Top 10 Best Aluminum Folding Step Ladders Reviews In 2019

Need an extra boost to reach that grocery item in the pantry or a power tool in your garage? Forget about that wobbly stool at home and use step ladders instead to keep you steady when you need additional height to reach for that item you need. After all, you should never risk your health by using an unreliable chair or table that only increases your risk of suffering from a terrible fall. With these best step ladders, you can use them whenever you need extra height for your items at home, the garage, or the office.

Table of the Best Aluminum Folding Step Ladders

10. Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Silver Steel Frame Stool

Step Ladders

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This three-step stool by Rubbermaid is constructed of high-quality steel material, which enhances its durability and sturdiness. It is great for use in various settings whether at home or at the office. You can use it easy since there is no assembly required. The durable material of this ladder also adds to its overall value and appearance.

It is also important to note that this step stool comes with non-marring feet to protect your floor from any unsightly marks. There is also a handgrip that you can hold on to, and the platform is made of solid materials, and this locks in place once you stand on it. The maximum capacity is 200 pounds, and this stool has an elegant silver finish and folds up easily for quick storage.

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9. Light Weight Multi-Purpose Aluminum Ladder 

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Why drag along that bulky and heavy stool just to reach for those cans in the garage or office supplies at home? With this portable ladder, you can reach for any item no matter how high they are placed in your home or office. You will also like that this ladder is lightweight, which makes it stress-free to carry.

This ladder is versatile enough to be used as either a V-shaped 6-foot ladder or a straight 12-foot extended ladder. It is made of an aluminium material that is strong enough to withstand heavy weight. What’s more, there are safety locking hinges that you can position in any way you want to customize the length of the ladder according to your preference.

8. lip-N-Lite 300-Pound Duty Rating 6-foot Stepladder with Platform


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This Flip-N-Lite platform ladder is renowned not only for its durability but also for its economical price. In fact, it is engineered and designed in a way that makes it appear elegant without a hefty price tag. It is also lightweight and stable, and you can open it quickly with a single hand.

The standing platform is comfortable and secure, and there are deep rungs to ensure the ladder’s stability. Furthermore, it comes in a lightweight and portable quality, and the construction is also reliable and heavy duty with a Type IA, 300-pound rating. Lastly, this product is great for commercial or residential use.

7. Cosco Lite Solution 5-Foot Aluminum Step Ladder

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Cosco offers this ever-reliable step ladder that you can use in your home or the office. It is made of heavy-duty materials with a rating of Type 11 and a maximum capacity of 225 pounds. You can use this ladder whenever you need to have an additional height to reach for any item on the top shelf or your storage areas.

The step treads are slip-resistant to ensure your protection, and there are non-marring and skid-resistant feet for additional safety features. The ladder is also made of high-quality aluminium to ensure its sturdiness without adding much weight.

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6. Cosco Retro Red Counter Chair – Step Stool


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Check out this retro-style step stool that can also function as a counter chair, depending on your preference. It is easy to assemble, so you can use it right away when you need a boost in height for reaching office or home supplies. The step treads are over-moulded, and all you need is just slide the step in and out – and it is done in a breeze, thanks to the ladder’s smooth tracking.

The stool has a chic chrome fish and the seat is made of vinyl with padding. You can use it as an additional seat in the kitchen or as a step stool, depending on your needs. With quick assembly, there should never be a problem in setting up this unit.

5. Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE Multi-Use 22-Foot Ladder

Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE Multi-Use Ladder

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Maintain your stability and safety while reaching for that item set high on the shelf in your pantry or office with this step ladder. This item is made of durable and aircraft-standard aluminium, so you can be sure it is sturdy and reliable to use. The legs are wide-flared for enhanced stability and the hinges are also made of the finest quality.

This unit can be used in a maximum of 33 configurations that include a 90-degree ladder, A-frame, as well as three scaffolding positions. So, you end up buying a single ladder that can handle five different tasks. Most importantly, this product meets ANSI and OSHA standards, and it can accommodate a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

4. Little Giant Pound Rated Work Platform Ladder Accessory

Little Giant Ladder Systems 10104 375-Pound Rated Work Platform Ladder

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This is another great ladder system that is indeed worth your investment. It allows you to stand securely and without any hassles, thanks to the broad surface of the ladder that can hold up to 375 pounds. You can even work with both hands and freely at 360 degrees because of the broad area of the standing platform, and it also allows you to maintain your balance. As for the second platform, you can use it to place your tools for your convenience.

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3. Rubbermaid RM-2W Silver Finish Folding Steel Frame Stool Stepper

Rubbermaid RM-2W Folding 2-Step Steel Frame Stool

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Get that extra height you need with this 2-step folding ladder by Rubbermaid. It is perfect for use anywhere whether it is the garage, office, kitchen or basement. The steps are made of plastic and the frame is constructed out of solid steel. There is also a hand-grip to help you when you go up or down. You can be sure that this ladder can accommodate your weight as its maximum capacity is 200 pounds. Most importantly, this unit is hassle-free to assemble and store after use.

2. Xtend & Climb 15.5-Feet Professional Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Xtend & Climb 15.5-Foot Professional Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

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Excellent for professionals or Do-It-Yourselfers, this telescoping ladder is made of the durable aluminium material, so it is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. It is the best alternative to traditional extension ladders that are bulky and difficult to assemble. This unit has great features that add to its overall appeal and value including the locking tabs, heavy duty standing platform, angled-thumb release, integrated handle, closure strap and ergonomic designs.

1. Little Giant  13-Feet Duty Rating Alta-One Model Ladder

Little Giant  13-Feet Duty Rating Alta-One Model Ladder

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Keep your balance and stability while reaching for that item set high on the shelf with this ladder system. It is made of the finest construction, and it comes with wide-flared and non-skid legs for your peace of mind as you step on the ladder. Various positions offered by this ladder include 90-degree ladders, extension, and A-frame, to name a few. The maximum weight capacity is 200 pounds, and it exceeds OSHA and ANSI high standards.

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