Best Modern TV Stands and TV Console Tables Reviews

Whenever you buy a TV, you either need to mount it on a wall or simply place it on a stand. However, to bear the weight of the expensive TV sets and in order to keep it safe, modern TV stands are needed. Having the trust of high-quality built, the stands will act as extra furniture to your home. It comes with sufficient storage space to accommodate any kind of showpiece or essentials. Facilitating in neat cable management, you can instantly make your home beautiful.

Now get a stand that will be your TV set’s perfect companion. Refer to our modern TV stand buying guide and welcome a brand new stand.

Table of the Best Modern TV Stands Reviews

10. Generic Cross Mill Rustic TV Console/Stand

Modern TV Stands

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In today’s world, every home has a television set which complements the décor of the surrounding. Similarly, a TV requires a stand that can match the TV set beautifully. The modern TV stand design is crafted to fit your living room or your bedroom. Next, the natural look of it can induce a bit of nature into your house.

Furthermore, this stand is a strong one that can endure an impressive amount of pressure. It includes that of the TV, DVD set and other entertainment devices. You can use the shelves underneath to store books, DVD  or add a decorative element. For giving maximum space, this stand can fit up to a 42” Television set.

Key Features:

  • Have a combined construction of MDF, particle board and paperboard. The rustic oak finish gives it a chic look which will naturally compliment your room setting.
  • The entire set is indeed extremely easy and convenient for the buyer to assemble.
  • Includes a common cube storage factor makes the stand a lot sturdier. Hence, it can stand perfectly with the support of its two legs on the outside.

9. Mainstay Parsons Cubby Modern TV Stand Cabinet Holds Up to 50 TV 

Modern TV Stand Cabinet

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Want a TV stand that looks elegant and serves its basic purpose properly? Then the Mainstay Parsons Cubby TV Stand is ideal for you. Made to carry up to 50-inches Television set, the dark colour of the stand brings in a chic look. Plus, the spacious modern TV stand storage pockets allow you to store a lot of stuff in it.

As a matter of fact, the product has 6 shelves of which a few are subjected to adjustments accordingly. The cubbies make the stand a lot more spacious and ideal for storage purposes.

Key Features:

  • The TV stand is rather easy to move and assemble. Due to the size of the stand, it may require two people to properly fix it.
  • Comes with 6 shelves in total, of which 3 are adjustable as required.
  • The product has a back panel where all the cords and wires are kept neatly.

8. Roomfitters Mid Century Modern TV Console with Sliding Door

Roomfitters Mid Century Modern TV Console with Sliding Door

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A product that will certainly give dimension to your living room and accentuate all the right things! The Roomfilters TV stand will not let you down. Firstly, the very design of the stand emulates a sense of freshness and originality. It has a quite modern look and the walnut colour makes it perfect for all kinds of rooms.

However, the stand is minimalistic in the truest sense and as we know, less is always more. Lastly, the TV stand can support a set of nearly 60” width.

Key Features:

  • Comes with two shelves which add to the look. Plus, it provides enough space to keep the DVD player and movies as well.
  • Has a high-quality MDF construction that makes it durable and sturdy.
  • The metal modern TV stand legs are chic and sleek at the same time.

7. SRCOM Universal Floor Wood TV Console with Swivel Mount

SRCOM Universal Floor Wood TV Console with Swivel Mount

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This modern wood TV stand is one of a kind and will not cease to impress you. The stand has a mounting system, where you plant the TV on the stand. It can fit TV sets between 32” -6” in width. Plus, the top portion of the stand that holds the TV is certainly made of walnut particle board. As a result, makes it strong and able enough to carry the weight of the TV.

Moreover, the rest of the shelves can endure a high amount of pressure as well. Hence, storing things will not be a problem anymore. Other than all its features, the look of the TV is unique. In fact, the wooden colour gives a touch of elegance to the room. Also, you can adjust the height in 3 steps from 46” – 51”.

Now your TV will not tip over with a simple push anymore as it will remain mounted to the stand.

Key Features:

  • Can certainly perform a swivel action and you can adjust the height to your likes. It can rather swivel from +35 degree to -35 degree in no time. ·
  • Now you can keep the messy cables away with the help of the black tube attached to the stand.
  • The stand has 4 shelves which are used to store multiple things at once.

6. Ameriwood Home Carson Console TV Stand for 50″ TVs

Ameriwood Home Carson Console TV Stand for 50" TVs

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A look to die for, the Ameriwood Home Carson TV stand emulates a sense of elegance that cannot be ignored. It not only matches the aesthetic of the TV set but also the room in which it is put in.  The stand can hold up to a 50” wide television.

It has a laminated particle board built with cherry wood grain and powder-coated black finish with silver ornaments. Finally, this composition makes the product sturdy and beautiful at the same time.

Key Features:

  • Includes multiple modern TV stand shelves and wide compartments in it. Two concealed cabinets and 3 other shelves allow you to store different things for entertainment purposes, in it.
  • The properly sized holes in the stand let you organize the messy cords and wires. Hence, keep them away from anyone’s view.
  • It requires assembly and the work is quite easy since it does not need much time or patience.

5. Simpli Home Acadian Solid Wood Rustic TV Media Console

Simpli Home Acadian Solid Wood Rustic TV Media Console

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The Simpli Home product has pure Acadian wood construction and hence is way more attractive than any of its competitors. Interestingly, the elegance of the stand is heightened due to the Dark tobacco brown paint finish on the carefully crafted wooden structure. A layer of NC lacquer is also added on it for extra protection.

However, this stand will shine just like a brand new one, even after years of use. The stand can fit up to 55” television set. Due to its sturdy wooden structure, it can very well hold the weight of heavy TV sets with ease.

Key Features:

  • Feature one adjustable shelf, two drawers and two side cabinets with glass doors. Hence you can store a lot of stuff within the stand itself. Now, you do not have to worry about the “DVD you misplaced” anymore.
  • The stand has a section at the back which holds all the wires attached to the TV and DVD set.
  • The beauty of the stand is accentuated with nickel knobs.

4. Monarch Specialties White 60″ TV Stand with Drawer

Monarch Specialties White 60" TV Stand with Drawer

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Wish to give a modern spin to your house and bring out the colours of the wall? Then this is the right choice for you. Certainly, a white stand with a unique design. This product highlights each and every part of the room while showing off the TV as well.

Furthermore, this 60” TV stand can accommodate up to 47” wide TV. Art is what the makers drew their inspiration from while coming up with the design. As a result, it mainly showcases modern art and does that honourably.

Key Features:

  • Have one drawer and open shelves for storage.
  • Made of a thick panel which makes it sturdy and able enough to hold the weight of a TV set.
  • The art-deco inspired TV stand is rather one of a kind and will definitely impress all your guests.

3. Home Accent Furnishings Sliding Barn Door Rustic Oak Finish Television Stand

Home Accent Furnishings Sliding Barn Door Rustic Oak Finish Television Stand

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Now embrace a vintage look to your living room with just a simple inclusion. The sliding barn doors on the stand are beautifully rustic. Next, the oak finish makes it all the more ‘country’. People who prefer to decorate the house in a way that it feels warm and cosy could always go for this.

Nevertheless, the look of the stand is impressive as it immediately takes you to the lovely fields in the countryside. The product has adjustable shelves and also a sliding door function. Hence you can store all the entertainment goods in the stand itself.

Key Features:

  • The stand is characterized by a special area to hold the wires. These wires will not come in your way ever again and stay stacked and organised behind the TV stand.
  • Has a width of the stand is 58” which means it can hold widescreen TVs easily.

2. Tangkula Modern Wood Storage TV Stand Console Entertainment Center 

Tangkula Modern Wood Storage TV Stand Console Entertainment Center 

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This 59-inches TV stand is perfect for any household with modern décor. It will not only compliment the Television set but the rest of the furniture as well. The stand has a fresh, modern design which is trendy and fashionable at the same time. It is black in colour and made of MDF Veneer. The latter protects the stand from any damage that may occur due to wear and tear over the years.

Due to its 59” length, the stand is long enough to hold wide screen Tv without any problem. In addition to that, the product has space behind to keep the wires neatly organised. Hence, you do not have to worry about them tangling with each other anymore.

Key Features:

  • 8 compartments altogether along with open storage space offer enough storage options.
  • The product is indeed extremely easy to assemble. You do not even have to work too many of your muscles to clean it up.

1. Whalen Xavier 3-in-1 70″ TV Stand with Silver Accents

Whalen Xavier 3-in-1 70" TV Stand with Silver Accents

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This one of a kind TV stand will not cease to impress you in any way. It actually offers 3 options to choose from. You can either mount the TV, allow it to swivel or simply place it on the table top. As a result, it gives you a variety of options so that you can decide which looks best.

With the help of swivel and mounting system, this stand can hold a TV which is almost 70” wide. The table top, however, is capable of fitting any 69” TV set. The stand provides open storage so that you can keep whatever you want to in there. You can just reach out and grab what you need from these spaces.

Key Features:

  • The clean design with sleek black and silver legs gives it poise.
  • You can place it anywhere in the room, be it the living room, dining room or even your bedroom. It will blend perfectly with the room’s décor.

Now find enough space to keep your TV along with its accessories. The modern TV stand furniture will keep it safe and enhance the viewing experience.

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