Top 10 Best Portable High Chairs for Baby Reviews In 2019

Portable high chairs for baby are a must-have for every new parent as it allows toddlers to eat comfortably without struggling to reach their food and utensils at the dinner table. What’s more, there are many space saver high chair models that are versatile enough to be used by preschoolers who need an extra boost when the table is quite high for them. Just be sure to look for the best portable high chairs that are durable, versatile, easy to clean and has enough features to support your child’s needs during dining.

These are among the best portable high chairs for babies and toddlers available in the market today. Discover more about their features, so you can decide which product is the best one to purchase.

Table of the Best Portable High Chairs Reviews

9. Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Baby High Chair

Portable High Chairs

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This toddler high chair by Graco features a four-in-one seating system that can be used by children as they grow. It functions as a toddler booster/ infant feeding booster, as well as a regular high chair. What’s more, it is spacious and durable enough to be used by two kids, which makes it perfect for a larger family.

There are 6 different height positions in this chair, and you can recline the level in three different ways for your child’s comfort. It even comes with a removable back insert for the seat and a dishwasher-safe tray that can be cleaned easily. Thus, you will have no problem in keeping this high chair well-maintained because of these easy-clean features and optimum versatility.

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8. Graco SimpleSwitch Baby Convertible High Chair & Booster

Graco SimpleSwitch Convertible High Chair and Booster

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Made of quality materials such as polyester, plastic, and metal for the frame, this baby trend high chair, and booster by Graco is an excellent addition to any homes with babies and toddlers. It is made of high quality and imported materials to ensure optimum durability, and it comes with outstanding features to keep your child comfortable. For instance, it can be switched easily from a high chair and into a booster in simple steps, and the seat can be reclined in three different positions for your caregiver’s and baby’s comfort during feeding time.

Maintenance is a breeze with the machine-washable and removable seat pad. There is also built-in storage in this product when you set it up into a toddler booster. Lastly, your child remains safe while seated in the chair, thanks to the 5-point convertible harness.

7. Evenflo Convertible High Chair for Baby

Evenflo Convertible High Chair for Baby

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Evenflo offers this durable and adjustable high chair that is a must for every home with babies. You can stack it when used as a regular high chair, or you can remove the chair from the tabletop and place it on the floor to let your baby rest his or her feet on the ground. This versatile feature is a great way to give variety to your child during feeding time.

The Evenflo high chair is of the right size for children. This way, there is no discomfort that tends to make children wary when using a chair not suitable for them. Cleanup is also never a problem with this product since the tray and seat can be wiped easily with a damp cloth.

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6. Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Baby Chair Booster

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster

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This is an outstanding booster seat that every toddler or preschooler will appreciate to use during dining time. With a spacious feeding tray equipped with the snap-on lid, you can be sure that the surface stays as clean as possible. The seat can also be cleaned easily, and there are no crevices that only cause crumbs or morsels of food to remain stuck. Lastly, there are brilliant features to enhance your child’s comfort such as the 3-point harness and 3 levels of height adjustments with straps for the rear and front that fit and dining chair.

5. Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care Baby High Chair

Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair

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Give your child a positive experience during dining with this fantastic high chair by Fisher-Price. It comes with a comfortable seat pad that your child will love, plus straps to keep him or her in place while eating. These features are removable and easy to clean, and there are even bright toys included that aid in improving your little one’s visual skills. You can remove these toys from the chair, which is perfect when your child wants to play with them anywhere in the house. With a safety harness and adjustable height, your child remains secure and comfortable in this chair.

4. Cosco Slim Foldable High Chair for Kids

Cosco Slim Foldable High Chair for Kids

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When you have a small dining area, it may be a hassle to purchase bulky high chairs for your baby. Hence, this space-saving slim chair is the perfect choice for you since it can be folded easily after use for quick storage. After dining, you can just wipe the seat pad with any damp piece of cloth for hassle-free cleaning. The folding high chair is also lightweight, yet sturdy, so setup and storage are both convenient.

3. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair – Rainforest Friends

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Rainforest Friends

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Traditional high chairs can be an issue in homes when there is not enough space for another piece of furniture. Fortunately, this item takes the stress out of buying and setting up another chair since it is space-saving. You can just strap it to any of your dining chairs at home, so your child can experience the comfort of eating without having to use a regular high chair.

The seat can be reclined a positioned in three different ways, and there are three options for the height adjustment. The tray can be removed quickly with just one hand, and the seat pad is removable, machine-washable and resistant to spills. Lastly, the tray is dishwasher safe for your convenience in cleaning.

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2. Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wooden High Chair for Baby

Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wooden High Chair for Baby

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Made of good quality and stylish wood, this classic high chair will make a fantastic addition to any home. It has 3 recline positions for the seat, which is perfect for feeding your baby without any hassles. The tray can be positioned in 4 different ways, and you can even remove it for quick cleanup. Simply adjust and release the tray with one hand, then pop it in the dishwasher including the insert. Your child’s safety is also ensured with the 5-point harness that keeps your little one in place.

1. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair

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Mealtime is made fun and exciting with this portable high chair by Fisher-Price. It is comfortable for your child’s use, and you will not have any problems in cleaning up this chair. The seat can be positioned in different ways, and you can choose the right height adjustment that is most comfortable for your little one. As for the seat pad, it is stain-resistant and can be cleaned in the washing machine for your convenience. It even has a nice open-frame design, so your baby can sit closer to the table. Just fold the table easily after use and store it to free up more space in the kitchen.

Choose from these highly-recommended high chairs for babies and experience the convenience of feeding your little one without any bulky piece of furniture in your home.

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