Top 10 Best Tire Changer Machines for Sale Reviews In 2020

No matter how difficult some tasks look like, there are some that you got to do nice and well. When it comes to machinery and automobiles, numerous parts need continuous care and maintenance. A wheel of the car often needs some attention and the tires often need a replacement. Although it is a very tiring job, when you have a workshop you got to do it well. For your benefit, you should seek for the great tire changer machines.

With the numerous options available, choosing the right one may look challenging at first. Here in our tire changer machine review, you can buy and rely on blindly. Find your perfect match and make your life much easier.

Table of the Best Tire Changer Machines Reviews

10. Mayflower 1.5 HP Automatic Tire Wheel Changers Machine

Tire Changer Machines

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Tire changing is undoubtedly something that you cannot avoid no matter how much you wish to. If you own a workshop or a garage, the majority of the vehicles that roll in come with a demand of doing something on the wheels. From puncture to alignment, and for everything else related to wheels, you need an efficient tire changer at your disposal. This automatic tire changer machine is well-equipped and well-designed. Therefore, it rather solves the purpose of tire changing perfectly.

It features a professional-level assist arm. As a result, you can use the machine with ease when the car has a flat tire. Also, it works well with a wide range of wheels whose outside clamping has a diameter between 10-inches and 20-inches. The pneumatic piston guarantees reliability and efficiency in a great manner. On the inside, the machine features a motor that has 1.5 HP of raw power for tire changing.

Key features:

  • Includes 4 clamp protector and a steel mount head for added safety while dealing with wheels.
  • Blue powder-coated finish on the outside certainly saves the machine from damage due to rusting and corrosion.
  • Comes along with a bead blast air blast for more convenience.
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9. XtremepowerUS Air Operated Tire Changer – Tire Repair Machine 

XtremepowerUS Air Operated Tire Changer - Tire Repair Machine 

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Tire changing is a very tedious and demanding job always. Every time you are set to change the wheels, the effort that goes in the job is quite a much. To make your life easier, innovation has resulted in the design of the tire changer. With these machines, the whole process is accelerated and the tire changes effortlessly. This particular tire changer machine design is quite advanced and is designed to hold and perfectly spread the bead.

For your tires ranging between 4-inches to 15-inches in width, you can use this machine without any doubts or issues. Moreover, the wide range of flexibility makes it even more apt for workshops or garages. It indeed has sidewall adjustments for more ease of usage and fitting of the tire. Do not let anyone wait for longer than needed when all they need is a mere tire change.

Key features:

  • Is rather operated using a foot pedal for more convenience.
  • Delivers a huge force of 3500 pounds at PSI for faster tire changing.
  • Has a wider platform so that the work is carried out more stably.

8. Mayflower – 1.5 HP Tire Wheel Changer Balancer Machine Combo

Mayflower - 1.5 HP Tire Wheel

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Yet another reliable option from the house of Mayflower products, this one is also very efficient in its workability. This is a semi-automatic tire changer machine readily brings down the effort needed for changing tires when done manually. The motor on the inside is sufficiently powered to assure a faster and easier tire changing in all scenarios. Next, it certainly has 1.5 horses of power which are strong and powerful for a hassle-free tire change.

However, the machine itself is quite durable and long-lasting. It is finished with a red powder coating on the top. For that reason, it saves it from all the dangers of rusting and corrosion in a great way. There is a bird head that has a protector and claw assembly for more convenience while working with it.

Key features:

  • The machine includes a beat blast air blast to help you with the process.
  • Package indeed includes 4 clamp protectors and steel mount head for easier working.
  • Pneumatic piston design adds to the safety of the machine.

7. XK 1.5 HP Tire Changers Machines Combo Balancer Rim Clamp

XK 1.5 HP Combo Balancer Rim Clamp

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With a good quality tire changer machine, the whole game gets better and easier for you and your customers as well. A good quality machine understands the needs, saves time, and gets the job done perfectly always. Here is an excellent choice of one such tire changer that can come in really handy on many occasions. The pneumatic piston assembly on this tire changes is extremely safe, as a matter of fact, reliable to deal with.

In addition to that, you get a bird that is equipped with a strong protector and claw. Finally, the bead brake force is a rather huge 5600 pounds and always guarantees that a trouble-free experience.

Key features:

  • Comes with the convenience of 4 tire changer machine clamp protectors to save the clamps.
  • The 1.5HP motor for faster working and certainly providing better power.
  • Blue powder coating on the machine saves it from hassles of corrosion and rusting.
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6. TRIUMPH NTC-950-1 Wheel Clamp Tire Changer Machines with Helper Arm

TRIUMPH NTC-950-1 Wheel Clamp Tire Changer

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Upgrade your workshop or garage with a tire changer that can take care of all your wheel needs. Every time a customer walks in with a flat tire, you can fix it. However, this machine will do all the job for you.

Suited for tires with a maximum width of 15”, almost all kinds of vehicles are benefited from this. If the tire falls under the diameter of 47”, the machine will indeed help you with the process perfectly.

Key features:

  • Includes a bead blast for more convenience.
  • Has a helper arm to rather make the process easier and effortless.
  • Works with an outside clamping distance of 14” to 26”.

5. CHIEN RONG 1.5 HP Tire Changer Machines – Machine Balancer Rim Clamp Combo 

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A machine that understands and functions as per your need, this one is going to help you in numerous ways. It is certainly one of the most innovatively designed options that are strong on the outside powerful on the inside. The overall built quality is quite durable. Plus, it has a blue powder coated finish to add more protection against elements of nature.

Furthermore, you get the tire changing done fast and effectively with the 1.5HP powerful tire changer machine motor. Lastly, the total break bead force it can offer is 5600 pounds which is huge.

Key features:

  • Smart pneumatic piston design enhances the overall functionality.
  • Steel mount head is indeed strong, long-lasting, and durable.
  • Works at regular 110V voltage so that you can use it anywhere.

4. Nationwide NW-530 Tire Changer and NW-953 Wheel Balancer Combo

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A perfect solution for your tire changing needs, this machine is powerful and efficient. The mount and demount is rather done through a manual operation. Therefore, makes sure that no problems occur in the initial steps. There are a total of 4 pneumatic clamps to ensure a completely safe and good tire changing is done.

Nonetheless, the bead breaker is side-mounted to give it a compact feel while having the ability to do every task. Besides, quick and safe inflation is guaranteed in all scenarios as the inflation jets are designed on the clamping jaws.

Key features:

  • Air pressure regulator for more flexibility and choice.
  • Water separator and lubricator make the job easier for you in multiple ways.
  • Can indeed work with light-alloy rims as it has alu-s balancing technology.
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3. TRIUMPH NTC-950 & NTB-550 Tire Changer Machines

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If you are willing to set-up your own shop dedicated to servicing of wheels and tires alike, this is the best in the business. It comes along with a wheel balancer so that for every need of yours, there is a solution. Moreover, it is capable of working with wheels that can go up to 26-inches of rim size. This machine is well-equipped to do the job securely and efficiently always.

The Jet blast inflation system certainly helps you with a faster-filling air into the tires. Above all, it has a powerful bead breaker system so that you can do the tire changing conveniently.

Key features:

  • Plastic safety hood is rather provided on the machine for your safety and security.
  • The quick-release wing nut ensures an effortless experience always.
  • Clamp covers protect your clamps from unforeseen damages.

2. XK 1.5 HP Tire Changer Machines with Air Bead Blaster Function

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Do all the job of tire changing most efficiently and practically with this machine from XK. It is a new model blessed with the latest technology and innovation to make the job easier and faster. As a matter of fact, it is preset to American standards, thus making it safe to work within all conditions. The machine is effective and has a cycle time 4-7 seconds. Certainly, more work is done in less time.

Given that, the noise level always stays under 70dB and never makes it inconvenient for you to work with. To sum up, it comes with the advantage of 4 centring cones and ALU1-3 mode.

Key features:

  • Supreme balancing accuracy of -1g to +1g.
  • Quick-release wing nut for elevated working experience.
  • The powder-coated finish of blue colour indeed saves the machine from unwanted damages due to rusting.

1. Atlas TC221 Electric/Pneumatic Tire Changer

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This tire changer machine is outstanding by all means and supremely functional as well. Works at 110V for more flexibility and adaptability, you can set this machine up anywhere without an issue. The 90-110 PSI of pressure works well with most wheels, as a result, never leaves you with second thoughts.

When you buy this, you get a complete package of tire inflator, oiler, filter, and even a regulator. However, it is capable of handling wheels that can go up to 13-inches in width and 39-inches in diameter.

Key features:

  • Gives you up to 3 positions when you are clamping jaws.
  • Most stubborn and rusted beads can be broken with the bead breaker mounted on the side.
  • Has turntable jaws holds onto the rim but certainly never damages them.

Your vehicles might be equipped with the heaviest tires. But having a strong tire changer machine by the side, it will take much effort.

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