Best Dog Backpack Carriers for Small, Medium and Large Dogs Reviews

Love going out with your furry friend to the world’s most amazing adventures? Well, no matter how much you want to travel with your pet, there will be times when walking isn’t feasible. In recent years, we have seen a steady increase in the number of travelers and also pet owners. Chances are you are both a traveler and a pet owner. The solution is dog backpack carriers when you are traveling.

Here is a comprehensive list of the popular dog backpack carriers to choose from. While deciding on the backpack, make sure to get something that is going to be equally comfortable for you and your dog.

Best Dog Backpack Carriers Reviews

10. K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack for Small and Medium Pets

Dog Backpack Carriers

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An adjustable dog backpack carrier, however, can solve half of your problems of traveling with dogs. This is a medium-sized bag that is ideal for dig breeds within a size range of 17-20-inches long and up to 38-inches in girth. Prominent breeds that fit well in this backpack are Lhasa Apso, Russel Terries, pug, etc. From hikes to subways and even the motorcycle rides, this backpack is going to keep your best friend close to you at all times.

For keeping your pet in a safe condition, it features ventilated cooling panels on the sides. Moreover, to keep little items insides, it comes with adjustable pockets. Finally, no chance of having moisture trapped cause it has moisture-wicking material.

Key features:

  • There are three sizes, even if you have a larger sized dog, you will be able to accommodate them in here.
  • Comes with 60 days of quality guarantee, if anything goes wrong the brand is here to listen and serve.
  • Up to 5 different failsafe features makes this a very reliable dog travel bag to go for.

9. Ytonet Store Dog Hiking Backpack Carrier – Small Dog Travel Bag

Dog Hiking Backpack Carrier

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Ideal for pets so that you and it can stay close, this dog backpack carrier design is the best investment. A backpack like this will come in really useful for pet owners who like to travel and also want their pets to have a share of fun. Soft-sided design for comfort, the bag as a whole is made using eco-friendly polyester. Scratching and casual biting will not damage the bag.

Measuring at 11.5-inches X 10-inches X 16.5-inches, the size and style of this make it suitable for cats and small dog breeds. Featuring a couple of entrances, now your pet will be able to stick his head out. And enjoy the beauty of nature. Also, it uses a top pad that you can roll up for more flexibility.

Key features:

  • Firm and reinforced structure, the bag is quite sturdy and makes sure your pet is always safe.
  • Both sides of the bag have zippered pockets. Hence, you can keep the essentials like a leash and treat handy always.
  • Extra thick padding has been used on the adjustable shoulder straps, making it comfortable for you to carry always.

8. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Travel, Hiking, and Outdoors

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Are you someone who lives by the idea of adventures and your favorite travel partner is your pet? If that is the case, then you need to have this ventilated dog backpack from the Petami store. Measuring at 12.5-inches X 10.2-inches X 16.3-inches, the bag delivers the purpose of making it travel-friendly for your cat or small-sized dog. Now, hikes and travels will be more fun and energizing because you will have your furry friend at all times. The question that may linger in your mind is how comfortable the bag is for your pet? Well, the smart design of the backpack is aimed at making it as comfortable as possible.

The well-ventilated design of the backpack guarantees optimal airflow at all times. In addition to that, it has a two-way entry for convenience, a zip-up mesh window for better visibility. Besides, for extra comfort, the Sherpa lined bedding assures comfort. Lastly, the firm style makes sure your pet can have ample room inside the bag to move around.

Key features:

  • There is a safety strap along with a buckle that can keep your pet tied to the bag and keep away risks of escape.
  • Comfortable for the user, the thickened padded shoulder straps along with waist and chest buckles provide an edge of support.
  • With multiple colors to choose from, the bag is very durable as it is made using 600D high-grade polyester.

7. Pecute Dog and Cat Carrier Backpack for Travel

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Even though you have researched a lot about waterproof dog backpack carriers, the chances of you coming across something like this are very slim. Just not any backpack that can carry your pet, this smart bag has some really unique features. First and foremost it has an expandable back design, it provides more room for your pet to relax. When you are not carrying the bag on your back, simply expand the size and enhance the overall air circulation. Top-notch comfort and ventilation are always assured as well.

You can simply open the top of the backpack, allowing them to stick their head out when you are traveling. Mesh cover promises the best of breathability. And also, if you want protection from the sun, you can snap on the shade.

Key features:

  • Acrylic sheets are used on three sides of the bag, allowing more light to enter. Thereby reducing the anxiety levels of your dog.
  • The shoulder straps used are widened, thickened, and adjustable so that you can always comfortably carry them.
  • A firm bottom is used with comfy and soft padding, assuring your pet’s comfort always.

6. Texsens Collapsible Carrier Backpack for Small Cats and Dogs

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Don’t buy just any backpack and carry your pet along because bags that are not designed for them will make things difficult for you as well as them. A dog travel backpack carrier like this however can be an exciting addition to your travel arsenal. Ideal for cats and dogs less than 15 pounds of weight, this bag has enough room for a small or medium-sized dog. It always takes good care of your pet and makes sure they are always feeling safe and comfortable inside it.

PVC mesh is used on all three sides for maximum airflow and ventilation. Even if you are hiking or traveling for long hours, it will not get suffocating for your pet. Also, the entire backpack is foldable in nature, has safety locks, and a 180° view.

Key features:

  • The backpack has chest buckles integrated so that you do not feel the weight too much on your shoulders.
  • Comes with a removable cozy mat, allowing your pet to enjoy every bit of the journey. And also assuring easy cleaning when needed.
  • Be sure of the overall durability and longevity because this is a premium backpack made of scratch-resistant materials.

5. Kurgo G-Train K9 Ruck Sack Small Dog Carrier Backpack

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Kurgo store has designed this unique kind of carrier. As a result, travelers who miss their pets on the journeys have a convenient way to take them along. This is more of a hiking backpack that is TSA and airline approved. Coming with a swivel tether on the inside, it always keeps your restless pet safe and secure inside the bag. As this can accommodate dogs up to 25 pounds, this can actually be the right solution for many pet owners.

Water-resistant fabric is used for making the exterior while a waterproof armorsole bottom adds more convenience. Stain-resistant and removable, you will be able to take the interior pad out and clean it in a washing machine.

Key features:

  • Lightweight yet rugged and tough, the bag has ample room to keep your pet and other belongings as well.
  • Has a lifetime warranty, you can buy this bag without any doubts in mind because this is going to serve your needs for a long time.
  • A hip belt combined with a sternum strap and load lifter straps makes carrying easier.

4. Apollo Walker Pet Backpack for Small/Large Cats and Dogs, Puppies,

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This large-sized pet backpack carrier is a top-rated product on Amazon and also labeled as an Amazon’s Choice option. Your ultimate travel companion to the most adventurous journeys and hikes, this can hold medium-sized dogs and large-sized cats easily. Having the comfort of your pet in mind, the bag is very well ventilated. Plus, it offers optimum airflow at all times.

In addition to that, it has a two-way entry and a top mesh window. Your pet will be resting on bedding that is thick and made of soft fleece. The overall structure of the bag however is very strong and firm.

Key features:

  • Uses claw-proof mesh and zipper buckles, you can be sure of your pet’s safety at all times.
  • A leash and tether are used on the inside to eliminate the chances of escape in any way.
  • While you are walking or hiking with a backpack you will not feel a lot of strain. This is because it has chest and waist buckles for you to distribute the load better.

3. Pawaboo Pet Front Carrier Backpack for Traveling and Hiking

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This is a #1 bestseller dog backpack carrier that can hold your dog or cat easily and risk-free. Made for cats and pups less than 15 pounds of weight, the design, and styling of the backpack is commendable. It comes equipped with useful features like quick-release buckles, hook and loop closure, zipper and elastic openings, and a leg-out tail-out design.

No matter how far the distance is, your pet will feel the best at all times. Allows for wearing both on the front and back, the thickened sponge strap eliminates the stress on your shoulders.

Key features:

  • You as a carrier will feel comfortable as well because it has thickened and sponge padded shoulder straps.
  • One will get different color options to match your preferences.
  • Carry it on your back or on your front, it will feel comfortable.

2. Morpilot Foldable Dog Hiking Backpack Carrier

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Now is the time to give the most attention and love to your pet. While you are already taking care of them at home, this carrier will allow you to travel with them a. Made using eco-friendly polyester that is lightweight, this back is durable and easy to use. Besides, it will not get scratches as well and remain as good as new. Furthermore, it repels water even in wet conditions and so, it waterproof.

If you own a pet that weighs under 15 pounds, this bag is ideal. A four-sided ventilation mesh setting assures a superior level of airflow and visibility for your pet. Also, you can open the top of the backpack so that your pet can stick its head out.

Key features:

  • Breathable and comfortable widened shoulder, chest, and waist straps promise an effortless carrying of your pet.
  • Has a built-in safety strap to make sure the pet can never escape.
  • The bag has pockets on both sides, a sturdy bottom cushion, and lockable zippers for easy usage.

1. East100Vir Pet Sport Sack for Motorcycle and Bicycle

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This is a large-sized dog backpack carrier that gets an upgraded design for added benefits. From the brand East100Vir, this backpack has a double-sided zipper design with a large opening. Along with that, it gets safety buckles to ensure your pet is always close to you.

With a maximum load capacity of 88 pounds, the quality of make is unparallel and very durable. Although it is strong, because it uses 600D oxford fabric, the bag feels very lightweight and easy to carry.

Key features:

  • You will get a lot of free goodies like a belt buckle, storage bags, breathable backpack pads, a foldable bowl, and a pet sunglass.
  • A smart front opening design allows you to even carry your pet on the chest rather than your back.

From public transports to places, there are many restrictions that you must follow when you have your dog around. So get hold of a lightweight dog backpack carrier and leave for the journey together.