Best Commercial Stainless Steel Tables for Work & Kitchen Reviews

Stainless steel tables are a versatile product that has many applications. It acts as a work table, a kitchen prep table, a decorative side table and lots more. Apart from its usage, the beauty of the product is unquestionable. Plus, it certainly doesn’t limit you to one tabletop but you also get a shelf to extra storage. Most importantly, it doesn’t have the hassle of getting rust.

You might be open to multiple choices in the market. But only a few can live up to the expectations. Well, the stainless steel table buying guide is going to help you to sort out the best among the rest.

Table of the Best Stainless Steel Tables Reviews

10. GRIDMANN NSF Stainless Steel Commercial Prep & Work Table with Backsplash

Stainless Steel Tables

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Steel tables are a necessity in the restaurant or café business. All the chopping and assembly of food is done on such tables. The GRIDMANN steel table is the perfect example of such a table. Made with stainless steel it is resistant to rust and decay. Given the work in the kitchen can get a little messy with water all around. However, the commercial stainless steel table is capable of resisting corrosion.

The product is indeed suitable for all commercial kitchens as it is a state of the art table. Next, the edges of the table are rounded hence any accidents and injuries are easily prevented. In the kitchen during rush hour, everyone runs around to meet up with the demand of the customers. It is natural that some of them might bump into the tables at times. If the edges were kept sharp and pointy people would get easily injured.

Key Features:

  • Has NSF certification that assures the quality.
  • The table is also sturdy enough to withstand a large amount of pressure.
  • The under-shelf and feet of the table can rather adjust in height.

9. FDW Antirust Metal Stainless Steel Kitchen Table with Adjustable Legs

FDW Antirust Metal Stainless Steel Kitchen Table with Adjustable Legs

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If you want a work table that will please both the chefs and workers, then this should be your choice. Having stainless steel construction, this table is rust resistant. You can chop vegetables or slice fishes directly on the table. The strong steel formation will certainly not wear away in any way.

Moreover, the material used in its making makes it resistant to scratches as well. Although you should always clean the table up after use in order to avoid any unprecedented damage. The wire drawing stainless steel table top appeals to one’s eyes and makes it long-lasting.

Key Features:

  • The shelf underneath and the feet of the table is adjustable according to the requirements.
  • Facilitates in the quick and easy assembly of the table. According to the manual, you can finish assembly within 30 minutes.
  • In order to make sure that the table is safe for weight application, check if the feet are stable.
  • It is NSF certified, making it a safe and secure product.

8. GRIDMANN Commercial Kitchen Prep and Work Table with Wheels

GRIDMANN Commercial Kitchen Prep and Work Table with Wheels

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The GRIDMANN work table is ideal for commercial kitchens all around the world. Firstly, the stainless steel composition makes the table sturdy. The composition also resists corrosion and degradation over the years. It does not allow rust to settle and you can prep for the day.

As a matter of fact, the heavy-duty table top will not fail to satisfy those working on it. A perfect companion for the preparation of plates of gorgeous food. With the inclusion of non-marring feet, you can rather relax about getting your floors damaged. Finally, the stainless steel table with wheels promises swift transportation.

Key Features:

  • The table is a strong one with adjustable under-shelf and feet. You can change the position of the shelf as you require.
  • The edges of the table are rounded for extra safety. If the corners were sharp, they could easily injure people working in the kitchen.
  • As many as 4 wheels are indeed included.

7. FDW Metal Scratch Resistant Kitchen Work Table with Adjustable Legs

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This FDW kitchen work table is both shiny and strong at the same time. In fact, the stainless steel composition makes the table safe from the formation of rust. It keeps corrosion and decay at bay. The table goes on seeming brand new for a long time.

Furthermore, it is also scratch resistant and hence no amount of chopping and butchering can leave marks on the table. However, to keep the table shiny and looking anew, it is advised that it be cleaned every time after use. It is indeed a multipurpose table offering adequate storage space.

Key Features:

  • The assembly of the table is extremely easy and fast. It is not at all time consuming as you can complete the entire setup within 30 minutes.
  • Includes legs that are adjustable according to the needs. Also, the storage shelf underneath even gives the liberty to make necessary height adjustments.
  • The stainless steel table weighs 13 pounds which is rather pretty light.

6. Giantex Commercial Kitchen NSF Stainless Steel Work Table 

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The Giantex Food Prep Table is definitely a front-runner when it comes to long-lasting commercial tables. The entire product is constructed with 201 stainless steel. This keeps the table from getting worn out over the years. Also, the typical material also does not allow rust to form on the product.

Whether you are chopping or plating the food, the table will remain shiny and new even after years of usage in a usually wet ambience. If you wish to cater to the finest details in your kitchen, then this table should be on your list. Nevertheless, the adjustable feet also add to the steadiness of the table.

Key Features:

  • The stainless steel table shelf at the bottom is made of galvanized sheet. This shelf is also adjustable as required.
  • Certainly, the legs of the table are adjustable for attaining the desirable height.
  • The manual provided with the product helps in assembling the entire table in a matter of minutes.

5. GRIDMANN Commercial Kitchen Prep and Work Table

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Indeed, a sturdy companion for all the shenanigans that go on behind the scene in the kitchen of a restaurant. The GRIDMANN work table will not fail to please. Constructed with 430 stainless steel of 18 gauge, the table is built to withstand corrosion over the years. It will not rust or decay if kept clean and shiny. The table is perfect for all the chopping and butchering actions. Because of the strength of the metal, the table can take a lot of weight. It is surely one impressive heavy-duty kitchen table.

The shelf and feet of the table are completely adjustable. You can lower the height or pull them up whenever required. Above all, the edges of the table are rounded in hopes of preventing any injury by bumping into the product.

Key Features:

  • The product is NSF certified and hence fully safe.
  • Includes non-marring feet to keep your floor as new as possible.

4. Mophorn Commercial Prep Worktable with Casters for Kitchen Work

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Every commercial kitchen in the world requires a steel work table. The table is the founding ground for the chefs and staff, whose talent is depicted on the work done at the table. Naturally, a good table is the basic requirement for any kitchen. The Mophorn table is one to look out for as its strong metal body is known to give a good competition to others.

As a matter of fact, the stainless steel body makes it easy to work on the table and clean it up too. The material does not allow rust to settle and hence the table keeps looking brand new for a long time. Finally, it rather features a reinforced design and it strong enough to tolerate extreme rough usages.

Key Features:

  • 4 rolling wheels at the legs of the table allow you to move it around the kitchen swiftly.
  • An under-shelf gives you extra storage. Hence you can have the space to store condiments, appliances etc in that portion.
  • Is indeed suitable for performing various activities on it.

3. Rockpoint Carmona Stainless Steel Kitchen Work Table

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This tall kitchen table is used both commercially and in a house as well. The exterior is composed of 18 gauge stainless steel, which makes for a strong base.  Next, the table can withstand degradation and the stainless steel helps in keeping away rust.

Moreover, this compact table is easy to clean and work on. It can also fit almost anywhere. The table does not take up too much space. The storage shelf underneath is customised accordingly for adjusting its height. As a result, you can certainly set it up in one corner and it will never come in your way.

Key features:

  • The rounded edges prevent accidents from happening.
  • Sleek as well as modern design is truly attractive.
  • This rugged product rather needs minimal assembly.

2. DuraSteel Stainless Steel Table Use in Restaurant, Warehouse, Kitchen & Garage

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This product is ideal for commercial kitchen and even household requirements. The Durasteel Work table makes for a sturdy base for almost all heavy duty activities. It is 18-gauge stainless steel used in the creation and is dust resistant as well as immune to corrosion. As long as it is cleaned after usage, the table will remain shiny and smooth.

Furthermore, the table takes pride in being scratch resistant. Lastly, you can work all you want and on the table, but the scratches will not appear.

Key Features:

  • The table is NSF certified and so safe and secure for regular use.
  • Assembly takes no time at all. The wheels are assembled under the legs if and when required.
  • The under-shelf meant for extra storage facilities is adjusted in regards to its height.
  • Have a carrying capacity of 300 lbs.

1. Trinity EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Kitchen Table

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For a blissful experience of chopping, butchering or even working on a squeaky clean table, you should opt for this. It is composed of stainless steel which makes the table long-lasting and strong. The stainless steel prevents the product from rusting or corroding, thus increasing its lifetime. You do not have to worry about buying another table for health issues. This one will work perfectly fine for all the years to come.

However, the shelf underneath the table along with the legs is adjustable. Now you can lower or pull them up as you require.

Key Features:

  • The table can take a weight of nearly 150lbs. So, you do not have to burden yourself with the amount of stuff you keep on the table.
  • Per shelf can certainly carry 100 lbs.

Buy it for your home or for commercial reasons, the effectiveness of the product will remain the same.