synchronisation to your charging speed. When you aren’t on the go, you can flip open the pouch which will act as a kickstand. And face the panels towards sunlight.

Key features:

  • Good ventilation for keeping the device temperature low.
  • Rather boasts intelligent auto-restart feature.
  • Barely weighs above a pound.

1. LICORNE Waterproof & Foldable Solar Power Charger for iPhone, iPad, Android Cellphone

LICORNE Waterproof & Foldable Solar Power Charger 

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You get long-lasting build quality and a reliable environment-friendly product with this solar power charger from Licorne. So you have an ultra-thin form factor and the solar panel has an ETFE material applied. This makes your solar powered charger much more rugged. Hence, it can have high resistance to high temperatures and other outdoor elements.

Furthermore, it has two USB ports which even come with plastic caps. So when you have it packed and folded with the caps on the full device it waterproof.

Key features:

  • Certified by CE, RoHS and FCC.
  • A warranty period of one and a half year.

Now, your camping trips will not be boring. Pack your bags, carry the essentials, take the advantages of solar power banks and enjoy the trip.

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