Top 10 Best Tandem Bikes for Sale Reviews In 2020

Riding a bicycle is one of the best experiences that has lived on since early ages. Besides the exercising part of it, bike reading is a great source of fun, especially when ridden over the weekend with friends or family members. However, we can’t deny the fact that riding bikes can extremely be exhaustive. It is never easy pedalling up a steep hill, especially over a long distance. Surprisingly, the story is different when riding the tandem bikes.

Built for two, these bikes aren’t just perfect for exercising out there but are great at improving the bond between couples, family members and friends. Most impressive, tandem bikes can be ridden with two people of different strength, size, and level of fitness. If you plan to get one for yourself or for a loved one during this festive season, you will be glad you are reading this. We have reviewed a list of the Top 10 Best Tandem Bikes existing in the market. Here we go:

Table of the Best Tandem Bikes Reviews

10. Schwinn Multiple-Size Twinn Tandem Bicycle – 26-Inch Wheels

Tandem Bikes

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Designed for both comfort and fun, the 26” Schwinn Twin Tandem bike is one that couldn’t miss in the list of the top ten. Loaded with several robust features, this bike will give you the most thrilling riding experience regardless of your age and size. Most noticeable is the extra low step-thru bar that makes it possible for younger and smaller riders to enjoy the ride. Two different seat heights and their plush fitness not to forget the ergonomic touch points deliver impeccable user comfort.

Plus, the front and the rear mechanical discs feature supreme braking power, the reason you will ride on any terrain stress-free. You will also enjoy the wide-gear range and seamless shifting with the 21-Speed Shimano Shifters and the rear derailleur. Moreover, nothing will prevent you from having control of your ride with incredible features such as the set of handlebars and the Schwinn suspension fork.

Special Features

  • Great for use with small riders
  • EZ-fire triggers and Shimano rear derailleur
  • Complete controls for stability
  • Superior braking power with mechanical disc brakes
  • 21-speed shifters
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9. Red Dual-Drive Tandem Bikes – KENT Northwoods

Red Dual-Drive Tandem Bikes – KENT Northwoods

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The Kent Dual-Drive Tandem Bike is another outstanding model that will go much beyond your expectations. It makes the best choice for couples, family members or even friends who want to take fun to a whole new level. Equipped with reliable allow linear pull V brakes, breaking is hassle-free. Bump-gobbling 2.1inch tires take on any terrain with great traction. Most adorable are the ergonomic seats that allow two great riders to hop in with style, thanks to the 20inch seat in the back and the 29inch seat in the front.

For easy customization of your ride, the 21-Speed Shimano and Revo twist shifters are ergonomically positioned. Overall, if you are looking for a tandem bike with great cruiser-style and comfort, KENT Northwoods Dual Drive makes a great deal.

Special Features

  • Includes dual water bottle holders and a pair of spring gel saddles
  • Features two low stand-over seats
  • Reliable alloy linear pull V brakes
  • Comfortable and stylish

8. New Spring Saddles Tandem Bicycle – 26” Kulana Lua Cruiser

New Spring Saddles Tandem Bicycle – 26” Kulana Lua Cruiser

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When you want to be the most stylish cruiser on light trails, beachside lane or on any bike path, the Kulana Lua Tandem Bike is one outstanding model you may want to consider. With cruiser saddles ergonomically mounted on stylish yellow HI-Ten Cruiser frame, you can be sure to enjoy a smooth ride. The unique combination of the fun beach graphics, the frame, and the whitewall tires present the best modern-bike looks.

To enable you to have a comfortable ride, the seats are well padded and the design takes on a super-relaxed riding position. For added convenience, half wrap front and rear fenders are well employed in Kulana Lua Cruiser.

Special Features

  • Super-relaxed riding position
  • Fun beach graphics
  • Comfortable cruiser saddles
  • Colourful look

7. Comfortable Dual Drive Tandem Road Bike – KENT

Comfortable Dual Drive Tandem Road Bike – KENT

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When you are looking for an easy to handle a tandem bike, the KENT Dual Drive is one outstanding model. This unit is fully loaded with robust features and it pretty cool and comfortable for a ride during the weekend. Quality and reliable alloy linear pull V brakes give you a sure-stop regardless of the terrain. Plus, extra wide 2.1 inch tires provide the traction needed for a ride or two.

Easy to hop-in stand over heights (20 inches rear and 29 inches front) makes this bike a great friend when couples or two friends ride around. The superior and durable cruiser-style frame gives KENT Dual Drive a unique style. Moreover, the 21-Speed Shimano Tourney Drive train plus the Revo twist shifters add to the convenience of riding this tandem bike.

Special Features

  • Includes dual water bottle holders
  • Reliable linear Pull V brakes
  • Excellent cruiser style-frames
  • Comfortable and durable
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6. Pacific Dualie Two Seater Bike with 26-Inch Wheels

Pacific Dualie Two Seater Bike with 26-Inch Wheels

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When it comes to bike riding, they say two is better than one. Well, that is best expressed by the Pacific Dualie 26” Tandem Bike. Designed to take bike rides a level higher. One amazing aspect of this bike is the fact that it features a sturdy framework but is pretty lightweight and strong. The alloy linear pull brakes deliver impressive braking performance. For a great cruising style and enhanced riding comfort, Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike boasts a steel mountain style frame. Plus, the Shimano 21 speed derailleur plus the 21-speed twist shifter makes this bike a must-buy. Anywhere you want to go, this bike will give you the best tandem bike riding experience.

Special Features

  • Lightweight and strong allows wheels
  • Steel mountain style design
  • 21 Speed derailleur and speed twist shifter
  • Wide gear range

5. Single Speed Tandem Bicycle – Kulana Lua

Single Speed Tandem Bicycle – Kulana Lua

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For a safe and comfortable ride, your family deserves an honourable tandem bike such as the Kulana Lua Single Speed Tandem. Designed for both fun and exercise, this single speed drivetrain features a foot-operated brake system that is reliable. Ergonomic handlebars and a riser stem make cruising this tandem bike a breeze in addition to boosting ease of steering.

The extra-large cruiser spring seat is durable and comfortable for a ride anywhere. Most impressive are the built Hi-Ten Steel Kulana Tandem frame plus the oversized front fork that gives the bike its strength and style. Regardless of the weather, this bike makes a great choice.

Special Features

  • Comfortable and convenient ride
  • Large cruiser spring seat
  • 26” single-speed tandem bike
  • Riser stem and ergonomic handlebars

5. Tandem Road Bike – Giordan Viaggio

Tandem Road Bike - Giordan Travel

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For light usage, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Giordan Viaggio Tandem Road Bike. When you want to burn that calorie while having outdoor fun. The entire bike boasts a sturdy custom-designed 7005 aluminium frame design. On the other hand, the Viaggio has a 16inch frame on the rear and 20inches front frame size, quite a great combination for two great riders. Just like other regular tandem bikes, it features Shimano RD TX51D Rear derailleur. The Shimano 8-Speed Tandem bike surely makes a great choice for bike enthusiasts.

Special Features

  • Features custom-designed aluminium frame
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Has 20 inches front and 16inches rear frames
  • Upgraded handlebars and brakes
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3. Classic Buddy Two Person Bike Family

Buddy Bike Family Classic 7 Speed

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Designed for non-riders, the Buddy Bike goes beyond the ordinary by allowing those with autism, sight impairment, and down syndrome enjoy a tandem bike ride. This bike is suitable for adult riders under 5’4” to 5’7” but can also work great with small riders. With a maximum weight capacity of 380 pounds, this bike boasts a sturdy orange aluminium frame and Shimano internal 7 hubs. You will always enjoy the view of the surrounding owing to the lower front seat design.

Kenda 26×1.95 tires are pretty tough, thorn resistant and last for long. The frame used in Buddy Bikes features lower top tubes to allow for hassle-free bike mounting. Moreover, the patented dual handlebar, the rear wheel calliper brake, and the pedal-free shifting make this bike one of the most convenient to maintain and ride. Overall, this is a great choice, especially for novice learners.

Special Features

  • Features internal 7 hub
  • Sturdy metallic aluminium frame
  • Weight limit of 380 pounds
  • Lower top tubes for easy mounting
  • Light and easy ride

2. Tandem Cruiser Bicycle – Hollandia Rathburn

Tandem Cruiser Bicycle – Hollandia Rathburn

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When you are two out there, then you are better when the Hollandia Rathburn combines you into one. It is a great tandem bike that is equipped with everything required for a fun ride. Front light, front and rear fenders, and quick release seat post clamp are some of the robust features. Expect a comfortable ride owing to the comfy saddle, alloy quill stem and the ergonomically designed steel cruiser handlebar. Durable aluminium rims and the 26”×2.125inch cruiser white tires are of superior quality to rip through any terrain. Overall, this one of the best tandem bikes that anyone would consider.

Special Features

  • Smooth tread tires
  • Alloy V-brakes
  • 18_Speed Shimano
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Quality steel cruiser frame and fork

1. Co-Piot Bike Trailer – WeeRide

WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

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Even though not very popular, the WeeRide Co-Pilot Trailer is another great way to have fun, especially for kids. It is designed to attach to almost any bikes as long as it doesn’t have a seat post. The tricycle is pretty solid, sturdy and will hold up to 75 pounds. It has seat, pedals, and handlebars just like a regular bike. Plus, it boasts a quality heavy-duty steel construction. Whether you want to enjoy the scenery or be part of the fun, WeeRide surely works great for kids aged 4-9 years.

Special Features

  • Quality padded seat
  • Holds riders of up to 75lbs
  • Arm folds for hassle-free storage
  • A patented sync-Link attachment system

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