Top 10 Best Indoor Electric Mosquito Killers & Zappers Reviews In 2020

Mosquitos despite their small size are dangerous insects that bite humans and cause malaria. For this reason, they have to be controlled in areas where people live and work. One of the best ways to control mosquitos at homes, hospitals, and the workplace is by getting a mosquito killer. A mosquito killer is a device with UV lights that attract insects and zaps them upon landing on the device. They are chemical and pesticide-free making them safe to use at home. In this post, we are going to review the best mosquito killers for you to buy.

Make sure you read through our posts carefully before selecting the best mosquito killer to get the job done.

Table of the Best Mosquito Killers & Zappers Reviews

10. Aspectek 20W Indoor Electronic Insect Mosquito Killer Trap

Mosquito Killers

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This is one of the leading mosquito killers on the market with an upgraded 20W zapper. It features two UV bulbs that easily attract mosquitos, flying insects, moths and flies.  The killer features a mesh screen guard that keeps you and your family from the electrical grid. It is a chemical-free zapper that attracts insects by UV light and kills them through the high voltage. The bug zapper installs easily by hanging it to units using the included chain. Overall, it is quite easy to use and features a removable plastic tray at the bottom to collect the dead insects.


  • Removable plastic tray to collect dead insects
  • Chemical-free
  • Two UB bulbs to attract insects
  • 20W high voltage to kill insects
  • Mesh screen guard
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9. Hoont Outdoor/Indoor Mosquito Killers with Stand and Fan

Indoor Mosquito Killer with Stand and Fan

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The Hoont Mosquito killer is another powerful and effective insect trap. It features an irresistible UV bulb that easily attracts insects. Once inside, the insects easily get sucked by the fan into the trap preventing them from escaping. This trap is quite easy to use and maintain. It works without any chemicals and pesticides. It is odourless making it a safe option at home. The operation of the trap is quite. There are no high voltage zap sounds that can disturb you at night. It is also waterproof and ideal for use outdoors and indoors. Overall, this trap is a great choice and one you can clean easily.


  • A removable tray at the bottom for easy cleaning and removal of dead insects
  • Quiet operation
  • A fan that sucks at traps insects
  • No pesticides and chemicals

8. ISILER Indoor Electric Insect Killer – Miquito Bug Zapper

Indoor Mosquito Killer

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The ISILER is another top quality insect killer that comes with two 10-watt UV light tubes to easily attract insects. It then kills them through the high-voltage grid without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. It is a versatile zapper that kills insects in an area of 6000 square feet. The zapper features a fortified defensive grid that protects you from the electrical grid. It is a safe and reliable device constructed using fire-retardant and high-strength ABS plastic material. It is also easy to clean and comes with 12 months warranty and satisfaction guarantee of 90 days.


  • High-strength and fire-retardant ABS plastic
  • Covers an area of 6000 square feet
  • Robust defensive grid to protect you from accidental electrical shocks
  • Two 10-watt UV light tubes

7. Douhe Electric Bug Zapper – Indoor Mosquito Killers

Douhe Bug Zapper - Indoor Mosquito Trap Electric Insect Killer

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The Douhe bug zapper is another sleek design insect killer for use indoors. It is a versatile choice with UV lights and an electrified grid the kills any insect in contact. This bug zapper covers a wide area of up to 800 square feet. The UV bulbs attract the insects, but you can always add an insect attractant. It is a great design that beautiful hangs on the wall. The operation is quite easy with a pull-string switch. It works quietly making it a great addition to any home. Overall, this is a durable and sturdy insect killer made of the long-lasting ABS plastic materials.


  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Ultra-safe and quiet
  • Covers a wide area of up to 800 square feet
  • Retardant ABS plastic
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6. Indoor Mosquito Killers – UV Light Mini Insect Zapper

Indoor Mosquito Killer - UV Light Mini Insect Killer

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This is a little lovely insect killer with UV light bulbs and a high-voltage to easily kill mosquitos. It is an excellent pick that works effectively. There is no loud zapping when killing the insects making it a great choice for indoor use. The small size also means you can easily install it anywhere at home and have the place look perfect. It is quite easy to use and requires a simple plugging in, and you’re ready to go. Overall, this is a little safe and reliable mosquito killer with a mesh guard to protect you from accidental electrical shocks.


  • Mesh guard to protect you from the grid
  • Small and compact
  • Easy to use
  • UV light bulb and high-voltage

5. Hoont Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito and Fly Trap Killer – 3 Ways

Hoont Indoor Outdoor 3-Way Mosquito and Fly Trap Killer with Stand

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This is another pretty simple mosquito killer but a powerful and effective one.  The Hoont trap features a powerful UV bulb that easily attracts insects to the flytrap. The insects are then sucked by the fan to prevent them from escaping. There is a further optional tray for adding insect attractants. It is a pretty simple design that can easily be carried from place to place. It works safely without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. There are no risks of high-voltage power or annoying zapping sounds. Overall, this is a safe and quiet trap made of high-quality materials to last you.


  • No pesticides or harmful chemicals
  • An optional stand to enlarge its effective area
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Effective for areas up to 1000sq.ft

4. Dynatrap DT2000XL 1-Acre Insect Trap

Dynatrap DT2000XL Insect Trap

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The Dynatrap insect trap is another pretty simple design for indoor and outdoor use. The trap features installed two UV bulbs that help attract insects. There is a catch cage where insects are trapped once attracted. It also comes with a long 7-foot cord so that you can plug it to any socket wall and use it anywhere. Overall, it is a reliable and safe trap that does not require any propane or attractant. It is odourless and smokeless.


  • Odourless and smokeless
  • 7-foot cord
  • Two UV bulbs
  • No propane or expensive attractant required
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3. Livin’ Well Electric Bug Zapper – Mini Mosquito Trap

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With 4, 000 volts, this is by far the strongest electric mosquito killer. It hits insects hard and kills them immediately. This bug zapper is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use offering excellent protection of up to 1500sq.ft. It features galvanized steel that ensures there are no rusts on the grid. Overall, this is a versatile bug zapper targeting both the small and large insects. There is a long-lasting 18W UV bulb that runs for up to 8, 000 hours. You also get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with this mosquito trap.


  • Bright 18-watt UV bulb with 8,000 hours runtime
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Strong 4,000 volts
  • Galvanized steel

2. Tiabo Indoor Mosquito Bug Zapper – Electronic Insect Trap

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The Tiabo is an instant insect killer with excellent ultraviolet bulbs that attract all manner of insects. The trap is an ideal option for any room ranging from the living room to the kitchen. It is safe and reliable to use without chemicals and pesticides. It comes in a fully enclosed metal grid to avoid human contact. Tiabo covers a large area and can help eliminate insects in a matter of days. It is easy to plug and use. There is a removable tray for easy disposal of dead insects. You also get a one year warranty and full refund if not satisfied.


  • Safe to use with a metal grid to protect human contact
  • Chemical-free and odourless
  • Ultraviolet bulbs to attract insects
  • Covers a wide area

1. Diaotec Solar Powered Mosquito Killer Bug Zapper

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The Diaotec is an energy-efficient and eco-friendly solar-powered bug zapper. It is a perfect choice for outdoor use attracting and trapping mosquitos and other insects. The zapper will help you minimize the presence of mosquitos outdoors. It is chemical and pesticide-free making it safe to use at home. You can easily set it anywhere outside as long as the top solar is exposed to the sun. The construction is waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Overall, this is an effective mosquito killer covering an area of 3000sq.ft.


  • Energy-efficient and uses solar
  • Chemical, pesticide, and odour free
  • Waterproof and corrosion-resistant
  • 3000sq.ft coverage


If you live in areas where mosquitos and other insects are prevalent, then you need one of these quality mosquito killers. These are the best mosquito killers on the market currently to offer you excellent value for money. They are highly rated and recommended for fast mosquito killing.

One thought on “Top 10 Best Indoor Electric Mosquito Killers & Zappers Reviews In 2020

  1. The stinger electronic insect killer(rechargeable)

    This electronic insect killer is rechargeable and can kill up to a radius of more than 600 square feet. At only $29.97, consumers can use the device to protect themselves from all types of deadly flying insects, courtesy of Stinger company. Furthermore, this device is cordless and portable enough to walk around with. It utilizes black UV light technology which has been proved to be efficient in attracting insects. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

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