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Cleaning and keeping house, as well as surroundings clean, is important for good health. It keeps contamination plus any sort of disease at bay. But cleaning the toilet is one of the toughest jobs of our household. It’s not safe for one if proper protection isn’t taken. And cleaning the toilet bowls with toilet brushes is the most intelligent decision. Your hands won’t come in contact with the nuisance of the bowls and yet you get the desirable results.

So, have you decided anyone yet? If not then check the list of top toilet brushes that offer excellent performance. Now you have got an effective solution.

Table of the Best Toilet Brushes

10. OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brushes

Toilet Brushes

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Keeping your toilet clean was never easier with this amazing and affordable toilet brush from Oxo. It comes with its own storage canister. Therefore, has an intelligent design to keep the rush stealthy and ready for use at all times. You don’t even need to come in contact with the canister to bring the brush out of its storage. Moreover, there is incredible weight distribution with the lid and the lever attached to it. So when you pull the brush out, the lever has reduced weight which lets the lid open by itself.

When you push the brush inside, the lid doesn’t have sufficient weight to overpower or balance the weight of your brush. Thus, it is pulled back and closed automatically. This is an ingenious toilet brush design feature that doesn’t even require any electrical power. Mechanical parts and brilliant engineering indeed makes the system work perfectly.

Key features:

  • The brush has smooth rounded off the handle. It certainly makes for a good grip and doesn’t let the brush slip off your hand.
  • Canister vents allow a wet brush to dry quickly due to good air circulation.
  • Flexible neck lets you reach under the rim of your toilet bowl with ease.

9. BOOMJOY Toilet Brushes for Cleaning Bowl Brush Kit with Tweezers

BOOMJOY Toilet Brushes for Cleaning Bowl Brush Kit with Tweezers

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Unlike competitors, Boomjoy always likes to go the extra mile and brings you innovative and unique products. This brush from the brand is no different. It has thick and tough bristles which are highly resilient. However, don’t have any sharp edges to scratch off the glaze of your premium toilet bowl. Even after rigorous use and cleaning your bowl will maintain its shine and look brand new.

Next, you can easily reach all the corners and keep your toilet free from stains. But you aren’t just limited to the toilet bowl. Even fallen hair that is stubborn is rather picked up easily with this brush. And that also with just a few twists on the floor surface.

Key features:

  • Bristles are uniform and cylindrical in shape and made from strong TPR material.
  • Handles have hidden tweezers which are used for picking up chunky filth.
  • The toilet brush holder is indeed designed to promote excellent evaporation of water from the bristles.

8. Marbrasse Slim Toilet Bowl Brush with Holder for Bathroom Storage

Marbrasse Slim Toilet Bowl Brush with Holder for Bathroom Storage

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Marbrassr has made this compact toilet brush from the highest quality materials. Hence, will last you for a really long period of time. The body is certainly made with ABS plastic plus the bristles are constructed from nylon fibres. Since it is made from ABS instead of wood or metal, it is highly resistant to corrosion. Given that, it doesn’t rust or rot due to water.

The brush also has a curved neck with the fibres strategically placed to increase that curvature. This makes it highly compatible with the shape of the toilet bowl. As a result, lets you do thorough cleaning without having to struggle at different angles. It also comes with an efficient hollow storage caddy. Lastly, due to its hollow design, it lets air pass through the bristles of your brush freely. So the brush is always dry and ready whenever you need to clean your toilet.

Key features:

  • Comes in a set of two. So if you have two bathrooms it can really come in handy.
  • Has a hole at the handle end. You can rather hang it on the wall via a protrusion or hook.
  • Takes significantly less space than most bathroom accessories.

7. Homemaxs Toilet Brush Cleaner with Holder

Homemaxs Toilet Brush Cleaner with Holder

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Homemaxs has made this brush and its holder for being highly efficient and sanitary while cleaning. It has a robust handle made from stainless steel. Therefore, isn’t affected by elements of nature and less susceptible to rust than iron. The handle also has a disc made from the same material. This simple disc might look humble but, as a matter of fact, serves two very important purposes.

When you are cleaning your toilet with any brush chances of splashes are always 100 percent. This disc shields your hand from that and keeps germs away. It indeed keeps the cleaning end of the brush slightly elevated inside the holder. Above all, this allows water to drip down instead of being stuck to the bristles.

Key features:

  • Holder seals away the brush. Plus, any foul odours while keeping the brush out of your sight when not needed
  • Highly dense bristles that aren’t hard on the toilet surface.
  • Simple minimalist design that certainly looks good with any bathroom decor.

6. Glendan Bathroom Toilet Cleaning Brush Kit

Glendan Bathroom Toilet Cleaning Brush Kit

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Bristles of this brush from Glendan are made from PP and Thermo Plastic Rubber. So they can stretch and is flexed to a great extent without them breaking off. They are also thick and densely packed on the brush to clean every corner and crevice of your toilet.

But the best part is that unlike other toilet bowl brushes which have sharp pointy and hard bristles, this won’t damage the surface of your toilet bowl. Furthermore, you would be able to get rid of waste and stains. Now, there will be no sacrificing the shine and rather glaze of your toilet bowl.

Key features:

  • Long toilet brush handle to reach deep inside the toilet. Now your hands can indeed stay far away.
  • Comes with mounting hardware that lets you stick the holder to the bathroom wall.
  • Holder allows ventilation for fast evaporation of water from the bristles.

5. Home Basics Vented Stainless Steel Toilet Brush Holder

Home Basics Vented Stainless Steel Toilet Holder

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Home Basics has brought to you a very polished looking brush and canister that looks amazing in your bathroom. The canister certainly has stainless steel construction while a portion of the handle is made from the same.

Next, the rest of the handle is made from premium quality plastic. That’s why; it wouldn’t get a damaged cause of uncountable hours of exposure to sewage water. In between, there is a disc guard that protects your hand from unprecedented splashes.

Key features:

  • Holder has holes all around the upper portion, as a result, allows maximum air circulation for fast drying.
  • Weighs merely 10 pounds and occupies a minute amount of space.

4. HOMTOYOU Stainless Steel Toilet Brushes with Holder

HOMTOYOU Stainless Steel Brushes

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Having evenly spread bristles, it forms a clean line and has high bristle to surface area ratio. This brush indeed lets you clean with less effort than others. The handle is made from stainless steel which has superior quality and combats a humid environment quite well. It wouldn’t rust or corrode quickly, however, would be an indispensable tool for maintaining your toilet hygiene.

Above all, you also get two brushes instead of one at a dirt-cheap price. Thus, makes this deal even more attractive

Key features:

  • Holder has an intelligent design. It rather collects dripped water at the bottom while allowing good ventilation for drying.
  • Brush fibres are soft yet sturdy for hassle-free toilet brush cleaning without any scratches.

3. LUWING Stainless Steel Long Handle Toilet Brush for Bathroom

LUWING Stainless Steel Long Handle Brush for Bathroom

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Filthy stains would always be kept at bay due to the unique handle design of this brush. It has a disc that is close to the base. In fact, it prevents water or waste from splashing back to your hand while cleaning. Instead of a single side, the bristles are packed together all around the brush to help you reach stubborn stains. And with just a bit of a push and twist to the handle, you can it all.

In addition to that, they also have the perfect hardness. As a matter of fact, makes them strong enough for scrubbing out the stains but soft enough to not leave a scratch.

Key features:

  • Made from high corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel.
  • It certainly assures a 360-degrees cleaning for making the cleanest bathroom.
  • Features a modern design for complementing the decor.

2. TOP BEAUTY Bathroom Toilet Bowl Cleaner Brush

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ABS plastic has a lot of advantages that make it perfect construction material for this toilet brush cleaner from Top Beauty. It can withstand chemical corrosion and completely immune to rusting. Even after a lot of abuse, it wouldn’t lose any of its durability. It would be a reliable sanitary tool for you. Furthermore, it also doesn’t catch on any foul odours. Now no need to hold in your breath after rinsing the brush with water.

The bristles are rather top quality as well since they are long. Therefore, helps you easily reach all the nooks and crannies of your toilet bowl.

Key features:

  • Splash guard to indeed keep your hands clean and dry.
  • Prevents breeding of disease-causing bacteria with the quick-dry design.
  • Holder has a drip tray that can be easily removed to dump the collected water.

1. TOPSKY Compact Toilet Bowl Brush with Long Handle

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Instead of one Topsky is offering you three brushes along with attractive holders in this deal. It is aesthetically much more pleasing than most other models in the market. The spherical base is smooth and certainly comes in a glossy finish that looks good in any bathroom. Moreover, the handle of this brush is made from stainless steel while the bristles are made from nylon fibres.

Besides, the handle won’t rust like most other cheap alternatives in the market. Plus, the bristles densely cover 360-degrees for superior cleaning. These dense bristles don’t have hard ends either that damage the surface.

Key features:

  • For applying pressure inside the toilet the handle rather has a metal ball at the end. Hence, the sharp ends don’t hurt anyone.
  • Wide 3-inch base with a length of over 16-inches.

Keep your bathrooms as clean as possible in order to maintain the level of hygiene. The best toilet brushes will help in obtaining spotless cleaning.

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