Best Whole Body Vibration Machines Reviews

Everybody loves to look fit and healthy no matter their lifestyle. However, with our busy lifestyles, very few people get time to work out as they would wish. Luckily, technology always comes to our rescue when and where we are miserable. A perfect example of a machine that will enable you to exercise and get in shape without spending a fortune is the whole body vibration machines.

This equipment boasts a very unique technology that enables you to effortlessly work out your bones, muscles and the entire body in a much more efficient manner. It goes without saying, not every manufacturer is out there to make the best of products, most are simply after your money. To help you make the best value of your bucks, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top best whole body vibration machines.

Table of the Best Whole Body Vibration Machines Reviews

10. Hurtle Whole Vibration Platform Workout Machine for Home

Whole Body Vibration Machines

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First on our list is the outstanding Hurtle that lets you feel the burn without feeling the struggle. It is one of the most popular platforms that enables its users to have excellent toning around thighs, buttocks, Abs and generally have improved metabolic rates. Committing only 15 minutes of your time per day, you stand a chance to boost muscle strength, flexibility, stability, core conditioning, and better circulation.

By combining next-generation 3D oscillating motion and vibration assisted exercise, nothing beats this machine for those looking forward to getting in shape and looking sexy. Operating the unit is pretty simple, there are 20 level adjustable speeds and 10 mins maximum per session. Capable of running at 2300+ RPM, this unit utilizes a wide range of motions to offer your body an excellent workout.

Special Features

  • A maximum of 10 mins per session
  • 2300+ RPM
  • 20 Adjustable Workout Speeds
  • Perfect for greater muscle strength, toned body, mobility and flexibility
  • Incorporates a wide range of different workouts

9. Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine – PINTY 2000W

Pinty 2000W Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Vibration Machine

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If solid performance combined with luxury is what you are looking for, consider the Pinty 2000W Whole Body Vibration Machine. Equipped with a very powerful 2000@ motor, this motor will shake your body as you have never experienced before. By creating high-frequency vibrations, your body will be worked out leading to improved circulation, better stamina, and fitness.

To enhance safety and prevent injury, this machine has handrails. It boasts an intelligent design that is compact and easy to store. The ultra-sturdy steel construction accommodates up to 330lbs. Suction cups keep the machine still and stable. Two detachable resistance straps can be adjusted for a more effective upper body workout. Overall, for a versatile workout experience, this machine is a great choice.

Special Features

  • Powerful motor
  • 330lbs weight capacity
  • Easy to operate and store
  • Compact stylish design
  • 99 Adjustable intensity levels

8. Home Training Power Plate Exercise Machine – LifePro

Whole Body Workout Vibration Fitness Platform

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If you are tired of relying on exercise equipment that turns out to be a no-result frustration, you should consider the LifePro Power Plate Exercise Machine. It the ultimate home-based machine for those desiring to have a healthy lean physique. Equipped with a waver that creates full-body vibration, this machine is powerful enough to cause muscle contraction, stimulate your hormones and the entire musculature system for unbelievable workout results.

No more lifting of heavy gym equipment, this machine combines the best at-home cardio bundle that will boost your metabolism, strengthen your muscles and deliver the perfect circulation. Regardless of your age or skills, this machine comes with 1 to 99 wide range speed settings making it highly customizable.

Easy to roll wheels makes manoeuvrability pretty simple while the remote control and the clear display screen makes your interaction with this whole body vibration machine fun and enjoyable. Accessible videos and instruction manual helps with your initial lessons.

Special Features

  • Durable and comfortable
  • Includes user-friendly manual
  • A wide range of speed (1-100)
  • Unique design
  • Perfect at-home machine for losing weight & burning cellulite

7. Super Thin Full Body Vibration Platform Machine – Weight 330LB

Thin Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Vibration Plate Massager Machine

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This is another whole body vibration machine from Health Line Massage Products that will relax you at home without necessarily visiting the gym or spending much. With a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs, spending only 5 mins on this full body vibration machine is more fruitful compared to one hour on other conventional exercising methods.

The unique combination of the classic 20 speed and 3 preset programs lets you choose from a variety of motions depending on your needs. Oscillating vibrations are intelligently designed to stimulate your cells, work out the bones and the muscles, and help burn out unwanted fat and cellulite. Another adorable aspect of this unit is its portability, it only weights 33.86lbs and can thus, be moved easily from one point to another.

Special Features

  • A maximum speed of 3296 RPM
  • Weighs only 33.86lbs
  • Includes 3 preset programs
  • Features many speed ranges (classic 20 Speed)

6. Safe 500-Watt Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine – Rock Solid

Rock Solid Whole Body Vibration Machine With 2 Year Warranty-500 Watt Motor

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For those that love to move around without leaving behind their exercise equipment will definitely fall in love with RS2200 Whole Body Vibration Machine. It is one of the best for those desiring to use vibration therapy to obtain a healthy lean physique. By spending as little as 10 minutes on this beast per day and maintaining the routine at least thrice per week, you will notice a difference in your body toning, circulation, physique, and overall strength.

By utilizing gently oscillating vibrations, this beast will work out your body by stimulating the muscle and bone cells. Rock Solid Whole Body Vibration Machine works great in reducing joint and back pain, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage and boosting flexibility. For convenient upper body and arm workouts, extend the included yoga straps. For great at-home or office workout results, Rock Solid Vibrating Machine is worth your bucks.

Special Features

  • Ultra-streamline design
  • Perfect for use at home or office
  • Highly portable
  • Perfect for improving circulation, muscle strength and weight loss

5. Fitness Whole Body Vibration Machine – PINTY

Whole Body Vibration Machine Crazy Fit Vibration Plate with Remote Control

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The Pinty Fitness Vibrating Machine is another incredible unit that will sort out all your workout issues. Want to feel fit and get in shape in the comfort of your own home? Well, by using this whole body vibration machine, you will lose weight, be more flexible and promote blood circulation. It is better to spend 10 minutes on this machine that anywhere else, thanks to its unique ability to burn fat 30 times faster than conventional methods.

With a click of a button, you can toggle between the many vibration speeds (1-99). Another impressive aspect of this machine is its sleek design and the ABS Shell construction that is pretty durable. With a capacity of 265lbs, Pinty makes the perfect choice when you want to achieve physical fitness. It boasts quiet operation despite being a solid performer.

Special Features

  • Easy to transport and store
  • Maximum weight capacity of 265lbs
  • Sleek stylish design
  • Perfect for weight loss, coordination, and proper blood circulation
  • Quiet operation

4. Power Vibration Trainer Plate Machine – ZAAP TX-5000

ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Trainer Plate Machine

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Working out is more of fun when your effort translates to incredible results. With the use of this incredible Vibration Machine, you achieve reduced body fat and cellulite, more muscle mass and better mobility. Instead of spending several hours in other conventional exercising methods, spend only 10 minutes with ZAAP TX-5000 and see your workout dreams come true.

By using rapid vibrations, this machine will not only work out your body but also lead to improved balance, reduced stress, and fatigue cut down on fat/cellulite and boost muscle mass. Overall, ZAAP TX provides the ultimate means for turbo-charging your workouts for excellent results.

Special Features

  • Perfect for improved circulation, reduced stress & fatigue, and better flexibility
  • Maximum weight of 62lbs
  • An anti-static and anti-jamming mechanism
  • 50 different incremental speed settings

3. Fitness Platform, Whole Body Vibration Machine – MERAX

Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Fitness Machine with Straps and Remote Control

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Merax is another top-rated machine that has everything needed for a perfect workout experience anywhere. Featuring a powerful massive 1000W Eco-silent motor, this machine will shake the fat and the cellulite out of your system. It combines a wide range of workouts, thanks to the 99-speed settings that allow you to customize your workouts by sitting, laying, squat and much more.

Yoga straps are included to help work out your upper torso and arms. Plus, the machine has 4 different preset programmes and manual programme that can be used depending on personal preference. Compact yet great at performance best defines MERAX Vibration Machine.

Special Features

  • 99-speed settings
  • Massive 1000W Eco-silent motor
  • Includes yoga straps
  • Three-sport settings
  • 4 preset programmes plus manual programmes

2. Fitness Massage Vibration Trainer Platform – NexHT

NexHT Fitness Vibration Platform,Whole Full Body Shape Exercise Machine

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Another outstanding platform for working out as you effortless get rid of cellulite, burn fat and improve muscle strength is the NexHT Fitness Body Shape Vibration Machine. Featuring two resistance bands and remote control, this unit provides an excellent way to train and accelerate weight loss without feeling the pinch. Most impressive is the small compact size that makes it pretty simple and convenient to move this equipment to wherever you wishes to work out and fun.

Yoga straps are ergonomically fitted into the machine to help with working out the upper torso and arms. Compared to its competitors, this platform is a more thrilling option for toning muscles, putting on weight and cellulite and improving circulation.

Special Features

  • Variant speed range
  • Includes yoga straps
  • Remote control and a resistance band for convenience
  • Compact lightweight design

1. Anti-Slip Vibrating Platform Exercise & Workout Trainer – HURTLE

Anti-Slip Vibrating Platform Exercise & Workout Trainer

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What a thrilling experience working out as you enjoy your favourite R&B or Hip Hop Music? Well, that is exactly what the Crazy Fit Vibration Machine offers to trainers, beginners, and pros. It is an advanced whole body vibration machine that is packed with several prominent features so as to take your workout experience a notch higher. One feature that sets this machine apart is the next generation 3D oscillation technology.

The vibration assisted technology offers the ultimate body workout for weight loss and fat burning. Plus, the advanced built-in Bluetooth technology works with several devices. Rubber grips are well fitted at the bottom to provide a firm grip. Overall, it is a multipurpose unit that delivers amazing results in toning for thighs, Abs and buttocks.

Special Features

  • 3D oscillating technology
  • Perfect for sports and training
  • Multifunctional unit
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers for music

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