Top 10 Best Outdoor Waterproof Bike Covers In 2018

Protecting your bicycle while it’s in storage is similar to protecting your investment, except at a fraction of the cost. Good waterproof bike covers cost a fraction of whatever you paid for your bicycle and will increase the life of your bicycle. If you ride your bike often in a location with variable weather conditions, it is foolhardy to not buy a good cover to protect your bike.

While it may seem arbitrary and simple, there are many things that make up a great bike cover. The most obvious feature is how well it performs in terms of waterproofing. The most common use of bike covers is for outdoor storage during rainy or snowy weather. Ideally, the best covers will not leave the wheels uncovered. Aside from that, the cover should also protect your bike from sun damage, wind, and dust. Another factor to consider is the material it is made out of, and how easy it is to put on and take off. It shouldn’t snag as you take it off and should provide a good fit.

Table of the Best Outdoor Waterproof Bike Covers Reviews

10. KLOUD Silver & Black Nylon Waterproof Bike Covers

Bike Covers

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The 190T by KLOUD City is a solid bike cover at a reasonable cost. Its 190T nylon is durable and slim which protect your bike from rain, dust, scratches and sun damage. This cover is designed for large bikes with dimensions of 74.8″ x 38.6″ x 25.6″. It’s even large enough to cover 2 bikes at a time. To make sure it is secure, it has a specially designed buckle on the bottom to stabilize the cover while it’s over top of the bike. In addition to that, it comes with a storage bag with drawstring for storage.

9. YardStash Bicycle Cover XL Extra Large Size for Beach Cruiser Cover

Bicycle Cover XL Extra Large Size for Beach Cruiser Cover

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This XL-sized bicycle cover by YardStash has great coverage and is totally weatherproof. It uses a high-quality UV protected 210D polyester. This material is much stronger and more durable than comparable 210T polyester that other competitors use. The top is reinforced with a 600D/PVC polyester for improved durability. It also has reflective strips and taped down seems to keep it intact even against high winds. Its dimensions are 82″ x 30″ x 44″. It has complete coverage and comes with a buckle to help secure it. While this cover is more expensive than the others on this list, it makes up for it with its durability.

8. 4MyCycle 210T Extra Heavy Duty Waterproof Outdoor Bicycle Cover

4MyCycle Bike Cover 210T Extra Heavy Duty

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This bike cover by 4MyCycle is suitable for many different types of bicycles and is made from a durable material. Its 210T heavy duty polymer has a waterproof coating to keep moisture out. It also has large meshed air vents by the handlebars which allow for upward air movement. This allows it to dissipate any condensation from the natural moisture in the atmosphere. The fabric provides a high level of UV protection with a UPF rating of 50+. It is 78 inches long, 44 inches high, and 27 inches wide, which gives it a large coverage for any bike, even with baskets or other accessories attached. This cover is a higher end solution that makes up for its higher initial cost with long-term durability.

7. BlueMart Silver & Black 190T Nylon Waterproof Bicycle Cover

Silver & Black 190T nylon waterproof bike / bicycle cover

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This silver and black trim bike cover by BlueMart is simple and cheap. It fits most types of bikes with its dimensions of 78.7″ x 27.5″ x 43.3″. It is made from a 190T nylon that is durable enough to handle rain, dust, and wind, as well as protect it from any scratches or sun damage. This unit comes with a storage bag for storage when not in use, as well as a buckle to help secure the cover while it’s on.

6. Adult Tricycle cover for Schwinn, Westport in Black ss400 

Adult Tricycle cover for Schwinn, Westport in Black ss400

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This cover by Formosa Covers is excellent if you’re looking for a cover for your adult tricycle or scooter. It measures out to be 75″ long, 30″ wide, and 44″ high. The polyester fabric is treated with a water repellent and UV protection finish. This cover is specifically designed with a wider back-end to accommodate for adult tricycles or scooters. The bottom of the cover has a grommet with a tie down to help secure it in place.

5. Baleaf 210D Oxford Fabric Heavy Duty Waterproof City Bike Cover

Baleaf 210D Oxford Fabric Heavy Duty Waterproof City Bike Bicycle Cover

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This cover by Baleaf is designed to keep your bicycle safe with its thicker material. Its Oxford Fabric is thicker and more durable than the materials that other brands use. This cover comes in 5 different colors to suit your style: silver, camouflage, purple, blue and pink. One unique feature that this cover has is its lock hole design on the bottom. You can attach the cover to your lock to prevent it from being stolen. Along with that, it has the standard buckle to stabilize the cover while it’s on.

4. Avenir Nylon Bicycle Cover for Mountain Bike

Avenir Nylon Bicycle Cover (Mountain Bike)

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Avenir’s Nylon bike cover is designed to keep your bike safe year round from moisture, dust, and other damage. It is constructed from a heavy-duty, tear and rip the resistant material. Measuring 27.5″ by 42.5″ by 69″, it is cut and designed specifically to fit mountain bikes. It features hooks and straps at the bottom to keep the cover in place, and also comes with a zippered storage bag for added convenience.

3. Formosa Covers – Black Bicycle Cover

Bicycle Cover in Black

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If you’re just looking for an effective, yet inexpensive bike cover, check out this one by Formosa Covers. Its dimensions are 78″ length by 24″ width by 42″ height, allowing it fit even larger bikes. It has a polyester fabric that has both UV protection and water repellent action. It comes with a carrying bag which you can velcro to your bike when it isn’t in use.

2. CellCase 190T Nylon Waterproof Dustproof Bike Bicycle for Mountain Bikes

ylon Waterproof Dustproof Bike Bicycle Mountain Bikes Cover

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The CellCase 190T offers excellent protection for your mountain bike at a relatively inexpensive price tag. It is made from a slim, durable, 190T nylon. This material protects it from rain, dust, and sunshine, as well as any dings or scratches. For the dust protection, the material uses a fiber encapsulation process which prevents dust from filtering through the fabric, making it great for the long-term storage in garages. The buckle at the bottom gives it stabilization while the cover is being used.

1. Budge Standard Adult Bicycle Cover Fits Bikes

Waterproof Bike Covers

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The Budge BK-A2 is a simple, cheap cover that will perform well under the weather. It measures 78″ x 27″ x 44″ which will fit most large adult bikes. It is exceptionally easy to put on and take off and even comes with a carrying pouch for convenient storage. The bottom is lined with an elastic that will ensure a tight fit while it is on your bike.

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