Best Laptop Sleeves & Slipcases Reviews

Your laptop is one of the most precious possessions that you have. Whether you use it for work or anything else, you cannot even stand the thought something happening to your laptop. However, you need to carry your laptop around for different purposes which further put it into the risk. Well, that is the main reason why you need to choose a laptop sleeve bag for your laptop. The laptop sleeves are generally made from high quality and durable material which keeps your laptop protected. Since these bags are water resistant mostly, you will not have to worry about carrying your laptop amidst bad weather conditions.

However, options are many but one cannot buy all. So, buy a laptop sleeve after carefully analyzing the products that we have referred to and keep the tensions at bay.

Table of the Best Laptop Sleeves Reviews

10. MOSISO Water Repellent Neoprene 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeves

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A highly durable and protective laptop sleeve bag, the MOSISO water repellent sleeve Bag from water, dust, bumps as well as scratches which may damage your laptop. This bag boasts an environment-friendly and water repelling neoprene build up.  Also, it features a fleece lining that acts as a protection against bumps as well as shocks.

Furthermore, the bag is light in weight and has a slim as well as trendy design which makes it extremely fashionable. The best thing about this bag is that it can be used for both works as well as leisure. Above all, it can slide in and fit into larger backpacks without any hassle. So, you will have no trouble in carrying it.

Key features:

  • The bag is spacious enough to fit your laptop.
  • It comes with a protective neoprene padding which protects your laptop from any damage.
  • Has an additional pouch for storing laptop accessories.
  • Completely compatible with most of the laptops.

9. AmazonBasics 17.3-Inch Laptop Sleeve

AmazonBasics 17.3-Inch Laptop Sleeve

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Here is another great laptop sleeve design brought to you by AmazonBasics, a subsidiary of Amazon. One of the foremost things about this sleeve that catches the eye is its size. Having a length of 17.3-inch, it easily accommodates most of the laptops available in the market.

When it comes to the durability and quality of the sleeve, this one from AmazonBasics does not disappoint you. Being manufactured from the best quality materials, this sleeve does not only protect your laptop from scratches or bumps but it also keeps it safe from different weather conditions.

Key features:

  • Has a perfect top loading design.
  • The sleeve bag is slim, light in weight and fashionable. Thus, you can carry it easily.
  • Having a size of 17.3-inches, it is quite spacious.

8. Lacdo 15.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve Bag

Lacdo 15.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve Bag

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Lacdo has become quite a popular name in the market for manufacturing high-quality laptop bags as well as sleeves. The very first thing that comes to mind while going through the features of this laptop sleeve case is the space that it offers. Of course, it comes with a top loading zipper for accommodating your laptop.

Having a size of 15.6-inch, this sleeve easily accommodates most of the laptops available in the market. It also comes with one pocket in the front and one in the back. As a result, it also provides you with enough space to store laptop accessories and important accessories. Plus, it is made of canvas material.

Furthermore, the sleeve bag comes with three layers of fluffy fleece fabric lining which protects your laptop from all kinds of shocks and impacts. Plus, it also features a layer of waterproof fabric which protects your laptop from rain or water spills completely.

Key features:

  • Completely water-repellent and moisture proof.
  • Boasts a slim, trendy and aesthetic design.
  • Can withstand mild as well as intense shocks.

7. ProCase 14-15.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Protective Bag

ProCase 14-15.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Protective Bag

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ProCase has some of the recommendable laptop sleeve bags with handle in the market which is truly an epitome of quality and craftsmanship. And this one right here is no exception.  This sleeve case features an elaborate design which not only protects your laptop from any damage but also provides you with a clear sense of style.

Manufactured from high-quality canvas fabric, this sleeve bag is completely water-resistant and shockproof. As a result, you will be able to ensure maximum safety for your laptop in every weather condition. Furthermore, this sleeve bag is easy to carry since it is light in weight completely. Apart from being soft as well as environment-friendly, it perfectly features a 180-degrees opening.

Key features:

  • Has slim yet professional and trendy design.
  • Quite spacious to fit your laptop.
  • Comes with extra pockets for storing pens, charger, documents and other accessories.

6. Egiant Notebook Laptop Sleeve 15.6 inch

Egiant Notebook Laptop Sleeve 15.6 inch

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This waterproof laptop sleeve is obviously a great buying choice due to all the features it offers. It features an elegant and fashionable design which is perfect for accommodating laptops in between 15-15.6-inch. Plus, the sleeve bag comes with several layers of fabric to offer 360-degree protection against any shock or damage.

Furthermore, it is completely light in weight which enables you to carry it around without any hassle.  Having a texture that will not slip, the soft inner lining will keep your belongings safe.

Key features:

  • Offers maximum protection against dust, dents, shocks and flannels.
  • Features top quality zippers that will slide smoothly and will not get stuck.
  • Comes with large space and features extra pockets to keep your documents and accessories.
  • You can easily carry it around or put it inside your backpack.

5. Voova Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Compatible MacBook air

Voova Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Compatible MacBook air

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Here is an amazing sleeve for a laptop from Voova. One of the best things about this sleeve is the fact it is manufactured with 0.2-inch thick pearl cotton material which absorbs most of the shock and protects your laptop from all kinds of damages.

Furthermore, it features an external layer of nylon which protects your laptop from water as well as other weather conditions. In other words, it offers you 360-degree protection against damages.

Key features:

  • Has a retractable portable hand which makes it easy to carry.
  • Water-Resistant nylon to protect from water spills and dirt.
  • Comes with extra-large space to accommodate your accessories and belongings.
  • It uses the exquisite zipper as well as reinforced stitching on all stress points.

4. Lacdo Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Case Compatible MacBook Pro

Lacdo Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Case Compatible MacBook Pro

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Here is another product from Lacdo and it seems like they have some of the finest sleeves in the market. The best thing about this sleeve is the fact that it uses high-quality fabric to provide your laptop with the utmost protection. Since it uses canvas fabric, it protects your laptop from any kind of physical damage and also offers protection against water spills as well as dirt.

Moreover, the sleeve case also features a slim and unique design. So, it will make you look fashionable and trendy.  Plus, the lining is anti-static and always ensures extra comfort of your essentials.

Key features:

  • Completely water and dust resistant.
  • Highly spacious which help you to accommodate your belongings.
  • The sleeve is completely shockproof and reduces the chances of damage.

3. Tomtoc Protective Laptop Sleeve for Samsung Laptops, Ultrabooks & Notebooks

Tomtoc Protective Laptop Sleeve for Samsung Laptops, Ultrabooks & Notebooks

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The tomtoc protective laptop sleeve is undoubtedly a high-demanded product in the market today. The most interesting fact about this sleeve is that it can fit almost all laptops up to 15.6-inch size. So, you will have no trouble in fitting this laptop into this sleeve.

Also, it features a soft fluffy interior layer which provides your laptop all-around protection against denting, scratches or shocks. So, you will be able to ensure complete safety for your laptop with the help of this sleeve.

Key features:

  • It uses the patented CornerArmor design which protects your laptop against any impending shock similar to the airbags in the car.
  • Elastic front pocket allows you to store accessories and other items.
  • Totally light in weight and easy to carry with the help of the retractable handle.

2. Inateck 13-Inch Sleeve Case Compatible MacBook Pro 

Inateck 13-Inch Sleeve Case Compatible MacBook Pro 

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The Inateck 13-inch sleeve case is truly an example of brilliant design and workmanship. It features a felt on the outside. Plus, it is made of soft flannel on the inside. And are two back pockets for placing your mobile, keys etc.

Further, you can say that this sleeve protects your laptop from any damage from all directions. This sleeve from Inateck also offers a spacious major compartment along with a second compartment for keeping documents, accessories, magazines and other things. To your surprise, the lining material of the sleeve is moldproof and of high-quality.  Lastly, it features a Velcro closure that is constructed fully of synthetic leather.

Key features:

  • Comes with an additional bag to carry a mouse.
  • Has an extraordinary felt exterior which protects your laptop from all kinds of damages.
  • Indeed a unique and fashionable design.

1. Kingslong Water Resistant 17-Inch Laptop Sleeve Bag 

Kingslong Water Resistant 17-Inch Laptop Sleeve Bag

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This one from Kingslong sits at the top of our list for a reason. The foremost thing about this sleeve that must be highlighted is the fact that it offers you enough space. Of course, the sleeve is capable of fitting laptops of 17-19-inches easily without any hassle.

Furthermore, it obviously comes with different pockets. It features a main pocket for your laptop. Plus, it also comes with a second pocket along with an inner zipped pocket for storing your belongings easily without any hassle. Also, the leather handle will not let you lose the grip.

Key features:

  • The polyester buildup along with padded inner lining makes the sleeve shockproof as well as waterproof.
  • Comes with premium quality nylon surface which adds more durability.
  • Has a slim and ergonomic design.

Well, that’s all for our list. Your laptop will be secured and would remain in the best condition as the best laptop sleeves aim to deliver overall protection.