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If you love outdoor adventures you most probably may have one or more Trailers. Well, nothing beats RVs when you set out to the outdoor world to explore everything that comes on your way and have fun. However, great RV investors know how to take care of their trailers when camping out there, especially when the weather is extreme. The perfect way of protecting your RV from UV rays, wind, snow, rain, dust, and other harsh weather elements is by buying a trailer cover. If you are ready to go through whatever it takes to protect your trailer, look no further. We have reviewed the top best trailer covers one can ever find in the market. Check them out and make the right decision, every penny is worth it.

Table of the Best Travel Trailer Covers Reviews

10. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Covers

Trailer Covers

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Crafted from Triple-ply PolyPRO 3, this trailer cover is a great choice for those that love to camp in the outdoor space during harsh weather. It is pretty solid to keep your trailer from snow, rain, and dirt during all seasons. The size is incredible, you can use this cover on toy hauliers or travel trailers that are 118” high and 27”-30” long. Great accessories such as elasticized hem corners, adjustable front, and rear tension panels, prevent wind lofting, cut on inside moisture buildup and enable users to achieve a custom fit when covering their trailers.

For easy access to the engine areas and doors, the cover is integrated with zippered panels. Integrated rope attachment system and a toss bag prevents unauthorized entry and crawling under the RV.

Special Features

  • PolyPRO 3 Fabric provides maximum protection
  • Tension panels for custom fitting
  • Air vent system to reduce moisture buildup
  • All-season protection against snow, rain, dirt, and scratches
  • Covers from the ground to roof, 118” high

9. Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPro Heavy Duty Cover for Travel Trailers

Travel Trail Cover/Water Repellent RV Cover 

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When you are out there camping, you need to protect your trailer from bird droppings, harsh weather elements, dust, dirt, and even scratches. Well, you can achieve all that with the PermaPRO Covers by Classic Accessories. Crafted from Ripstop fabric, this cover is not only lightweight but also stronger to withstand all harsh outdoor conditions. One adorable aspect of this cover is its storage bag that expands to reveal more storage space, allowing to easily travel with this trailer cover without feeling the pinch.

The weighted toss bag system plus the integrated strap attachment makes your installation hassle-free and prevent crawling under the RV. Zippered panels allow one to easily access the compartments, the engine and the doors from all sides. Even better are the elasticized hem corners and the adjustable front and rear tension panels that make it easy to obtain the perfect fit, reduce wind stress and regulate inside moisture. When covering your trailer, the long zipper pulls eliminate the need for using a ladder. Overall, this cover provides great protection to any trailers that are 118” high and 30”-33” long.

Special Features

  • Strong and lightweight PermaPRO RipStop Fabric
  • Great access panels
  • Perfect for trailers that are 30”-33” long and 118” high
  • Comes in an expandable storage bag
  • Easy installation

8. ADCO 34845 Designer Series Gray/White DuPont Tyvek Travel Trailer Covers

DuPont Tyvek Travel Trailer Cover

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If you are looking for a trailer cover that is reputable and reliable in the long run, consider the ADCO that has satisfied the hearts of many for over 58 years. Designed to fit most common vehicle heights, this cover will guarantee your trailer protection from UV rays, rain, snow and wind damage. In order to deliver a perfect snug fit, this cover features an integrated slip-seam strapping system.  Plus, there are more reinforcements at the bottom and top of side panels.

The fabric is not only strong but also water-resistant and breathable for proper moisture control. In order to reduce wear and tear, lapper cap is integrated at the ladder area. Buckle toss makes installation hassle-free underneath the coach. Four travel tire guards are included in every cover. Overall, ADCO 34845 boasts a number of improved features and design compared to competitors.

Special Features

  • Breathable and water-resistant material
  • Tyvek RV Top protects against excess sunlight and UV rays
  • Strong polypropylene sides
  • All-climate cover that fits 28’7” – 31’6”
  • Easy installation

7. Classic Accessories PolyPro Deluxe Teardrop R-Pod Travel Trailer Cover

OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe R-Pod Trailer Cover

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Designed for R-Pod only, the OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe is another top-rated trailer cover. It is a great companion when you don’t want disappointments associated with extreme weather. It can cover a trailer body that is up to 13.7” but doesn’t cover the hitch. Just like other models, this cover features adjustable front and rear tension panels that enable users to achieve a custom-fit when covering their trailers.

The air vent system in combination with the quick-dry PolyPRO 1 sides helps regulate inside moisture and help control wind stress. Above all, the Triple-ply PolyPRO 3 cover offers excellent protection against snow, rain, wind, nicks, scratches, among other harsh weather elements. Zippered panels allow easy access to various areas within the RV including the doors and the engine. The included toss bag plus the rope attachment system adds to the strength of the cover preventing wind stress and preventing underneath RV crawling.

Special Features

  • All-weather protection PolyPRO 3 Non-Woven Polypropylene Fabric
  • Zippered panels for easy access
  • Elasticized hem corners and tension panels for custom-fit
  • Air-vent system for moisture control
  • Doesn’t include the trailer hitch

6. Summates Travel Trailer Covers – RV Cover for the Whole Cover

Summates Travel Trailer Cover RV Cover

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Summates in an ideal choice when you occasionally dedicate your time to outdoor and water leisure. For over 20 years, this cover has given customers the satisfaction they need by delivering quality and competitive products. This is why Summates boasts a heavy-duty 4-ply polypropylene fabric that offers all-weather protection from dirt, rain, scratches, snow, and rain. TO achieve a snug fit, this RV cover boasts a triple-ply fabric on all sides and on top. One major plus of this cover is the reinforcements around the corners meant to reduce wear and tear. Elasticized hem corners plus the adjustable front and rear tension panels make installation and achieving custom-fit. Zippered panels make it easy to access different areas of the RV.

Special Features

  • Four-ply fabric offers maximum protection
  • Adjustable front and rear panels
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty trip-ply polypropylene fabric

5. Covercraft Wolf CY31042 Gray Travel Trailer RV Cover

Covercraft Wolf CY31042 Travel Trailer RV Cover

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Crafted from multi-layered polypropylene fabric, the Covercraft Trailer Cover does a pretty decent job in offering protection from snow, rain, dust, among other harsh weather elements. It can be used with TV trailers between 22’1” – 24’ and comes with a storage bag plus patch kit. Apart from being strong, this cover is breathable for moisture control. For a tight-fitting and secure covering, straps and buckle system is integrated on the front and back. A storage bag is included for easy holding when the bag is being transported or when not in use. Rain gutter covers help prevent against damage caused by gutters while the multi-layer polypropylene guards against damage caused by scratches, wind, snow among other extreme weather elements.

Special Features

  • Strap and buckle system secures the cover
  • Breathable Polypropylene fabric
  • Includes protective rain gutters
  • Can be used with RV trailers between 22’1” – 24”

4. RVMasking Extra-Thick 5-ply Top Class C RV Cover

 RVMasking Heavy Duty 5 Layers Travel Trailer RV Cover

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If you are after a very durable trailer cover that can be used with 31.7 – 34ft trailers and cars, then nothing beats the RVmasking Heavy-Duty Covers. It is an Anti-UV durable & Ripsop thick 5-ply and 3-ply sides fabric. It is reinforced with double stitching, the reason this cover is one of the most durable, scratch-resistant and tear-proof in the market. If you want to enjoy an extended lifespan, RVmasking makes an ideal choice. Breathable material allows free air circulation and evaporation of moisture.

Installation and disassembly of this cover is a breeze owing to the thick handles integrated at the top corners and the weighted buckle toss-under. Other features that give RVmasking a windproof nature include the elasticized hem corners, waterproof straps & buckles and the front and rear tension panels. Moreover, 6 gutter protectors and 1 ladder cap are included in the package.

Special Features

  • Windproof
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Fits 31.7 – 34ft trailers
  • Durable and breathable fabric
  • Anti-mildew

3. Aqua Shed Travel RV Trailer Cover, Designer Series – ADCO 52242

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When you want to keep the cold away and protect your trailer, the ADCO 52242 Designer Series Trailer Cover is another well-known brand worth considering. Boasting a triple layer SFS Aquashed and triple Layer Polypropylene fabric offers the ultimate protection while adding to the unique aesthetics. Designed to work with Travel Trailer RV Covers measuring 22’1” – 24’, you can be sure to reduce premature ageing and discolouration of your asset regardless of the weather conditions. For moderate weather elements and high-moisture areas, this trailer cover makes a great choice.

Special Features

  • ADCO’s Designer series
  • Gray in colour
  • Fits 22’1” – 24’ trailers
  • Reduces premature ageing

2. Extra Thick Deluxe Camper Travel Trailer Cover – KINGBIRD EXTRA

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After you have successfully landed at the camping site with the help of a trailer, do not forget it needs protection from heavy wind and extreme weather conditions. Well, the best way to do that is by using the KingBird Extra-Thick Camper Travel Trailer Cover. It is a pretty solid product that is extra-thick 4-ply for the ultimate protection. This top fabric offers unparalleled protection against snow, rain, harmful UV, scratches and nicks.

For convenient regulation of moisture and hassle-free control of wind stress, 6-air vents are integrated on both sides of the cover. One adorable aspect of KingBird is the fact that one can monitor the RV at night owing to the yellow reflective panels. One can easily access the RV engine and the doors, thanks to the rollable zippered doors on both sides.

Special Features

  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Extra-thick 4-ply Non-woven fabric
  • Water-resistant and anti-tear material
  • Easily accessible

1. ADCO Storage Lot Trailer Cover for Travel Trailer RV – COVERCRAFT 74843

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Anything ADCO by the well-known brand Covercraft never disappoints just like the 74843 Travel Trailer Cover. It is among the few models that boast a UV-treated 4-layer polypropylene and works great in storage lot environment. Most outstanding is the patented pending slip-seam strapping system that clinches cover tight on the corners preventing any wind entry. To prevent slippage of securing straps, CAM buckles are integrated into the straps. A storage bag is included for hassle-free holding and transportation. On the other hand, guard protectors are also included. Overall, this cover makes a great choice when you need a trailer/RV cover between 24’1” – 26’.

Special Features

  • CAM buckles for preventing slippage
  • Patent-pending-Slip-Seam Strapping System
  • Fits 24’1” – 26’ trailers
  • Durable 4-layer polypropylene UV-treated fabric

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