Best Outdoor Waterproof Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Covers Reviews

When you have a grill set up at your home or patio, it is absolutely impossible to resist the temptation of a backyard barbeque. Almost everyone enjoys a smoky barbeque session with the best kind of grills but taking care of the grills is equally essential. Although it requires regular cleaning and maintaining, the overall efforts can be reduced dramatically by using heavy-duty grill covers.

Not all are equally effective but each and everyone in this list will protect your favorite grill machine. Just pick the right BBQ grill cover size and then install it.

Best Heavy Duty Grill Covers Reviews

10. VicTsing Weber Char-Broil Gas Grill Cover

Grill Covers

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Are you someone who has set up an outdoor grill for the entire family to enjoy a barbeque session every now and then? Well, if you already have that, the next thing you need is an equally good waterproof grill cover. Measuring at 58-inches X 24-inches X 44-inches, this big size cover is widely compatible with a wide range of grills. Besides, it has a heavy-duty quality of construction to depend on protection. Using 600D polyester fabric for construction, get the best of weather resistance and dustproof.

Be it the sun, storm, or rain, the cover will protect your grill from all-natural sources always. In addition to that, it is UV resistant and promises to stay new forever.

Key features:

  • Get the best of water resistance and durability with the health of the exterior bound seams and high-density stitching.
  • Padded handles and straps assure a snug fit at all times and keep it safe from blowing away during heavy wind and storm.
  • Easy to clean up, simply hose with running water and all the dirt will go away for good.
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9. Gillman Weber BBQ Grill Cover – UV & Water-Resistant

Gillman Weber BBQ Grill Covers

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Ideal for the most used kind of grills around the globe, this high quality, and extremely dependable heavy-duty grill cover. This is a must-have for people who wish to take good care of their grill set up. Featuring an extra-wide design, almost all popular brands of grills can fit inside it. Quality of make is a primary factor for any kind of cover and this high-quality grill cover is amazingly built.

Heavy-duty PVC Oxford material lining is ideal for ultimate water resistance, UV resistance, and also tearing resistance. Let your grill sit outside without ever risking any sort of damage due to the natural forces.

Key features:

  • Attachable fabric hook and loop straps can be tightened as per your needs so that you can securely protect it from flying away ever.
  • Have side straps that enhance the fit and make it more secure than ever.
  • It is washable with little or no effort, just spray water and let it sundry on its own.

8. Unicook Waterproof Brinkmann Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

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This is a modern kind of grill cover that comes from the house of Unicook. Latest in terms of the style and extremely reliable in terms of the functionality it offers, this cover has a fade-resistant finish for best results. The fabric has a vinyl coating to eliminate risks of fading, water damage, or cold cracking. Grills of various shapes and sizes can easily be used with this universal and user-friendly grill cover.

On both sides of the cover, there are durable and strong fabric handles. This helps in easy placing and removal of the cover whenever needs. Also, doubles up as a useful thing for hanging the cover when not in use.

Key features:

  • There are wide covered mesh vents on both sides that allows for air circulation, promising a more secure fit.
  • Heavy duty and strong 1.5-inches wide fastening straps keep the cover securely fitted at all times.
  • Polyester construction with solid stitching and vinyl coating for impressive water resistance and weatherproof.

7. Zober Store Waterproof Gas Grill Cover

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The most primary thing you need is a universal grill cover. Options are huge but only a few can be as good as this. Measuring at 58-inches X 24-inches X 48-inches, this has a universal design so that it fits a different kind of grills. With the Velcro straps, you will be able to adjust the cover properly. Thus, make sure your grill is properly protected at all times.

Laminated to make sure of complete waterproofing, water slides away and never seeps in. Having heavy-duty 600D oxford polyester fabric in construction and this features bound seams and high-density stitching.

Key features:

  • There is an air vent on the cover that minimizes the hassles of condensation and keeps away moisture for good.
  • Padded handles for easy fitting and removal of the cover from the grill.
  • Elegant yet muted grey color has high-end functionality because it resists sunlight. This eliminates the risks of the color fading away.
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6. Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant Grill Cover

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Never compromise on the quality of covers that are ideal to protect your favorite things. Like everything else, you should also choose a BBQ grill cover carefully. Although it can get really difficult for anyone to decide on any cover, if you look closely into this option, half of your job is done. Complies with the California Prop 65 for safety and health, this cover can fit a wide range of grills easily. In case, you are still unsure whether to buy or not, the manufacturer provides three years of warranty. The cover measures 58-inches X 24-inches X 48-inches for easy and universal fit with popular grills.

Furthermore, the advanced and upgraded design, it has air vents. As a result, it effectively reduces the condensation and wind lofting hassles.

Key features:

  • Click-close straps snap on the front side for secure attachment.
  • Besides, the elastic hem allows easy adjustment and a snug fit.
  • Easily fit or remove the cover whenever needed with the help of the padded handles.

5. Amazon Basics Charcoal Kettle Barbecue Grill Cover

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Featuring a 100% woven polyester fabric this comes with beneficial properties of laminated undercoating. Well, the kind of protection offered by the cover is seriously impressive. You will get absolutely zero hassles of water seeping through even when it is raining. This cover is ideal for kettle grills that are within the size range of 26.5-inches X 30-inches.

Plus, it is not going to fly away. The superior strength and high-end durability are achievable through the tough interlocking seams.

Key features:

  • Click-close straps are very easy to use and effectively protect the cover even on windy days.
  • Clean it inside out effortlessly, just wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • This is a waterproof option that will not let anything damage the product.

4. Sarcch Weber Charbroil Nexgrill Brinkmann BBQ Cover

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With this, you are always going to receive absolute safety and security of your grill from natural elements. Made with PVC lined Oxford material, the quality of make and design is very effective and delivers proper protection always. Moreover, this cover is totally UV and tear-resistant, making it safe for usage in all weather and environment.

In order to make sure it stays on even through harsh winds, the designers have included an adjustable hem rope to cover the bottom. Hence, you can adjust the tightness and keep a snug fit at all times.

Key features:

  • Along with 24-hour technical support, this comes with 30 days of a money-back guarantee.
  • In the package, you will get the 57-inches X 24-inches cover along with a storage bag in which you can fold the cover and take it around.
  • Waterproof strip and contraction buckle for added safety of the cover.
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3. Char-Broil Burner Medium Basic Grill Cover

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2burner grills are the most regular option of grills around and this cover is for most of them. Any grills that fall under the width of 52-inches is compatible with this exceptionally well-built cover. Protect your grill at all times from all hassles because this is designed with 14 mil vinyl fabric.

From rain to snow and every weather change, you can keep the covers on and make sure nothing damages the grill under it. Lastly, the UV protection design makes sure the color and finish never fade away.

Key features:

  • Has sealed seams to deliver the best kind of water resistance and water seeping in.
  • Comes with a drawstring for an adjustable and convenient fit.

2. Weber Spirit II 300 Series Grill Cover

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This is certainly a black color grill cover that universally fits on most kinds and types of outdoor grills Well, this cover measures 51-inches X 42-inches X 17.7-inches for easy fitting. Suited for the changing weather and outdoor usage, the UV inhibitors on the cover delivers impressive fade resistance of the black color and fabric.

The cover as a whole is breathable thereby reducing the hassles of condensation and better moisture management. Do not let rain or water damage the grill as the cover provides reliable water resistance at all times.

Key features:

  • The cover always stays properly fitted and in place owing to the use of the fastening straps.
  • It has a 3-year warranty, you can choose to invest in this cover without any doubts in mind.
  • As it is breathable in nature, there is no chance of rust formation or damage to the product.

1. Hisencn Heavy Duty Waterproof Pit Boss Grill Cover

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Just not any cover for your favorite grill set up. The size of the cover is pretty big, measuring at 62-inches X 24-inches X 47-inches. Thus, allowing you to use it with the most popular models of grills. Having the best in class materials, the heavy-duty 600D polyester fabric is durable and gets a polyvinyl coating.

Enjoy thorough protection at all times against rain, snow, hail, wind, and sun. Also, it is UV and fade-resistant to protect the grill for longer.

Key features:

  • Comes with strong stitching and covered seams, the cover is very durable and totally rip-resistant.
  • One can clean it conveniently and effortlessly with water and a damp cloth.
  • Keep the cover moisture-free at all times because this gets covered air vents.

Have a grill that you use on a regular basis? And want to make sure that it keeps running smoothly at all times without any hiccups? Then you should take proper care by selecting the grill cover design that is convenient in every way.

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