Best Portable Table Saw Stands | Miter Saw Stands with Wheels Reviews

Also popular as a job site table saw, a portable table saw is something that every woodworker, contractor, or DIYer must-have. These saws are extensively used thanks to their sheer cutting power as well as precision. They truly make your workshop much more efficient. However, it is important to have table saw stands to set up and use your table saw. These stands have a durable build thus they can easily carry any load. Moreover, they also come with extendable arms which allow them to easily support a wide range of table saws.

Need to have one for your workshop?  Here are some of our table saw stand recommendations that you must follow to uncover all the valuable points.

Best Table Saw Stands for Sale Reviews

10. DEWALT Rolling Table Saw Stand

Table Saw Stands

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Dewalt presents to you one of the best electric table saw stands available in the market. It’s a mobile stand that has an exceptionally small footprint and can stand upright when you aren’t using it. With its heavy-duty kickstand, it won’t fall and get damaged when it’s in storage. The stand has large wheels that let you move it around with ease and change its location according to your job site.

The best thing is that you can do all of that while your table saw is attached to the stand. You don’t need to worry about stability since the stand has a wide base and feels quite sturdy.

Key features:

  • Since the stand is constructed from heavy-duty aluminum, it is lightweight yet strong.
  • The stand has rubber feet and doesn’t scratch the floor.
  • During transportation, you can bring out the retractable handle.

9. POWERTEC Folding Table Saw Stand with Wheels

POWERTEC Folding Table Saw Stands with Wheels

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Powertec presents to you a great piece of engineering within a budget. Despite its looks, you can’t underestimate its might. It is constructed out of strong tubular steel and can take a lot of weight with its geometry. For versatility, you also get benchtop steel plates as a platform that can be moved around according to the size of your saw for a perfectly secure safe fit. So, even if the stand is lightweight at around 35 pounds, it can easily tolerate over 300 pounds of weight.

For ease of mobility, you also get high traction wheels completely made of rubber. Since they are non-pneumatic, you don’t need to worry about the wheels going flat with your heavy table saw attached to the stand.

Key features:

  • With the pin release lever, you can easily fold the stand for efficient storage.
  • Strong enough to be stored with the table saw attached.
  • This foldable table saw stand has a 1-year warranty that will cover any defects or faults.

8. SKILSAW SPTA70WT-ST Table Saw Stand for Jobsite Worm Drive

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Skilsaw never disappoints when it comes to portable table saw stands and the same holds for their table saw stands. When compared to other alternatives, this stands out from the rest. It weighs just around 14 pounds and despite. As a result, it can handle some of the heaviest table saws in its size. Next, it also beats the competition when it comes to storage. Other table saw stands may be foldable or collapsible.

However, they can’t be fit in tight gaps and corners. This one can even fit under your bed or at the narrowest gaps. Despite its small size, it doesn’t compromise with features. You can get a high degree of customization with various leveling adjustments that are easy to do.

Key features:

  • Made from high strength steel that doesn’t rust or get corroded easily.
  • Setup is easy since the stand offers a tool-less design for installing your table saw.
  • Has an ergonomic design that doesn’t disappoint.

7. POWERTEC Deluxe Portable Miter Saw Stand with Wheels

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Powertec presents to you a superior table saw stand with wheels that work flawlessly every time. Whether you want to use benchtop tools or a powerful miter saw, this stand is up for any task. It has been constructed with top quality round steel tubing that is durable and won’t get bent or damaged easily. Next, it can hold some of the heaviest table saws you can mount on it since it has a weight capacity of 330 pounds. You don’t have to spend a lot of time attaching your saw to the stand.

It has mounting brackets with quick release that allows the swift installation of your 10-12 inch miter saws. Moreover, unlike some alternatives, this stand is compatible with the saws of the most popular brands available in the market. It was built for universal compatibility, instead of exclusivity.

Key features:

  • Mobility isn’t an issue when the stand can go upright and rest on its large wheels.
  • It has locking legs that are spring-loaded and make the job of folding or unfolding the stand a breeze.
  • With its integrated outlets, you don’t need to set up the stand at a bothersome location.

6. DEWALT Table Saw Stand for Jobsite

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Another awesome saw stand from Dewalt that will get the job done on a budget. Its low price and simple design make the stand remarkable. Well, it allows you to do the job without any complicated additional features. It was built for strength and stability. That’s why it is made from heavy-duty steel tubing that can handle the rough and tough treatment you expose it to.

While it works best with some of the well-known 10-inch table saws from Dewalt, you can also use it for other brands. Most importantly, it is completely compatible with DW7480, DCs 7485, and DW745 table saws.

Key features:

  • Have hardware holes so that you can securely mount your table saw to the stand.
  • This has a frustration-free certificate for hassle-free working.
  • Folds almost flat and takes away any storage hassles.

5. DEWALT DWX726 Miter Saw Stand With Wheels

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Dewalt keeps delivering and that’s evident from their long line of table saws and table saw stands. This stand is probably the best in its category since it checks all the boxes, be it sturdiness, ease of transport, workability, or storage. The stand is built like a tank and can handle anything you throw at it.

With 300 pounds of capacity, you won’t have to worry about the saw stand falling apart due to heavy materials. It can also support wide tools within the extended range of 98-inches. Moreover, it features tubular steel construction. Thus, you can completely put your faith in its durability.

Key features:

  • When folded it takes an abnormally small space for the saws it supports.
  • This corded table saw stand weighs 25 pounds and will let you work freely with this.
  • Unparalleled after-sales service with its repair networks throughout North America.

4. Makita Compact Folding Miter Saw Stand

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Makita presents to you one of the most versatile saw stands. This lets you do your job easily and change your location on the job site whenever you want. It has been constructed out of thick aluminum tubes that make the mighty table saw stand light and highly mobile. You don’t have to compromise on strength either. It easily beats the competition with its astonishing weight capacity of 500 pounds.

You also get the additional feature for material support extensions and can extend the limit to 100-½ inches. This lets you do more with less investment.

Key features:

  • To remove or install your saw on the table, you get a tool-less design enabled by bracket levers.
  • Folding legs provide immense stability when you are using the saw and storage convenience.
  • Material stops can be adjusted and lets you perform repeated cuts.

3. Evolution Compact Folding Miter Saw Stand

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A single look at this product lets you know that Evolution made their stand for rugged work at some of the roughest job sites. The stand has a fantastic design since it allows you snappy setups and equally fast uninstallations. With the quick release brackets, you don’t even need any tools to secure your saw to the stand. The stand is built like a tank. Plus, you can be confident or working with heavy saws and materials as long as the total weight doesn’t exceed 330 pounds.

You can also do repetitive cuts easily since the stand has end stops along with rollers that aid at the job. The stand can work on pieces as long as their length is limited to 118-inches.

Key features:

  • Compatible with various saw brands including the saws made by Evolution.
  • You can make a worry-free purchase since it comes with a 3 year warranty period.

2. WEN MSA330 Collapsible Rolling Miter Saw Stand

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Table saw stands have become disappointing. You can’t work with both large workpieces and a heavy miter saw on your portable stand anymore. This saw stand from WEN is about to change all of that with its new improved design. You don’t need to stick to an inconvenient location due to a power outlet anymore. The saw has integrated input and output outlets that let you set up your stand anywhere you want.

Moreover, you also get uncompromising mobility with two 8-inch wheels that can never go flat. You will also feel very confident about the build of the stand since it has been created out of super-strong steel.

Key features:

  • The steel frame helps to elevate the saw to a height of 33-inches from the ground.
  • The rollers can be detached and height adjusted for your custom needs
  • Certainly, the arms of the table extendable to 79 inches. So, it can easily support different boards up to the length of 10.5-feet.

1. BOSCH Portable Wheeled Miter Saw Stand 

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There’s a reason Bosch calls this model of table saw stand Gravity-Rise. It’s because you can challenge gravity and set up the stand within seconds with minimal effort. Next, it also includes rapid release universal tool mounts that help you install most miter saws within a jiffy. No need to worry about the floor either since the stand has rubber feet that don’t leave any scratches.

You aren’t limited to small-sized materials either just because you are using a portable table saw stand. There are adjustable supports that let you handle materials as long as 16-feet.

Key features:

  • With its leveling feet, you can sit the stand stable on uneven surfaces.
  • There are 8-inch pneumatic wheels that are tough enough to roll over the job site smoothly.
  • This stand can be moved around even when a heavy saw is attached to it.

Do all the intense works without any help as the heavy-duty table saw stand will let you work freely. So, get the handy help and save your energy.