Best Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mounts Using at Office & School Reviews

You are here because you have got yourself a new projector or your old projector needs a new mount. When it comes to projectors, the mount also plays a major role because projectors look and work the best from up in the ceiling. Choosing to go with just the ceiling projector mounts can be a wrong choice. It’s because it not only spoils your experience but also risks the projector.

The top projector ceiling mounts you will see below are however the best you can get on Amazon right now. Have a look at the specs and features to understand which mount is suited for your projector. Every little thing is explained in detail.

Best Projector Mounts Reviews

10. Wali Low Profile Projector Ceiling Mount – 30 lbs

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When you are planning to buy any product on Amazon, you should pay importance to how the ratings are and how people have found it useful. This is a universal projector mount that you need in your space when you wish to install a projector. For mounting holes between 2-inches and 12.5-inches, this is going to make installation easier. Well-made using the best kind of materials, this projector mount is quite heavy-duty in nature.

The total weight capacity it has 30 pounds and you will be able to install it to most brick and concrete ceilings, or wooden stud support. Finally, full metal construction, the strength and build quality of the mount are excellent.

Key features:

  • The mount is fully adjustable in nature and lets you tilt 15° and also 360° when it comes to changing the angles.
  • Gets a very low profile and user-friendly design for easy positioning of the projector.
  • The quick-release feature promises effortless installation and mounting when needed.

9. QualGear PRB-717-WHT Universal Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory

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Are you someone who uses a projector for various tasks? Either for watching movies and games or for doing presentations, a good projector ceiling mount is always beneficial. Along with the projector you also do need the mount when you want it hanged by the wall or ceiling. Having using heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel, the quality of construction it offers is impeccable. You can be sure of the overall durability and sturdiness for a long time.

The universal design of the mount is extremely useful because you will be able to use it with most brands of projectors. Like any good mount, this has a standard weight capacity of 30 pounds, making it suitable for most options.

Key features:

  • The projector mount is designed for projector holes ranging between 6.6-inches to 16-inches.
  • For maximum flexibility, you can tilt the mount from 0-60° and swivel 360°.
  • Fast and hassle-free installation and release, the mount has a snap-on/off design.

8. VANKYO Universal Extending Projector Ceiling Mount

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This is the kind of adjustable projector mount that holds the projector properly. Besides, it also makes sure you can use it with maximum needs. It offers a height extension range of for 8-inches. You will be able to change the height from 11.8-inches to 19.7-inches when needed. Just not that, because it is 360° rotatable, you will be able to enjoy viewing from all angles. This is a very modern kind of mount that will come in useful in many different ways.

Also, this is designed with three different kinds of screws. Even if you do not attach a projector, this comes in useful for CCTVs and DVRs as well. Get a couple of them and upgrade the surveillance system of your home.

Key features:

  • The maximum weight capacity this offers is 11 pounds, making it a safe option to hang the projector.
  • Anti-shake design and a larger base make the projector extremely stable and confident to use at all times.
  • The easy turning knob lets you tighten or loosen the screw comfortably as per your needs.

7. Cheetah Projector Ceiling Mount with Extension Pole and Twisted Veins

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An amazingly useful extendable projector mount coming from the brand called Cheetah. Once you start using it, you will understand how useful it can be. With the help of the adjustable arms, changing and playing with the angles is never going to be difficult in any way. Even better, if you land up with a projector that has less than 4 mounting points, you will be able to remove the hands.

Along with the mount, you will get a 7-inches adjustable extension pole as an option for added benefits. It means this projector can be mounted both as a low profile and along with the extension pole. The maximum extension offered when using the pole is between 18.75” to 27-inches.

Key features:

  • Keep the area around the projector mess-free and clean because it has cable routing through the ceiling plate.
  • You will get a vaulted ceiling plate, allowing installation even in vaulted ceilings.
  • The safety cable included comes in useful as an extra layer of security after the projector is mounted.

6. VANKYO Universal Projector Mounts with Adjustable Angle and Extending Arms

 VANKYO Universal Projector Mounts

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The kind of quality and construction this heavy-duty projector mount gets is much better than most of the products available in the market. Cold rolled steel material is used for making it, ensuring a solid construction you can depend on. The maximum weight this can carry is 40 pounds, which is much higher than most. Amazing in terms of the design and features as well, the extendable mounting hands are adjustable from 8-inches to 18-inches.

Also, you will be able to use this mount with projectors that have 3 or 4 mounting holes. Lastly, the distance between the holes is under 11.8-inches however.

Key features:

  • Allows for both horizontal and vertical adjustments, get the best of viewing angles with a maximum of 120°.
  • Suitable for a majority of the projector brands that exist in the market.
  • Promises a completely hassle-free installation, you will get all the necessary tools inside the package.

5. QualGear Pro-AV Projector Mount Kit Accessory

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When you are buying a mount, the first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is how it can be installed. With this brilliant mount, you will get the ease of installation on both wood and concrete ceilings. Because this is 1.5-inches NPT thread compatible, it promises more convenience at all times.

The minimum distance between the mounting holes can be 0.5-inches and the maximum should be less than 18-inches.  Offering you the flexibility of six-axis adjustments, setting it up to meet your needs will not be a problem.

Key features:

  • You will get an installation manual along with the package for step by step guidance.
  • Professional quality mount, this can be used at homes or commercial spaces.
  • Includes a 5-year limited warranty against any manufacturing defects.

4. Cheetah Mounts APMEW Universal Projector Ceiling Mount

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Yet another well-designed, like the last option as well, this one has all the modern features to deliver a performance you can rely on every day. The four adjustable arms make it easy for you to use it with almost all projectors. Next, the option of smaller arms is there even though by default this comes attached with longer arms. Even if you have yourself a small and compact projector you will be able to detach and invert the arms.

Low-profile of 7-inches, if needed you can extend the range with the help of the adjustable extension pole. Lastly, for projectors with less than 4 mounting points, you can remove the arms.

Key features:

  • Has a vaulted ceiling plate, making it an ideal choice to be used on vaulted ceilings.
  • Offers the best cable management through the ceiling plate for a sleek and uncluttered look.
  • You can pick the color you want in order to match your taste and home decor.

3. Amer AMRDCP100KIT Ceiling Mount

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Check out this Amazon’s Choice projector mount that has some really interesting features and an equally useful design. Weighing at about 9 pounds, this strong and sturdy mount can easily hold big sized projectors up to 30 pounds. This is one of the top-rated mounts on Amazon that you can risk-free buy. It comes along with a 2-ft X2-ft ceiling plate that can aid in the overall installation and set up. One can pick any type of ceiling for attaching the projector mount.

Besides, the reinforced steel plate combined with the cast aluminum mounting head promises you a lightweight yet strong mount. It is also great at heat-dissipating and so, no unfortunate accidents will take place if you are overusing it.

Key features:

  • Unique design with drop extensions and cable management guarantees effortless different kinds of installations.
  • Let’s you rotate the projector 360° for easy viewing from all sides and angles.
  • The universal spiral mount allows for a quick and effortless setup.

2. Kanto P101W Universal Projector Mount

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Designed for the most kind and types of projectors being used in the market, if the projector is under 22 kgs in weight, this mount is already suitable. With 20° of tilt adjustment, you can always level the projector properly and enjoy a properly aligned video. In addition to that, because it uses a ball swivel, you will be able to rotate and use it 360°. Along with that, the mount can be extended from 9-inches to 12-inches because this includes extension tubes as well.

Finally, the solid steel construction promises strength while the powder-coated finish improves the longevity of the mount.

Key features:

  • Comes packed with a hardware and installation manual for totally hassle-free usage.
  • The mount measures 3-inches from the ceiling to the top of the projector.

1. Peerless Universal Projector Mount

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Certainly, this is one of the most useful kinds of projector mounts in the market. The mount is so well-constructed that it can easily accommodate weights up to 50 pounds. More than almost any mounts in the market. This needs to be installed on the ceiling and the two adjustment knobs. This lets you change the angle easily when the projector is installed.

You will get assembly instructions, mounting hardware, adapter plate, and other useful items for a completely trouble-free assembling. The mount is height adjustable, along with the option of width and depth adjustments as well.

Key features:

  • You will be able to tilt and swivel the projector to suit your viewing needs.
  • Cable management is built in to make sure you have yourself a very clean place without any clutters.
  • This facilitates in making installation in the ceiling for easy viewing.

So, set-up a movie night with your friends or keep viewing the memories on a big screen with your family, a projector can do it all. Place your projector in an elevated position with the projector mount kit and get all set for the day.