Best Spa Steps & Hot Tube Steps Reviews

Installing a luxurious spa step-up in one’s home is a dream come true situation for many. It’s a mode of attaining relaxation and enjoying cozy times with self or company. But the height of Jacuzzis, hot tubs etc are pretty high. So one needs to awkwardly enter these set-ups which sometimes tend to hurt people. The spa steps are invented to make the entry and exit extremely easy and harmless. These slip-proof steps will lead you to your spa destination. And one will not fall or slip so easily. As a matter of fact, some even offer extra storage space to accommodate the necessary stuff.

Now, which one is the leading product in the market? In order to make the process hassle-free, we have gone through the diverse products that are available. So, this spa step guide will not fail to provide you with the right information that is very crucial.

Table of the Best Spa Steps Reviews

10. Confer Plastics Spa Handi Step

Spa Steps

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A spa is a great time for relaxation after a busy day. Build with the most durable plastic material, this Step is a superb addition to any spa. Strong and resilient, it is also a handy addition to any spa. It does not require the use of any tool to be assembled.

Being only 15 pounds this is an ultra-light step that can be fixed to a spa. Be it any curved spa or straight spa, the sturdy plastic spa step will safely lead you to your luxurious spa sessions.

Key Features:

  • The product can bear as much as 300 pounds of load.
  • Assembling it is as easy as a snap and takes no tie at all.

9. Cover Valet SSSRW Redwood Spa Side Step

Cover Valet SSSRW Redwood Spa Side Step

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Leisurely time in a spa is always looked forward upon. The Cover Valet SSSRW has full wood construction which makes it very strong and gives a natural look to the décor. Stylish is an arena, this side step is highly functional as it eases accessibility into a spa. It is very light and weighs only 14 pounds.

However, its lightness does not dampen its strength and it’s a highly durable sidestep. It also features a wonderfully crafted Anti-slip Tread design.

Key Features:

  • This spa step design features a very durable redwood, an evergreen species from California that is high in aesthetic value.
  • Available in a range of finishes or colours that is suitable for any kind of spa décor.
  • Indeed a durable product.

8. QCA Spas LASS36-SC-R Spa Step with Storage

QCA Spas LASS36-SC-R Spa Step with Storage

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A spa is a lovely, leisurely, relaxing place to dip in and to make it more accessible, QCA LASS36-SC-R is a marvellous choice of side steps. Has a rugged plastic body, this spa side step is meant for rugged and tough use. It’s light, weighing only 21 pounds. One can be fitting it to any spa. Enter or exit the hot-tub, you won’t slip or trip down it.

Furthermore, the side step is moulded with impregnated resin. As a matter of fact, it makes it efficient even for use with hot tubs without inviting any damage to the steps.

Key Features:

  • Available in an attractive dual shade of red and white which is stunning to look at and beautifies any décor.
  • The steps rise to a height of 13 ½” which is highly convenient even for accessing spas that are at a height.
  • Conveniently designed with a storage space that can store all the essentials.

7. Confer Plastics Gray Spa Step with Storage

Confer Plastics Gray Spa Step with Storage

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Be it a busy day at work, or a hectic week, a dip into a spa always uplifts the mood and gets rid of soreness. Confer Plastic designed a spa step with storage that makes accessibility easier. With innovative design, this step features a tread that has a lovely grip. Added to safety, the tread can also be flipped back to reveal a storage space.

Now the entire array of articles required in a spa will be neatly stored. Moreover, the assembly was made using a maintenance-free resin that goes on servicing for years to come. It’s so tough that it can withstand up to 300 pounds of load upon it.

Key Features:

  • Features a 2-step design.
  • It is 3-feet wide and 1.3-feet long which are ample space for any one’s feet or for storage.
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty that looks after any manufacturing defect or damage to the product.

6. Blue Wave Economical Spa Side Step

Blue Wave Economical Spa Side Step

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It is indeed an economical choice. Constructed from a durable plastic material, it is meticulously crafted of resin which is highly efficient and has a long life! Its colour and structure are so designed that it does not fade or corrode. A textured tread design incorporated into the steps makes it both aesthetically pleasing and much less hazardous. Thus, ensuring sure footing and sufficient grip.

Furthermore, it guarantees maximum stability as well as security. For user convenience, you can attach it to straight and even straight-side spa.

Key Features:

  • A spa step height of 16-inches which makes it easy to access even the tallest of spas.
  • It is free of any sort of maintenance.
  • Certainly can assemble in a few minutes.

5. Sure Step Espresso 2-Spa Step

Sure Step Espresso 2-Spa Step

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The Sure Step 2 is intricately constructed a step for a spa that it can affix to both a round or a rectangular spa. The experts have incorporated UV stabilized material in the construction of this sidestep. So, it ensures a long service life without a change in colour or form. It has a simulated wood grain design finish that is both aesthetically pleasing and increases safety parameters. Engineered with precision, it is strong as well as durable.

Plus, it also comprises of self-levelling cushioned pads that give it protection from hot spas. It is an exclusive product for any spa and extends its services for years to come. This, however, is not heavy as its very light at only 14 pounds. Attain maximum safety as the non-slip surface will not make you slip to break your bones.

Key Features:

  • A body crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) gives this material its core strength.
  • The recyclable material body makes it environmentally-friendly and less hazardous
  • A 3-year warranty making it a desirable and economical product.

4. Confer Plastics Resin Multi Spa Hot Tub Handi-Step RV Steps

Confer Plastics Resin Multi Spa Hot Tub Handi-Step RV Steps

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This set of steps designed by Confer Plastics is perfect to put up to a versatile array of uses. It is so wonderfully crafted that its assembly does not require the use of any equipment or skill for setting up. As a matter of fact, it is as easy as a snap! Featuring a light tan colour, it is aesthetically pleasing and can fit into any spa décor, giving a comfortable sight.

If you are willing to make risk-free entries as well as exist, this step will impress you. The self-weight is a little over 15 pounds. So, you don’t have to struggle in managing and taking these steps in and out of the room.

Key Features:

  • Good quality plastic is used to build this spa.
  • Superiorly designed compared to others, it can fit both rounds as well as rectangular spas.

3. AquaRest Deluxe Storage Step with Side Planters

 AquaRest Deluxe Storage Step with Side Planters

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Aquarest Deluxe Storage step is a magnificent step that is made for both outdoor and indoor use. Constructed from a durable polyethylene material, this side step is meant for rugged use. It weighs only 26 pounds and features a built-in storage space in the top step. As a matter of fact, it can store all spa articles, keeping them secure and dry.

Moreover, the side step was given an excellent finish that not only looks good but is also UV resistant. Thus, making it’s colour last long and resistant to the effects of weather. It has side pockets for planting small trees. And it also makes it look aesthetically pleasing. Finally, it’s super easy to clean and gives the ultimate spa experience.

Key Features:

  • The top hinged lid keeps the storage section safe.
  • One can remove the side planters.
  • Side planters are removable which eases in deep-cleaning the article and always be in the perfect shape.

2. Confer Plastics HS2M Handi-Step Spa for Hot Tub

Confer Plastics HS2M Handi-Step Spa for Hot Tub

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Confer Plastics is a pioneer in the art of manufacturing spa steps easing accessibility into spas. The HS2M product is such a wonderful construction that it fits into all- hot tubs, spas, Jacuzzis, making it very versatile. Simplicity is it’s aura and it requires no assembly. Assembling this does not require the use of any tool or extravagant skill and is doable in a jiffy.

However, the USP lies in its exclusive construction. Its mahogany hue is a delight to the eyes, and it fits in wonderfully in any décor! Having constructed from a plastic body, you can stay sure of its longevity as well as strength.

Key Features:

  • Fabricated out of blow moulded plastic which gives it its durability and strength.
  • Manufactured in the house of Confer Plastic, it can withstand up to 300 pounds of load.
  • Very light and only weighs 15 pounds.

1. Leisure Accents Spa Step with Storage Compartment

Leisure Accents Spa Step with Storage Compartment

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Leisure Accents product is a lovely product that eases accessibility into any spa. It has a plastic construction and boasts wonderful colours which complement any décor. The plastic is treated. So it resists the impact of UV light hits it. Further, its colour will not fade and weathering will not take place.

But if you are concerned about its life-span, then stop thinking. These steps will continue to provide its service on and on. It comes readymade and requires no assembly- just place it beside a spa and keep using it! And it is beautifully as well as innovatively. It has a storage area of 36” x 14” that wonderfully stores all products.

Key Features:

  • Plastic-made product.
  • Super easy to clean- just rub over with soap and water to produce a shining surface.
  • The storage counters are easily removable.

Avoid the risks of tripping or falling. The spa steps for sale are an easy solution to your struggle.