Best Whole House Water Filter Pitchers Reviews

One may not realize the advantages and disadvantages that drinking water has in our life but it’s time realise its importance. Most of the diseases originated from drinking water. And it indeed plays a significant role, an individual must truly go for clean as well as harmless water. Thus, the water filter pitchers should be installed for switching to a safer life. Also, one doesn’t need to think about its safety every time. These filters not only help to purify your drinking water but also eradicate any sort of impurities so that you do not have to face any adverse effects. To explain more, the pitchers are constructed of quality materials and you can be sure about everything it offers.

For simplifying the whole process, the list of the best water filter pitchers ever will provide you with the required knowledge. And get the best help from our review.

Table of the Best Water Filter Pitchers Reviews

10. Brita Small Water Filter Pitcher with Filter & BPA Free – 5 Cup

Water Filter Pitchers

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With this water filter pitcher from Brita, gift yourself a healthy glass of water. Firstly, the pitcher is coupled with a host of benefits that include the removal of chlorine, cadmium, zinc, mercury and copper impurities from water. Also, it is enabled with a specific electronic filter reminder alarm. And so, it helps to notify when this filter needs changing.

Being rather small in size, it is not only space-saving but also suitable for keeping in refrigerator brackets minus the black flecks. Moreover, it is even BPA-free format is real heart winners. Meeting the comfortable demands, it has an excellent flip top lid that helps to refill as and when required. As a matter of fact, this is compatible with all the pitchers from Brita apart from the Stream Pitcher.

Key features

  • It is easy to install and also has a 40-gallon lifespan.
  • Made particularly of plastic.
  • Certainly a 30-day limited warranty period.
  • This uses a specific technology to purify the water that combines activated carbon which is further coconut based with resin to provide a bacteria-free drink.

9. Aquagear Glass Water Filter Pitcher with Filter & BPA-Free

Aquagear Glass Water Filter Pitcher

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Claiming to remove 2000% more contaminants than any of its counterparts, this BPA-free water filter for a pitcher from Aquagear again meets the NSF standards (53, 42) for impurity reduction. Firstly, it has long-lasting filters which have the capacity to produce 150 gallons of water respectively. Also, the company promises a lifetime guarantee and single-day customer service facility.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, this also removes impurities. Having 2-micron pores, this is a 5-stage filter manages to maintain healthy levels of magnesium and calcium content in water.

Key features

  • It has been certified by FDA and is built of food-grade materials.
  • Both vegan as well as recyclable, it has been tested in Michigan labs for copper as well as lead reduction.
  • Removes 90% fluoride from the filtered water.
  • The filters are durable, rather stand the test of time.
  • Pitcher capacity is as much as 0.5 gallons.

8. Waterdrop Extream Long-Lasting 10-Cup Pure Water Filter Pitcher

Waterdrop Extream Long-Lasting 10-Cup Fur Water Filter Pitcher

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The concept of water optimization is best understood by the team at Waterdrop, making them one of the best in the domain of professional water filters. While the pitcher is BPA-free specifically and designed from Tritan material, it is also shatter-proof.

Providing a high level of durability this is certified by NSF 61 and minimizes the level of limescale in water. The carbon content of this filter for adsorption is certified by the Japanese ACF format and inhibits almost 99% bacterial level.

For those demanding consistent supply of fresh water, this 10-cup filter with a capacity of 200 gallons is the one to choose. Whereas it’s ergonomic design with a wooden handle as well as a bottom silicon covering is worth the buy. Moreover, it has a 90-day warranty period and immediate customer service as the additional aspects of this model.

Key features

  • It is 5 times longer and provides water at a capacity of 0.5GPM.
  • There is an electronic filter alarm system to indicate the time of filter change.
  • Multi-layer filtration helps to reduce chlorine content in water along with other impurities.
  • Cost-effective, environment-friendly as well as a 90-day countdown timer.
  • Anti-bacterial with high thermal stability preventing the formation of biofilms.

7. AquaBliss Water Filter Jug with Advanced XL Water Purification Filter

AquaBliss Water Filter Jug with Advanced XL Water Purification Filter

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Looking for a pitcher full of water minus the impurities of water filter pitcher chlorine, cadmium, zinc, copper and mercury? This 10-cup filter pitcher from AquaBliss is the perfect one to choose. Coming with twice the capacity than any of its counterparts, this even uses the rapid filtering format to remove any metallic dirt from the water.

Nevertheless, the filter is additionally environment-friendly and the experts monitor every step before releasing the pitcher into the market.

Key features

  • Specifically known for being safe, durable and removes toxic waste from water.
  • Offers a 1-year guarantee period as well as money-back offer.
  • BPA-free, premium quality and removes the metallic smell.

6. ZeroWater NSF Water Pitcher

ZeroWater NSF Water Pitcher

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Delivering an unmatchable 5-stage Ion Exchange technology as this filter removes 99.6% dissolved solids and dispenses lead as well as chromium-free pure water. Being BPA-free, this 10-cup pitcher is twice more efficient and also is NSF certified.

In reality, reaching the FDA standards, this provides pure water at a single-handed push. Above all, its TDS format features a digital meter to help tick the correct changing time of the filter. Given that it is BPA-free, this water pitcher also allows testing of water purity via its quality testing meter.

Key features

  • 5-stage filtration format removes suspended particles, organic particles, chlorine, mercury, chloramine, inorganic and radiological particles, run-off related pollutants.
  • Specifically certified to remove chromium and lead particles.
  • The water filter system is equally portable.
  • Comes with the comfort of a grip handle.
  • Known for its Ready-Pour format.

5. PUR Classic 11-Cup Water Filtration System – Filter Replacement

PUR Classic 11-Cup Water Filtration System - Filter Replacement

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This water filter in a combination of blue and clear hue provides 40 gallons of fresh water as well as is certified specifically to remove 22 types of dissolved impurities. Even though it has an electronic light filter change indicator, this uses the dual capacity of ion exchange but also activated carbon to ensure that the water provided is clearest among its counterparts.

Being in this business for three decades, the company brings forth this water filter pitcher for a mini fridge or any fridge and is extremely affordable. Also, it’s BPA-free and recyclable technology is additional positives that make this filter a worthy catch.

Key features

  • Tested to remove mercury content by 95% and pharma remnants by 96% respectively.
  • Uses the unique MAXION technology to provide users with clean drinking water.
  • Environment-friendly in nature and leaves behind beneficial traces of fluoride.
  • Comes with pour-spout cover and a grip handle for user-benefit.
  • Activated carbon used in this water pitcher has created from heat treated coconut shells for better absorption of pollutants.
  • Has alkaline battery type with a 1-year limited warranty period.

4. Brita Large Water Filter Pitcher with Standard Filter

Brita Large Water Filter Pitcher with Standard Filter

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As much as it is easy to refill, pour plastic large water filter pitcher not only assures safety but also brings with it the BPA-free format and 40 gallons of water dispensing capacity. As per certified tests, a single Brita filter has the capacity to replace 16.9 oz quantity of plastic water bottles. Compared to other filters of the same domain, this is 2.5 times longer and can be fit in any domain.

Plus, having an electronic indicator to determine the time of changing the filter, this has a flip-top lid that is otherwise portable in nature. To conclude, the ergonomic water pitcher also includes a replaceable water filter and is specifically known for its durable nature too.

Key features

  • The hassle-free installation process, as well as the black flecks or pre-soak issues, are chiefly eliminated.
  • To point out, it particularly removes impurities.
  • It is compatible with both usual and long-lasting Brita filters by all means.

3. Hskyhan 3.5 Liters Alkaline Water Pitcher with Filtration System To Purify

Hskyhan 3.5 Liters Alkaline Water Pitcher with Filtration System To Purify

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Being enabled with LED timer, this water pitcher from Hskyhan surely has 7 layers of alkaline filtration property to boast of. As it is designed to fit every domain, it is free of BPA and also passed jointly by the SGS, AS coupled with NSF standards.

Besides the oval shape, this is notably easy to assemble and has a PH capacity ranging within 0.5- 2 to be sure of providing odour-free clean water.

Furthermore, it also offers double filters with PP meltdown fibre format and ion exchange resin capacity.

Key features

  • Filters water from impurities associated with lead, dirt, bacteria, chlorine and fluoride in general.
  • With attention to this, it 30-day money return capacity yet another warranty of 18 months truly adds on to its charm.

2. Brita Large Stream Filter Water Pitcher with Filter

Brita Large Stream Filter Water Pitcher with Filter

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Want to obtain the best in terms of water pitchers? This Brita water filter specifically features Filter-As-You-Pour strategy. The unique advanced technology not only makes it taste great but also eradicate the use of traditional reservoir. Negating the waiting period for water filtration, surprisingly this space efficient pitcher fits into every corner and reduces space.

However, it is affordable yet compatible with Brita Stream filters with electronic filter changing alarms notifying you of the replacement. Further, it is BPA-free and filters 40 gallons of water. But the speciality lies in Terracycle which makes Stream filters recyclable.

Key features

  • Has a full-locking lid system with easy-fill technology.
  • No more of black-flecks or pre-soak.
  • Is 10 times faster than its competitor filters, on the other hand, reduces the odour and taste of chlorine.

1. EHM ULTRA Premium Pure Alkaline Water Pitcher

EHM ULTRA Premium Pure Alkaline Water Pitcher

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Looking chiefly for an alkaline premium water filter? Then this pitcher from EHM improves hydration feature and helps to shrink the size of the water molecule via water clustering in order to enhance the taste of water. Next, the 6-stage filter not just removes chlorine and heavy metals but also sets the range of basic value up to PH level of 10.

Nicely built, this has a filtration capacity of 2 litres, unlike other products. Also, it has an ORP in the lower negative range between 100 to 200 mv. However, it is important to realize that this offers health benefits.

Key features

  • Impurities are removed from water plus add a dash of anti-oxidants, magnesium, calcium as well as potassium contents.
  • Significantly proven to purify 3.5 litres at a single go.
  • Must be remembered that it is toxin-free in nature.

Let’s consider the benefits of water filter pitchers just by installing one at our home or office. It promises to especially allow you in stepping into a healthy life at the same time.