Top 10 Best Professional Steam Irons Reviews In 2020

Irons are an important device that almost every household uses on a daily basis. With a good quality iron, the clothes you wear gets a whole new look that readily adds more overall appeal. Steam irons have gained huge popularity and have never failed to impress either. Choosing a good quality iron may look challenging as there are multiple brands manufacturing the same.

To make your choice easier, we have a great selection of the top-rated steam irons that you can bring home. Reliability in terms of quality, functionality, and long life, each product is designed by the best brands. Also, you can read through the detailed descriptions and make the choosing process easier than ever. Have a look at the list to find your perfect match.

Table of the Best Steam Irons Reviews

10. Rowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Stainless Steel Soleplate Micro Steam Iron

Steam Irons

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Ever since its inception, irons have made their mark in our society. No matter how beautiful your shirt looks, if it’s not pressed well, the whole impact is different. With every passing day, new technologies are coming into existence. Ironing with steam makes the effect better and hence getting a good quality steam iron like this will do wonders. A stainless steel steam iron, the soleplate certainly glides with ultimate smoothness over various materials. There is even a precision tip so that you can press the hard to reach areas. As a matter of fact, the iron is powered by a 1700W of the motor for excellent workability.

Below you will get over 400 steam holes with 35g/min of steam emission from each. Not only it accounts for even steam distribution but also gets the job done faster. To make your life easier, the iron has an anti-calcium system so that you can use tap water. Above all, the auto-cleaning feature rewards you with an added advantage.

Key features:

  • Easy to use and control the thermostat knob for different garments.
  • Has 3-way automatic shutoff system to rather eliminate occurring of accidents.
  • It is integrated with an anti-scale function.
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9. CHI Professional Grade Steam Iron with Titanium Infused Ceramic Soleplate

CHI Professional Grade Steam Iron with Titanium Infused Ceramic Soleplate

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Do you like to possess beautiful looking equipment? Well, this iron is undoubtedly an amazing choice blessed with premium polished looks. The overall sleek appearance is enhanced to perfection with the matte chrome accents. In terms of functionality as well this steam iron is a great choice. Having titanium infused ceramic soleplate; the pleasure of ironing with it is unmatched.

Along with that, when it comes to emission of steam this does the job effortlessly. Furthermore, you will rather get a set-up of over 300 holes that delivers a good amount of steam. Get rid of all the wrinkles smoothly and in a jiffy always.

Key features:

  • Easy to handle steam lever indeed rewards you with commendable user experience.
  • The smart sleek steam iron handle features textured grips for better control.
  • Has a fabric guide for easier selection of fabrics.

8. BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Irons

BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron

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A good quality digital steam iron will make your everyday life much easier and hassle-free. Coming Black+Decker, the whole iron is made with excellence. On the bottom, you certainly have a soleplate that is durable and well suited for heavy-duty applications. Next, it is made out of stainless-steel and glides over the clothing buttery smooth every single time. For your comfort of using, the iron has a comfort grip handle. No need to worry even if you have a significant amount of clothes that need ironing.

Moreover, the whole design is extremely safe to use on a regular basis. Finally, it has an auto shut off feature. It switches off the power supply when remaining unattended for than 30 seconds straight.

Key features:

  • Innovative variable temperature and steam control for wider flexibility.
  • Offers a high steam rate which can be customized according to fabric type.
  • Indeed has a clear view LCD screen for better understanding and reading.

7. Sunbeam Steammaster Large Anti-Drip Nonstick Stainless Steel Steam Irons

Sunbeam Steammaster Large Anti-Drip Nonstick Stainless Steel Steam Iron

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One of the best choices around, this is what you can rely on every single day and always appreciate the results. Powered by a 1400W of the motor, the heat produced is more than enough for day to day ironing. However, it is designed with some impressive technologies. There is an anti-drip system that ensures no water will ever leak out of the iron. Plus, the large steam iron water tank can store a good amount of water. As a result, it rather provides you with large amounts of steam.

Also, it has an excellent Shot of Steam feature to press even the hanging clothes. This feature shots out an extra burst of steam to smoothly remove wrinkle from clothes that are in hanging position. In addition to that, the 8-foot long cord allows it to be used around the house with ease.

Key features:

  • Soleplate is non-stick in nature and made out of premium quality stainless steel.
  • Has smart 3-way motion auto-shutoff feature for added safety.
  • Advanced self-cleaning system to eradicate mineral deposition.
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6. Rowenta DG8520 Eco Energy Steam Iron

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If you wish to buy an iron you can rely on, this is one of the finest choices. Having an unmatched 1800W of the motor combined with a relentless 80g/minute of steam dispersion, the results are amazing always. Next, you will get the choice of an Eco setting where you will get to save up to 20% energy. There is even a large 47 oz capacity of the tank which you can even remove and clean whenever needed. This large capacity of the tank provides you with a continuous 1.5 hours of ironing.

In addition to that, the iron certainly has an advanced anti-scale function for better maintaining and more durability. One of the most amazing features of the iron is the 5 pressure bars. With this exceptional assembly, you can easily remove wrinkles from drapes and hanging garments.

Key features:

  • Soleplate indeed has 400 steam holes for consistent and uniform steam flow.
  • Made out of stainless steel, the soleplate is smooth to deal with and very durable.
  • High powered constant steam is triggered with just a touch.

5. Hamilton Beach Steam Iron with Retractable Cord

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Hamilton Beach has put in a good amount of precision and care while designing this superb iron. It is created to perfection and guarantees you a performance which is hard to find anywhere else. The brand claims to deliver as much as 25% more of continuous steam power than its competitors. Not only it gives you the reliability check but also ensures an impressive overall performance.

Furthermore, Hamilton Beach has also promised its non-stick coating to be 10 times more durable than traditional steam irons. The steam iron soleplate is scratch-resistant and will last you for a good number of years. Above all, it has other benefitting features like a self-cleaning system that maintains outstanding quality always.

Key features:

  • The retractable cord is rather easy to use on a daily basis.
  • Safety ensured with the 3-way auto shut off functionality.
  • Flexible choices of steam/vertical steam/blast types to work in different surroundings.

4. Shark Steam Iron

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Ironing lager quantity of clothes will now be a much easier task owing to this iron that has a big 8.5” soleplate. Constructed out of premium quality stainless-steel, now you can cover more area smoothly in less time. The steam is emitted out directly from the holes that are present on the soleplate. Every-time you will have a more even distribution of steam and rather get rid of the wrinkles with ease. Next, as the iron has a 1500W of power, relentless flow of steam power is always guaranteed.

Moreover, the big 260ml water tank brings in more benefits to ironing. There is no need to fill the water time and again while you are busy pressing.

Key features:

  • Smart as well as innovative button fit tip for enhanced manoeuvrability.
  • Designed with multi-position steam and auto shut-off feature.
  • Indeed has an easy fill door for the refilling of water.
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3. BLACK+DECKER D3030 Allure Professional Steam Iron

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Yet another amazing iron, likewise their other products this one is also excellent in all directions. It features great quality of stainless-steel soleplate for smoother gliding experience over versatile types of fabrics. The most outstanding feature of this iron is its capability to produce steam. Compared to most other irons in the market, this one produces as much as 30% more steam for quick ironing. As you deal with water, mineral deposition is certainly a worrying factor in irons.

However, to make sure the quality is not hampered, Black+Decker has designed an auto cleaning system. As a result, it takes out the accumulated minerals.

Key features:

  • Flexible temperature and steam settings suited for various kinds of fabrics.
  • Safe auto-shutoff feature to prevent causing of accidents.
  • Indeed used for steaming of vertically hanging clothes as well.

2. PurSteam 1700W Professional Steam Iron for Clothes

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No matter what and how you do, the time constraint always remains a primary factor while doing any work. When it comes to ironing, a powerful iron like this can really get the job done in the least of time. With 1700W of power and Rapid Even-Heat Technology, the iron can remove wrinkles fast and effectively.

In fact, it is extremely safe to use on a regular basis and comes with technology that eliminates risks. The 3-way automatic shut off feature ensures safety against unfortunate accidents. As a matter of fact, the premium build quality with 40% stronger materials adds more years to its service life.

Lastly, the soleplate is made out of stainless-steel and moves smoothly over the garments.

Key features:

  • Supreme even heat distribution is guaranteed by the axially aligned steam holes.
  • Soleplate is totally protected against scratching.
  • Intelligent self-cleaning function for rather added benefits.

1. Rowenta DW8080 Professional Micro Steam Iron

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This fascinating and highly professional steam iron from the house of Rowenta will be your pick. Packing brilliant features to make ironing smooth and safe, this iron has 1700W of heating power. Also, it has the brand’s patented Microsteam system that emits all even steam. The rated steam emission capacity is 150g/min, meaning you will get a large amount of steam to remove all the wrinkles.

Plus, the same comes out from the 400+ steam holes for enhanced distribution. Other delightful features include a long 7-foot cord, capability to move 360-degrees, and a grip handle for good comfort.

Key features:

  • Designed with an anti-calcium system so that any kind of water can be used on the iron.
  • Safe 3-way auto shut off makes sure to shut the iron down when not in use.
  • Used for ironing of vertically hanging garments and drapes too.

Iron your clothes, curtains, sheets and lots more. The steam iron machine will help you to attain neat press every time.

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