Top 9 Best LED Rechargeable Lanterns Reviews In 2019

Gone are the days of unreliable incandescent flashlights/lanterns that just drain batteries and burn out quickly. LED rechargeable lanterns are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs, using one-tenth of the energy, providing a much brighter light output and last much longer. Whether you plan on going camping, working outdoors during the night, or want to ensure some security in case of an emergency, a good LED lantern will keep you covered.

There are a few things to look for in an LED lantern. First is that you want the lantern to have a high lumen rating, also known as the amount of light it produces. Secondly, you want that light output to have variable settings to fit your needs. They should also provide value in some way, preferably over the long term. Having an affordable price, strong battery life, the durable construction such as a waterproof body, and portable design are all good ways to raise its value. With that said, here are the top choices for rechargeable LED lanterns.

Table of the Best LED Rechargeable Lanterns

9. Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Sportsman 240 Lumen LED Lantern

LED Rechargeable Lanterns

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The Sportsman by Rayovac is built rugged and provides a bright light when you need it with its efficient 4W 240 lumen LEDs. It has a continuous run time of 40 hours on its high setting and 90 hours on its low setting. In addition to that, it has a strobe setting. Even when you’re operating in the darkness, there is a green LED on the front that blinks every 5 seconds when the unit is off. The housing for the lantern is durable and water-resistant, which makes it great for camping.

8. Vont Outdoor Portable LED Camping Lantern for Hurricane, Emergency

Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern

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This lantern by Divine LEDs is versatile and compact. This lantern is compatible with rechargeable batteries, which gives it a boost in long-term value. It is also extremely durable and waterproof, touting construction from military grade materials. Its most unique feature is its lightweight, collapsible design. When opened up fully to expose the lights and raised handles, it measures 25.4 cm. However, you can collapse down the handles and the light portion with a simple push, so it measures only 12.4 cm.

7. Streamlight 540 Lumens Compact Hand Lantern

Streamlight 540 Lumens Compact Hand Lantern

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The 44931 Siege by Streamlight has a rugged design and delivers great performance. In its low light mode, it can run up to 295 hours continuously. It features multiple LEDs to provide lighting in 4 different settings: high, medium, low and red. It can output 340lm, 175lm, 33lm, and 10lm respectively. The design has a great copper and matte black finish, and it is constructed of durable materials. You can even remove the globe to reduce its size by collapsing it down. It uses 3 D cell alkaline batteries, and also comes in a small size if necessary.

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6. d.light S30 Solar Rechargeable LED Lantern for Camping

d.light S30 Solar Rechargeable LED Lantern

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The d.light S30 has a simple aesthetic and inexpensive price tag and does not disappoint in the performance department. Its most unique feature is that it can be recharged via state-of-the-art solar panels as well as through its AC adapter. This renewable source of energy greatly improves its long-term value. Its rugged design can resist impacts, dust, insects and most weather conditions. In addition to that, its design lends itself to many versatile uses; it can be set, hung or carried in a multitude of positions. It has two brightness modes which can run for 8 hours on low, and 4 hours on high.

5. Energizer Weatheready LED Lights

Energizer Weatheready LED Lights

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The Energizer Weatheready is a cheap, yet effective LED lantern. It is made from durable plastic for its housing and an impact resistant rubber base. It runs on 3 AA batteries or 3 D cell batteries. It comes equipped with 4 LEDs with access to 3 different light output settings. This includes 55 lumens at its highest, 28 lumen on low, and a dim amber nightlight. The globe is made out of a plastic that diffuses the light to ensure even, 360-degree coverage.

4. WeatherRite Outdoor Traditional LED Lantern with LED lighting

WeatherRite 5572 15 LED Number-5572 Outdoor Traditional Look Lantern

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Get the best out of both worlds with the WeatherRite 5572. It has a fantastic traditional aesthetic, but with the modern efficiency of LED lighting. The wire-guarded glass globe holds LEDs that have up to 48 hours of battery life. It increases the illumination output, it uses reflectors to help distribute light. It has an adjustable light setting and a built-in hanger.

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3. Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern with Hard Carry Case

Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern with Hard Carry Case

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This lantern by ThorFire is super unique and another option if you’re looking specifically for a compact, lightweight design. Its bright orange shell can be collapsed down to just the size of your palm. It has 2 brightness levels: low at 15 lumens and high at 75 lumens. It has two unique features also. It can be charged via USB, as well as a hand crank. It can even charge your cell phone via hand crank in case of emergency.

2. UST 30-Day Lantern

UST 30-Day Lantern

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Ultimate Survival Technologies provides a high-quality lantern with the UST 30-Day model. Its biggest feature is how much battery life it has. This lantern can last an incredible 30 days on its low setting and 32 hours on its high setting with its 1.4 watt LEDs. Its high setting lights up at 300 lumens and uses three D batteries. It has 4 separate output modes: high, medium, low and SOS flashing. It is water and impact resistant, and the base comes with a built-in hook for stationary hanging.

1. Decko OutDoor 300-Lumen Camping LED Lantern

Decko OutDoor 30300 LED 300 Lumen Camping Lantern

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The 30300 series by Decko OutDoor delivers solid value at a cheap price. It has an output max of 300 lumens. It can be configured for high, low and strobe modes. This lantern can be used continuously up to 3 days on its high setting and twice as long on low setting. The high-efficiency LEDs are guaranteed to work over 100,000 hours and will never require replacement parts. You can easily hold this lantern with its ergonomic top handle, or hang it up with its built-in hook.

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