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Cargo carrying is undoubtedly very important for multiple different reasons. From construction to adventure sports and everything in between, cargoes and equipment are needed to be carried. Pick-up trucks are still the most convenient method as they are fast and capable of carrying compact loads. However, attaching the truck ladder racks can indeed help you make the carrying much easier.

If you are willing to buy one for your truck, we have truck ladder racks recommendations. The features of each are well highlighted. You can certainly rely on anyone from the list always.

Table of the Best Truck Ladder Racks Reviews

10. AA-Racks X35 Utility Ladder Rack for Truck

Truck Ladder Racks

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The utility of such a ladder rack is incomparable when it comes to picking up trucks or similar commercial vehicles. As these automobiles are designed to carry a considerable amount of weights, having a good quality ladder rack can help in numerous ways. This rack is designed with extendable to bars. Therefore, you can indeed equip it with different sizes of truck beds with ease. Also, the non-drilling mechanism eliminates the added hassles of resorting to various tools for the installation process.

Along with that, it comes along with a total of 8 black C clamps. It aids in the assembly process of the rack on the truck bed. Finally, these clamps are made of aluminium and are designed to function great when under pressure.

Key features:

  • Install the truck ladder rack with extreme convenience.
  • Powder-coated rack rather makes it very durable and strong.
  • Has rope hooks for secure tying of tool and load.

9. MaxxHaul Heavy Duty Truck Ladder Racks

MaxxHaul Heavy Duty Truck Ladder Racks

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The quality of construction of your heavy-duty truck ladder rack has to be of top-notch quality. It certainly has to function the right way. As these racks are designed to carry huge weights, bad built quality is always at risks of accidents. This rack is made entirely from heavy-duty steel, as a result, you can always be worry-free. In addition to that, the steel frame is finished with powder coating for added durability. The coating saves the rack from unforeseen corrosion and rusting damages.

However, the design is quite brilliant and always ensures a secure attachment. The rack attaches to the vehicle bed and rail with the use of bolts. Thus assuring you with a reliable rack for carrying tools. Finally, a lot of different types of materials like a ladder, sports equipment, lumber etc are carried on this rack.

Key features:

  • Wide range of usability as the rack can be fitted on different kinds of trucks.
  • The bed of the truck indeed remains wide open so that you can keep hauling gear.
  • The arm is adjustable between 19-inches and 34-inches for the fitting of different types of ladders.

8. ZENY Adjustable Universal Utility Pickup Truck Ladder

ZENY Adjustable Universal Utility Pickup Truck Ladder

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One of the reliable names in the field of equipment and tools, Zeny is well-known for its quality products. Likewise, their other brilliantly made equipment, this rack is equally outstanding and durable also. Made out of durable steel and well-suited for heavy-duty applications, this is capable of doing much more than regular racks.

This can haul longer and bigger items on the truck which the average racks will not be able to do. As a matter of fact, the steel construction is enhanced with a matte black powder coating for added strength. The maximum truck ladder rack weight capacity is a huge 650 pounds. In fact, the whole attachment is done through screws and bolts. No risks of accidents or loose ends are rather guaranteed on this.

Key features:

  • The width is certainly adjustable between 5 feet and 7 feet for compatibility with all kinds of trucks.
  • The maximum height is an amazing 30” on this.

7. AA-Racks Model X3502 Extendable Steel Pickup Truck Ladder Racks

AA-Racks Model X3502 Extendable Steel Pickup Truck Ladder Racks

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Are involved in the business of carrying cargo from one place to another? This pick-up truck ladder rack is an ideal solution for your needs. It provides you with more storage space on your regular pickup truck. Furthermore, the surety of stability is unmatched on this rack as the whole attachment is done though the five-drilling hole. At the middle, you have a double-barred section so that no denting or bending occurs.

For everything ranging from large cargo to equipment, your pickup truck will indeed have more ability to carry everything.

Key features:

  • Has rope hooks on all uprights for tying of ropes.
  • Heavy-duty construction rather offers a huge weight capacity of 500 pounds.
  • The frame has the powder-coated finish for more strength and capabilities.

6. Auto Dynasty Adjustable Steel Pickup Ladder Rack

Auto Dynasty Adjustable Steel Pickup

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A good universal truck ladder rack can help and ease up your cargo carrying to a whole new level. Often, the cargo limit you have decided to carry exceeds and then you certainly need to be well equipped. This rack over your truck can take care of such moments. Given that, it comes with a huge weight capacity of 1000 pounds. That’s why; you can carry a lot of different types of items without any problems or issues.

Moreover, the smart and innovative over the cab design allows you to work with cargos having large size and dimension. Above all, it offers a maximum height of 25” over the truck bed or roof.

Key features:

  • Sturdy steel construction improves the lifespan and strength of this product.
  • Is indeed attached using a secure and safe bolt in application.
  • Works with a wide range of truck beds as it has an adjustable design.

5. TracRac TracONE Universal Silver Rack for Pickup

TracRac TracONE Universal Silver Truck Rack

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This ladder rack rewards users with a huge weight capacity of 800 pounds for versatile types of needs. Firstly, with an overall height of 26-inches, this two-rail assembly will give you ample space to carry large items. In terms of construction, this is top-notch and packs for a very reliable application always. It is made using the highest quality of aluminium. Thus, ensures complete protection against rusting and corrosion.

Given that, it is made better with a dual-stage powder coating. Therefore, no wear and tear risks are rather associated with it. Lastly, this is even equipped with T-track for better usability and convenience.

Key features:

  • Single-axis mounted clamps for certainly a risk-free and damage-free installation guarantee.
  • Comes with 4 adjustable crossbar loop tie-downs.
  • Package includes a total of 8 single-axis mounting clamps.

4. AA-Racks APX25 Extendable Aluminum Truck Ladder Rack

AA-Racks APX25 Extendable Aluminum Rack

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Yet another brilliant ladder rack from the makers at AA products, this one quite amazing in its functionality and reliability. The universal design of the rack makes it compatible with a wide range of full-size pick-up trucks. One of the best features of this ladder rack is its hassle-free installation.

Moreover, the drilling less installation saves you the extra effort that is required while using other regular ones. Lastly, it is certainly capable of fitting a wide range of things like lumber, pipe and even hauling ladders.

Key features:

  • Heavy-duty aluminium construction is rather durable and has reinforced frame.
  • 800 pounds weights are no big deal.
  • Smart 30-inches height for better attachment.

3. F2C Adjustable Utility Cargo Truck Rack – 650LB Capacity 

F2C Adjustable Utility Cargo Truck Rack - 650LB Capacity 

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For all your cargo-carrying needs in your pickup truck, this ladder rack will come in really handy. It is easy to install and is indeed constructed using the very best quality of materials. Next, the heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame is unmatched in terms of durability and reliability.

As a matter of fact, the width is adjustable between 5-inches and 7-inches, different types of truck beds are compatible. For all your long and bigger items, now your pickup truck will have more capability. As a result, you get more flexibility to fit all.

Key features:

  • 650 pounds weight limit is absolutely capable of carrying anything.
  • Offers a good height of 30-inches over the truck bed.
  • All four uprights certainly have hooks for attachment of rope.

2. TMS 800 LB Adjustable Utility Ladder Rack for Pickup

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Strength and sturdiness packed in one single rack; this will always come to your rescue for hauling of large-sized items. Constructed using heavy-duty steel for utmost reliability and strength, the items you are carrying will be totally safe and secure.

As a matter of fact, it attaches the loads at a convenient height of 30-inches above the truck bed. Thereby allowing you to work with larger items.

Key features:

  • Width is adjustable between 5-inches and 7-inches for a wide range of adaptability.
  • Extraordinary weight capacity of 800 pounds.
  • Rather comes packed with all important hardware and tools.

1. TMS 800LB Universal Truck Ladder Rack

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Topping the list, this rack is certainly one of the very best and well-designed ladder racks for the truck in the business. A dual set bar assembly offers a huge weight capacity of 800 pounds for your cargo-carrying needs perfectly. However, it has a smart height of 30-inches above the bed of the truck. So even large-sized and large dimension items are easily fixed on top of the rack.

Finally, it is extremely easy to install and rather allows you to take its full benefits almost instantaneously.

Key features:

  • It indeed features a sturdy construction after considering all the difficulties.
  • Hooks for tying of rope and secure attaching.

Even for tackling the heaviest weights, the strong truck ladder rack will prove to be ideal. So, now you rather can stop looking for alternatives.

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